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EDUCATION. BRYNARVOR HALL SCHOOL, TOWYN. PRINCIPAL :— Mr. EDWIN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RESIDENT MASTERS for Classics, English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, &c. BRYNARVOR HALL, commodious and well- fitted, has been specially erected for the accommoda- tion and tuitisn of boarders. It is beautifully situated in an eminently healthy locality, with extensive playgrounds, cricket field, and gardens attached, altogether making the finest and most desirable school premises in the Princi- pality. Pupils are prepared for the various examinations con- nected with the universities and colleges, for the learned professions, banking and commercial pursuits. Classes are held in connection with the Science and Art Department, the examinations being held in May in each year. The school year consists of three Terms. WINTER TERM commences on the 3rd of September. FOR TERms, &c., APPLY TO THE PRINCIPAL. LLWYNNONN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, PORTMADOC. Conducted by Mr. J. H. Lewis, London University (First B.A.), (Late Assistant Tutor at BangorTra.iningCollege.) CANDIDATES prepared for the Universities, for Professional-ana Commercial Pursuits, and for the various Training Colleges. Terms and prospectuses on application. Young men whose Education has been neglected will find special ad- vantages. School re-opensd, Jan. 15th, 1877. THE HALL GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. "jlTR. T. HUGHES, of the University College of 1VX Wales (Reading for Degrees), receives pupils at the Hall Grammar School, Aberystwyth. Subjects taught :-English, Classics, Mathematics, Phonography, Book-keeping, and Drawing, in which 16 pupils took prizes. The school is examined carefully every half- year on the above subjects. The discipline is strict but kind. The next term commences on Wednesday, the 1st of August, 1877. Terms moderate. Application to be addressed as above. 23, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. MISS JONES (late of Boulevard House) begs to state that the next Term will BEGIN on Tuesday, May 1st. Terms on appliaation. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOUNDED IN 1812. HEAD MASTER EDWARD JONES, First B.A. (and im honors of the University of London.) SECOND MASTER Mr. A. HUNTER, M.A. (Gold Medallist and Scholar..) This school is examined yearly by gentlemen not con- nected with the masters, among whom may be mentioned the Rev. Dr. Charles, D.D., the Rev. Professor Grimley, the Rev. Professor Lewi and the Rev. James Cornford, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. During the last year several pupils of this school were successful in examinations for the Banks and the Law and Apothecaries' Hall preliminary examinations. One, who was five years pupil at this school, took a scholarship of JE80 a year at Oxford, and another one of £ 50 at Cambridge. Also two who entered the University of Oxford direct from this school took their M.A. degree, and one matricu- lated in London University (first division) in January last. The Head Master receives a few Boarders. Inclusive terms, B40 per annum. > LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL JLJ BELSIZE HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. Principal, Mrs. E. Marie Jones, (F. C. College, Glasgow, and wife of the Rev. E. P. Jones, M.A.,) assisted by* masters and a staff of qualified English and foreign teachers.—Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examination, and the Civil Service Examinations. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Ladies' Collegiate School removed from Queen's-road to Belsize House, 26, Bridge-street. The commodious pre- mises with Croquet Lawn, lately occupied by the Rev. Llewelyn Edwards, M.A., Irwell House SchooL Next term Commences AUGUST 7th, 1877. IRWELL HOUSE SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. THE REV. LLEWELYN EDWARDS, B.A., of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Graduate in Classical Honours, receives Forty Boarders and a few day pupils, to prepare for Matriculation at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Aberystwyth, and London, or to fit them for professional and commercial pursuits. Special arrange- ments made with students reading for degrees. SCHOLARSHIPS.—One of £ 20 to the best boy who enters the University College of Wales from this School; and one of jM te the best boy who enters the School at its re-opening. The School re-opens on FRIDAY, SEPT. 7TH, when an Examination will be held for the entrance scholarship of t5. BRIGHTON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG BOYS. LADY-PRINCIPAL—MRS. H. N. GRIMLEY, Assisted by Resident Masters and Governesses. THE Thir<* Term for 1877 Commences on Thursday, September 20th. Prospectuses may be had on application to Mrs. GRIMLEY, Brighton House, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. CAERLEON HOUSE. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, ABERYSTWYTH. MISS TRUBSHAW informs her friends and the public that the duties of h«r School will be RE- SUMED (D.V.) on Wednesday, August 1st, 1877. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge local ex- aminations. A resident French Governess. MAENGWYN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, MACHYNLLETH. Conducted by Mr. J. OWEN, late Inspector of Schools for the British and Foreign School Society, and Tutor at the Society's Training College, Swansea. THE course of study comprises the usual branches of a classical, professional, and commercial educa- tion. Pupils prepared for the universities and for the preliminary examinations of the various professions, &c., &c. Special advantages for pupils wishing to enter the University College of Wales, the Theological Colleges, or the Government Training Colleges. The methods of in- struction are the most modern and approved, and are based on thoroughly scientific principles. Terms and prospectuses may be had on application. School will RE-OPEN, August 21st. DOLGELLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL. MASTERS :— REV. S. S. O. MORRIS, M. A., Oxon :—Classical Ex- hibitioner of Christ's Hospital,'London, 1866; Mathe- matical Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, 1866 First Class Mathematical Moderations, 1868 Third Class Mathematical Finals, 1870,; Sixth in Honours, London University Matriculation, January, 1876. G. R. MORRIS, ESQ., London University, 1876. THE nature ef the education given at this school -JL may be learnt from the fact that during the last four years three pupils have taken open scholarships at Oxford and Cambridge three have passed the London University Matriculation two the preliminary examination of the Pharmaceutical Society one the preliminary of the Faculty of Surgeons, &c., Glasgow several, have taken firsthand second classes in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathe- matics in the examinations held by the Science and Art Department, and several have entered banks and other branches of business. Pupils prepared to eompete for-seholarships at Oxford and Cambridge for the London University Matricula- tion, 1st B.A., and 1st B.Sc.; Oxford and Cambridge Locals; Medical and Law Preliminaries and a thoroughly sound education given to pupils who wish to enter osn a business life. # The Chemical st&d Physical Laboratories are now fur- nished with every requisite for the highest-stages of stlltitr in Chemistry and Physics. The next quarter Legms (D.V.) on Tuesday, the 7th August, 1877. No hoy admitted for that quarter after hat day. r ESSONS oa £ he PIANOFORTE, HAR. jsLi MONIUM, aad in SINGING, BY W. R..WJLEATLEY, Portland House, Aberystwyth. Terms One Guinea Quarter. rp jBANSATLAXT I € L 1 IS E NEW YORK. Average Passage 9 days. The Genital Transatlantic Co.'s Steamers of 4,500 tom, classed 100 A 1 at English Lloyds, LEAVE PLYMOUTH FOR NEW YORK DIRECT EVERY SATURDAY. J'ares from Merioneth to New York, Boston, or Philadelphia. Saloon 13,17, and 21 guinea^ Intermediate. ••• ••• £ 7 7 0 {STEERAGE {Bedding Siftd Mess Utensils free) £ 5 15 0 Railway Fares allowed to Plymouth. Apply to LUSCOMBE, BELLAMY, & Co., Plymouth. Aggnts wanted in all unrepresented districts. Railway Fares allowed to Plymouth. Apply to LUSCOMBE, BELLAMY, & Co., Plymouth. Aggnts wanted in all unrepresented districts. BUSINESS ADDRESS. ■ -r- j j FLANNELS j FLANNELS 11 FLANNELS! SPECIAL SHOW OF REAL WELSH FLANNELS, REAL WELSH WHITTLES AND SHAWLS, AT O. M. W I L L I A M- S' GENERAL DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, 32, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. C. M. W. tegs respectfully to call the special attention of visitors and the public genera% tabis- large and well assorted STOCK OF WHITE, SCARLET, and FANCY REAL WELSH FLANNELS, REAL WELSH WHITTLES and SHAWLS, direct from the Mills, which are- warranted to wear and not to shrink. Also, the NEW PATENT FLANNELS IN Al/L. COLOURS, which will be sold at such prices that cannot fail to command a rapid sale. An inspection of the above Goods will greatly oblige, as they will be found to be the CHEAPEST ever offered in this or any other town. C. M. W. also begs to intimate that every Department is replete with all the LATBSr NOVELTIES for the present Season, including French and English Millinery,, Flowers, Feathers, Lace and Muslin Goods, Over Skirts, Silk Scarfs, RibboBs., Gloves, Plain and Fancy Hosiery, Sunshades, Umbrellas, &c., &c., &c. Also, a large parcel of Shetland and Wool Goods, including White and Coloured. Promenade Shawls and Wraps for evening wear, in great variety, which will be cleared 0 at such low prices that cannot fail to surprise every one. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS: READY MONEY; The smallest possible profit; One price to all and no abatement. Don't forget the Address, C. M. WILLIAMS, GENERAL DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMEET, I Im, m 32, PIER-STREET. OROSSE & BLACKWELLY s PURE PICKLES, MALT VINEGAR, SAUCES, POTTED MEATS AND FISH, PREPARED SOUPS, CALVES' FEET JELLY, JAMS, JELLIES, AND MARMALADES, ALWAYS BEAR THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESS ON THE LABELS, And may be obtained of Grocers and Italian Warehousemen throughout the World. CROSSE & BLACKWELL, PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. iSOHO SQU ARE LONDON. n » 1877.-NOTICES OF THE PRESS.-1877. The following amongst other Notices of the New Editions of the Gossiping Guide to Wales have recently appeared.. AYFAIR. We commend this book to the M careful consideration of Mr. Murray. It seems to us to ba th<? model of what a guide-book should be. It gives all the information necessary For getting about, and it is, moreover, written in an attractive style that gives birth to a desire to get about. The bare details of names of places and of inns, with time tablefi of distances and catalogues of objects of interest which form the staple of the average guide-book are here filled time tablefi of distances and catalogues of objects of interest which form the staple of the average guide-book are here filled up with local colouring, and with a wealth of detail that make the book pleasant reading for others than tourists- Mr. Askew Roberts when travelling through Wales, every foot of which seems familiar to him, has picked up all that is to be found in the way of historical references, traditional or reliable. There are a good many. little things which we should like to quote from the two hundred and odd closely printed pages of the book." "VTOTES AND QUERIES.—"We strongly advise _Ll all visrtorsrthis year to North Wales to provide themselves with the Gossiping Guide to If'ales, by Askew Roberts (London Hodder and Stoughton). Descriptive notes and geological and botanical chapters form part of this useful volume, whose title would be more accurate did it comprise a description of South Wales. We trust Mr. Askew Roberts will take in hand this portion of the Principality." SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS.—"The Gossiping Guide to Wales, by Mr. Askew Roberts, is one of the most perfect productions of its kind ever issued in connection with the Principality. It describes vividly the routes which travellers should follow, and these are illustrated by twelve maps and a Panorama of Snowdon. Ancient history, tradition, poetry, romance, and contemporary narrative are all copiously called into use, so that the ordinary reader has at every step a guide, philosopher, and friend:" FIELD.—" This Guide is sure to become a favourite with the multitude who now frequent the Principality, and, though by no means faultless, it deserves to succeed, as the author has availed himself of good local sources of information, which he is not too proud to acknowledge authorities, indeed, of every kind, from grave to gay, have been laid under contribu- tion ancient chronicles and legends are mingled with elegant extracts from the various London magazines and papers. The result, however, is not a hotch-potch, but a readable if rambling account, held together by the hand-book skeleton of dry localities." WESTERN MAIL.—"Readers in the Princi- pality, as well as tourists in your part of the country, will be glad to learn that a new edition of Mr. Askew Roberts's clever and amusing Gossiping Guide to Wales has just been pub- lished by Messrs. Hodder and Stoughton. Mr. Askew Roberts has shewn in this work how a guide book out;ht to be written, and does not furnish forth the baked meats' of older chron- iclers, in which all the errors of topography are repeated, but he has gone over all the ground anew, with the object of obtain- iaj. accuracy in every particut-tr.Loi, do?z Correspcndent's Letter. LIVERPOOL DAILY P.OST. Thia work is L not only a trusty guide but a most genial companion. The author. Mr. Askew Roberts, has sought to provide tourists in Norii Wales with something to talk about at every station they pt«ss when on the railways, and where they go off a description of the objects they must by no means mis* seeing.' His effort .lias been completely successful. Mr. Askew Roberts describes with an easy grace which places him at once upon a friendly, conversational footing with the feader. An admirable Panorama of Snowdon has been added, and forms in itself a very valuable acquisition to the resources of the tourist." WELSHMAN. No less than three new editions V V of Mr. Askew Roberts's admirable Guide have just been published, and they will, we doubt not, be warmly welcomed by the large section of the public who annually take holiday tours about this season. Mr. Askew Boberts has elaborately worked upon his abundant materials, until he has produced a volume as near perfection as possible, and certainly an improvement on even the really good edition noticed last year in these columns. One never wishes to quarrel with Mr. Askew Roberts he is good company in fair or foul weather; above all he is never pedantic, but always at his ease, frank, racy, cheerful, and natural." IRMINGHAM DAILY GAZETTE.—««THIS H B a thoroughly exhaustive guide to the Principality. There Is hardly anything which an excursionist would care to know that cannot be found in Mr. Askew Roberts's work. The author is familiar with the whole region described, has traversed some parts of it hundreds of times. Besides the ordinary kind of in- formation furnished by guide books, Mr. Askew Roberts has got together a: singularly interesting collection of legends and traditionary lore, which relieves the drier parts of the work." BIRMINGHAM DAILY POST. Many Welsh 113 tourists will be glad to see a new, revised, and enlarged edition of this most useful guide book. It is written in a lively, readable style is very full, and (so far as we have tested it) com- plete in its descriptions of scenery and places of interest; con- tains sketches of routes; gives a good account of the geological and botanical features of Wales; and is illustrated with twelve maps, upon some of which routes not marked in the ordnance survey are indicated. No trouble, indeed, has been twelve maps, upon some of which routes not marked in the ordnance survey are indicated. No trouble, indeed, has been spared to make the book a thoroughly good Welsh guide and it has the further advantage of not being too large for the knap- sack or the pocket." CYAIMRODOR. An enlarged edition of this JL Gossiping Guide to Wales has appeared. We have perused its multifarious contents with more than ordinary interest; and we can thoroughly recommend it to the tourist as an instructive and pleasant companion in rambles through North Wales. While professing to deal only with gossip, it gives valuable and reliable information. The writer touches scarcely a spot that he does not reanimate with life. Description, history, anecdote, and poetry, flow from his pen as though they would chase one another for the precedence. The old heroes renew their powers, and the bards re-sing their songs. In short, the Gossip' is ex- actly what we would recommend to one seeking recreation and rest from the worries of daily life amid romantic and quiet ooenery." THE STANDARD, Era, Figaro, Leisure Hour Fun, Hornet, Spectator, Queen, Tablet, and other London papers have also given favourable notices of the earlier editions of the Gossiping Guide to Wales; as also have the following pro- vincial papers :—Brccon County Times, Staffordshire Advertizer, Shrewsbury Chronicle, Liverpool Mercury, Manchester Courier, Wrexham Advertiser, Chester Chronicle, Eddowes's Journal, &c., &c., &c. Three editions are published, viz.: The "Popular" at Is. 6d.; the Half-Crown and the Crown. Oswestry, WOODALL aad VEXABLES. London, HORDES and STOUCHTON. I 1877.-GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES.-1877. NOTICE TO MINE AND QUARRY AGENTS. ITT ANTED, t<? purchase all kinds of OLD VV MACH jNEIIY, METAL and SCRAP IRON. .-Addres MCLA^'HAM, Machine Broker, Aberystwyth, N.B.—Plant, See., Bought and Sold on Cowmmion, 1 JOHN BAKER, JOHN BAKER, Hhydypenau Farm, Bow Street. BY tlie request of numerous friends has been in- I duced to take a VALUER'S LICENCE, and he j will be happy to attend to the commands of gentlemen leaving their farm. or requiring a Valuer's ge.ryj^eg con- j nected with land or stock. leaving their farm. or requiring a Valuer's ge.ryj^eg con- j I nected with land or stock. MEETINGS. ABERYSTWYTH. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRI- CULTURAL SOCIETY. AT THE FOURTH S H. 0 W OF THIS SOCIETY TO BE HELD AT ABER- YSTWYTH, 0-N WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH, 1877, THE SUM OF ae339 15s. WILL BE GIVEN IN PRIZES. ABSTRACT OF PRIZES. £ s. d. Class A. Open to .all who shall be annual subscribers of is. and upwards n. 9510 0 Class B. Limited to occupiers (whether owners or tenants), the rental or gross annual value of whose farms does not exceed JE200 ayear, who are making their livelihood principally by farming, and are subscribers of not less than 10s. 6d. yearly 81 0 0 Class C. Limited to occupiers (whether owners or tenants), the rental or gross annual value of whose farms does not exceed £80110 year, who are making their livelihood principally by farming, and are subscribers of not less than 5s. yearly n. 58 0 0 Class D. Open to every member of the Society, and to tenants nominated in accordance with Rule 12 46 5 0 Class E. Open to Classes B and C, and tenants nomi- nated in accordance with Rule 12 14 10 0 For best managed Farm, 3 prizes 20 0 0 For best Root Crops, 2 first, 2 second, and 1 third prizes 13 10 0 Extra prizes 6 0 0 Medals for best Bulls, value. 5 0 0 JB339 15 0 Entries of stock to be made to one cf rthe secretaries on or before the 27th August. Entries of farms and root crops mustibe made to one of the secretaries on or before the 20th of August. For further particulars, list of prizes, and conditions, apply to H. C. Fryer, Lodge Park, Glandovey, R. Gard- iner, Wenallt, Crosswood, Lewis Williams, Abermaide, Aberystwyth, and Jonathan Pell, Belle'Vue Royal Hotel, Aberystwyth. Arrangements have been made with the Cambrian Rail* ways Company, as under :—Cheap tickets for the double journey will be issued from Oswestry, Pwllheli, and in- termediate stations to Aberystwyth, available by ordinary trains which stop at the stations on day of issue only. A train will also run from Aberystwyth to Machynlleth at 8 30 p.m. Stock will be conveyed by the. down, mail on the day of the Show, or by any of the goods-trains on the preceding day. The Manchester and Milford Railway Company have also agreed to issue tickets at single fares for the double journey from all the stations, on the day of the Show. ABERYSTWYTH. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. On SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th, the ANNIVERSARY SERVICES Will be held at the Congregational Church, Portland- street, when The Rev. E. HERBER EVANS, of Carnarvon, Will preachjin the morning at eleven, and in the evening at six. Collections after each service. MONTGOMERYSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE S,EVENTH SHOW WILL TAKE PLACB AT MACHYNLLETH, ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST, 1877, PRESIDENT The Most Noble the Marquess of LONDONDERRY. ENTRY Forms, List -of Prizes, and all other in- termation can be obtained from the undersigned. R. GJLL&RT, Hon, Sec., Machynlleth. W. ASHFORD OWEN, Secretary, WelshpooL LLANBADARN-FAWR. A SPECIAL MORNING PRAYER & SERMON, IN ENGLISH, WILL be fceld in the Nave ef the above Church EVERY SUNDAY at 11.30 a.m, during the Summer Montfes, commencing on the First Sunday in June. Hymns Ancient and Modem (Old Edition.) Offertory towards the Restoration Fund. TRSGARON CHURCH. A B A Z A A R IN aid of the Funds for the Restoration of the above Church WILL BE HELD IN THE SUMMER OF 1878. Further particulars will appear in future advertise- meots, THE SKATING RINK. ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 24TH, A MASQUERADE Will be held at the SKATING RINK, PORTLAND»STREET, ■ ABERYSTWYTH. Residents and visitors who intend to be present will please fix upon the character they intend to represent, a list of which can be seen at the Rink. An early application is desired in order to procure the necessary dresses. Doors open at half-past seven. The company will be select. THE NATIONAL SCHOOLS, ABERYSTWYTH. IT is intended to hold in the National Schools, during the next Christmas Holidays, a CHRISTMAS TREE for the sale of useful and ornamental articles. Contri- butions of all kinds will be gladly received by any member of the Ladies' Committee (of whom a list will shortly be published) or by the clergy and churchwardens. The proceeds will be devoted in support of the National Schools. A GRAND FANCY BAZAAR WILL BE HELD ON THE 30TH AND 31ST OF AUGUST, 1S77, AT THE OLD ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CHURCH STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. The proceeds will be applied towards the Restoration of the Tower and two Transepts of the Parish Church of Llanbadarn Fawr, for which purpose about 22,000 is re- quired. Contributions will be gratefully received by the follow- ing ladies, who will preside at the stalls No. 1. LADY PRYSE, Gogerddan. No. 2. MRS. BONSALL, Fronfraith, and MRS. MORGAN, Nantcaerio. No. 3. MRS. PUGH, Llanbadarn Vicarage. An Oriental Stall (supplied direct from Calcutta by Mrs. G. H. P. Evans, Lovesgrove), and a Refreshment and Floral Stall—MRS. PUGH, Abermaide. Doors open each day at 11 a.m., and close PUNC- TUALLY at 6 p.m. THE LLEYN AND EIFIONYDD AGRI- CULTURAL SOCIETY Will hold its TWELFTH ANNUAL MEETING In a Field near the Portmadoc Railway Station On Friday, the 7th day of September next. President: WILLIAM E. OAKELEY, Esq., Tanybwlch. Vice-President: Mr. ELLIS JONES, Llymgwyn. All Entries to be made on or before the 31st August, to Mr. R. Owen Jones, Penlant-street, Pwllheli, or Mr. W. E. Morris, Portmadoc, from whom all information may be had. DINNER will be on the table at the Maddock's Arms Hotel, Treraadop, at 4 o'clock. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYS HEART OF OAK HOUSE GROCERY, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, 23, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, DAVID RICHARDS, PROPRIETOR. GOOD NEWS. CHEAP COAL. » Owing to a favourable contract I PETER JONES, Railway Station, Aberystwyth, Is now able to sell for^cash on delivery BESTJNEWPOET, 16s. per ton. BEST RUABON, 16s., Booking'iPrice, 2s. extra. PUBLIC NOTICES. PROMENADE AND TOWN BAND. MESSRS. WATERS & ADIE having commenced the season at Aberystwyth with their celebrated band, beg respectfully to inform the visitors that the sub- scription book will be presented once each week-the band being entirely supported by voluntary contributions—and hope by a careful rendering of a choice selection of music, they will meet with that liberal patronage an earnest at- tention to the musical requirements of the town deserves; and, while thanking resident subscribers for their patron- age, beg to remind resident non-subscribers that it is only fair the band should receive that support, while having to act as their own committee, they would receive were a resident committee collecting for them but still hope to have a favourable resident list to publish at the end of the season. Each subscriber will receive a printed subscription list at the end of the season. The band will play on the Terrace every evening, and in various parts of the town from 9 till 11 in the morning. BALA UNION, MERIONETHSHIRE. MASTER AND MATRON WANTED. THE Guardians of this Union require a Master and Matron, married, to take charge of the Workhouse, at Bala. Salary, for the Master, J330, Matron, P,20 per annum and Rations, &c., &c. Applications in the handwriting of the Candidates, stating age, and if any incumbrance, with testimonials of character and competency, -to be addressed to the Chair- man of the Bop.rd of Guardians, Bala, North Wales, on or before Saturday, the 1st day of September, 1877, at 12 o'clock noon. A knowledge of Welsh indispensable. By Order, THOS. ELLIS, Clerk. Henblas, Bala, N. Wales, Aug. 4th, 1877. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. N. OTICE is Hereby Given, that the 24th, 25th, and 26th Half-yearly Meetings of the Cambrian Rail- ways Company, now standing adjourned to the 31st inst. at the Company's Offices, Oswestry, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, will be then held pro forma only, and be further adjourned to a day to be named in such adjourn- ment, of which due notice will be given. Dated this 13th day of August, 1877. VANE LONDONDERRY, Chairman. R. D. PRYCE, Deputy Chairman. GEO. LEWIS, Secretary. Company's Offices, Oswestry. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. ATOTICE is Hereby Given, that the Twenty-seventh -i-N Half-yearly General Meeting of the Proprietors of the Cambrian Railways Company will be held, pro forma, at the Company's Offices, at Oswestry, on Friday, the 31st day of August instant, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, and adjourned to a date and place to be named in such adjournment. The Transfer Books will be closed from the 23rd to the J 31st inst., both days inclusive. s Dated this 13th day of August, 1877. VANE LONDONDERRY, Chairman. R. D. PRYCE, Deputy Chairman. i GEO. LEWIS, Secretary. Company's Offices, Oswestry. s To Edward Watkin, one of the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Towyn, and to the Superintendent of Police of the Division of Estimaner. T PRYSE HENRY HUGHES, of National-street, Towyn, in the County of Merioneth, Secretary to the Towyn Pier Company, Limited, and now residing at National-street, Towyn, in the Parish of Towyn, in the County of Merioneth, hereby give you Notice that it is my intention to apply at the GeneralAnnual Licensing Meeting for the Division of Estimaner, to be holden at the County Police Station, at Towyn, in the said County, on the Seventh day of September next ensuing, for a Licence for the sale of Spirits, Wine, Beer, Porter, Cider, Perry, Sweets, and Liqueurs, to be drunk or consumed in a certain House and in the Premises thereunto belonging, situate and being the Refreshment Rooms attached to the Towyn Pier, situate at Towyn aforesaid, which I intend to keep as an Inn, Alehouse, or Victualling House. Given under my hand this Third day of August, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven. P. H. HUGHES. To the Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Towyn, and to the Superintendent of the Police of the district of Estimaner, in the county of Merioneth, and to all whom it may concern. T PRYSE HENRY HUGHES, Secretary of the -Lj Towyn Pier Company, Limited, and now residing at National-street, Towyn, in the parish of Towyn, in the county of Merioneth, do hereby give notice that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting, to be holden at the Police-station, Towyn, in the division of Estimaner, in the said county, on the Seventh'day of September next ensuing, for a licence to sell excisable liquors by retail, to be consumed either on or off the premises at a house or refreshment room situate at the Towyn Pier, at Towyn, in the parish of Towyn, in the county of Merioneth, and being within the said di- vision, and which I intend to keep as an inn, alehouse, or victualler's house. Given under my hand this sixth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven. P. H. HUGHES. In the matter of the Dysynny Valley Separate Drainage District, situate in the several parishes of Towyn, Llan- egryn, Talyllyn, and Llanfihangelypennant, in the County of Merioneth. NOTICE is Hereby Given that the Dysynny Valley Drainage Board have caused a full and true statement and account to be drawn out of the amount of all Rates and Assessments made, and of all contracts entered into, and of all moneys received and expended up to the 31st day of July, 1877, and also of all debts owing by the said Board, which said statement and account have been printed, and lie at the office of the said Board at Machynlleth in the county of Montgomery, ready for in- spection of the creditors and ratepayers, or other parties interested. And Notice is hereby further given that the Annual Meeting of the said Board will be holden at the Corbet Arms Hotel, in Towyn, in the County of Merioneth, on Friday, the seventh day of September next, at half-past two o'clock in the afternoon, when the said statement and account will be produced, and then finally examined and settled by the said Board. Dated 15th August, 1877. DAVID HOWELL, Clerk of the said Drainage Board. In the matter of the Dysynny Valley Separate Drainage District, situate m the several parishes of Towyn, Lla.n- egryn, Talyllyn, and Llanfihangelypennant, in the County of Merioneth. I THE undersigned, being the Returning Officer ) for the election of new members of the Dysynni Valley Drainage Board, do hereby give Notice that a meeting of the Electors will be held at the Corbet Arms Hotel, in Towyn, in the County of Merioneth, on Friday, the Seventh day of September, 1877, at half-past two in the afternoon, for the purpose of such election. Dated this Fourteenth day of August, 1877. v WM. W. E. WYNNE. ABERDOVEY HARBOUR. THE EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1 8 7 5. NOTICE is Hereby 'Given, that the Aberdovey Harbour Authority, in exercise of the powers con- tained in the Explosives Act, 1875, has framed the follow- ing Bye Laws, and intends to apply to the Board of Trade; for the confirmation of such Bye Laws. I.-In the following Bye Laws, the expressions herein- after mentioned shall, respectively have, and include the several meanings assigned to them or defined in "The Explosives Act, 1875." 2.—The Master of every Ship or Boat carrying Gun- powder, or any other Explosive, shall within three hours of the time of his entering the Harbour of Aberdovey, in the parish of Towyn, in the county of Merioneth, give Notice in writing to the Harbour Master of the nature and quantity of his cargo. 3.—The Master of every Ship or Boat, conveying, load- ing, or unloading Gunpowder, or other Explosive, shall during the time such Ship or Boat remains in the Harbour hoist and keep hoisted from sunrise to sunset a red flag at the masthead, and from sunset to sunrise shall exhibit » red light at the masthead. 4-rNo Ship or Boat laden wholly or partly with Gun* powder or other Explosive shall stop, or be moored, or anchored within the Harbour of Aberdovey unless the- Master of such Ship or Boat shall first obtain the per- mission, in writing, of the Harbour Master, or other authorised servant of the Harbour Authority, to anchor or moor such Ship or Boat elsewhere in the Harbour, whereupon he shall be at liberty to anchor or moor such Ship or Boat at the berth specified in such written per- mission but he shall not remove from such berth without' the authority of the Harbour Master, or such authorised" servant. 5.—No Gunpowder or other Explosive shall be loaded or unloaded into- or from any Ship or Boat, or otherwise, except between the hours of sunrise and sunset. And no,. such Gunpowder, or other Explosive, shall be loaded or unloaded without the written authority of the Harbour Master. 6.—No persons shall be allowed to smoke on board Ships' or Boats containing Gunpowder or other Explosive, while within the limits of the Harbour. Neither shall such vessel have on board any fires or lights save and except the aforesaid masthead red light, and properly banked up, engine fires, without the consent in writing of the Harbour Master for the time being. 7.-In loading or unloading any Gunpowder or other Explosive, from any Ship or Boat, the persons engaged therein, or present thereat, shall have no lucifer matches explosive or other dangerous articles, about their person, and such persons so engaged shall wear magazine boots or shoes (without nails) or shall work barefooted, and the casks or packages of Explosive shall be carefully passed from hand to hand, and not thrown down or dragged, and. not allowed to fall in any way, and when landed, shalT ^t be allowed to remain exposed on any Landing Place, Wharf, Pier, or other place, in or near the Harbour, but shall without delay be removed and conveyed therefrom and any spilled Explosive shall immediately be taken up and destroyed by placing it in water or otherwise. A11"1 before and after loading or unloading any Explosive, every Quay, Pier, Deck, Gangway, Hold, Boat, and place on,, over, or in which any Explosive is about to be, or shall- hav« been carried or placed, shall be carefully swept down, and the sweepings destroyed, and every such place any- thing shall be kept free from dangerous articles. S.-No Gunpowder or other Explosive shall be landed at any Pier, Landing Place, Wharf, Quay, or place, other than that to be appointed by the Harbour Master, or other- authorised servant of the Harbour Authority. 9.—No Steam Vessel or Tug, the engine fires of whicfr are not properly banked up, shall be allowed to lie moored or remain stationary within 100 yards of any Ship or Boat having Gunpowder or other Explosive on board. 10.—During the time Gunpowder, or other Explosive, is being loaded or unloaded at any WTiarf, Landing Place, Jetty, Pier, or other place within the jurisdiction of the Harbour Authority, no fire or light shall be al- lowed at such Wharf, Landing Place, Jetty, Pier, or other place, or within 50 yards thereof, nor shall any person be allowed to smoke on such Wharf, Landing Place, Jetty, Pier, or other place, or within 50 yards thereof, during the loading or unloading of such Gunpowder or other Ex- plosive. 11»—The Harbour Authority shall, and may, if they see fit, appoint one person to superintend the loading or unloading of any Ship or Boat containing Gunpowder or other Explosive, and the reasonable wages of such person shall be borne and paid by the Consignor or Consignee (aff the case may be) of such Gunpowder or other Explosive, and be recoverable as hereinafter mentioned. 12.-Any Explosive of the Fifth (Fulminate) Class or any such Explosive of the Sixth (Ammunition) Class, 884 contains its own means of ignition, or any Explosive of the Seventh (Fireworks) Class, shall not be conveyed or kept in the same Ship or Boat within the limits of the said Authority, with any Explosive, not of the class and division to which it belongs, unless it be sufficiently separated therefrom, to prevent any fire or explosion which- may take place in one such Explosive being communicated to another. 13. Ai1(l further with respect to the conveyance in any Ship or Boat, or the loading or unloading of any quantity of any Explosive of the Fifth (Fulminate) Class-any quantity of any Explosive of the third division of the Sixth (Ammunition) Class—any quantity of any Explosive of first division of the Seventh (Fireworks) Class—or any quantity exceeding Five pounds of any other Explosive, the following regulations shall be observed :— (a) If the Explosive is not effectually protected from accident by fire from without, by being conveyed in the" hold of a Ship or Boat having a close deck, securely closed' or in the interior of a carriage which is enclosed on a.1f sides with wood or metal, then the Explosive shall be completely covered with painted cloth, tarpaulin, wad- m mill tilts, or other suitable material, so as to effectually protect it against communication with fire. (b) There shall not be any iron or steel in the interior of the part of the Ship, Boat, or Carriage where the,, Explosive is deposited, unless the same be covered either temporarily or permanently with leather, wood clothr wadmill tilts, or other suitable material. (c.) In the stowing of Explosive in any Ship, Boat, or Carriage, due precautions shall be taken by means of So partition or otherwise, and by careful stowing to secure such Explosive from being brought into contact with, or endangered by, any other article or substance conveyed io such Ship, Boat, or Carriage, which is liable to cause fire or explosion. (d) Explosive exceeding fifty pounds shall not be con- veyed in a Ship or Boat which is carrying as merchandise any article liable to cause or communicate fire or explo- sion, such as Charcoal, Lucifer Matches, Articles for striking a light, Petroleum, to which the "Petroleum Act, 1871," < r any Act repealing or amending the same applies. (e) In the case of any Ship, Boat, or Carriage, convey- ing, loading, or unloading Explosive, due provision shall be made for preventing the introduction into such Boat or Carriage, of Fire, Lucifer Matches, or any substance or article liable to cause explosion or fire, or the introduction of any Iron, Steel, or Grit, so as to come into contact with such Explosive; and in any such Ship, Boat, or Car- n^e' J ^ie Explosive is liable to be dangerously affected by water, due precaution shall be taken to exclude W7/f" rni111 comin.§' into contact with such Explosive. 1 he quantity of Explosive to be conveyed in any one undecked Ship, or in any Boat, or in any one Car- riage. shall not exceed two thousand pounds, unless the Ship or Boat have a deck so closed, or the Carriage be so nclosed on all sides with wood or metal as effectually to protect the Explosive against accident by fire from with- out, in which case the amount of Explosive conveyed shall not exceed the following [f in any one carriage on any Railway within} ]Ka the limits of the said Harbour, whether worked > tKnnn by steam or otherwise In any one other carriage 4,000 fn any one boat _Unli 50,000 [n any decked ship. Unlimited. 14.—While the loading, unloading, or conveyance of ex- plosive is going on, all persons engaged in such loading, unloading, or conveyance, shall observe all due precautions for the prevention of accidents by fire or explosion, and for preventing unauthorized persons having access to the explosive so being loaded, unloaded, or conveyed, and shall abstain from any act whatever which tends to cause lire or explosion, and is not reasonably necessary for the purpose of the loading, unloading, or conveyance of such explosive, or of any other article "carried therewith, and for preventing any other person from committing any such act. And any such other person who after being warned commits any such act shall be deemed to commit a breach of these ye Lws. 15.—Any explosive which for the time being is neither authorized (by licence or continuing Certificate) to be manufactured for general sale, nor authorized by a Licence to be impor d for general sale, may be carried only in s.uc!1umtnn-r aS be specially directed by the Harbour Author v m writing, provided that this Bye Law shall not exenct to any explosive which under section 40, sub- section J of the Act, or under any order in Council made in pursuance of such sub-section, may lawfully be im- ported without any licence. Ib. Any person committing or attempting to commit any breach of or in any way infringing any of these Bye 'fws) shall be liable to the following penalties and for- feitures, namely :—A pecuniary penalty not exceeding JE20 for each offence, and £ 10 for each day during which the offence continues, and forfeiture of all or any of the Gun- powder or other Explosives found in any Ship, or Boat, or Carriage in respect of which the breach oeinfringe- ment of the Dve Laws has taken place. 17.—It shalf be lawful for the Harbour Master, by order in writing, to exempt explosives of the first division of the sixth (ammunition) class, and quantities up to five pounds of other explosive from the operation of these Bye Laws except Number 12. 18.—Penalties and other sums to become payable under these Bye Laws shall be enforced, recovered, and applied according to the provisions of the said Act. And Notice is Hereby Further Given, That any objec- tions to these Bye Laws are to be lodged with me, the undersigned, at my Office, at Towyn, within one calendar month from the date hereof. Dated at Towyn, this 26th day of July, 1877. C. ELLIOTT, Receiver. ABERYSTWYTH BURIAL BOARD. GENERAL VESTRY of the Ratepayers of -Li- the Town and Liberties of Aberystwyth will be held at the Vestry Room in St. Michael's Church on Friday, the 24th day of August instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the purpose of appointing three persons to the office of Members of the Burial Board for the said Town and Liberties, in the room of Major Bassett Lewis, Messrs. J. IV. Szlumper and Peter Jones, three of the present members of the Burial Board, who retire by rota- tion, but who are eligible for re-election. Dated this 16th day of August, 1877. A. J. HUGHES, Clerk to the said Burial Board.