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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH. ELLIS AND OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH PLAIN AND ENAMEL SLATE AND MARBLE WORKS, MANUFACTURERS oi Enamelled ami Plain Slate Chimney Pieces, Baths, Cisterns, Milk Coolers, Headstones, Urinals. Manners, Cattle Troughs, Dairy, Lanier, aiul Vine ( ellar Shelves indow ..ills, Door Steps, Hearth Stones, Flooring, Skirtings, and every description of i lain and Enamelled Slate ork. CHESTS EX AM E LLP. 1) ON KEYSTOXES OF CHIMNEY PIECES. of every description executed to order. An Artist sent to take Views when required. jk/r- Ti>iJ v-v .(• T-r S" {• f'-irviv." was awarded to this Finn, both at the Chester Exhibition (1806), and le « the V'arinr.rthen Exhibition (1867). of the National Eisteddfod of Wales. THOMAS ELLIS, A X L> M E it C E It (O Is P 0 S I T E THE P O S T O F F T C E), TERRACE-ROifD, ABERYSTWYTH. c FCI VI YTTFVTON SHOWN TO THE HOST KEY DEPARTMENT. CUFFS & COLLARS, SCARFS, ECI-i_L AluA.xJ.. nIi;noN^, LACES, AN1) HABERDASHERY. NOTE THE ADDRESS OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. ROBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTIC AT. CHEMIST (FROM PICCADILLY, LONDON), T> PGS to intimate that he lm~ opened a CHEMIST'S BUSINESS in TERRACE-ROAD, S) ABERYSTWYTH. FOUR DOORS FROM THE rMARINEJ,TERRACE. DAVID ELLIS, IRONMONGER. I The f HIGHEST I k, I Quality. y 1! HAS in stock best ELECTRO PLATE and CUTLERY, suitable for Presents; and also, REST LAMP OIL at 2d. per pint. GOOD PAINTS in Tins ready for use at (Id. per lb. AT DAVID ELLIS'S, Ironmonger (Opposite the Police Station), Aberystwyth. OSWESTRY.. ( The |i LOWEST ij VreS, r-"r-r-v- THE BIDDULPH VALLEY COAL COMPANY AREiPREPARED TO SUPPLY BEST WREXHAM AND WELSH WALL'S END COALS IN TRUCK LOADS. AT FOLLOWING PRICES Best Welsh Station. Wrexham, Wall's End, per ton. per ton. Newtown ) 14s 7d 16s. od. Kerry j „ „„ nl Llandinam 14s. 9d 16s. -d. Pol wen 15s. Id 16s. 6d. Llanidloes 15s. ad 16s. lOd. Oaersws j Poutdolgoch { 1;-S_ 7j 17S. od. Carr.o i Best Welsh Station. Wrexham Wall's End per ton. per ton. ^euj?ie9.1K«ad i 15s. lOd 17s. 3d. Machynlleth ) All stations south of) Machynlleth to Alter-16s. 2d 17s. 7d. ystwyth and Towyn > Prices for other stations not mentioned above forwarded on application. WIGAN, STAFFORDSHIRE, AND SOUTH WALES COALS AT MARKET PRICES. W be **«*> -he MK_ jjDWD. LLOYD, COMPANY'S OFFICE, 1, HERBERT VILLAS, OSWESTRY', v, 1-77. PORTMADOC. .r'r-r-r>- EVANS and LEWIS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE DEALERS AND BOTTLERS OF BASS", CO.'S ALES. ALLSOPP & CO.'S ALES, Gl'lNESS'S EXTRA STOUT, LOXDON BROWN STOUT, 11 BEG to draw attention to their General Price List of WIXES, SPIRITS, &v., which, being selected and imported by themselves, may be relied upon as thoroughly genuine—and at prices quite as low as they can be fc." ;t in London or other large cities. FAMILIES AND THE TBADE SUPPLIED. PRICE LIST MAY' BE HAD ON APPLICATION. 68 & 70, Hi?h-Street; 1 & 2, Bank-Place, PORTMADOC. T^N-Y-GilOES INN, JMBAR DOLGLLLB*, NORTH WALES. HENRY THORNTON, LANDLORD. „ CONVEXIEXT STABLING. A HORSE AXI) CAR KEPT. TYN-Y-GKOES IXX.—1 ins inn is situated five miles from Dolgelley, on the direct Turnpike Load to Tan-v-Bwlch and stands on an eminence overhanging the right bank of the River Mawddach, which three miles low er down forms the celebrated Barmouth Estuary. It commWids a most beautiful and extensive view of the River ind the Vale of Ganl'wyd Within easv access are the following objects of interest: Nannau Park and the Precipice Walk • the Rhivader Du Rhavader Mawddach, and Pistyll-y-Cain Waterfalls, whilst the whole of the surrounding co-ntrv abounds in Scenery attractive to the Tourist and Artist. In the Summer and Autumn the Rivers Mawddach pid E<len afford excellent Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing, and in thu Spring there is good Irout lishing in the neigh- b' iurine Lakes and Tributary Stream*. PUBLIC NOTICES. TOWYN LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. A X Abstract of the Annual Accounts of the Receipts and Expenditure of the above-mentioned Board for xY. the vear ending 25tli March, 18(7. RECEIPTS. EXPENDITURE. ij s. u. s. d* na'ance in Treasurers" hands last year 227 14 10v Payments charged to the General District F ->m General District Rate levied over the Bate levied over the whole District. 14,, 16 4 '• V District 151 0 -il Sub-district of Aberdovey, Sub-district of Aberdovey 152 17 8" including instalment of Loan and Towyn 28 10 0-, Interest • 181 18 3j or Gas Rate, levied over General District Rate, ''the Towvn Gas District 4'.« 15 10 levied over the Towyn feub-district 4S 0 6A Water Rate levied over the Sub- •• <>r Gas ^Kate, levied over 0 district of Aberdovey 30 2 oi the Iowyn Oas District 34 V o Highway Rates levied over the „ „ W ater Rate for the Aber- several Townships in the District 147 15 5 dovey Sub-district ^11 0 0 Rent of Garden by Reservoir at Highway Katei i-8 11 \1 0 10 0 Balances in hands oi 1 reasurers towards ex- Je 1' penditure for the half year ending 29th September, 1877 250 1 8^ Total £ 797 15 Sj Total t797 15 8{ LOAX ACCOUNT. £ s. d. £ ». d. amount borrowed in April, 1872. on Paid up on account of Principal 203 19 10 Mortgage of the G eneral District Rate for Balance unpaid ••• 0 2 TMiriH^crt Oi ilic Aberdovey Water Supply UHX) 0 0 £ 1,900 0 0 ,f' REPORT. I haye eXlIJlned the accounts of the above-mentioned Board, of which the foregoing is an abstract, and have to report that I find the entries correct, and the vouchers corresponding with the different payments authorised by the said Boaid. d this twenty-third day of July, 18.7. WM. WMS. JONES, Anrlitnr of the North Wales Audit District, which comprises the above-named Local Board of Health District. PORTMADOC ROBERTS. LEWIS, & CO., GENERAL MERCHANTS, PORTMADOC. ROBERTS. LEWIS, & Co., beg to announce that nC' n.'id conimodious premises near the Cambrian Railway Station, Portmadoc, where they have large assortment of goods. The Builders' Department. nsists of -Kitchen Ranges—close and open fire, Regis- Grates, Sham Registers, Mantel Shams, Mantel ('ieces Marble Chimnev Pieces, Cast and Sheet Iron Sash Weights, Eaves Troughs. O.O. and other Ornamental Guttering, Rain Water Pipes Stove Pipes rought Iron Pipes-black and galvanized, Sheet Lead •d Zinc Oiazed Sanitary Pipes, Bricks, Paving and V'iiEe Tiies, Chimney Tops, Cement, Plaster Paris. The Agricultural Implement Department. ()f • —Mowing and Reaping Machines, Haymakers, cyaMSon \ult;rk'au Rakes, Chaff Cutters, Turnip .ff'^licers. Machinery for bruising, grinding, iulpers :r l Winnowing Machines, Ploughs, Cul- splitting Ti.^rows. Zigzag Harrows,'Clod Crushers, Reld Rollers Mangold and Turnip Drills, Wrought Iron OV-i Hi-rdles and Continuous F encing W aggons, Carts, V-MlMarket Cars, by all the leading makers. The Mine And Quarry Department. c i i..v mate Saws, I'iles, Octagon o.usists o pr ^j.'T.rie and Double Sheer Steel, ^eel, H uamer Crucible Cast ( ast bteel and Irr>n Har^ B;ir, Rod, Hoop ;^teel Waggon Wheel ana A-U y Phain-s Wir^' Sheet Iron, Pumps. Crpic Machinerv, Fuse, Dynamite. Agents FOR >•(.BEL'S EXPLOSI-Wis CO. „ v,■li,-i+ions f<^r quotations are invited. Second xlana V 'uarrv Materials bought and for sale. ABERYSTWyTH. N ETPTTAYLOR, N New Market Hall. Terrace Road, N DEALER IX GAME, FRUITERER, AND CKNKIIA!. PROVISION MERCHANT. DOLGELLEY. JAMES B. MEE, F I S If I U X G En, G A ME 1) E A L E FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, Dolgelley. Constant Supplies of various kinds of fresh I ish, Game, &c., according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice. Ice always Oil hand, and supplied by the pound and Upwards. JtfrlT Note the Address:- Bridge End House, Dolgelley. RICHARD ELLIS, Unicorn Lane, Dolgelley, GENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTER MESSENGER, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers. BIRMINGHAM. S E W I X G M A C H I X E NEEDLES. We will forwaid on receipt of stamps as under a sample half-dozen needles of the best quality made—viz.:— F ir Willcox and Gihbs' Machine, l:> stamps. For any other Machine, !) stamps. SKWINO XKEDLES. NEKDLK CASK (Registered) is at once elegant awl appropriate for either a Christmas, Xew Year, or Birthday ilreseiit. It contains One Hundred best Needles of an improved make, the ea-;isest to thread and sew with ever invented, and wherever no-ed have always given satisfaction. A Bijou Case I sent on receipt of 19 stamps. Needles without cases or for re- filling' the same, 12 stamps per hundred. Either of the above may be returned if not approved. THE PAUK WOOD MILLS CO., NKI DLK Makkus. BRADFORD STREET, BIRMINGHAM. :!)), BRADFORD STREET, BIRMINGHAM. I BUSINESS ADDRESS. "TOWYN. -—— — .— CORBET ARMS, TOWYN, MERIONETIISHIRE. Posting in all its branches. An OMNIBUS meets every Train, BiUiards.&c. Good Fishing in the neighbourhood. Splendid Beach and Sep Bathing. ( 'hoièe \Vines and Spirit, Burton Ales and Dublin Stout in Bottle c and on draught. '1. S KATON, Proprietor. c 0 P, ARMS HOTEL c- COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL. ABERYSTWYTH. I < GENERAL DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, 32, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Summer Fashions. C. M. WILLIAMS, In accordance with his usual custom, begs respectfully to announce his return from the LONDON MARKETS, with a large and well-selected stock of the Newest Styles in all departments, which are now ready for inspection at such prices as cannot fail to please every one. C. M. W. begs to intimate that he has recently completed extensive alterations and enlargements in his present premises, which his rapidly increasing business made necessary and that he is now in a position to exhibit a very much larger variety of goods in every department than could possibly be done in a more limited space. It is therefore with great pleasure that he calls your special attention to the undermentioned Departments, which will be found replete with all the novelties of the season. LIST OF DEPARTMENTS. Plain and Fancy Dresses in all the new shades. Fancy Stripe and Coloured Silks, from Is. llid. per yard. Black Silks in best makes, commencing at 2s. lid. per yard. French Merinos, French Poplins, Wool and Silk Repps, in all shades. Silk Velvets, Velveteens, and Crapes, in all makes. Prints, Muslins, and Grenadines, from 3M. per yard. Holland, Camlet, Alpaca, and Fancy Striped Skirts, from Is. lEd. A well selected stock of Shawls and wool Wraps for sum- mer wear. French and English Millinery in all the latest styles. Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats, in all the new shapes. Straw and Chip Bonnets, a large variety in newest shapes. French and English Flowers of every description. Ostrich and Fancy Feathers in all the new shades. A great variety of Plain and Fancy Ribbons, Satins, and Turquoise, in all the new shades to match. All the latest novelties in Ladies' Silk Scarfs, Embroid- ered Squares, &c. Ladies' Linen Setts, ('uffs, and Collars, Muslin and Lace Frillings, &c. A large variety of Kid Gloves (one and two buttons) in black and all shades. Ladies' Silk Umbrellas in great variety, from 4s. lid. up- wards. Sun Shades in Brazilian Shot Silk and Cotton, at very low prices. Ladies' Plain and Fancy Hosiery of every description. A large stock of Fringes, Trimmings, and Buttons. Fancy Wool and Shetland Goods, a large lot to be cleared cheap. The Gentlemen's Department is well stocked in West of England Broad Cloths, Fancy Coatings and Trowser- ings, in all the newest patterns. Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Shirts, Hats, Umbrellas, &c. A large assortment of real Welsh and other Shirting Flannels, in sood patterns. Calicoes and Long Cloths in all makes, Linen and Cotton Sheetings in all widths. Toilet, Marsella, and Honey Comb Quilts, in all sizes and prices. Wool Damasks and Repps, Table Covers, Cretonnes, and Dimities. Muslin, Leno and Lace Curtains from 2s. Gel. to 18s. lid. per pair. SPECIAL TO VISITORS. C. M. W. holds a large and well selected stock of Plain and Fancy REAL WELSH FLANNELS, and SHAWLS, also of the NEW PATENT FLANNEL in all colours, Shetland and Wool Goods, comprising Promenade Shawls and Wraps, Scarfs, Squares, Breakfast Shawls, Ladies' and Children's Costumes, Capes and Fichues in great variety, and which will be sold at such astonishing prices as cannot fail to give unqualffied satisfaction to every one. • t ALL DEPARTMENTS WILL BE FOUND WORTHY OF YOUR INSPECTION. YOUR PATRONAGE AND RECOMMENDATION ARE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. C. M. W., in concluding this circular, begs most sincerely to return his best thanks to his numerous friends and customers for the liberal support given him during the period he was in business at 9, Little Darkgate-street; and hopes, with increased facilities in his new premises, and by sidling all goods at the smallest possible profits, to be favoured with a continuance of the same kind patronage so liberally accorded him in the past. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS. C. M. W begs to state that his system of business is one price to all and no abatement. It is conducted strictly on the ready money system, so that every description of goods can be sold at prices considerably lower than it is pos- sible to obtain them at shops where a large credit system is carried on. The motto at this shop is S.IIALI, PROFITS AND QUICK HETl"RX: CO)IPARISOX THE TRUE'TEST. Observe the Address, C. M. WILLIAMS, GENERAL DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMEET, 32, Pier-Street, Aberystwyth. I T. POWELL & CO., MARKET-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE NOW OFFERING HARRIS'S WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON, CHEDDAR AND OTHER CHEESE, AND A SELECT STOCK OF FIRST CLASS GROCERIES. ANDERSON, ABBOTT, & ANDERSON, INDIA RUBBER MANUFACTURERS, 16 and 17, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, MANUFACTl RERS of India Rubber Sheet, India Rubber Washers, India Rubber Valves, India Rubber I and Cotton Canvas Driving Belts, Leather Driving Belts. Gutta Percha Driving Belts, India Rubber Packing for Pistons, Patent Chalk Packing, Patent Plumbago Packing, Cotton Waste, Hemp, Oils, Grease, Tallow, &c., &C." Agent for Aberystwyth MR. GEORGE GREEN—ENGINEER. IMPORTANT TO ESTATE AGENTS, BUILDERS AND OTHERS. EDWARDS and EVANS BEG to announce that they have OPENED A BRANCH DEPOT AT PENCADER STATION J-' (and will shortly do so at LAMPETER), where they will keep a Stock of SLAVES, TILES, BRICKS, &c., OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT MOST MODERATE TERMS. Materials will also be sent to any other Station at equally reasonable prices. A Representative will visit PENCADER on THURSDAYS, and LAMPETER, FRIDAYS (Market Days), who will give every information as to Prices, &e. All communications (which will receive prompt attention) to be Addressed EDWARDS AND EVANS, BUILDING MATERIAL MERCHANTS, Office: TREGARON. N.B.—We beg to add that these arrangements will not interfere with our present Wholesale Slate Trade. fan ±1 JONES AND MORRIS, SLATE WORKS, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE in a position to supply CEMETERY MEMORIALS of every Description in Red and Green Granite, Mtvrble, Stone, and Slate, at moderate charges. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. AEK;RYSTWYTH. i V" HEART OF OAK HOUSE GROCERY, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, 23, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, DAVID RICHARDS, PROPRIETOR. J GOOD NEWS. CHEAP COAL. Owing to a favourable contract PETER JONES, Railway Station, I Aberystwyth, Is now able to sell for cash On delivery BEST NEWPORT, 16s. per ton. BEST RUABON, 16s., I Booking1 Price, 2s. extra. MUSIC WAREHOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. A large Stock of PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, FOR SALE OR HIRE. An immense Stock ot) NEW AND POPULAR SHEET MUSIC, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRINGS AND FITTINGS, &c. Pianofortes and Harmoniums tuned and repaired, in town and country, by W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS. T. & W. B U B B, PAINTERS, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, GAS- FITTERS, HOUSE DECORATORS, PAPER HANGERS, & GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, Terrace-Road, Aberystwyth, and Newtown. Agent for Brdner's BURNERS, an Wright's GAS o STOVES. ESTIMATES FOR WOHK OX APPLICATION. Agents for Atkins & Co.'s Patent CHARCOAL BLOCK WATER FILTERS. GADD'S PATENT REVERSIBLE HANDLE PERAMBULATORS. BATHS AND PERAMBULATORS ON HIRE. IRON SCHOOLROOM FOR SALE, 40 flY 20. ALSO, AN IRON CHURCH, 200 SITTINGS. Apply to S. C. HEMMING and Co., 2o, Moorgate- street, London. The only manufacturers who were awarded a medal at the Vienna Exhibition for such build- ings. Established 1851. Payments by instalments if re- quired. 1877. 1877. ESTABLISHED 1850. E. S, 0 N W 0 E S N & CIVIL AND MILITARY TAILORS, DRAPERS, HOSIERS, HATTERS, AND GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTERS, PARIS HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH, IN returning thanks for past support, beg .most re- spectfully to intimate that their establishment is abundantly stocked with Fabrics, in the latest Novelties, and superior Plain Goods, suitable for the present season. YACHTING, BOATING, AND CRICKETING SUITS. RIDING TROUSERS, AND BREECHES. LADIES' RIDING HABITS LIVERIES, &c. ESTIMATES FOR UNIFORMS. E. OWEN & SONS Have just received a large Stock of NICOLL'S SUMMER COATS. Nicoll's Connaught Overcoats for summer wear, from 42s. Nicoll's Light Cover Coats for summer" i wear, from 21s. Nicoll's Alpaca Coats, from 12s. Nicoll's Boys' Suits. E. OWEN & SONS ir. Have also received a Large ano v noite Assortment of Gentlemen's Scarts and Cravats for the present Season, from the Leading Manufacturers. E. OWEN & SONS T Have in Stock all the Latest Shapes in Silk, Felt, and Straw Hats, Shooting, Cricketing, and Football Caps. Lincoln, Bennett, & Co. s Hats. DENT & FOWNES BROS.'s GLOVES, MORLEY'S HOSIERY.. GENTLEMEN'S UNDERCLOTHING. COLLEGE GOWNS AND CApS. Umbrellas, Rugs, Macintoshes, Ac., Ac. Coupons, or 5 given for Cash Payments ESTABLISHED 1S50, j PUBLIC NOTICES. "y' ABERDOVEY H ARBO UR. THE EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1 87 5. "VTOTICE is Hereby Given, that the Aberdovev Harbour Authority, in exercise of the powers con- tained in the Explosives Act, 1875, has framed the follow- ing Bye Laws, and intends to apply to the Board of Trade for the confirmation of such Bye Laws. I.-In the following Bye Laws, the expressions herein after mentioned shall, respectively have, and include the several meanings assigned to them or defined in "The Explosives Act, 1875." 2.—The Master of every Ship or Boat carrying Gun- powder, or any other Explosive, shall within three hours of the time of his entering the Harbour of Aberdovey, in the parish of Towyn, in the county of Merioneth, give Notice in writing to the Harbour Master of the nature and quantity of his cargo. 3.—The Master of every Ship or Boat, conveying, load- ing, or unloading Gunpowder, or other Explosive, shall during the time such Ship or Boat remains in the Harbour hoist and keep hoisted from sunrise to snnset a red Hag at the masthead, and from sunset to sunrise shall exhibit a red light at the masthead. 4.—No Ship or Boat laden wholly or partly with Gun- powder or other Explosive shall stop, or be moored, or anchored wHlnn the harbour of Aberdovey unless the Master oi such Ship or Boat shall first obtain the per- mission, in writing, of the Harbour Master, or other authorised servant of the Harbour Authority, to anchor or moor such Ship or Boat elsewhere in the Harbour, whereupon he shall be at liberty to anchor or moor such Ship or Boat at the berth specified in such written per- mission but he shall net remove from such berth without the authority of the Harbour Master,*or such authorised servant. 5.—No Gunpowde" or other Explosive shall be loaded or unloaded into or from any Ship or. Boat, or otherwise, except between the hours of sunrise and sunset. And no such Gunpowder, or other Explosive, ahall be loaded or Unloaded without the written autlivi'ity of the Harbour Master. 0.—No person shall be allowed to smoke on board Ships or Boats containing Gunpowder or other Explosive, while within the limits of the Harbour. Neither shall such vessel have on board any fires or lights save and except the or Boats containing Gunpowder or other Explosive, while within the limits of the Harbour. Neither shall such vessel have on board any fires or lights save and except the aforesaid masthead red light, and properly banked up engine fires, without the fgiisent in writing of the Harbour Master for the time being. 7. In loading or unloading any Gunpowder or other Explosive, from any Ship or Boat the persons engaged therein, or present thereat, shall have no lucifer matches explosive or other dangerous articles, about their person, and such persons so engaged shall wear magazine boots or shoes (without nails) or shall work barefooted, and the casks or packages of explosive shall be carefully passed from hand to hand, and not thrown down or dragged, and not allowed to fall in any way, and when landed, shall n<vfc be allowed to remain exposed on any landing place, Wliiijtf, Pier, or other place, in or near the harbour, but uhall without delay be removed and conveyed therefrom and any spilled explosive shall immediately be taken up and destroyed by placing it in water or otherwise. And before and after loading or unloading any explosive, every Ouay, Pier, Deck, Gangway, Hold, Boat, and place on, over, or in which any Explosive is about to be, or shall have been carried or placed, shall be carefully swept down, and the sweepings destroyed, and every such place- and tiling shall be kept free from dangerous articles. 8.—No Gunpowder or other Explosive shall be landed at any Pier, Landing Place, Wharf, Quay, or placer other than that to be appointed by the Harbour Master, or other authorised servant of the Harbour Authority. H.—No Steam Vessel or Tug, the engine Fires of which are not properly banked up, shall be allowed to lie moored or remain stationary within 100 yards of any Ship or Boat having Gunpowder or other Explosive on board. 10.—During the time Gunpowder, or'other Explosive, is being loaded or unloaded at any Wharf, Landing Place, .Jetty, Pier, or other place within the jurisdiction of the Harbour Authority, no fire or light shall be allowed at such Wharf, Landing Place, Jetty, Pier, or other place, or within 50 yards thereof, nor shall any person be allowed to smoke on such Wharf, Landing place, Jetty, Pier, or other place, or within 50 yards thereof during the loading or unloading of such Gunpowder or other Explo- sive. li.-The Harbour Auchority shall, and may, if they see fit, appoint one person to superintend the loading or unloading of any Ship or Boat containing Gunpowder or other Explosive, and the reasonable wages of such person shall be borne and paid by the Consignor or Consignee (as the case may be) of such Gunpowder or other Explosive, and be recoverable as hereinafter mentioned. 12.—Any Explosive of the Fifth (Fulminate) Class or any such Explosive of the Sixth (Ammunition) Class, as contains its own means of ignition, or any Explosive of the Seventh (Fireworks) Class, shall not be conveyed or kept in the same Ship or Boat within the limits of the said Authority, with any Explosive, not of the class and division to which it belongs, unless it be sufficiently separated therefrom, to prevent any fire or explosion which may take place in one such Explosive being communicated to another. 13.—And further with respect to the conveyance in any Ship or Boat, or the loading or unloading of any quantity of any Explosive of the Fiftii (Fulminate) Class—any quantity of any Explosive of the third division of the Sixth (Ammunition) Class-any quantity of any Explosive of first division of the Seventh (Fireworks) Class—or any quantity exceeding Five pounds of any other Explosive, the following regulations shall be observed :— (a) If the Explosive is not effectually protected from accident by fire from without, by being conveyed in the hold of a Ship or Boat having a close deck, securely closed or in the interior of a carriage which is enclosed on all sides with wood or metal, then the Explosive shall be completely covered with painted cloth, tarpaulin, wad- mill tilts, or other suitable material,, so as to effectually protect it against communication with fire. (b) There shall not be any iron or steel in the interior of the part of the Ship, Boat, or Carriage where the Explosive is deposited, unless the same be covered either temporarily or permanently with leather, wood, cloth, wadmill tilts, or other suitable material. (e.) In the stowing of Explosive in any Ship, Boat, or Carriage, due precautions shall be taken by means of a partition or otherwise, and by careful stowing to secure such Explosive from being brought into contact with, or endangered by, any other article or substance conveyed in such Ship, Boat, or Carriage, which is liable t^> cause fire or explosion. (d. ) Explosive exceeding fifty pounds shall not be con- veyed in a Ship or Boat which is carrying as merchandise any article liable to, ctti," or communicate lire or explosion, such as Charcoal, Lucifer Matches, Articles for striking a light, Petroleum, to which the ''Petroleum Act, 1871," or any Act repealing or amending the same applies. (1'.) In the case of any Ship, Boat, or Carriage, convey- ing, loading, or unloading Explosive, due provision shall be made for preventing the introduction into such Boat or Carriage, of Fire, Lucifer Matches, or any substance or article liable to cause explosion or fire, or the introduction of any Iron, Steel, or Grit, so as to come into contact with such Explosive, and in any such Ship, Boat, or Carriage, in which the Explosive is liable to be dangerously affected by water, due precaution shall be taken to exclude water from coming into contact with such Explosive. (f.) The quantity of Explosive to be conveyed in any one undecked Ship, or in any Boat, or in any one Car- riage, shall not exceed two thousand pounds, unless the Ship or Boat have a deck so closed, or the Carriage be so enclosed on all sides with wood or metal, as effectually to protect the Explosive against accident by fire from with- out, in which case the amount of Explosive conveyed shall not exceed the following :— If in any one carriage on any Railway within} lbs. the limits of the said Harbour-, whether worked > 10,000 by steam or otherwise ) In any one other carriage _4,000 In anyone boat .50,000 In any decked ship n irlited. I.I.-While the loading, unloading, or conveyance of ex- plosives is going on, all persons engaged in such loading, unloading, or conveyance, shall observe all due precautions for the prevention of accidents by fire or explosion, and for preventing unauthorized persons having access to the explosive so being loaded, unloaded, oi conveyed, and shall abstain from any act whatever which tends to cause fire or explosion, and is not reasonably necessary for the purpose of the loading, unloading, or conveyance of such explosive, or of any other other article carried therewith, and for preventing any other person from committing any such act. And any such. ° person who after being warned commits any such act shall be deemed to commit a breach of these Bye Laws. 15 -Aliy explosive wftich for the time being is neither authorized (¡by Licence or continuing Certificate) to be manufactured for general sale, unauthorized by a Licence to be imported for general sale, may be carried only in such manner as may be specially directed by the Harbour Authority in writing, provided that this Bye Law shall. not extend to any explosive which under section 40, sub- section J of the Act, or und&r any order in Council mad& in pursuance of such sub-section, may lawfully be im- ported without any license. Ib.-Any person committing or attempting to commit any breach of or in any way infringing any of these Bye Laws, shall be liable to the following penalties and for- feitures, namely :—A pecuniary penalty not excee(ling.£20 for each offence, and 1:10 for each day during which the offence continues, and forfeiture of ail or any of the Gun- powder or other Explosives found in any Ship, or Boat, or carriage in respect of which the breach or infringe- ment of the Bye Laws has taken place. 17.—It shall be lawful for the Harbour Master, by order im writing, to exempt explosives of the first division of the sixth (ammunition) class, and quantities up to five pounds of other explosives from the operation of these Bve Laws except Number 12. 18.-pellalties aad other sums to become payable under these Bye Laws slrall be enforced, recovered, and applied, according to the provisions of the said Act. And Notice is Hereby Further Given, That any objec- tion to these Bve Laws are to lodged with me, the undersigned, at my Office, at Towyn, within one calendar- month f, om the date hereof. Dated at' Towyn, this 26th day of July. 1877, C. ELLIOTT, Receiver.. -=-==-=-=-=====-==-=- -=-== JOIIX BAKER, Rhydypenau Farm, Bow Street. 1) Y the request of numerous friends has been in- .> duced to take a VALUER'S LICENCE, and he will be happy to attend to the commands of gentlemen leaving their farms or requiring a Valuer's services con* nected with land or stock.