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.' AN ELECTION FOR guardians.…


AN ELECTION FOR guardians. ^Ofi the first time in the history of Aberystwyth here has been a contested election for members-' the Board of Guardians in that town. Some the candidates were not aware they had been • nOlYliuated. and took no interest whatever in the Proceedings; but others, in view of the proposed j: County Government Boards, were anxious to secure their return. The result of the election is well known, and had it not been that two of the candidates polled an equal number of votes for the fourth place, nothing more would have been heard of it, perhaps, beyond the usual rumours of ir- regularity which at election times are borne on every breath. The two candidates in whose favour an equal number of votes were recorded are Mr. JAMES JONES, Piercefield, a very good guardian, who would perhaps have been more popular if he had been less independent and out- spoken, and Mr. J. W. SZLUMPER, who occupied a seat on the Board a year or two ago. During his term of office he attended to its duties, and apparently did not find them so attractive as to seek re-election. The tie between Mr. J OXES and Mr. SzLtmpEE has caused great interest to be taken in the voting papers, which have been care- fully examined,with results fpr from creditable to some of the persons who assisted in filling them up. It is said that undoubted cases can be proved where papers have been wrongly filled up by unauthorized persons and contrary to the spirit of the Act. This charge alone, if sub- stantiated, is sufficient not only to invalidate the whole election, but to render the unauthorized persons who have manipulated these papers liable to three months' imprisonment. From Penparke there are, it is said, on very good authority, several of these illegal papers. Three of the candidates have been declared elected, but in the face of charges similar to those we have indicated it is doubtful whether the election would be up- held. There are, however, other irregularities sufficient to set aside the election. These ir- regularities do not involve any charge of wilful or fraudulent action," but are the result of not at- tending carefully to the requirements of the law as laid down for the regulation of these elections. We will give instances. There are three kinds of votes-the votes of ratepayers, the votes of owners who are not ratepayers, and votes by proxy. Owners and proxies must send in claims in the month of February. Now it is alleged that voting papers were left indiscriminately with ratepayers, owners, and paupers, and that con- sequently people voted .who had no legal claim. Article 4 of the Local Government order of Feb. 4th, 1877, provides—" That the overseers of every parish shall, before the 26th day of March in every year, distinguish in the rate book the name of every ratepayer in every parish who has been rated to the relief of the poor for the whole year immediately preceding that day, and has paid the poor rates made and assessed upon him for the period of one whole year, excepting those which have been made and become due within the six months immediately preceding the said day." The rate book so distinguished is the register of voters. Without the book so distinguished, the election is mere guess work, or rather is an ir- regular scramble for a very responsible office. It is said that the persons entitled to vote were not distinguished in the rate book, and consequently the proceedings from first to last have been ir- regular. At the next meeting of the Board of Guardians it is to be hoped steps will be taken to secure a fresh election, not only in the case of the tie between Mr. JAMES JONES and Mr. SZLUJIPEH, but in the cases of the three guardians who have been declared duly elected. The increased in- terest in the election of members of Boards of Guardians is one of the mpst hopeful signs of the times. A Guardian who enters with zeal into his work has the power of doing a great deal of good. In addition to the great and interesting question of pauperism, he has to deal with the education of the people and the valuation of the property and the sanitary condition of- the district is also under his care. So complicated and multifarious are the duties of a Guardian that to thoroughly discharge them requires a long ap- prenticeship and the sacrifice of much valuable time. The general public have no idea of the labour entailed upon a Guardian of the Poor who accepts the office and determines to do his duty.



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