Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



-=- s. UP AND DOWN THE COAST. THE ABERYSTWYTH MARES NEST. This nest has been fouled and deserted. THE BRIDGE AT MACHYNLLETH. The Directors must know that the other day there was an exciting scene at this railway station, owing to the narrow escape of a woman who passed behind a train and dia not see that another was coming up. A large landed proprietor from the other side of the Dovey was a witness of the incident. All that is wanted is a passage under the luie, so that passengers and luggage could be taken over. 1. there not one director who will take this matter up, and put an end to a condition of things that must end in loss of life, and that daily causes an immense amount of inconvenience. Everything at Mtchynlleth seems to move slowlv and not always in the right direction. COOKING HIS GOOSE. A gentleman came to a town not far from my bit of a place on the Coast the other day, and in due course went to an hotel. He was supplied with some little chops, a wiak 1 Kittle of claret, and his BILL, which last ran as fellows Luncheon, 3s. Gd. claret, 4s. attendance, 6d. t' It would have been cheaper, and could not have been more unsatisfactory, to have studied anatomy and discussed a threepenny half-pint of beer at a refreshment room on the railway. Even at threepence the half-pint for beer, and twopence the square inch for sandwiches, a man might almost take the edge off his appetite for eight shillings. AT LAST. Almost ten years have passed away since my friends all up and down the coast were asked to take an interest in a large sum of money left by Mr. Downie, of Aberys- twyth, to the sick poor of that town. A scheme was pre- pared about a year ago for the administration of a portion of this money, and since then several other schemes have been prepared. The final result is that the trustees of the fund will be fairly representative, and if they like may nicies a grant towards the town library. The contention was that the money was intended for a Church of Eng- bnd Society, and that the public generally had no right to any share of the management. This contention has been settled by allowing the public four town councillors as representatives, and the Church the vicar. Nogreatharm can now be done with this money as long as the public take interest in its administration. The case may be taken to the House of Lords if the Church party are not satisfied, but they may easily go further and fare worse. The representatives of the public have good reason to be satisfied with the result. More work of this kind will have to be taken up. There is th Infirmary money yet to be disposed of, and a scheme will have to be prepared for its administration. I hope the same measure of success will attend the further efforts of the non-sectarian party. THE POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE OF WAR. The Jingoes are still full of tight, but what on earth the v, u- is to be about nobody knows. The army reserve men in each district have been escorted to the railway stations amid much noise, and already the first tears have fallen The poor have at this early date been made to feel how w r will press upon them and blast their lives. It is not yet too late for reason to prevail over brute force. From e-ery corner of Wales let men urge upon Government the duty and necessity of preserving peace, at any rate until they know what there is to fight about. If this talked-of war becomes an accomplished fact, how will men dare to aril; "Almightv God to bless our arms in this righteous C'V THE SUMMER SEASON. Will the Aberystwyth Town Council please to remove the dead tree from near Shiloh Chapel, and the others in North Parade. There are some large stones in the gentlemen's bathing-ground, which it was understood would be removed last year. Can they not be taken away this? Local Boards in other places besides Aber- ystwyth should brighten up their towns, see that nuisances are kept down, and attend to details of management. Strange dirt at once strikes visitors who never notice that they are accustomed to. THE SCREW. A recalcitrant butcher at Lampeter, I am told, refuses to .laughter his sheep and cattle at the slaughter house in that town. The members of the Board, therefore, decided to withdraw their custom from him until he complies with the rule. Here is a laughable instance of the application of the screw. Gentlemen, of Lampeter Local Board, your little plan may work in your little town but it is only very few places that are small enough for the dmen members of a Local Board to enforce their orders by withdrawing custom from those who set them at de- fiance. Is not this conspiracy to injure a man in business ? How primitive How oblivious of satire! How un- conscious of lurking laughter. Upon my word I should die of melancholy if it.were not for the comic ways of pub- lic bodies. It is hard to be sad among them, grim as life iu In many of its phases. THE MACHYNLLETH BOARD OF GUARDIANS Whether the Clerk to the Board or the Chairman is the official who ought to prevent people who are not qualified from acting as guardians is a question that the officials may settle among them at their leisure. All I have to aa- is that nobody ought to sit on a Board who is not legally qualified. Suppose it were a question of acting as°a magistrate. Would the Bench allow some one who is not a magistrate to sit on the Bench There is a great deal of dulness in cases of this kind that turns to sharpness when it does not suit the case. Great landowners surely do aot tolerate this sort of thing. Why not settle this matter without allowing all this fuss to be made. One of the Xilanbrynmair Guardians has no more right to a seat on the Board than, I have simply because he is not rated high enough. NATURE HATH FRAMED STRANGE FELLOWS IN HER TIME" Yes, Mr. Shakespeare, and some of them live in Wales. What would the dear old stupids think when they heard that there had been a Shakesperian Recital" at Dr. Williams's School. Do they not look at Shakespeare as a low play acting fellow, whose name ought never to be mentioned without a groan. They believe all acting is of ths devil, and recitals are oh dear! What a sad thing it 'is? Perhaps they will get up acting next. Shameful! Trie, Mr. Shakespeare, as you say, "the world is a huge thing," but did one ever in all the world hear of such a thing. These same dear old stupids have, perhaps, not yet scented the evil, but once they it they will have it out, for they are "gentlemen of brave mettle." They "would lift the moon out of her sphere if she would continue in it five weeks without changing." Ah, it would have pleased me immensely if I could only have been present that evening, and heard the daughters of good old members of Yr hen gorph" mouthing Shakespeare. There is hope for you yet, Mr. Shake- speare. If you can once get a hold in Wales, your fortune is made. Take the word of an ardent admirer for that. A WORD OF WARNING. Gas at Aberystwyth is now 5s. per thousand feet, in some places it is more. Large consumers can now obtain a machine for making their own gas at less than 5s. per 1,000 feet, and no doubt these machines will be used, when they are known. Just think what a commotion will be caused if the railways, the hotels, the churches and chapels, and so on, get the new gas maker. It would be wise on the part of gas managers and directors to consider this matter before it is too late. Gas is dear at 5s. per 1,000 feet. The Coast. PERRY WINKLE.