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w MARKET REPORTS. CORN AVERAGES, For the week ending July 28. .JJf following are the quantities sold and the prices this year last year QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES. This year. Listvear. This year. Last year. Wheat 21,134 18,279 64s. 6d. 47s. 5d. Barley 394 259 39s. Od. Sis. 4d. Oats 1,273 409 278. iod. 3ls. 2d. Corn, &c. LIVERPOOL, TUESDAY.—A limited trade was done in wheat id Y> at easier prices, and at a decline on the week of 3d. to *?• cental. Flour (id. to Is.$sack cheaper. Beans un- ailged. Indian corn in buvers' favour, good new mixed American being obtainable at 26s. 6d.$quarter. PRICES (this day). s. d. s. d. American Wheat, Zo cental of 100 lbs 10 9 to 12 10 English Flour, 280 lbs 43 6 49 0 Foreign Barley,$60 lbs 3 0 3 7 English Oats, %i 45 lbs 4 0 4 6 Egyptian Beans, V 480 lbs 29 3 31 0 Indian corn, American new white. 0 0 2S 6 „ mixed American 26 6 27 3 J-ONDON, WEDNESDAY.—Business was very limited in both *heat and flour, :«nd prices were nominally without change, parley, eats, beans, and peas realized full value?.—Arrivals: •British wheat, 480 quarters barley, 370 quarters. Foreign Vrlleat, 30,740 quarters barley, 1,200 quarters oats, 54,800 quar ters; maize, 11,040 quarters flour, 1,200 sacks and 580 barrels CURRENT PRICES OF GRAIN AT MARK LANE. Shillings ¥ qr. "heat, new Essex and Kent (white) 62 to OS Ditto ditto (red) 61 66 heat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) 60 62 parley (Chevalier) 47 55 ijats, English feed 25 30 ?eans (Ma/.agan) 30 34 "eas, white boilers (English) 40 v,» (foreign) 39 40 Maize 27 30 Flour, Town HOllseholds, 1 8ack of 280 lbs., ols. to -MANCHESTER, THURSDAY—The tone of the market was drifter, but, owinj* to the fineness of the weather, the business Passing was somewhat restricted. English wheat was fully as 5ear, and in foreign there was no material change. Flour steady. ^ats and beans were quite as high. Maize about 6d.$quarter Nearer. WAKEFIELD FRIDAY.—Factors ask the full prices of last for wheat, but millers only buy sparingly. Maize rather Beaus and other articles unchanged. LIVERPOOL, FRIDAY.—The market opened very quiet, but a trade was done in wheat, at Id. V cental decline for red and 2d. for white Flour was very dull. Beans 3d. higher. Peas ?nchanged. Indian corn was in fair request, at 26s. 9d. to 27s. for new mixed. LONDON, MONDAY.—The market was very dull. English ^heat was flat, and sales could only be effected at Is. reduction last Monday's prices. Foreign wheat also Is. lower on the eek to efiect sales. Flour dull, and about 6d.$sack and barrel lower on the week. Grinding barley continues firm, and values j^e the turn dearer since last Monday. Oats slow of sale, at "teady prices." Maize Oil. dearer on the week. Beans and peas ^Ully is. higher.—Arrivals British wheat, 1,456 quarters barley quarters.; maize, 424 quarters. Foreign wheat, 60,226 quar- ts barley, 3,779 quarters; oats, 85,882 quarters; maize, '■230 quarters flour, 5,319 sacks and 1,553 barrels. t RIDGXORTH, SATURDAY.—The quotations at the close of 'his market were: White wheat, 10s. Od. to 10s. 4(1. 72 lbs.; ?ed wheat, 9s. 9d. to 10s. 0d.; mixed samples, 9s. lOd. to 10s. 0d. ~Jaltiag barley, 0s. Od. to 0s. Od. %) 38 quarts; grinding barley, 0d. to 15s. Od. t-) 10 scores. Beans, 18s. Od. to 19s. Od.$ scores. Peas, 17s. Od. to 18s. Od.$10 scores. Oats, lCs. Gd. 5° 17». 6d. 8 scores. Indian corn, 12s 6d. to 13s. Od. P 10 scores. Malt, 8s. 9d. to 9s. Od$bushel.—There was a large ^tendance of farmers, millers, and others. Trade was rather at, millers being unwilling to purchase wheat at the advance. .^HESTER, SATURDAY.— The value of wheat remains un- changed, prices being—10s. to 10s. 3d.$bushel for white, and s. M. to los. for red. h WELSHPOOL, MONDAY.—Wheat, 10s. Od. to 10s. 6d.7# 80 Iti.; parley, od. to'7s. 6d V 40 quarts; oats, 23s. 6d to 26s. Cd$ ?ag; eggs, 00 to 14 for a shilling; butter, Is. od. to Is. 4d. lb.; l0Wls> 4S to 5s. od.$couple; ducks, 4s. 6d. to 5s. Cd.$ CouPle; geese, os. ud to OOs. Od. each.; turkeys, 00s. Od. to 00s. Od. each. h NEWTOWN, TUESDAY (July 31).—Wheat, Os. Od. to Os. Od. 1JJ stohel; barley, Os. Od. to Os. Od.; oats, 00s. to OOs 1 bag; eggs, 13 for a shilling; butter, Is. 2d. to Is. 3d. 33 tt> fowls, 4s. 61 5s. Od. couple ducks, 4s. 6d. to 5s. Od.$couple; geese, Is- 0d. to 0s. Od. each; turkeys, 0s. Od. to 0s. Od. each; potatoes, for sixpence beef, 8d. to 9d. tt> mutton, 9d. to 10] J.; ea'. 7d. to 8d.; pork, 7kl. to 8|d- OWESTRY, WEDNESDAY (Aug. 1).-The following were the Rotations: Wheat, 9s. 6d. to 9s. Od. 4,4 bushel; barley (malt- 0s. Od. toOs. 0d.; oats, 4s. 3d. to 4s 9d.; butter, Is. 2d. to J?- 4d.$lb.; eggs, 0 to 12 for a shilling; fowls, 3s. Od. to 4s. 6d. j? couple; ducks, 3s. 6d. to 4s. Od.$couple; geese, Os. Od. to V!- 0d. each turkeys, 00s. Od. to 00s. Od. each; potatoes, 0 lbs. to for a shilling. Cattle. METROPOLITAN, MONDAY.— Business in the beast market t18 seriously crippled by the prohibitory order barring the ■^ansit of cattle from the north to the south side of the Thames; j^ing to this fact the numbeiiof cattle on offer was limited. No ttnerican supply. Prime British beasts realized full prices- tr^01 ^s" to 6s- 4d. stone inferior classes a slow and heavy Portuguese oxen quoted fully 6s.$stone. The sheep was very dull, but without alteration in value. A good for a(; firm rates. Veal quiet bnt firm.—Closing P'lces; Beef, 4s. 6d. to 6s. 2d.; mutton, 5s. 6d. to 7s. Od. 5s. 0d. to 6s. 2d.; pork, 3s. 8d. to 4s. 8d.; lamb, 7s. Od. to The stock on offer consisted of 2,050 beasts, 9,9 tO ee.P, 30 calves, and 10 pigs; included in which were 590 0reign beasts and 210 sheep. LIVERPOOL, MONDAY.—There was a falling-off in the supply ?* stock at market to-day of beasts, sheep, and lambs, the num- bers being 1 900 beasts and 10,522 sheep and lambs. Prices ^Uch hieher' and the trade very good, as there was an unusually larinj number of buyers from the country—Yorkshire and Not- tinghamshire traders buying very freely. There were about 270 food fort-igii cattle on offer, which met with a good demand.— «est beasts, S-iil. to 9id.$lb.: second ditto, 7d. to 8Jd.; sheep, 911. to loid.; lambs, lOd. to Ild. V lb. SHREWSBURY, TUESDAY.—There was a very small supply stock of any kind, except sheep, owing doubtless to harvest operations.—Quotations Beef, prime quality, 9d. 1b.; second 8d.; mutton, prime wether, 10d.; inferior and ewe, 9(1. to lamb, 9^d. to lOJd.; veal, 8d. to 8id.; pork pigs, 7d. b BIRMINGHAI, TUESDAY. There was a full supply of {**sts, which came to hand in fair saleable condition. The trade, except for choice qualities,> ruled dull, at previous f?tes. Sheep and lambs were a fair supply; trade slow. Fat Bgs were a short supply trade steady.—Current prices were ^eef, 8d. to 9d %"> ft, mutton, 8kl. to 9|d.; lamb, 9J(l. to 10id.; pigs 9s 0d to 10s. 9d ¥ score; porket ditto, lis. Od. to 11». 6d. SALFORD TUESDAY. The supply of all descriptions of ?'°ck on offer was small to-day. A good trade was done in the "^st qualities of beef, and last week's reduction was fully recovered middling and inferior also moved off steadily at firm Prices. About 150 Spanish beasts were shown, and fetched gOod prices. A slow trade was done in sheep, but rates were ^altered. Good lambs fetched more money. There was only f moderate demand for calves, and prices were slightly in vonr of buyers.—Beef made 7d. to 9d. ad lb.; mutton, 810.. 10d; lamb, 9/,d. to 10d.; veal, 6d. to 9d. 1-ONDON DEAD MEAT MARKET, MONDAY.—The follow- r1? were the quotations$8 lbs. by the carcase: Middling and beef, 3s. Od. to 5s. Od.: prime ditto, 5s. Od. to 5s. Gd.; Inferior and' middling mutton, 3s. Od. to 5s. 0d.; primo ditto, 4d. to 6s. 4d.; veal, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d.; large pork, 3s. 8d to 4<1.; small ditto, 4s. 6d. to 5s. Od.; lamb, fis. Od. to is. Oil. market was rather heavy this morning, the weather affect- ng both trade and prices. The supply of meat was moderate. ng both trade and prices. The supply of meat was moderate. Miscellaneous. IRISH AND AMERICAN PROVISIONS, LIVERPOOL, FRI- P^Y.—Butter: Choice States in steady request, but for any ?elow this standard sales are few. Bacon has further improved o the eztent of 2s. cwt, Lard more easily sold, at ad. to Is. f cwt. advance. Cheese in continued good request, and the :t>rrïvals are all absorbed. Beef: Eastern, 2s. Oil. to 5s. dearer. ork steady, at fully previous rates. t.LONDON POTATO, MONDVY.—The supplies of potatoes con- lQHue moderate, and trade remains steady. Rent and Essex Regents 130s. to 1803.$ton. Shaws 120s. to 150s. Kidneys 160s. to 200s. Earlv Kose 120s. to 160s. „ WORCESTER HOP, SATURDAY.—Messrs. Piercy, Longbottom, rj'l Pararn in their weekly circular, say—At the market to-day Peters state the bine has made fair progress, but, owing to ^Jlfl and stormy weather being so prevalent, they have -not i;a,,le all the progress that could be desired. Warm days and "'ghts are wanted to develop the burr. There are some yards ^?°rt of bine. The business done was of a retail character, at late rates. LONDON HOP, -.Nio.Nr)-ky.-The reports from the plantations still unfavourable. Our market is firm at late quotations, ^'though onlv a small amount of business is passing; holders "■'e less dispo'sed to sell their stocks in the face of the present „r°p prospects. American and Continental markets remain the same. East and Mid Kent £ 5 12 £ 0 0 £ S 0 East and Mid Kent £ 5 12 £ 0 0 £ S 0 Weald of Keut 5 15. 0 0. 7 0 Sussex 4 15 0 0 5 12 Farnhani and Country 7 0. 0 0. 8 0 Worcester 8 8 0 0 10 10 BRADFORD WOOL, THURSDAY.-The market is again dull aid depressed. The unwillingness of buyers to operate increases, and sellers are showing themselves more eager. There is conse- quently a downward tendency in values; the finer descriptions best maintain their value. Quotations of yarns are nominally Illaintainecl, but purchases are small. In pieces the only business done is in soft and all-wool goods for the home trade and Ajaerica. „ LONDON WOOL, MONDAY. — In the Wool market thare is ?° specie feature. The demand for Colonial produce, botli on and Continental account, is but prices are atjout the same English wool is quiet and unaltered. CURRENT PRICES. A?1S j L^t year. p[-EEcEs._southd(>wahoggets -.1 1,1 j t -1 | t«T 4' S;'Vr<1,litto •••• 1 3to! n I Si I Kent fleeces ,-t„, dr i ?, S. Down ewes and wethers -1 i t 4i soAicer^ S;, 1 5 to i 6 iKol Wm o picklock tol g j 5 to 5, 1 3 tol 4 ..1 4 tol 4i Suner6 1 2Uol 3A..1 3 tol 3i Combing wether mat" 1 6 tol 7 ..1 7i to 1 8 PirkWV 1 4 to 1 5 ..1 5 to 1 0$ Common 1 2|to 1 4..1 »gl 4j Hog matching 1 6J to 1 6i.. i Picklock matching 1 4 to 1 5- a WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, AND FAT SATUR. £ AY;rHides, 95 lb. and upwards, Cld. lb.; 85 to 94 6d. ,5 to 65 to 74, 4d.; 56 to 64, 3|d.; 55 and under, 3Jd., Cows of to 3-Kl.; bulis, "2id.; flawed and irregular, 2j,d., klP8'th°d,m^ W Horse hides, 0s. Od. to 12s. Cd. each. Calf, 1< and I'Ywds, 4kl.; 12 to 16, 5id.; 9 to 11, 5jd.; light, 4jd., flawed irregular, 3id. Wools, A-l, 00s. 0d.; A, Os. 0d.; B,0s. 0d; ^ch. Pelts, A" 2s 6d.: B, Is. 8d. each. Lambs, A, 3s. ba., 2s. fid. each. Fat. 2id. to 3d$lb.—JNO. S. D'ARCY, Broker, eveland-street. LEATHER.— LEADENHALL, TUESDAY. IR lb. s. d. s. d. Hides, crop, 28 lbs. to 40 lbs 1 1 @ 1 5 Ditto, 40 lbs. to 60 lbs 1 4 1 9 butts, 14 ths. to 24 lbs 1 3 2 5 f>itto, 25 lbs. to 36 lbs 1 6 2 10 foreign butts, 16 lbs. to 50 lbs 1 1 2 3 Crop bellies 0 7 £ 1 1 Shoulders 1 0 1 4 pressing hides, common l 0 1 6 i?»tto, shaved 12 18 Calfskins 1 4 2 7 LIVERPOOL PRODUCE, WEDNESDAY.—Sugar quiet, at easy 15s as K,UI1 firm. Rice inactive. Nitrate of soda 14s. 6d. to RatJr <:wt- Linseed oil 29s. 6d to 30s. ¥ cwt. in export casks, feffrf *1^' re'i,lpd Stettin, 42s.$cwt. Cottonseed oil, Liverpool tall,? :52s- 6tL to 33s.$cwt. Lard (winter rendered) 45s. Ho„ 41s. for North American. Palm oil firm. Rosin, com- of ♦' 5s- Ijd. to 5s. 3d. 39 cwt. Ashes, pots, 22s. r# cwt. Spirits urPentine 26s. V cwt. Petroleum lljd. to Is. gallon. LONDON PRODUCE, SATURDAY.—Sugar; The market re- mains dull, at previous prices. Coffee quiet and unaltered in value. Rice: Floating cargoes, continue firm. The cotton market dull and inactive. Jute remains firm. Tallow, new, 44s. l-t cwt. on the spot, Oils: Rape 37s.$cwt.; linseed 29s. to 29s. 3d. Petroleum lo-,Ilfl. V gztlloii. Spirits of turpentine 24s. 9d. P, cwt. AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE.—LIVERPOOL, WEDNESDAY. Hay, 20 lbs. s. d. s. d. ton. Old i 0 (1-t 1 3 s. d. s. d New 0 0 0 0 Carrots 0 0@0 0 Straw— Turnips 0 0 0 0 Wheat 0 10 0 11 Mangel Wurzel.. 0 0 0 0 Oat 0 9 0 10 Manure 4 6 7 0 Oat 0 9 0 10 Manure 4 6 70 Barley 0 0 0 0 Grass. 20 ths.0 3 04-1

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