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— MARKET REPORTS. CORN AVERAGES, For the week ending April 27. The following are the quantities sold and the prices this year last year QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES. This year. Last year. This year. Last year. Wheat. 38,354 33,549 51s. 8d. 55s. 10d. Barley. 5,197 6,540 42s. 6d. 40s. 6d. Oats 2,556 4,065 25s. lOd. 25s 8cl. Corn, &c. IdVERPOOL, TUESDAY.—Wheat to-day was Id., and in some ^Jses 2d., per cental dearer than on Friday. There was a large ^tendance, and millers bought to a good extent. Flour tid. for sacks and barrels. Beans and peas dull at Friday s feline of tid. per quarter. Indian corn in good demand tor Parcels in prime condition, and American mixed brought the ^gher quotations of 26s. 9d. to 27s. per quarter. Inferior Qualities were flat, and in little request. PRICES (this daY). s. d. S d. American Aheat, zW cenw of lUll lbs 9 6 to 12 0 English Flour, V 280 lbs .41 ° 40 ° Foreign Barley, 60 lbs 3 3 8 English Oats,$45 lbs ° J Egyptian Beans,$480 lbs. J* 36 0 Indian corn, American new *diite 0 0 o o 1. mixed American 26 3 27 6 LONDON WEDNESDAY.—Very little business was done, but Prices were well maintained for all good samples of wiieat. 'lour steady at late values. Maize and oats dull of sale, but no cheaper. Barley, beans, and peas unaltered.—Arrivals: British ^heat, 310quarters; barley, 80 quarters. Foreign wheat, 5,620 Quarters oats, 28,490 quarters; flour, 940 sacks and l,4i0 "ai'rels. CURRENT PRICES OF GIlAI AT MARK LANE. Shilling$if- "heat, new Essex and Kent (whitel 56 to 60 Ditto ditto (red) 48 53 wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) 49 51 (Chevalier) 40 50 Oats, English feed 24 28 ^eaiis (Alazagan) 30 34 Peas, white boilers (English). 38 42 >, (foreign) «*8 40 Maize 27 35 Flour, best Town Households, %i sack of 280 lbs., 44s to 50s. WAKEFIELD, THURSDAY.—There was a fair enquiry for ^heat, and prices may be quoted somewhat higher than last ^eek. In barley very little doing. Beans, oats, and maize fully as dear. LIVERPOOL, FRIDAY.—Wheat, both on spot, coast, and forward delivery, showed a further upward tendency; maize Idling quiet in all positions, though otherwise without change, *»eans and peas unaltered. SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY. — Our market to-day was but 'Wnlv attended. Wheat was in small supply, and readily sold 3d. bushel advance. Trade in other grain was limited, at tortfler cmntnt.inns s. d. s. d. White Wheat, 1175 lbs 8 0 @ 9 6 Red ditto, 7 9 8 9 Barley (malting), 38 quarts 6 4 6 9 Barley (grinding), 11 4 9 5 0 Oats,$225 lbs 21 0 27 0 Iftea,us, V 225 lbs 20 0 21 0 Peas, 3? 225 lbs 20 0 23 0 knialt, li imperitl bushel 9 0 9 6 ►, CHESTER, SATURDAY.—Good red wheat to-day was worth 's- 6d. bushel. Oats rather dearer. No other changes. .LONDON, MONDAY'.—The market was firm, and a moderate business was done. Both English and foreign wheat held for advance on the quotations of this day fortnight, which par- tially checked business. Flour slow of sale, but fuliy as dear as J?st week. Barley, beans, and peas without change. Lower of oats 6d. dearer on the fortnight. Fine corn re- pains firm. Maize steady at late values. Seed market quiet; 'efoil exhibited a further decline red clover firm canary seed SeW for more money linseed in request. The arrivals were ritish wheat, 2,934 quarters; barley, 1,065 quarters; oats, 609 quarto, maize, 1,306 quarters flour, 16,793 quarters.' Foreign fii, at> 37,356 quarters; barley 0,200 quarters; oats, 72,105 Sorters; maize, 34,423 quarters Sour, 11,273 sacks ana 20,070 "^rrels. .ABERYSTWYTH, MONDAY. — Wheat, 7s. 6d. to 8s. Od. ? barley, 5s. Od. to 6s. 0d.; oats, 3s. 9d. to 4s. 6d.; eg^'s, j tor a shilling; salt butter, Os. Od. to 0s. Od.$lb.; fresh butter, J?' 4d. ta is. 6d.$lb.; fowls, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od.$couple; ducks, 09. Od. to Os. Od.; geese, Os. Od. to Os. Od. turkeys, 0s. Od. to Od. each; potatoes, bs. Od. to 9s. Od. cwt. ELSHPOOL, MON DAY.-Wheat, Ss. 6d. to 8s. 9d.$80 lbs.: 2* 7s. 6d. to 7s. 9d 40 quarts; oats, 22s. Od to 25s. Od$ e8Ss> 0 to 18 for a shilling; butter, Is 4d. tola. 5d.$tt> 5s. Od. to 5s. 3d. couple; ducks, 0s. Od. to O.s. Od.$ •Jple; geese, 0s. Od. toOs. Od. each.; turkeys, Os. Od. to 00s. Od. potatoes, 6s. Od. to 7s. Od.$1 measure; new, 2d.$lb. WTOWN. TUESDAY (Apr. SO).—Wheat, Os. Od. to Os. Od. O^hel; barley, 0s. Od. to 0s. 0d.; oats, 00s to 00s$bag eggs, 16 for a shilling; butter, Os. 8d. to Is. 5d.$tt> fowls, 0s. Od. (v. 6d. rf! couple ducks, 0s. Od. to 0s. Od.$eouple; geese, (Sli. k° 0s- each; turkeys, 0s. Od. to 00s. Od. each; potatoes, Vtei' ^or sixpence; beef, lOd. to lid.$lb.; mutton, lOd. to lid.; 9d. to 10d.; lamb, Od. to Is. Id. d^WESTRY, WEDNESDAY (May 1).—The following were the ions: Wheat, 7s. 4d. to 7s. lOd.$bushel; barley (malt- jS), 6s. od. to Cs. 9tl.; oats, 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d.; butter, Is. 2d. to 4d. lb.; eggs, 15 to 16 for a shilling; fowls, 5s. Od. to 6s. 0d. OS ducks, Os. od. to Os. Od. ;0 couple; geese, Os. Od. to Is'fcT' each J turkeys, 0s. Od. to Os. 6d. eacu; potatoes, 12 tt>s. to tor a shilling. GOF^LLHELI, WEDNESDAY. — Wheaten flour, 00s. to 00s.$ barley, 21s. Od. V 220 lbs.; oats, 28s. Od.$315 lbs.; oat- » °0s to 30a. Od. 240 lbs.; Indian corn, 17s. Od. 240 lbs.; frfSiI °s. to 7s Od.$120 salt butter, 0s. 9d. to Is. Sd. <$, lb.; Gutter, 0s. Od. to Is. 9d. %i lb.; fowls, 0s. Od. to 3s. 6d. =1? *ach • ^UC^S> 08 °D. to OH. Od.$couple; geese, 0s. Od. to 0s. Od. 0d i.' Potatoes, 0s. to ISs. Od.$hobbet; new potatoes, Od. to 7d" r lOd. to 13d. ¥ lb.; mutton, lid. to 14d. lb.; veal, *° Od lb.; pork, Od. to Od. lb.; rabbits, 2s. 2d. to 2s. 4d. «achU >e' store pigs, 00s. to 00s. each; suckers, 18s. to 24s. Od. fish errings, 0s. to 0a. 120.; codfish, 2s. each; freshwater lb. Cattle. LlVERpooLrJftONDAY.—The stock on offer consisted of 1,430 P^sts and 2,149 sheep and lambs. There was a large falling in the supply of stock from last week, though trade was good lld prices higher. About 300 American and 82 Spanish cattle on jjrer- The quality of stock was good and saleable. Customers °m the country rather numerous. The following were the 7d°f 'ions — Best beasts, Ski. to 9Jd.$lb.; second ditto, ditt„°rvj^" "I sheep, in wool, lOd. to I2d.$1 tt> clipped 9d. to I0|d. lb.; lambs. 35s. to 50s. each. abrOPOLITAN, MONDAY.—The cattle market was toler- ant ratlVe' ail(^ prime and useful beasts found buyers at cur Choice s*' at"^ inferior animals were quiet at barely late values. 5s. lOii °ts and fully prime Norfolks, 6s. to Cs. 2d.; American, SUnnl Danish, 5s. 8d. to 5s. lOd. stone. The British 50 Scotch, 1,500 Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex, ^otwifl k all(l home counties. The mutton trade was brisk, howe anding the large supply; large and coarse breeds, Y?r' 111 et il dragging sale. Lamb, 8s. to 9s. Veal Price..eai' P01"k rather cheaper. The following are the *ea] e*» 4s- 6d. to 6s. 4d. mutton, 5s. Od. to 6s. Cd. j otfer °s' to 6s. lOd.; pork, 4s. Od. to 4s. lOd. The stock on 10 tDi of 2,790 beasts, 15,400 sheep, 130 calves, and 'P'Ss; included in which were 660 foreign beasts. 111-NG A-.Nf, TUESDAY—We had 230 beasts on offer to- ,hy, for which there was a fair demand. 962 sheep, mostly (llir>+ trade steady. Bacon pigs, 625 trade quiet.—Current W» 0I1K Beef, 8d. to 9d. lb.; mutton, 8d. to 9d.; bacon 8s. 6d. to 10s. 6d. score porket ditto, 10s. 6d. to lis. ,ALFORD TUESDAY. The supply of cattle at market was s» large, but the quality generally was of a good descrip- A brisk trade was done at late rates. A few Spanish and jj^adian beasts changed hands at good prices. Although the ■jJJMy of sheep was larger, a good demand prevailed, and in instances higher prices were obtained. Calves met with a (u!| trade at the full rates of last Tuesday.—Prices: Beef • to 9d.$lb.; mutton, 7Jd. to 10d.; veal, 8d. to 9id. ^ONDON DEAD MEAT MARKET, MONDAY.—The follow iijf(J!rere the quotations 8 lbs. by the carcase: Middling anil iftfe20r beef, 3s. Od. to 4s. 6d.: prime ditto, 4s. lOd. to 6s. 4d. 5g "or and middling mutton, 3s. 8d. to 5s. 4d.; prime ditto, 'Bs- 8d.; veal, 5s. 4d. to 5s. 10d.; large pork, 3s. 4d. to small ditto, 4s. 4d. to 5s. Od.—The demand for meat SUtiivi10^ 80 good, but prices showed very little change. The "Ply was moderate. Miscellaneous. dA^IsH AND AMERICAN PROVISIONS, LIVERPOOL, THURS ltisrButter: r^ie tra(^e now supply their >v;ints with new «ho!™cl! has receded in value. Bacon remains quiet, and no °f improvement. Lard, with liberal arrivals, is v i cwt- Cheese in small compass, and without change Wue. Beef and pork both quiet at barely late rates. trtONDON {PROVISION, MONDAY.-The arrivals last week ir )In Ireland were 29 firkins butter and 3,212 bales bacon, and jh' foreign piwts 37,U44 pacliages butter and 3,272 bales bacon. wSuPP^e8 of foreign butter have increased, and the sale being ^>ai,.i'^uW !l. 'r decline in prices was submitted to, Nor- Jlh.i jy ranging from about 90s. to 132s., according to qualities, Jerseys about 90s. to 10Ss., best Dutch 104s. to 100s. The n market ruled steady, and a fair amount of business was ??cte(l at late rates^, best ^Vaterford sizeable 80s. to 81s., ko Hamburg sizeable ,6,'0 to 69s., other weights m proportion. lIlfOl>ON POTATO, :ATl'RDH.-There were moderate sup- Jh] potatoes offering, but the trade is very slow, and prices e In ;1'111"1111- ^ent Regents 160s. to 200s. ton. fessex Regents 150s. to 180s. liocks ?40s. to I50s. Flukes ISPs, to 230s Victorias ISOs. to 220s U". •WORCESTER HOP, SATURDAY. )Iesss. Piercy, Long- and Faram, in their circular, say—Since our last report i h^e been quiet, and with only a small tradg doing. IJlcbJ5 ilave now come to such a point that buyers seem more Wpj' to operate, and in consequence there is more doing, at f.r. Jetter prices. In some cases, holders refuse to accept ate.s now current. HjJj^DoN HOP, MONDAY'.—Our market this week has assumed Jtl Va?er tone, although we cannot quote any material advance bol4ue. The quantity of hops offering is very limited, many rs preferring to withdraw their hops for the present. ^ast and Mid Kent £ 3 10 £ 4 0 £ 5 10 (VealdofKent 2 15. 310. 410 Sussex 2 10. 3 10. 4 4 » arnham and Country 4 10 5 0 515 Worcester 4 4 4 15 5 10 Lr>\T^ «iet ° .WOOL, MONDAY.—The wool market has ruled (jf without fresh feature. Business has been in a state Pense' the political situation hindering transactions, i Hers have evidently supplied their wants, and are not l to go into fresh stocks. For export the demand is very 1 CURRENT PRICES. This year. Last year. JP?,r t s- <1- s- d. s. d. s. d. Southdown hoggets i 3 to 1 4 ..1 3'- to 1 5, ji<Ul-bred ditto 1 to 1 31—1 4 to 1 5 j neeces :••••••••■ 1 3 to 1 31..1 4 to 1 6 r'Pwu ewes ;ui(l wethers x 3 to 1 4"l 4 to 1 6 Ofttslcester ditto 1 2] to 1 3}..l 3i to 1 4 i>H~lothing, picklock 1 5 to 1 o 1 ci to 1 6 Comir- | 3-K-1 2Jtol u lt lh-\ I?**} « 1 2j to i a-; ° Pi,.?.patching 1 f'jtol 6V..1 ci to 1 7 Cni^i0c^ matching 1 4 t°l 4,>i to 1 5 °*UQOU 1 2J to 1 3 ..1 2 tol 3^ b^Vpr.t,^ L" M rU in UUJj WOOL, THURSDAY.—ine UUUI.UUI sun runs on n J ')(?<■ lots at al>out late rates. This week there have Jjfc a few bales of l.iver Plate and Egyptian, but 011 ► °ur market continues without any animation y, to ioie,r-—The current quotations are: East India, white, A ft> yellow, 4Ad. to ll.Jd.; gray, <kc., 3}(l. to led.; I' -'I • „Jfei'uvian, lOd. to 15UI.; washed liiver Flare, loid. to ■ V:ts'le|l River Plate 6d. to 10d.; washed Morocco, 3d. Unwashed .Morocco, 5d to 7d.; Egyptian white, 8d to Porto fleece, 12111. to 13d.; mohair, £ s. 10vl. to 2s. lid.; s. Cd. to Is. 9d." WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, AND FAT, SATUR- DAY.—Hides, 95 lb. and upwards, 5d. ;¡jJ lb.; 85 to 94, 4&d.; 75 to 84, 3jd.; 65 to 74, 3Jd.; 56 to 64, 3d.; 55 and under, 3d.; Cows, Od. to 2Jd.; bulls, 2|d.; flawed and irregular, 2Jd.; kips, Od. to 3d. Horse hides, Os. Od. to 12s. 6d. each. Calif, 17 lb. and upwards, 1id.; 12 to 16, 5111.; 9 to 11, 5^d.; light, 31d.; flawed and irregular, gld. Wools, A-l, 0s. Od.; A 7s. 2d.; B, 4s. lOd. each. Pelts, A, Os. 0d.; n, Js. Od. each. Lambs, A, Os. Od.; B, Os. Od. each. Fat, 2Jd. to!Qd. V lb.-JNo. S. D'ARCY, Broker, Cleveland-street. LEATH ER.-LEADI.,NHALL. TUESDAY. p th. s. d. 8. d. Hides, crop, 23 lbs. to 40 lbs 1 0@1 4 Ditto, 40 lbs. to 60 lbs 1 3 1 9 English butts, 14 lbs. to 24 lbs 1 2 2 5 Ditto, 25 lbs. to 36 lbs 1 5 2 10 Foreign butts, 16 lbs. to 50 lbs 1 1 2 3 Crop bellies 0 7 0 11 Shoulders. 0 10 1 4 Dressing hides, common 0 11 1 6 Ditto, shaved. 1 1 1 8 Calfskins 1 4 2 6 LIVERPOOL PRODUCE, WEDNESDAY. — Sugar was rather more active, without change in price. Rum unaltered. Cotfee and cocoa very steady. Rice, 10s. 9d. cwt. for Rangoon. Nitrate of soda 16s. to 16s. 3d.$cwt. Linseed oil very firm at 27s. to 27s. 3d. in export casks. Rape oil, refined Stettin, 42s. Cottonseed oil, Liverpool refined, steady at 31s. 6d. to 32s. 6d. {J cwt. Palm oil steady. Olive oil without change. Lard 363. 3d. 13 cwt. Tallow 33s. 6d. to 39s. for North Ameri- can. Ashes, pots, quiet at 22s. 3d. to 22s. 6d. Rosin, common, 5s. nil. ¥J cwt. Spirits of turpentine, 23s. 6d. to 23s. 9d. %) cwt. Petroleum, refined oil steady at lOd. 13 gallon. HAY AND STRAW.—LONDON, TUESDAY. s. d. s. d. Prime meidow hay (V ton) 85 0 @ 102 6 Inferior ditto 70 0 80 0 Prime clover „ 100 0 140 0 Inferior ditto 85 0 95 0 Straw (13 load) 44 0 52 0 AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE.—LIVERPOOL, WEDNESDAY. Hay, ¥ 29 tbs. s. d. s d.$ton. Old 0 10 @1 2 s. d. s. d. New 0 0 0 0 Carrots 0 0@0 0 Straw— j Turnips 0 0 0 0 Wheat 0 9} 0 10 1 Mangel Wurzel..30 0 31 0 Oat 0 7 0 Si 1 Manure 5 6 7 6 Barley 0 7J 0 0 | Grass,$20 lbs. 0 2J 0 4J

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