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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. "l"V"V"w"J'r'w'oI'r.V Ipswich may be described as the birthplace of Chemical Manures" JOSEPH FISON & Co., Zljg\ MANUFACTURERS OIP f 0^^ HTvl ISyMA' yj S UL PHUivIC ACID AND CHE MIC AL M ANURES. (O'16 °' Oldest Firms in the Trade.) IPSWICH, BRAMFOKD, PLYMOUTH, POOLE, BIDEFORD, SWANSEA, AND HULL. A Pamphlet with-fall particulars of these celebrated Manures may be obtained of any of the Agents of the Finn, or (post freeJ from the Head Offices. Messrs. JOSEPH FISON & Co., having established a Depot at Swansea, are now prepaied to deliver their M inures, carriage paid, at any Railway Station in South Wales and the neighbouring counties. The Corn Manures are designed especiaily for thejpvoduction oifim quality combined with a large yield, in which respect they excel other well known fertilisers. and samples of corn grown with these manures have fetched the higkest market prices in past seasons. The Root Manures are designed, not only to give the young plants a good start, but to support them through every stage of their Attentiot is particularly drawn to these points as some manures are only partial in their action, and, thouglf forcing at first, fail to bring the crops to perfection. Purchasers are requested to give their orders to the nearest Agent, or, if there be no Agent in the neighbourhood, they can- be supplied direct from the Firm at list prices. Messrs. Joseph Fisoh & Co. are prepared to appoint direct Agents at places in which they are not at present represented, and gentlamer. of position and responsibility, who may be disposed to undertake such agencies, are requested to apply by li-tter to the Head Offices. A few districts only now remain unoccupied, and early application for agencies in such districts is particularly requested. Reference to a Bank or a Wholesale Firm of good standing is expected before opening an account. MKvn (WK-T-M EASTERN UNION MILLS. IPSWICH. THt NORTH AND SOUTII WALES BANK. REPORT, By the Directors to the Proprietors of the North and South Wales Bank, at their Forty-third Annual Meeting, held at the Rooms of the Liverpool Law Association, Liverpool, 28th January, 1879. THE Directors Inn e pleasure in submitting to the Proprietors the following Report :— The value of money during last year, but especially during the latter half of it, has ruled considerably above the average of recent years, and has favorably influenced the profits of the Bank, as will be seen by the accompany- ing Statement of Profit and Loss Account. As heretofore, #very Branch of the Bank has been visited in the course of the year by Deputations of Directors, accompanied by the Country Manager, and the Accounts, Bills, Cash, and Securities examined on the spot, and in -each case with satisfactory results. Recent Bank failures, especially that of the City of Glasgow Bank, have naturally created a feeling of uneasiness in the minds of many Shareholders in Joint Stock Banks. Although the feeling has but slightly manifested itself amongst the Shareholders of this Bank, the total number of whom has in fact increased during the last three months, it nevertheless appeared to the Directors expedient, under the exceptional circumstances of the time, that the present Balance Sheet of the Bank should be audited, and this has been done accordingly by public accountants of well-known standing. It will be for the Shareholders to determine whether they desire that the next Balance Sheet shall likewise be audited, and if so, it is desirable that they should appoint the auditors for that purpose at the present meeting. The following is the Statement of Profit and Loss for the year ended 31st ultimo Gross Profits, including a balance £ 13.390 Os. lOd. from last account, after deducting interest due to Depositors, rebate on Hills not due, making provision for losses, and writing off £5,000 from Bank Buildings Account 2162,750 4 10 Deduct total expenditure of the Head Office, thirty-eight Branches, and twelve Sub-Branches, in- cluding Salaries, Directors'Fees, Rent, Taxes, and other expenses 56,277 9 2 £ 106,472 15 8 Less Dividends paid to Proprietors, viz.:— Half-year ended 30th June. 1878, Dividend at 10 per cent. per annum £25,000 0 0 Do. do. Bonus at 7?> per cent, per annum 18,750 0 0 Half-year ended 31st]ecembe;\ 1>78. DiviJendat, lOper cent, per annum 25,000 0 0 Do. do. Bonus at 7-i per cent. per annum 18,750 0 0 Income Tax on Profits 1,567 6 5 89,067 6 5 Leaving, to be carried to next account £ 17,405 9 3 BALANCE SHEET AT 31ST DECEMBER, 1878. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Deposits, Credit Balances &c. £ 4,164,958 15 101 Bills Discounted, Overdrawn Accounts, Acceptances and Credits of Bank Temporary Advances on Securities, Current 99,367 4 7 &c. £ 3,363,781 18 3 Notes in Circulation 50.275 0 0 Bank Buildings at Liverpool, and Capital paid up 500,000 0 0 Fifteen Branches 98,785 4 10 Reserve Fund 250.000 0 0 Investments in Consols Undivided Profits 17,405 9 3 and other Securities, 767,405 9 3 atcost £ 431,364 18 7 Cash in hand, Money at call, and at short notice 1,188,074 8 0 ———————— 1,619,439 6 7 £ 5,082,006 9 8 C5,082,006 9 8 We certify that the above Balance Sheet correctly represents, in our opinion, the present position of the Company's affairs, and that the Profits as shewn by the Profit and Loss Statement have been fully and fairly earned. HARMOOD BANNER & SON, Liverpool, 21st January, 1879. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS. The question of limiting the liability of Shareholders in Banks has engaged the attention of the Board, and should a movement in that direction be decided upon by unlimited Banks generally, the Directors will be prepared to submit, for the approval of the Shareholders, any well-considered measure of the kind which, whilst giving a definite limit to the liability of the Shareholders, shall, at the same time, provide an ample margin of security to Depositors. The Directors who go out by rotation are Mr. ADAM EYTON and Mr. WILLIAM NICOL, both of whom are eligible for re-election, and offer themselves accordingly. GEORGE RAE, CHAIRMAN. E. JONES, (Late MORRIS JONES) COACHBUILDER Moor Street, Aberystwyth. CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE TO ORDER Repairs executed by First-class Workmen. BINDING OF ALL KINDS CHEAPLY AND EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED. ORDERS RECEIVED BY J. GIBSON, 3, QUEEN'S-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH MUSIC WAREHOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS FOR SALE OR HIRE. W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS -i .,4 11' (; 77 HAVE now on View (inspection invited) the Paris JLl Exhibition Model American Organ. by Mason and Hamlin, 13 stops, knee swells, .Price 34 guineas. Hillier's New Model American Organ, nine stops and knee swell 28 guineas, The New Mo ;el Walnut and Gold Piano, seven octaves, ivory keys, truss legs, by Dodson, from Collard and Collard's. 33 guineas Walnut Cottage Piano, 7 octaves, by Dodson, from Collard and Collard s 22 guineas. A Stock of Pianos by Brinsmead, Kirkman, Metzler, and other makers, procured if not in stock, at London » prices Alexandre'.? Harmoniums, and Wheatley and Sons' Organ Harmoniums, from 5 guineas. For Price, Excellence of Manufacture and Quality of l'olle Unequalled. INSTRUMENTS MAY BE HAD ON THE HIRE AND PURCHASE SYSTEM OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS. A Large Stock of Ocarinas from Is. 9d.; Concertinas, 3s.; banjos, 5s.; violins, 4s. 6d.; cornets, 25s.; and Musical Instrument Strings and Fittings of every description. New and Popular Music from 3d. a copy; also the popular Copyright Music. Orders for Pianoforte and Harmonium Tuning, within thirty miles of Aberystwyth, will receive the attention of W. R. WHEATLEV. Teacher and Tuner from Messrs. John Brinsmead and Sons, London. Testimonials for Tuning from Brinley Richards, Esq., and other eminent musicians. DOLGELLEY. JAMES B. MEE, FISHMONGER, GAME DEAJLER, FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, Dolgelley. Constant Supplies of various kinds of fresh Fish, Game, &c. according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice. Ice always on hand, and supplied by the pound and Upwards. J6QT Note the Address :— Bridge End House, Dolgelley. MR. CROSSLEY, Organist of the Pa.rishChurch, Dolgelley, RECEIVES PUPILS. Organ, Pianoforte, Harmonium, Singing, and Harmony. Bank Buildings, Dolgelley. ASTIFI,MA,-COUGH,-BRONCHI T IS immiiMitii GIVES INSTANTANEOUS RELIEF in tie worst cises of ASTHMA, CO!;GH, BRONCHITIS, and Si OF BEEATH, and may be used by the most delicate patients withou the lea-t inconvenience, as they contain no sub- stance capable of deranging the system. Price 2s. 6. p »r box, or seven boxes los., ft'ee by post •n receipt of P.O.O. to WILCOX & Co., 336, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON, and through all Chemists. None ¡ gonuino unl'.ss signed on the box E. W. WILCOX. MEETINGS. THE FIFTH OF A SERIES OF POPULAR EVENING ENTERTAINMENTS WILL BE GIVEN AT THE QUEEN'S HOTEL ASSEMBLY ROOM, ABERYSTWYTH (Kindly lent by Mr. Palmer,) ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH, 1879. CHAIRMAN—DAVID ROBERTS, ESQ. (MAYOR.) Accompanist-Mr. A. Evans. Admission—Reserved Seats, Is; Front ditto, 6d.; Back ditto, 3d. Doors open at 7 30, to commence at 8 o'clock. Proceeds for the Benefit of the National School. (When you ask for Paris BJ i if I See tliat yon pfet it;! las bad qualities are; j often substituted, j RX. LITHOFRACTEUR. THE Safest and most Powerful Explosive in use. JL Patented and Manufactured by Messrs. Krebs Bros. and Co~ of London and Cologne on Rhine, who have ap- pointed^ Messrs. VIVIAN & CO., Of Portmadoc, Carnarvonshire, To represent them in the Principality. LITHOFRACTEUR Will rend more rock than any other Explosive, Is equally powerful whether used in wel or dry ground, Will fill any size or shape of borehole, Has no noxious fumes, Has never caused an accident, Is stronger, safer, and healthier to use than any other Explosive. For Terms apply to VIVIAN & Co., Portmadoc, who are also prepared to supply Portable and Fixed Steam Engines for Winding, Pumoing, and General Purposes Rock Drills and Com- pressors, by the best makers; Haggie's Steel and Iron Wire Ropes Cast Steel Wheels; Best Drill and Jumper Steel General Mining and Quarry Plant, &c., &c. Agents for Whittle's Orion Gas Oil Lamps, equal in light to gas; no chimney, wick, or trimming. TO COAL MERCHANTS. CELEBRATED EAGLE COAL! HOT. FREE. CLEAN. DURABLE. To be had only from- J. H. ICHOLS, Sandfield House, Newton-le-Willows, LANCASHIRE. I NOW READY. I FREEMASONS' KALENDAR, FOR NORTH WALES AND SHROPSHIRE. PRICE, ONE SHILLING. By Post Is. Id. PUBLISHED BY WOODALL AND VENABLES, OSWESTRY. I NOW READY. History of the Gwydir Family WITH numerous valuable notes from the Brogyntyn, Wynnstay, and Peniarth MS,S., added by W. W. E. WYNNE, Esq., of Peniarth, and never before published. Printed in quarto, on thick hand-made paper, old-faced tvpe. Illustrated with portraits of Sir John and Sir Richard Wynne, Views of Gwydir in 1684 and 1720; of Dolwyddelan Castle in 1742, and Llanrwst Bridge in 1781. A copy sent post free to any address in Great Britain or America on receipt of Twenty-one Shillings, by WOODALL and VENABLES, Publishers, Oswestry. From the Daily Newt, Jan. 22nd, 1879. The thanks of antiquaries and historical students are due to Mr. Askew Roberts, of Oswestry, for his handsome reprint, with many valuable additions (Oswestry: Woodall and Venables), of the old memoir of the Gwydir Family, written by Sir John Wynne in the time of James I I., and first published in 1770. This narrative comprises the only known account of the state of society in North Wales in the fifteenth nnd the earlier part of the sixteenth centuries and its little incidental sketches of the wild, lawless condition of the country, and of the feuds of the different families who in certain districts were always contending for mastery, are curiously significant. The volume is accompanied by pedigrees, and by several interesting old portraits and views reproduced in facsimile. I BUSINESS ADDRESSES, "V''o. "NATIONAL" BOOT WAREHOUSE, 29, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. STEAD & CO., THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF BOOTS AND SHOES IN THE WORLD, HAVE OPENED THE PREMISES AS ABOVE WITH THE LARGEST AND BEST STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES EVER SEEN IN ABERYSTWYTH STEAD & Co., THE NATIONAL BOOT WAREHOUSE, 29, GREAT DARKGATE-ST., ALL GOODS THEIR OWN MANUFACTURE. Every Pair Warranted All Leather. NO GUTTA PERCHA USED. MANUFACTORIES- LEICESTER, LEEDS, NORTHAMPTON, DAVENTRY, AND OAKHAM. WHOLESALE PRICES FOR CASH ONLY. NOTE THE ADDRESS- NATIONAL BOOT WAREHOUSE, 29, (GREAT DARKGATE-ST., ABERYSTWYTH UNION BANK of AUSTRALIA. -Establislie(I U 1837.-Paid-up Capital, 21,487,500; Reserve Fund, £ 783,500. Letters of Credit and Bills on Demand, or at Thirty Days' Sight, are granted on the Bank's Branches throughout Australia and New Zealand. BILLS ON THE COLONIES are negotiated and sent for collection. DEPOSITS are received, at notice, and for fixed periods, on terms which may be ascertained on application. W. R. MEWBURN, Manager. 1, Bank Buildings, Lothbury, London, E.C. T. & W. BUBB, PAINTERS, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, GAS- FITTERS, HOUSE DECORATORS, PAPER HANGERS, & GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, Terrace-Roa,d, Aberystwyth, and Newtown. Agent for Kroner's BURNERS, and Wright's GAS STOVES. ESTIMATES FOR WORK ON APPLICATION. Agents for Atkins & Co.'s Patent CHARCOAL BLOCK WATER FILTERS. GADD'S PATENT REVERSIBLE HANDLE PERAMBULATORS. ATHS AND PERAMBULATORS ON HIRE. I WEBSTER'S WRITING INKS I cj AND LIQUID GUMS. g. 3} d-(9 p "MORRISON'S" OLD MAKE. <5 BLUE-BLACK WRITING FLUID, the best made. Wo BLACK, RED, BLUE and other INKS. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL & VENABLES, 2 OSWESTRY, and all Respectable Stationers. s PECTACLES, s PECTACLES. C. B. RADCLIFFE, Esq., M.D., 25, Cavendish Square, London, Consulting Physician to the Westminster Hospital, writes:—"No Spectacles could possibly suit better than HENRY LAURANCES." EDWARD KNOCKER, Esq., J.P., Dover, late Mayor of Dover, writes :—" Mv sight has improved since usinq HENRY LAURANCE'S SPECTACLES." JOHN DEATH, Esq., J P., Cambridge, late Mayor of Cambridge, writes :—" Mrs. Death's sight has been much strengthened by the use of HENRY LAURANCE'S SPECTACLES." T. SMITH ROWE, Esq., M.D., Margate, Senior Surgeon to the Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary, Margate, writes:—"I regret that I did not use HENRY LAU- RANCE'S SPECTACLES long since." HENRY LAURANCE'S SPECTACLES Are the-CLEAREST, COOLEST, and BEST for the Sight. Thousands have been benefited by their use when all other Spectacles have failed. A list of the Testimonials can be had from the agent, from whom these Spectacles can only be obtained. All Spectacles stamped H.L. AGENT FOR ABERYSTWYTH— A. MAJOR, JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, 38, PIER STREET. AGENT FOR MACHYNLLETH— E. REES, CHEMIST, MEDICAL HALL. REFORMED EPISCOPAL CHURCH.—AU Official Statement of its principles and objects, with hints as to commencing Evangelical Church Services, may be obtained by forwarding a Penny Stamp to the Rev. R. HUNSLEY TAYLOR, 8, Berriew-street, Welshpool. ENLARGED SERIES, 48 or 56 COLUMNS. THE LEADING PAPER FOR CARDIGANSHIRE, MERIONETHSHIRE, SOUTH CARNARVONSHIRE, &c. DELIVERED by Post, or at any Station on the Cambrian, Great Western, or Manchester and Milford Railway, for Twelve Months, for Ss. 8d. in ad- vance. THE CAMBRIAN NEWS. Delivered by agents (through whom it may be ordered) on Friday morning fot twelve months, for 6s. 6d. in ad. vance, at all the places mentioned in our List of Agents. Published by J. GIBSON, Aberystwyth; JACOB JONES, Bala; D. LLOYD, Portmadoc. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. D."—The lines are respectfully declined. Letters on "Roligion in Wales," and "On a bad habit," came too late for insertion this week.