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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. "'>J STEAM SAW MILLS, ABERYSTWYTH. R. ROBERTS and SONS, 4 TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANTS, HAVE JUST DISCHARGED EX "WELLINGTON," A PRIME CARGO OF PITCH PINE LOGS AND PITCH PINE FLOORING BOARDS, PLANED, TONGUED, AND GROOVED. I — SAWI G, PLANING, MOULDING, &c., BY MACHINERY. FIREWOOD. NEW DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. DANIEL THOMAS, LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS MOST E|=ULLY ~ORMTHE ™™™A»TG O^TMVN AND NEIGI DRAPERY BUSINESS AT THE ABOVE PREMISES. D. T. IS DETERMINED TO SELL ALL HIS STOCK AT THE LEAST POSSIBLE PROFIT FOR READY MONEY ONLY! VOTE THE ADDRESS—8, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, OPPOSITE THE INFIRMARY, ABERYSTWYTH. -=z; DYNAMITE! DYNAMITE! G. WILLIAMS and SON, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE the SOLE AGENTS appointed for the sale of the above powerful Explosive in the counties oi Cardigan, Montgomery, Salop, Radnor, Brecknock, Pembroke, and Carmarthen. Magazines built at several convenient centres. TERMS AND FULL PARTICULARS, TOGETHER WITH DIRECTIONS FOR USE, ON APPLICATION. is3 Mining and Quarry Requisites of EVERY DESCRIPTION supplied, including TIMBEB and BLASTING POWDER, Steel, Iron, Bridge Rails, Anvils, Vices, Crab Winches, Shovels, Wire Work, Leather, Chains, Hemp and Wire Ropes, Tallow, Grease, Oils, &c., &c. JAM E S M elL Q U H A. M, BRIDGE-END HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in all kinds of Glass, China, and Earthenware, Birmingham and Sheffield Goods, Dinner, Tea, and Breakfast Services, French and English Dessert Services, Toilet Sets, Bohemian Glass Ornaments, Wedding Presents, &c., &c. Goods let out on hire. Tea Meetings, Bazaars, Parties, &c., supplied. Black Glazed Pottery Ware, Cream and Butter Pots, Milk Pans and Dishes, Bread Pans, Salting Pans Garden Vases, Terra Cotta Ware, Flower Pots of all kinds, and an endless variety of all kinds of Earthenware, down to the commonest Culinary Articles. An experienced packer kept. Sacks, Wool Sheets, Cart and Waggon Covers, Tarpaulins, any size, Rick Sheets complete, Horse Covers, &c., &c., at manufacturers' prices. Extra strong 5 bushels 5 lbs Twilled Striped Sacks at Is. 8d. each, or 20s. per doz.; ditto, with full name and address printed on both sides of each sack, Is. 9d. each, or 21s. per doz., nett cash. THOMAS ELLIS, DRAPER AND MERCER (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), TERRACiE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. 8-: jjaL ATTENTION SHOWN TO THE HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. CUFFS & COLLARS, SCARFS TIES, RIBBONS, LACES, AND HABERDASHERY. NOTE THE ADDRESS! OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. USE ROBERT ELLIS'S FURNITURE CREAM IN B#TTLES 6d. EACH, •PREPARED BY ROBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, (EXAM.) TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS'S CELEBRATED WELSH GRIPE POWDER FOR HORSES, Is. 6d. per Bottle. Also GRIPE MIXTURE FOR HORSES, 2s.' 6d. per Bottle. ALTERATIVE AND CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES, Is. per pound packet. Prepared only by JOHN THOMAS, Chemist, Machynlleth. — Directions [accompany each bottle and packet. Sole Agent for LONG'S SCAB LOTION for Sheep. — A certain cure for Scab. MACHYNLLETH. TO AGRICULTURISTS, &c. W ESTERN COUNTIES MANURE COMPANY. SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. DISSOLVED BONES. BLOOD MANURES. ent CATHERINE JONES, Merchant, MACHYNLLETH. EDWARDS AND EVANS, TREGARON, BEG to announce that from March 1, 1878, they allow 12i per cent, discount from makers' prices or all A.D. Pipes. BEST BLUE SLATES (WHOLESALE), BRICKS, &c., &c., AT REDUCED PRICES. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING AND OTHER TIMBER, AT REDUCED PRICES. TERMS-READY MONEY. Goods forwarded to any Station on Cambrian and Manchester and Milford Railways. In consequence of spurious imitations of LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, are Z which are calculated to dcceive the Public, Lea and Perrins have adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, which is filaced on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA DLE, and without which none is genuine. Sd,- Wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse and Black-well, London; and -n pore Otl nen generally. Retail, by dealers in sauces throughout the World. ORDERS FOR PORTMADOC. P R I X T I G AND liOOKBINDIN G ~XST HP1TTERTON ilEC £ IVK» BY » X J. GIBSON, 3, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth. BILL POSTEE, PORTMADOC. j CARPETS. CRETONNES. PAPER-HANGINGS. BEST BRUSSELS CARPETS. BEST FRENCH CRETONNES. BEST FRENCH AND ENGLISH PAPERS. NEW DESIGNS. NEW DESIGNS. NEW DESIGNS. LARGE STOCK. BEST QUALITY. NEWEST DESIGNS. LOWEST PRICES. E. & J. J ONES, CABINET MANUFACTURERS, UPHOLSTERERS, AND DECORATORS, OSWESTRY. 25th and 26th of Victoria, Cap. 61, and 27th and 28th of Victoria, Cap. 101. Z^IENERAL STATEMENTS of the Receipts and Expenditure on account of the HIGHWAYS of each Parish, &c,, in the District of MACHYNLLETH in VJT County of Mo*tgomery, from the 1st January, 1877, to the 25th March, 1878, as examined by the Highway Board for such District. Signed by RICHARD JONES, Chairman. 10th April, 1878. RECEIPTS. EXPENDITURE. ———— „ 1 ]• Materials CASH BALANCE Cash Cash Manual: got or 25th March, 1878. — r\ames balance 'Rates or balance Labour prepared Charges .Rateable of Parishes, Parish in hand Assess- Total over- including Team or sup- Trades-j on the Other Total Value- &c' Highways 31st Dec., ments. Receipts., spent Contract, Labour, plied by men's Common Pay- Expendi- 1876' 31fQ?rC''l W*?rk Contract Bills. Fund. meats. ture. In hand. Over-spent lo7o. under under Sec. 52. Sec. 52. { Sec. 52. Sec. 52. £ s. d. Miles Fur. £ s. d. £ 8. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.l £ s. d.\ £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.| £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s d FT 6,433 8 10Llanbrynmair 234 10 0 234 10 0 67 4 8 97 1 7 35 15 0 1 12 6 5 4 8! 62 12 4 2 2 0 271 12 9 ^79 0 4,124 9 4 Cemmes 87 10 0 87 10 0 5 5 7j 26 5 9 9 6 0 1 10 0 40 4 10 0 2 6 82 14 8 4 IT 4 4,149 0 11 Darowen 106 0 0106 0 0i 3 6 0 57 5 6 6 2 6j 1 15 9 1 9 6! 40 1 8; 110 0 11 4 n'11 1,906 19 7 Isygarreg p 20 15 5 39 15 0 60 10 5 31 13 0| 1 3 0 1 1 0, 18 11 11 52 8 1 8 2 4 4,106 12 4 Llanwrin g 39 2 0 56 0 0 95 2 0 26 12 3 6 13 0 0 11 7 5 4 3' 39 3 8' 78 4 9 16 17 3 5,582 17 3 Machynlleth a 24 6 10150 10 0174 16 10 70 9 0 32 13 8 18 0 5 0 5 3 54 0 11 175 9 3 n 19" K 4,467 19 2Penegoes 4 5 9105 10 0|109 15 9 40 6 3 12 10 6 6 5 11 3 6 9 41 13 s| 104 3 1 5 12 8 2,149 9 OUwchygarreg -g 3 1 7 52 15 0 55 16 7 20 0 0 7 14 0 0 10 5 0 4 10' 19 14 8' 48 3 11 7 19 s 573 14 0 Caereinionfechan. £ 7 1 8 2 0 Q 9 1 8 2 11 0 0 10 6 5 13 li 8 14 7 0 7 1 33.494 10 5 Totals. 98 13 3*834 10 0933 3 3 75 J.6 3 372 4 4112 8 2 30 6 716 16 3 321 15 11 2 4 931 12 0 43 7 4 41 16 1 PARTICULARS OF COMMON CHARGES. £ s. d. Contributions (in money) to Turnpike Trusts. 189 13 0 v SalarIes-lreasurer, 1 year 5 0 0 v Clerk, 1 year 17 10 0 Surveyor, 15 months.107 5 0 ————— 129 15 0 Other Common Charges 4 13 5 JOHN WILLIAMS, Net amount of Common Charges ap- 324 1 5 Clerk to the Highway Board. portioned among the Parishes 321 15 11 J Balance carried to next Account 2 5 6 2324 1 5 ADDRESSES. Ipswich may be described as the birthplace of Chemical Manures." JOSEPH FISON & C°-' SGGH SULPHURICMAE^T/D CHEMICAL^^ (One of the Oldest Firms in the Trade.) Messrs. JOSEPH FISON & Co., having established a Depot at Swansea, are now prepared to deliver their Manures free by Railway at any Station in South Wales, and the neighbouring counties. To Farmers These Manures have been found not only to produce a large yield, but also to improve the quality of the crops for w.jch they are applied, to strengthen the soil, and to benefit succeeding crops. Full particulars may be obtained Of.on application to any of the Agents of the Firm, or to the Head Offices. To Merchants, large Farmers, and others having a connection with Farmers :— Messrs. Joseph Fison & Co. are prepared to appoint Agents for their Manures in districts in which they are not already represented, and gentlemen of position and influence, who may wish for such agencies, are requested to apply by letter to the Head Offices. Early application is particularly requested, as many agencies have already been fixed in the Principality, aad it s likely that the whole district will soon be fully occupied. WORKS: IPSWICH AND BRAMFORD. HEAD OFFICES: EASTERN UNION MILLS, IPSWICH. N.B.-No SUR-Agents are appointed, but all Agents being in direct communication with the Firm, order received throughthem will have the same attention as if handed to thcprincipals. THE GRAND NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD PRIZE MEDALS FOR GENUINE FISHING CLOTH, HAND-MADE Jj FLANNELS, WELSH TWEED U Lj| SHIRTINGS, AND CLOTH, LINSEYS, At Chester in 1868, and Aberystwyth in .tI,G\ were awarded to JOHN MEYRICK JONES, MEYRICK HOUSE, DOLGELLEY, Whose Mills have gained considerable celebrity for the Manufacture of these Articles. J. M. Jones has greatly extended his business, and is now able to supply wholesale and retail, these UNRIVALLED WELSH FABRICS, which are all MANUFACTURED BY HAND UNDER HIS OWN PERSONAL SUPERINTENDENCE, and can be warranted made of the PICK OF THE PURE MOUNTAIN WOOLS, and free from any admixture and at prices far below those charged for inferior articles usually sold as "Welsh" by English Manufacturers. Clothing made from these Welsh Tweed Cloths is worn by the Nobility, and Gentry for Shooting, Fishing, Cricketing, Travelling, &c., and is always found to be very durable. Wholesale and Retail Orders executed on the shortest notice. Cash or references expected with all new orders. Patronized by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, the Clergy, Nobility, and Gentry of England and Wales THE SNOWDON AND IDRIS WELSH WHITTLE SHAWLS. N.B.—Dolgelley being the Termini of two Branches of Railways, there is every convenience to send any article ordered without delay to any part of the kingdon, and at very reasonable charges. CAUTION.—Mr. J. MEYRICK JONES regrets that he should have occasion to caution his friends against the Practices of certain unprincipled persons, who have sent spurious patterns to several of his customers, professing to be felsh Tweeds and Flannels. Patterns of the genuine hand-loom Welsh Webs, Welsh Tweeds, Flannels, and Linseys can be insured on application to Mr. J. M.- JO.NES, Manufacturer, Dolgelley. Patterns sent post free toany ddress. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEHOLDERS, HOTEL PROPRIETORS, &c. &c. GREAT SAVING EFFECTED BY OBTAINING FURNITURE, BEDDING, &c., DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURERS. SUBSTANTIAL HOME-MADE FURNITURE. HOUSES FURNISHED FROM £10 UPWARDS. ANY of the following SPECIAL LOTS of BEDDING and BEDSTEADS sent CARRIAGE FREE to Railway Stations within Fifty Miles of Oswestry, on receipt of remittance :—A Full-sized Iron French Bed- stead, Straw Palliasses, and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, for 32s. the lot; better qualities at prices in propor- tion. Iron Folding Bedstead and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, in stripe tick eover, for lis. 9d. Iron Folding Chair Bedstead, with cushions complete, from 15s. 6d. Upholstered Spring Mattress, covered in fancy check or stripe tick, with Wool Top Mattress, in cover to match, complete for 42s. better qualities at prices in proportion. Full- size Straw Palliasses, and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, 20s. Full-size Iron Bedsteads, 12s. 6d. each. Household Furniture of Every Description at equally Low Prices. A Trial Order respectfully solicited. JAMES VAUGHAN, CABINET, FURNITURE AND BEDDING MANUFACTURER, OSWESTRY. — — — "ABSOLUTELY PURE." SEE ANALYSES:-Sent Post Free on Application. Fill Q'Q CRYSTAL SPRINGS. tmm wmm LM I Soda, Potass, Seltzer, Lemonade, also Water | I | I I |k I without Alkali. For Jv rrVl Kl I i rl 1 INI GOUT, Lithia Water, and H ■ B I B Lithia and Potass Water. SI: WATERS. CORKS BRANDED ,R- ELLIS SON, RUTHIN,' and every label bears their Trade Mark. Sold everywhere, and wholesale of R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WAL-ES. SEASON, 1878. WILL Travel the north part of Cardiganshire, Yv from Aberystwyth down, the celebrated pure-brec Cart Horse, ROYAL ALBERT, red roan, four years old, 16 hands high, by the world renowned Roland, dam by Active. Also the well known Roadster, MERRY BOY. The two horses will travel the district on alternate weeks. Owners may engage either or both at the chargt for one. The owner will challenge "Royal Albert" for £ 5C against any cart horse for moving. Prizes will be given for the best colts by these horses. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr. D. EVANS, Talyrynn, Llangeitho, R.S.O. UN FIRE OFFICE, LONDON. ESTABLISHED" 1710. HENRYF. SHAW LEFEVRK, Esq., Chairman and Treasurer. FRANCIS B. RELTON, Esq., Secretary. Total Sum insured in 1877. £ 254,303,817. Claims paid during the last ten years upwards of TWO MILLIONS STERLING. All information respecting Fire Insurances may be ob tained from any of the undermentioned Agents of the Society. Agents:— ABERYSTWYTH Messrs Hugh Hughes and Son. ABERAERON Mr Barrett P. Jordan. ABERDOVEY Mr Richard Dfivies. BARMOUTH Mr Francis C. Ilawlings. BRYNTIRION, BALA Mr Jorwerth Jones. CARDIGAN Mr R. It. Storey. DOLGELLEY Mr Thomas P. Jones-Parry. LLANDYSSIL Mr John D. Thomas. NEW QUAY Mr John Owen Davies. TALSARN Mr. Jenkin James. U ION B A N K OF A V !S T R A L I A. LJ ESTABLISHED 1837. Paid-up Capital, 21,250,000. Reserve Fund, 1:450,000. HEAD I 1, BANK-BUILDINGS, LOTHBURY, LONDON. LETTERS OF CREDIT and BILLS ON DEMAND, or at thirty days' sight are granted on the Bank's Branches, as follows In VICTORIA. — Melbourne, Sandhurst Bendigo), Rochester, Daylesford, Tarnagulla, Alexandra, Gee- long, Ballarat, Siaythesdale, Clunes, Stawell, (Plea- sant Creek), Maryborough, Portland. » In NEW SOUTH WALES.—Sydney, Deniliquin, Hay, [ Wagga Wagga. In QUEENSLAND.—Brisbane, Rockhampton. I In SOUTH AUSTRALIA.—Adelaide, Port Adelaide. In TASMANIA (Van Diemen's Land).-Hobart Town, I Oatlands, Launceston, Latrobe. In NEW ZEALAND.—Auckland, Grahamstown (Thames Gold Fields), Hamilton, (Waikato), Wellington, Napier, Waipukurau, Ahuriri, Port Ahuriri 'I (Hawke's Bay) Gisborne (Poverty Bay), Nelson, Hokitika, Greymouth, Ross, Waiinea, Kumara (Westland): Christchurch, Lyttelton, Timaru, Ashburton, Rangiora, Southbridge, Waimate (Canter- bury): Dunedin, Omaru, Invercargill (Otago). BILLS ON THE COLONIES are negotiated and sent for collection. DEPOSITS ARE RECEIVED, at notice and for fixed periods, on terms which may be ascertained on application. W. R. MEWBURN, Manager. 1, Bank Buildings, Lothbury, London, E.C. i (1 's sold by Messrs. W. H. SMITH & J- VX SONS, and.other booksellers in vari- Has the Is. 6cL ous parts of the Kingclom,(i-n which largest cir- (1 TTIDT?. it is distributed by the London oilation of any publishers, Messrs. HOPPER Welsh Guide Book, 2s. 6d. and STOUGIITON), as wellas and pronounced by many rpA on the tourist routes and newspapers to be the best. in the watering places of An admirable medium for all 5s. North and Mid Wales, kinds of advertisements,and con- W A T I11 Illustrated tains those of most of the chief X1.XJXJO. with maps hotels in North Wales. &e. Advertisements now received for the 1878 Edition, &y ] WOODALL AND YENABLKS, OSWESTRY. I BUSINESS ADDR;ESSES. IMPORTANT! If you Want Good Boots, If you Want Cheap Boots, If you Want Strong Boots, I f you Want Light Boots, I f you Want Summer Boots, I f you Want Fashionable Boots, If you Want White Boots, If you Want Bronze Boots, If you Want Men's Boots, If you Want Women's Boots, If you Want Boys' Boots, If you Want Girls' Boots, I f you Want Children's Boots, If you ANTant Guttapercha Bottomed Boots, If you vVant Solid Leather Boots, If you Want Boots that will Wear, If you Want Boots that will give satisfaction, If you Want Boots to keep the Feet dry, I f you Want Boots you can recommend, If you Want Boots repaired with Leather, If yon Want Bootsrepaired with Guttapercha' If yon yyantBoots repaired Neatly and Cheap, If you Want VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY, GO TO DICK'S, 16, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH: DICK'S, MAENGWYN-STREET, MACHYNLLETH DICK'S, HIGH-STREET, LAMPETER; DICK'S, CHURCH-STREET, BARMOUTH; DICK'S, VICTORIA BUILDINGS, DOLGELLEY. SHOPS IN NEARLY EVERY TOWN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, AND THE CHANNEL ISLES.. SECOND HAND MACHINERY DEPOT. NOTICE To Mine and Quarry Proprietors, Agents, &c. McILQUHAM, MACHINE BROKER, ABERYST- WYTH, HAS always Mine and Quarry t t Plant and Machinery for sale, and is open at all times either to purchase or sell the same on commission. Wanted wrought scrap iron, condemned hemp and Manilla ropes, metal, &c. Now on sale- Waterwheels, 2, 30ft. x 3ft. breast; price, £ 70 each, where they stand in Carnarvon- shire. 1, 60ft. x 3ft. breast; price, £ 150. 1, 18ft. x 3ft. breast; quite new, price £40, as it stands in Carnarvonshire. A large quan- tity of good second hand India Rubber Strapping. 50 tons new Bridge Rails from 14 up to 23 lbs, at 46 10s. per ton, in not less than 2 ton lots, nett cash, in truck at Aber- ystwyth. # A quantity of air pipes, steel borers, miners tools,, &c., <fcc. Several good second hand Steam Engines, Boilers, &c., &c. Draining Machine. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. MR. R. HAMMOND WILL COMMENCE SELLING OUT HIS EXTENSIVE STOCK ON THE 25TH MARCH, 1878, Preparatory to removing to the new Furniture Emporium which he is building in High-street, Towyn. THE STOCK comprises an immense variety of all -L descriptions of Pitch Pine, Mahogany, and Birch HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Also, Wooden and Iron Bedsteads (ornamental and plain), Feather and Flock Beds. Mattresses, and almost every other article, both Fancy and Useful, required for complete Fur- nishing. NOTE.—The whole of the Stock must be Sold before the 12th of May next, as these premises are let, and the aew ones will not be ready. Towyn, March 20th, 1878. 1 1 PUBLIC NOTICES JOHN WILLIAMS, DECEASED. ALw-Srbt°rS creditors of the late John on the ulh1"1!8'COaf wale!' f enrhyndeudraeth, who died 14th day of March last, are requested to pay all 3 dZ r°' and send particulars of all S against, the above estate to Mr. R. M. Jones, Surveyor Penrhyn, on or before the 2nd day of May next. Penrhyn, 2nd April, 1878. FESTINIOG UNION. WANTED, by the Guardians of the above-named JL! Union, an able-bodied single woman, or a widow without encumbrance, under 40 years of age, and pos- vfn&v Eng>h and Welsh' to afct as NURSE at the Workhouse, Penrhyndeudraeth Applications, in the handwriting of the candidates stating age, salary required (in addition to lodgings and rations), present occupation, and accompanied by recent testimonials, to be sent not later than Saturday, the 27th THOMAS ROBERTS, Portmadoc, April 9, 1878. Clerk to the Guardians. LLANBRYNMAIR. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. rpENDERS are invited for the Erection of a Villa. J- at Brynaera, the property of Mr. Francis, nearLlan- brynmair, where plans and specifications may be seen. lenders to be sent in on or before Wednesday, the 1st necessarily be accepted °C ""y °'her "nder Tenders to be addressed to DAVID OWEN, Machynlleth, April 16th, 1878. ^^Machynlleth. Pursuant to a judgment of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice made in the matter of the Estate of Daniel Williams, Deceased, and in an action, John Jones, against Her Majesty's Attorney General, 1877, »V j 230. THE Creditors of DANIEL WILLIAMS, late J- of Pwllhobi, in the parish of Llanbadarnfawr in the county of Cardigan, a retired Bookseller, Deceased, who died in or about the month of January, 1877, are, on or be- fore the 20th day of May, 1878, to send by post, prepaid, to Mr. Arthur Jo, insoii Hughes (of the firm of Hugh Hughes « i;iun Aberystwyth, in the County of Cardigan, the Solicitors for the plaintiff, their Christian and Surnames, addresses and descriptions; the full particulars of their Claims; a statement of their Accounts and the nature of the Securities (if any) held by them or in default thereof .7 Y'I peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Judgment. Every (ireditor holding any security is to produce the same before the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Richard Malins, at his Chambers, situated No. 3, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, on Monday, the 3rd day of June, 1878, at 12 o clock at noon, being the time appointed for adjudi- cating on the Claims. Dated thislEleventh day of April, 1878. EDWARD SHEARME, Chief Clerk. CROSSE SONS AND RILEY, 7, Lancaster Place, Strand, Agents for HUGH HUGHES & SONS, Aberystwyth, Plaintiff's Solicitor. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. THE Trustees of the New WeJsh Wesleyan Chapel, Aberystwyth, are prepared to receive Tenders for the erection of their new Chapel in Chureh-gfcreet. The Plans, Detail Drawings, and Specification, can be seen with Mr. Richard Evans, 18, Great Dark Gate-street Aberystwyth, on and after Monday, the 29th April inst. Tenders, endorsed "New "Welsh Wesleyan Chapel" to be sent to the Rev. David Evans, 38, North Parade Aberystwyth, not later than Saturday, the 11th of May. The Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. WALTER W. THOMAS, Architect and Surveyor, 53, Foxhill-street, Liverpool. JUST PUBLISHED. PORTRAITS OF THE LATE MYNYDDOG. ^5?^E-VISIT^ 6d" and I*- each. CABINETS 2s IMPERIALS Free by post for one extra stamp. N.B.—THE TRADE SUPPLIED. J OWEN, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. I TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. \TOW Landing, an excellent canro of PITCH 1\ PINE, ex Glanalvon," from Darien.-Careful selected June, 1877. v,arertmy A Cargo of FLOOR BOARDS, planed and square- jomted. Very clean and well manufactured. Worthy of inspection.—June, 1877. Per "Martha": SQUARE TIMBER, RED DEALS, AND BAT- TENS. Very long lengths the usual widths, 4, 3, sld* 2 inches thick. A choice cargo.—Juiy, 1877. SEVERAL CARGOES EXPECTED TO ARRIVE. WINDOWS, DOORS, all sorts of MOULDINGS, Angle Beads, &c., manufactured on the premises. JONES AND GRIFFITHS, ABERDOVEY, YNYSLAS, AND MACHYNLLETH. Orders te be sent to Aberdovey. Saw Mills at Ynyslas. October, 1877.