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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NOTES. Mr. HENRY RICHARD, M.P., has addressed a letter in Welsh to his fellow countrymen of the Principality. He speaks of the imminent danger iin which the country now stands in respect of the Eastern complication, and re- marks that it is iin the power of the people to stay war by speaking against it with such-emphasis and unanimity that the Government will dare 'not go against them. He therefore adjures 11he Welsh people to give immediate and effective expression to their pacific sentiments. » The RECTOR of MERTHYJI, summing up in Mayfair the details of the subscriptions sent to him on behalf of the children during tke prevalence of the distress in South Wales, says We-estimated that the clothing alone came to in value £1,50&, and the gifts in kind to about £800. dd to this the actual cash I received, t4,180, and you get ^6,480. Add to this Mr. RICHARD'S £ 1,100, ^bich was spent ia clothing only, and the total makes £7,580. The re-appointment of the Machynlleth Parochial Com- miEtee must have caused a feeling of confidencs in the blind of every ratepayer in The Committee 'h from the first most assiduously done nothing, aad Manifests a brave determination to go on doing nothing th praiseworthy diligence. It would be impossible to (find a town better wqcffiied with a pitblic body, or a pub- lic body more thoroughly suited to a town. The author the suggestion to provide a parochial committee for Machynlleth deserves wrefflof the public—a testimonial at .t. The Aberystwyth magistrates have Nearly made up theû- minds at last to inflict -fete penalties provided in the duction Acts, to enforce attendance at elementary 'cn.(}1iÚc. On Wednesday eeveraf parents were fined in the pstalty, one of them for the first offenae. The result thkgs»olicy will be to iadwee j>#.rents to sand their chil- dren t* school. After the1 ill effects of til* old system *ve hee,; got. rid of the^ poor wiU be saved a great deal of unnecessary inconvenience and wtffering. On Saturday the remains of OdUnel POWIILL were Waced in th-e family vault inside Llaubadarn Church, funeral procession started from KT&atoos at the hour *ed, and proceeded through Penybont. The service for Burial of the Dead was conducted by the Rev. JOHN and the etmr/ek by inhabitants from t Parts of the district. Mr. GEORGE POWELL left KT&n- c02 for Lond,.n on Monday. ♦ t te Aberystwyth Board of Guardians, on Monday I\l1 t, the House Committee presented a report on the g¡d irregularities in respect to the use of the pro. lsio&&, &c„°pvt the \Vorkb0«s#f and the quantity of stock in the Master's possession. The report, which was adopted on the motion of Mr. MORRIS DAVIES, says-" Your Committee arrived at the unanimous opinion that, although serious deficiencies are shown to exist in the quantities of some of the stock, and irregularities in keeping the books are apparent, there is no evidence to justify an assumption of fraud on the part of the Master. Your Committee, there- fore, recommend that the Master be retained at his post, but that he be called upon to make good in cash to the satisfac- tion of the Committee the deficiencies shown to exist in the stock on May 4th, the day of the stock taking." This axtract from the report, agreed to by Mr. MORRIS DAVIES, embodies the substance of our contention from first to last, and had it not been for some words used by Mr. MORRIS DAVIES on Monday, the matter might have been allowed to drop Mr. MORRIS DAVIES is dissatisfied that we and others have always referred to the allegations made against the contractors, clerks, and master, as alleged irregularities. We did this in simple justice, and in accordance with the rule that a newspaper has no right to presume guilt nor to treat an accusation as a crime. We speak or "alleged" drunkenness, theft, or murder, until the charges are proved. The report of the House Committee on Monday shows how wise and necessary the precaution is. The charges against the contractors are not mentioned in the report simply because they had to be altogether abandoned. We now come to a point of 3onsiderable importance. Mr. MORRIS DAVIES agreed to the report, and moved its adoption at the meeting on Monday, but he said the Master had been dishonest to the Guardians, and that although there was no "criminal" fraud, there might be such a thing as moral" fraud, rhe one question, as regards the Master, throughout the snquiry, was whether the deficiencies in stock and the iefects in book-keeping were the result of dishonesty or carelessness. There has been no doubt from the time the Master's books were first investigated that he was not in possession of the stock he was represented to be by his books. There is no "moral" fraud in this. Either the Master is as honest as Mr. MORRIS DAVIES or any other member of the Board, and allowed his books and stock to jet wrong through carelessness, or he is not honest, and manipulated his stock and books in order to deceive the Guardians. If he is honest there is no fraud either "moral," "criminal," or any other sort. If he is not honest there is fraud, and whether the evidence of it might be strong enough to obtain a conviction in a Court of Justice does not alter the fact that he is guilty of fraud —simple fraud. The verdict of the Committee of which Mr. MORRIS DAVIES is a member, is that there is no evidence to justify an assumption of fraud." Mr. MORRIS DAVIES moves the adoption of these words and then tries to attach a stigma of guilt. This, to say the least of it, is not generous towards a man who is visited with what Mr. DAVIES admits is a "tremendous" penalty. Whether the penalty of making good the deficiencies in stock is tremendous" or not depends upon his offence. If he has only been guilty of carelessness the penalty is tre- mendous" in more than its severity. If he has been guilty of fraucl"-even Mr. MORRIS DAVIES'S peculiar kind of fraud—the penalty is absurdly small. Mr. DAVIES'S verdict is virtually not guilty" only do not commit the offence again. The public will agree with the report and with the CHAIRMAN'S remarks. Mr. 110RRIS DAVIES may safely be left to make clear to his own mind what is meant bv "moral" fraud. After travelling to at least three of the four parts of the United Kingdom, Lord CASTLEREAGH has at last found a seat in the House of Commons for County Down. The only objection to his return is that he is a Conservative. Personally it would be impossible to object to him. There are thousands in Montgomeryshire who will rejoice in the success of the Marquess of LONDONDERRY'S son., At the last meeting of the Aberystwyth Town Council, the question of the open drain behind the Gas Works was raised by the SURVEYOR, and it was agreed that he should see what it would cost to cover it in. This very necessary work ought to be done as soon as possible.—Some diffic/uity has ari en respecting the drainage of Penparke, and there, is danger that this very desirable work will be delayed. The question was referred to the Public Works Com- mittee, and it is to be hoped the work will be proceeded with, notwithstanding the difficulty that has arisen. It would be lamentable that Penparke should be again left until another outbreak of disease, or until accumulated filth forces itself upon public notice. We report this week a public meeting held at Portmadoc, under the presidency of Mr. E. BBEESE, Morfa Lodge, in support of the movement for closing- public- houses on Sundays. A meeting on behalf of the same ob- ject has also been held at Towyn. CATHERINE JONES, the wife of a farmer at Llanllynfi, has been committed for trial by the Carnarvonshire magistrates, upon the charge of the wilful murder of her infant daughter, aged eighteen months. It was stated in evidence by the prisoner's husband that the mother had suffered from sleeplessness and from puerperal mania since the birth of the child. The Coroner's jury had returned a verdict to the effect that the deed was committed by the mother when in a state of temporary insanity. ANNE MORGAN, better known as the Borth "fasting" girl, it will be remembered, was taken to the Aberystwyth Infirmary. After being there some time she began to eat, and was subsequently discharged convalescent. She returned to her home at Borth. There can be no doubt the medical men of Aberystwyth saved his girl's life, which would have been sacrificed by a com- bination of superstition, ignorance, and poverty.

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