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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

CARDIGANSHIRE COUNTY I COUNCIL. The polling in the election of candidates for the county of Cardiganshire occurred on Tuesday last with the the following result :— ABERYSTWYTH. At Aberystwyth votes were recorded in the Town Hall, and the presiding officers were Councillors D. C. Roberts, ex-mayor, Thomas Griffiths, William Thomas, Thomas Powell, and J. E. J. Lloyd. There was little or no excitement during the ftay, and polling pro- ceeded very slowly up to six o'clock. During the after- noon the officials found time hanging somewhat heavily on their hands sat down to a piano in the hall and struck up "Hen wlad fy nhadau," the whole company joined in the chorus. At six o'clock out of some 1,200 voters on the regis- ter, 600 oniy had recorded their votes. During the remaining two hours the officers were kept busy, and when the poll closed at eight o'clock no fewer than 1,005 had voted. Counting began in the Council room about half-past eight, and at eleven o'clock the result was announced to the large crowd who were waiting in the square in front of the hall. The Good Templars issued a manifesto asking teetotallers to vote for the three temperance candi- dates, the effect of which was to greatly assist the cause of Mr John James. At a quarter past eleven Alderman Roberts, the returning officer, went into the large hall and declared the poll to be as follows Mr C. M. Williams (L) 681 Mr John James (L) 610 '-Alr George Green (L) 563 The Rev T. Levi (L) 534 Mr B. E. Morgan (C) 49S Mr Johu Morgan (1) 336 ANALYSIS OF VOTING. George John Thomas B. E. J. C. M. Green James Levi Morgan Morgan Williams Plumpers. 14 14 31 44 6 5 Votes. 233 2,33 233 — 233 9 9 9 9 — — 69 69 — 69 — 69 8 — 8 8 8 34 — — 34 34 34 17 17 — 17 17 — — 40 40 40 — 40 — 49 — 49 49 49 27 — 27 — 27 27 21 21 — — — 2J 21 — — 18 18 18 18 — 15 15 — 15 15 — 8 8 8 8 — 2S — 28 2S — 28 7 7 7 — 7 — — 14 14 — — 14 — 40 — 40 40 — 4 — 4 4 — — 2 2 2 — — — 14 14 14 33 — 33 — 33 3 3 — — — 3 9 9 9 — — — 11 — — 11 11 — 7 — — 7 — 7 — 12 — 12 — 12 — — 5 5 5 5 5 — 5 — — 3 — — — 3 3 — 1 1 — 1 — — 1 — — 1 1 3 — 3 — 3 — — — — 46 46 — — 13 13 — — 6 — 6 — 4. 4 2 2 17 17 — 6 6 — — 23 — — 23 ••• 7 7 4 4 5 5 — 1 — 1 563 610 534 498 336 681 Alderman C. M. WILLIAMS, who was received with loud and prolonged cheers, said he was really unable to find words to express his thanks to the electors for that expression of renewed confidence in him. He was proud of the position he occupied on the poll that day. (Cheers.) fhe electors had entrusted him once again with duties pertaining to the interests of Aber- ystwyth. They had returned him at the head of the poll to represent thtm in the County Council of Car- diganshire. (Cheers.) It waa no time to make a lengthy speech that evening. They knew after the hard day's work that he was tired; but he must be allowed to say that since they had first reposed confidence in him he had endeavoured to represent them faithfully and to the best of his ability. (Cheers and a Voice: "Quite right.") That was the fourth election in which they bad done him the great honour of returning him at the head of the poll and he thought he ought to be very proud of the position, con- sidering he was not a native of Aberystwyth. That, however, was not his fault. He came to Aberystwyth as soon as he could after he was born, and if he ever had to undergo a second birth he would select Aber- ystwyth. (Laughter and cheers). Having returned him, they could rely upon it that he would do his utmost in their behalf in the County Council and he trusted that when he should again have to seek their strflTages they would have had no occasion to withdraw their confidence. (Cheers). He was particularly proud of the position he occupied that evening because last November their representatives in the Town Council thought proper to elect him mayor, and taking the position to which he had been elected as a sort of con- firmation of that hrnour, he could assure the electors that it would stimulate him to further energies on their behalf. (Applause). Alderman JOHN JAMES, who was also received with loud cheers, said he likewise was obliged to his fellow townsmen for the renewed confidence they had placed in him by electing him second on the poll. (A Voice Vigilance Committee). He could assure them that nothing should be wanting on his part in looking after the interests of the town to make them for one moment regret having placed him in that honourable position. (Applause). Mr GEORGE GREEN thanked the electore very sincerely for the very respectable number of votes recorded in his favour that day. He was not only sensible of the favour conferred upon him, but he was also sensible of the responsibility of the office to which he had been appointed. The County Council was an entirely new and untried thing. What it was going to do for the benefit of the county was to be found out. He had been endeavouring to find out what benefit it contained for the community. It took a great deal of time to comprehend all that the large Act contained but no doubt it contained some good; and no doubt, too, a great many things that had been hitherto neglected would be delegatsd to the County Council for remedy. (Hear, hear.) Among the things he had most at haart, and which he felt to some extent identified with, was the importance of proper dwellings for the working classes. (Applause.) That was a disgrace to the community as it stood at present, and he felt perfectly sure that whatever powers were conferred upon the County Council very com- plete powers would ultimately be given to it for deal- ing with that subject. (Cheers.) To working people that wa.s a matter of very great importance. (Ap- plause.) Persons who, like himself, had been much among the dwellings of the poor knew that they tenanted places not fit for human beings to live in, and if the County Council would not deal with the subject it would be much wanting in the discharge of its duty. (Cheers.) But, whatever it might be, as far as his knowledge and powers went, he should do the best he could to pro- mote the interests of the county and to perform his duty honestly. (Applause.) The Rev T. LEVI (who was asked to speak in W iZsh), said he was not going to make a long speech, either in Welsh or English. Continuing in Welsh. the rev gentleman said he was much 6bliged to the electors for returning him, though he was at the bottom of the list of successful candidates. He had nothing more to do than to promise to do his best in their behalf in the position in which he had been placed. He should like to have a quarter of an hour to explain fully the position he had taken up. He hoped he should have a better opportunity on another occasion. That evening he would only repeat his best thanks for the confidence they had placed in him. (Cheers). Mr B. E. MORGAN, who was received with cheers, remarked that perhaps the only thing he could be expected to do as a defeated candidate was to thank those who had helped to place him as high on the poll as he found himself to be. He was not much behind number four. He only wished he was as much above as below him. (A Voice It can't be helped). He was glad there had been no disturbance, and that there had been no display of ill-will of any kind throughout the day. (Cheers). Mr JOHN MORGAN thanked most sincerely those ladies and gentlemen who had supported him that day. Perhaps he oughtto thank still more sincerely those who hadabstainedfromsupportinghim. He should endeavour to earn their support, so that in future they would pay him the compliment of electiag him as one of the members of the County Council. (Cheers). Alderman C. M. WILLIAMS proposed, and Alderman JAMES seconded, a vote of thanks to Alderman Roberts and to the Town Clerk for the efficient and impartial manner in which they had carried on the election. There had not been a single hitch from start to finish and the conduct of people of the town had been most exemplary. (Cheers). Alderman ROBERTS and the TOWN CLERK responded, referring to the kindly feeling exhibited on all sides, and claiming on behalf of all officials concerned in the election an endeavour to do all they could to secure a fair election. (Cheers). The meeting then separated. ABERAYRON. Mr Hugh W. Howell, solicitor, was the returning' officer for the three electoral divisions of Aberarth, Aberayron, and Llansantffraed. The counting took place at the Town Hall on Wednesday morning. The result of the Aberayron district has quite surprised the Tory wire pullers, who, when they had succeeded to get Mr John Griffiths to oppose Mr Howell, did not disguise their joy and sanguiue anticipations that he would crush him, as the wheel crushes the fly. So much for the wisdom of the local Tory seers. Mr John Hugh Jones' victory had been predicted from the very first, and the majority proves to be satisfactory. No local interest was felt in the result of the Llansantffraed district. The liveliest satisfaction was displayed in the success of the two local Liberal Councillors. A crowd awaited the declarations of the poll, and both Mr Howell and Mr Jones were lustily cheered as they left the Town Hall. In the afternoon Capt. Evans, Dewi Lass, Aberarth, brought the children of Aberarth British School down to Aber- ayron in marching form. They were halted in front of the residences of both members, and were instructed to give each a hearty cheer, which they did. After dark blue balls were sent off and bonfires were lit. BORTH. When it was known in Cyfoethybrenin that the Rev E. W. James, Bryndderwen, had been returned with a majority of 26, flags were generally displayed and after nightfall bonfires lighted, fireworks discharged, houses illuminated, and hundreds of people paraded the streets up to a late hour. About six o'clock, the rev gentlemen and friends were drawn in an open carriage through the village and, addressing the assembly said that the day was rapidly approach- ing when laws would be made by the people for the people. The Tories, he said, had had the handling of the public purse too long in order to pension their friends and relatives. He rejoiced to find, however, that better days were dawning for the people. CARDIGAN. In Cardigan town the polling was carried on with but little excitement. The Conservatives kept up a cry of "no politics," and thereby many Liberals were induced to share votes with their candidates, but on the result being made known it was soon discovered that the no politics" was simply an election squib amply proved by the pealing of the St. Mary's Church bells. PONTRHYDFENDIGAID. On Tuesday the 22nd January, the polling for the Strata Florida Electoral Division took place. The Polling Stations were Yspytty Ystwyth Board School for the parishes of Yspytty Ystwyth and Gwnnws lower, and Bronant Board School and Swyddfynon for the parishes of Blaenpennal, Lledrod upper and lower. On Wednesday following, Mr Wm. Hughes-Jones, the Deputy ReturningjOfficer attended at Strata Florida "lo Board School, with Mr E. D. Jones, Clerk to the Tre- garon Guardians, and John Ree3, Bont Board School, his clerks, and counted up the votes. his clerks, and counted up the votes. ABERYSTWYTH DIVISION (four members)— C. M. Williams, draper, Pier-street (L). 681 John James, London and Provincial Stores (L). 610 George Green, the Foundry (L). 563 T. Levi, St. Davids-road, C.M. minister (L). 534 B. E. Morgan, Mount Pleasant, gentleman (C). 498 John Morgan, printer, North-parade (I). 336 CARDIGAN BOROUGH (two members)- I William Picton Evans, 3, Belmont, Cardigan, solicitor (C). 315 Levi James, Caemorgan, Cardigan, retired ironmonger (L). 296 John Williams, Priory-street, Cardigan, Baptist minister (L). 282 David Griffith Davies, Castle Green, Cardigan, retired merchant (C). 174 BLAENPORTH (one member)- Thomas Thomas, Plas Aberporth, farmer (L). 178 Alexander Jenkins, Penrallt, Aberporth, major-general (C). 75 Liberal majority 103 LLANDUGWYDD (one member)- Morgan Jones, Penylan, Llandugwydd (U). 95 David Lloyd, Adpar, Newcastle Emlyn, surgeon (L). 65 Conservative majority 30 PENBRYN (one member)- David Griffiths, Penylan Fawr, farmer, (L). US Simon Davies, Aberarthen, farmer (L). 105 ABERAYRON (one member)- J. M. Howell, ironmonger (L). 204 John Griffiths, Nantgwynfynydd, farmer (C). 103 Liberal majority 101 ABERARTH (one member)- John Hugh Jones, draper, Aberayron (L). 163 Thomas Herbert Maddy, barriater-at-law, J.P., Dolaeron (C). 60 Liberal majority 103 LLA.-QSAINTFVRAID (one member)- E. Morgans, The Green, Llanon (C). 89 Captain: Jones, retired mariner, Roseland, Llanon (L). S3 Jenkin Lewis, surgeon, Llanon. 27 LAMPETER BOROUGH (one member)- John Charles Harford, Falcondale, gentleman (C). 180 Abel Evans, Taliesin House, surgeon (L). 166 Conservative majority 14 LLANWENOG (one member)- Col. Evans, lord lieutenant of the county (C) 174 Mr J. Davies, Unitarian minister and farmer (L) 147 Conservative majority 26 LLA-XDYSSUL AND LLANWENOG (two members)- Thomas Thomas, Criborfawr, Llandyssul, Unitarian minister and farmer (L). 386 Enoch Davies, Brynteify, near LlandysBul, surgeon (L). 361 Charles Lloyd, M.A., J.P., of Waunifor, Maesycrugiau (C). 223 LLAJJGRANOG (one member)- John Davies, Wervilbrook, Llangranog (L). 106 Henry Tobit Evans, Noyadd, Llanarth, gentle-nan (U). 47 Liberal majority 59 TROEDYRAUR (one member)- John Powell, Blaenywern, Rhydlewis, farmer (L). 179 Sir Marteine O. M. Lloyd, Bronwydd, Llan- dyssul, baronet (C). 158 -I Liberal majority 21 LLANFAIR (one member)- William Jones, Glandenys, gentleman (C) 139 John Watkin DaVies, Llangybi Mill, farmer (L). 120 Conservative majority 19 YSTRAD (one member)— Daniel Jenkins, Glanwern, farmer (L). 169 Jenkin Jenkins, Blaenplwyf, farmer (L). 108 CII.OENNIN (one member)— John Daviea, Pcnrhiow, farmer (L). 116 John Jones. Tirbach, farmer (L). 110 Pme Lewes, Tyglyn Aeron, gentleman (C). SS LLANARTH (one member)— Morgan Evans, Oakford, Llanarth (L). 113 John Thomas, Blaenwern, Llanarth (C). 89 Liberal majority 24 Nlnv QUAY LLANI/LWCHAIARN (two mcinbers)- William Davies, Brown-hill, New Quay (L). 307 William Timothy, South John-street, New Quay (L). 288 Charles Edward Longcroft, Llanina, gentle- man (C). 148 NANTCWNLLE (one member)- Mr Jenkiu Jenkins, Felincoed, farmer (L) 150 David Davies, Pwllybadell, farmer (L). 63 David Davies, Berthlwyd, farmer. 25 LLANCEITHO (one member)— William Henry Jones. Pentre, Llanbadarn (L). 83 Robert Joseph Davies, Cwrtmawr, Llangeitho, gentleman (U). 75 John Rowlands, Tyndolau, Llangeitho, farmer (L). 62 Evan Davies, Wenallt, Llangeitho, farmer (C). 26 BOHTH (one member)— Rev Enoch Watkin James, Bryndderwen, Calvinistic Methodist (L). 134 John Morgan Williams, Bryhbwl, Borth, farmer (C). 108 Liberal majority 26 Bow STREET (one member)- William Morgan, Garn House, Pengarn, coal merchant (L). 92 Henry Bonsall, Cwm, Clarach, solicitor (C). 83 Liberal majority 9 CWMRHEIDOL (one member)— Captain Bray, Cwmrheidol, mining agent (C). 106 John Morgan, Cwmrheidol, farmer (L). 87 Conservative majority ü; DEVT £ 'S BRIDGE (one member) Dftvid Jones, Post Office, Ponterwyd, shop- N keeper (L). 87 < James T. Waddinghain, Hafod, Devil's v Bridge, e, I (C). 53 I Liberal majority 29 LL-ANBADARN FAWR DIVISION (one member)— Dr John T. Morgan, Nantcsirio Hall, gentle- man (C). 0 125 'Tho Rev Llewellyn Edrrard?, Ardwyn, school- master (L). 116 Oonservative majority 9 LLANFARIAN (one member)- Morris Davies, Ffosrhydygaled, gentleman (C) 87 Mathew Lewis Vaughan Davies, Tanybwlch, gentleman (C). 72 Lewis Jarnes, Brynyrchain, Llanfarian, farmer T (L). 32 LLANRHYSTYD (one member)- James James, Fynonhywel, gentleman (L). 144 G. H. P. Hughes, Alltlwyd, gentleman (0). 126 Liberal majority IS LLANFIHAXGEL (one member)— Evan Richards, Penuwych, Llanfihangel, farmer (L). 193 Evan Evaii3, Lisburue Arms, Lianfihangel, licenced victualler (C). 31 Liberal majority 162 LLANILAR (one member)— G. T. Parry, Lliaiarde, Llanilar, gentleman (C). 118 Edward Edwards, Llangwyryfon, shop- keeper (L). x 114 Conservative majority. 4 TALIESIN (one member)- John Morris, Penwern, Talybont, farmer (L). 117 James Brittan, Gwynfryn, Taliesin, surgeon (C). 102 Liberal majority 151 LLEDROD (one memiler)- John Owens, Taihirion, C.M. minister and farmer (L). 104 Evan Alban, Pv/llpridd, clerk in holy orders (C). S3 John Williams, grocer, Bronant (L) 71 YSPYTTY (one member)— Ihomaa VTilliam Davies, Peoyffynoii, shop merchant (L) 97 William Davies, farmer, Blaencwm. (L). 73 UNCONTESTED DIVISIONS. I ABERBANK.—Evan Davies, Gilfachronw, Bangor, Llandyssul, farmer (L). LLAJSGOEDMORE-W illiam Owen Brigstocke, Parkygors, 'I Llandugwydd (L). LLANWNEN.—JS. C. C. Davies, Pontfaen, surgeon (L) LLANDYSSILIOGOGO.—Evan Evaus, Neuadu, Llwyn- dafydd, New Quay (L). STRATA FLORIDA.—Ernest George Henry Arthur Vaughan. Earl of Lisburne (C). LLANDDEWI EP.Epi.-David Davies, Morfa, stone cutter (L). TATYBONT.—James Thomas Morgan, Maesnewydd. gentleman (L). TREFEIRIG.—Peter Jones, Aberystwyth, coal merchant, (L). TREGARON.—Roderick Lloyd, Penybout, Tregaron, farmer (L). GOGINAN.—Rev David Morgan, Penllwyn, Calvinistic Methodist (L). The nett result of the elections is that of the total of 48, 37 are Liberals, 10 Conservatives, and one Unionist.