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GLAMORGANSHIRE-. WANTED -imtned-iatelv, from FIVE to TEN THOUSAND POUNDS,"on a FREEHOLD m the said eounlv. The Interest will be paid jnaU-yearly by the Agent in the country, or <*t a Banter's in For particulars apply to Messr*. Wood, Cardiff. WANTED immediately, a smart you.g LAD of Genteel Faintly, aboiit fourteen or fifteen years of age, as an APPRENTICE to a DRUGGIST, OIL and COLOURMAN-—A Premium will be feqtiired. Apply to David Hughes, .Druggist, Cardiff. EDUCATION.. HAZEL's BOARDING-SCHOOL, SWANSEA, FOIL TWELVE YOUNG GENTLEMEN, WHO_MAY BE INSTRUCTED IN ENGLISH GRAMMAR, WRITING, STENOGRAPHY, MERCHANTS' ACCOMPTS, MATHEMATICS nrge- neral, USE of the GLOBES, GEOGRAPHY, ASTRO- NOMY, DRAWING, ALGEBRA, &c. m sy TERMS, Tiveitty-tioa Guineas per Ann.— Entrance, One Guinea. NA VIGAnON, with Lunar Observations, &c. Three tjumeas. 1 A Fn ENCHMASTER is engaged, and-a:DANCING-MASTER will regularly attend the'School. •■ LAN D accurately Surveyed and- neatly Mapped, on mo- derate terms. G. HAZEL gratefully acknowledges the encouragement lie has already received, and hopes, by persevering in his attention to the Morals and Improvement of his Pupils, to trierit future support. Swansea, March 20,1801. TIMBER AND DEAL-YARD, SWANSEA. THOMAS and LASCELLES EMBRACE the earliest opportunity of in- forming their Friends and the Public, that they have Just imported into the Ports of SWANSEA and CAR DIFV, seve- ral I arse cargoes of PRIME BAULK TIMBER, DEALS, FOREIGN BAR IRON, STOCKHOLM TAR, &c. &c. which they are determined to dispose of oil terms as "shall ensure approbation. ■' LATHS and LATHWOOD of all descriptions. i' Apply to Thomas Howell, Strand. ;■ STONE-COALS, AND STONE-COAL CULM. THE Public are respectfully informed, that ARTHUR and IIOCIvIN, •liaye just OPENED a VEIN of most excellCnCSTONE- COALS, and STONE-COAL CULM, which they sell on moderate terms. ARTJI OR and Hoc KIN have also a large quantity of very good CULM for BURNING LTME, which they sell on -much lower terms than the Stone-Coal Culm, notwithstand- ing it is equal in quality to a sort of Culm shipped in this Port, under the name of Best Culm; as a proof of this as- sertion, the Lime-Burners of Swansea use it in preference .to any other. ART TURN and HOCKIN give the most money for good, Ballast Limestones. Swansea, March 14, -1804. TO PHOPIHETORS, (W COPPER WORKS, COLLIERIES, ^r. S c. MESSRS'. HOMFRAY, TAPPENDENS, 1" and BIRCH, having established all IRON WORK at ABERNANT, near Mr.ITXHYR-TIUVI-T., ai il tire, "beg to inform the Public, that they are now prepared to Last and lit tip STEAM ENGINESupon Mr. Trevet hick's and Boulton and Walt's p] an, or Engines of any description according to order. Likewise all sorts -of CASTINGS for ■COLLIERIES, COPPER or MINE-WORKS. Mr. JAMES BIRCH, the managing partner, (heing an, experienced Engineer) hatters himself thaI, from the situa- tion of the concern, he shall be able to execute orders for raigines and Castings of every description, in as good a manner and upon as reasonable terms as ^my wort in the j utlcipality, taking care to use Metal til a quality accord- ing to the work the Casting is to perform. (Iiiifit v accurd- „ PRESENT TRICES: Cylinders V>ore& „ Tistons and Bottoms turned 'S.' • Working .Barrels 4 PCT ton* ru' HVI<^ turned goods' Clack Door-pieces bored in the clack seat 21 ditto. Bucket Door-pioces 18 ditto. Kj»elaiHi Branch Pipes 17 ditto. I lam1 ipes above six inches diameter 16. ditto. Ditto above two inchcs and under six 17 ditto. Rails and Dram Plates 9 ditto, Earge aggon-wheels and Sheevers 12 ditto. fcmall ditto 13 ditto. V ery small ditto 14 ditto. ■- Brasses fv.. 16 ditto.. ftbemant Iron-Works, March 1, 1804. OLOBE .IN;$yiAN€E GOMPANt. CAPITAL ONE MILLION STERLING; DIRECTORS.' Sir FREDERICK MORTON EDEN, Bart. Chairman. Sir IHKOP. METCAXIE,Bart. M. P. Deuutv Chairman. AlaesI. Andrews, Esq. M.P. H. C. Combe,Esq. Aid.M.P. Ihouias Coles, jun. Esq. To^nh^'n^ Ksft- M-P" «!0si ph Dorm, Esq. Wuhan; Duncan, Esq. <5ir R.X'arr Glyn, Bart. Aid. Isaac L. GoldSmid, Esq. Claes VTI IU, Esq. John Latham, Esq'. M. D. redcnckj\j0 Edward Moses, Esq. Sir Robt. Peel, Bart. M. P. 1'rederiek John Pigou, Esq. Sir M.W. Rid ley, Bart. M.P. John Richard Ripley, Esq. G. Aher. Robinson, Esq. Sir \V alter Stirling, Bart. A. Shalfospear, Esq. M. P. James Taddv, Esq. Robert' Taylor, Esq. Chas. Edward ilsonn, Esq. Lsq., T,. T. It. WILKINSON, Secretary. r n-S<3MPANY elfcct INSURANCES on teanceJV ^an(l SURVIV()IIS1IIPS, upon which no En- Tin* sum ?r Admisr.ion Fees are required.' of a ')eri(„i^('^i'100 ma.v assured to lie paid at the death •t d»ed 2(), at an annual prcmium'6fi/2 .*>•' 7 30. 2 13 :i 4i> :> 7 11 Tl v ■•••••■•• 4 10 a -»■>. ;,c ^'on,l>any likewise grant Annuities. 'k■> cWnS^Je^Sh'r' "inst,L<"s by !'irt\.t,n ?nild- ot' PnjiHvrf,- 0 fhippiyg, and.cvcrv oilier description ^theCo^5;beli:,d^ris trom the tollovviiig Agents ë/í the Company': Swansea T. JENKINS.' J.- B01..V Vvn.T.T.UI^. P- tf°" II.ITA-Vl SuKri-ARl), Tnsuri""1 •■•••• L-MARCJUU, atld SON. Year. Vns?,v'Pay; br el%cte!i for a shorter period than One Years Prerninn,tUi! ~r ^even ear.; are charged only Six Jiual 'PfPniiuiri" ciesare gratis, when thw ah- CARDIGANSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION^ or in. the mean time by PRIVATE CONTRACT* At the TAtnoT-iNNs in the town of ABETIYSxwiTn,in the said:couii!y, on Monday, April 23, 180-1, between the hoiirs of three and live o'clock in the afternoon, subject tM such coiidi-ions ot sale as shall be then and there produced, •^jp-ilE lyliowing FPtfeEHGLD A1ESSUAGES, Mil>L, LANDS, TENEMENTS, and HERE- JL DITAMENTS, together, or in the lots after-mentioned- parishes. Tenements artd Premises, Tenants. Observations. .LOT I. A. B. ip. e. d Duties, 12 hens and 60 eggs. Llanbadarn v Crovddin ~i A lease for 21 year»r of AXD >Troedrhiwkeir 197 0 0 John Thomas.. 25- 0 0 which 11 were unexpired- IJanfihaiigei y Crovddin ) at Michaelmas last. .LOT I. A. B. ip. e. d Duties, 12 hens and 60 eggs. Llanbadarn v Crovddin ~i A lease for 21 year»r of AXD >Troedrhiwkeir 197 0 0 John Thomas.. 25- 0 0 which 11 were unexpired- IJanfihaiigei y Crovddin ) at Michaelmas last. N. B., The above Tenement has 46 Acres of Woodhmd upou it, situated in the neighbourhood of Lead Mima, and it is known there are several Veins of Lead Ore running through this lot in various directions, r 1 II. I C A' House and several Llansaintfrea4 < Slangs of Land 011 > 0 0 0 Thos. Phillips.. 10 0. 0 At will. • I Morfii Esgob. 3 LOT III; MaespwynneMill andse- n n f) n T n n At will, and the Mill is well- veral Slangs of Land. 0 0 0 D. Jones. 16 0 0 iictusk>m(,d- LOT iv. Duties, 10 fat hens, 40 eggs, Havod-Peris. 150 0 0 I' Morgan Evan 33 0 0 and 2 fat geese. A lease lor three lives all in being. LOT V. Llanbadarn-odin Kefn-Brechfa 21300 RcesWiHiam. 0 0 At-will. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further particulars apply to Herbert Lloyd, of Carmarthen, Attorney. GLAMORGANSHIRE. To COPPER n'OB[(S' PROPRIETORS, and Others. TO BE SOLD, •A FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of about ■xTL;.450-. Acres, lying together, about one mile and a,.half of which abutts on a capital Navigable River, where Vessels of 200 Tons burthen and upwards can take in their loading. Under the greatest part, of these Premises there are excel- lent Veins of Coal,of the first quality, as well as Iron Ore and Stone-Quarries. For partieulars enquire of Mr. William Grove, Swansea; or Mr. Edward Martin, at Morriston. PEMBROKESHIRE. TO BE SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause, Shaw against Tayter, before John Campbell, Esq. one of the Masters-of the said Court, at the Public Sale RoMb of the said Court, situate in Southaiupton- buiktings. Chancery-lane, Lortdon, the latter end of April !■ or'beginning of May next, FREEHOLD ESTATE and reputed Manor jLJL lale of Jo«FPif Ro w>rsbN, Esq. de'c.eas<?d, called Bel- mont,pr Wiiliamston^Wcst, situate near I f ave-rfofdwest, in the county of Pomhrflke, coiisiwting of severe-Farm-Houses and aboum32 Acres of Land. Particulars to be had (gratis) at the said Master's Oniee, in Southampton-buildings aforesaid; and of Mr. Walton, Girdler's-Hall, Basinghall-street, London. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the sign of the SIIIP, in the borough of LLOUGIIOR., on Monday, the 26th of March inst. ALL that MESSUAG E, TENEM EXT., and LANDS, called TIR CAE PEN Y COED, with the three adjoining COTTAGES and GARDENS, now let to Sir. Richard Bovner, and situate in the borough of Lioughor. The Lands abound with Coal, vvhich may be wronght hy level; and from their contigutty to Burry River, are pecu- liarly eligible for the erection of it Glass-House, or Smelt- ing Eurnaces. For particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. Thomas and Phillips, Swansea. County of the Borough of CARMARTHEN. SALE OF CORPORATION ESTATE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By SAMUEL THOMAS, At the Guildhall, in the said borough, on Monday, April lo. 1801, precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon, SEVERAL MESSUAGES, TENEMENTS, S LAN DS, HOUSES. COTTAGES, and GARDENS, the property of the said Corporation. Particulars are left with. ttic Mayor, Town-Clerk, Cham- berlain, Auctioneer, at the Ranks, and attheprincipit.t Inns in C armarthen, StClears, LauHharne,-Narberth, Pembroke, Tenby, Haverfordwest, Cardigan, Newcastle, Lampcier, Aberystwith,; Brecon, Llandovery, Landiio, Swansea, Lla- nelly, and Kidwelly. CAPITAL FAIDl, GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH-WALES. TO BE PERliMPTORII Y BOLD IfY AUCTION, By Messrs. SKIN N En, DYKE, and Co. On Thursday the 10th of Mav, at.twelve o'clock, at Garra- way's Coliee-House, 'Change-Alley, Cornhill, London, 9 — IN ONE 1.0 T, X VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, -L\ comprising the Ca]>ital, Extensive, and very Im- provable Farm, called BOVERTON, most eligibly situated in the Vale of Glamorganshire, in the parish of LLANTWIT-MAJOR, extending to the Bristol Channel, six miles from the maritet-town of Cow bridge, on the high mail-road to" Swansea, three miles from Atierihaw Harbour, and ftfteoi from-Cardiff; consisting-of 816 "Veres of fertile MEADOW, PASTURE,.and All"ABLE LAND, in convenient Inelosures, the greater part lying within a Ring-fence, and extremely productive; an old'MANSlON- HOUSE, Barns, Stabling, and other Outbuildings, now tu the possession of Messrs. Davis and Gale, verv responsible Tenants, whose Lease expired at Candlemas last, at a very low rent or only £ 620, per Annum. The Estate possesses many local advantages, is capable of the greatest: improvement,"abounds with excellent Lime- stone; and may, at a moderate expence, be made one of the first Farms in "the whole.Principality of Wales/ To be viewed, and printed particulars had, oftheTenants; also at the Bear, Cowbridge T. Jenkins,,Sv«insea Kirig's- Arms,.Carmarthen Angel, Cardiff; Beaufort-Arms, Mon- mouth; Mr. Rudhali, Printer, Bristol Mr. Vvaiker, Prin- ter, Glocester; óÎ T. Lewis, Esq. No. 6. (jray's-Inn-sijuare, London; at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Skniner, Dyke, and Co. Aldersgate-street, London. C I OLLN from out ot' the Stable at MIDDLE- S.V.RNSFJEI.J), in the parish of Weobiv, jn the county of Hereford, on Tuesday, the 6th of March, 1804, A;CHESNTJT-CO"Lb;UIlED BLOOD MARE, rising live, y ears old, about nmrtecn hands .and an inch high, A;CHESNTJT-CO"Lb;UIlED BLOOD MARE, rising live, y ears old, about nmrtecn hands and an inch high, has. :tsmafl ;nbits blaze down the face, the.near leg; before atid-thoright leg behind whire,<)ioured mane and tail, has had a hurt .upon, the shapes which appears very small, carries a remarkable, good 'tail, but never vats nicked. Whoever will apprehend the offender or offenders, so t hat, hr or they may be brought to justice, and convicted thereof, shall receive a reward- of FlYE GU 1'N FAS, over and above-t\ hat is allowed by Act of .Parliament, on applyiii" to ■Mr, Beavai:, Middlv%3ura$(ielU alwesaid. ° above-t\ hat is by Act of Pariiameut; on applyiii" to ■Mr, Beavai:, Middlv%3ura$(ielU alwesaid. ° TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, I By Order of the Honourable .Covimissionen rf his Majesty's Customs, .On Friday March 30,1801, on Carmarthen Qua\, SEVENTY-ONE DEALS, from-10 to 20 feet long, 3 SPARS, and 3 DEAL ENDS.. And at Lianelly, the 31st, a BOAT, Id Pieces of ALA- BASTER, and, 223 POLES, from 4 to 6 feet Ion. The Goods may be viewed by applying to Mr. David Thomas, at Carmarthen Custom-house cr Collector and Comptroller. .GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED tTPON THE FIRST DAY OF MAY, 1804, THAT old and well-accustomed SHOP, to- JL gether with the good HOUSE, AVhere.-Mir. WM. FLEW carried 011 the MERCERY BUSINESS, ac. for many years, situate in the Markct-ptacf of the nnjeh-improved town of BRIDGEND, complete .i;t fixtures, with two hatrid-, some bow-windows in from. This Shop is worthy of the attention, arid is an excellent opening for a_voting man to make it handsome livelihood, ■who-has a small capiUfct, and a little knowledge of I]¡t:Shüp- keepingJuiiaiuess: and would not now be tolw. ld.hut fh., bad health of the present tenant obliges him to decline business., For further particulars apply to Mr. William Flew. NEWTON NOTFAGeTciImOHGANSUlRil TO BE LET, AND TNTERED UJ'ON THE 1ST Of MAY NEXT, AWeJl-established and commodious PUBLIC- HOt'SlC and GARDEN, with a large convenient Malt-house, Stable, and Two small Cottages adjoining. The whole of the Premises are in excellent'repair.. Also, Three Acres of exceeding: good I'AS1 u RE LAND, situate in the pleasant and'healthyvillage of .Now tun Nottage. For further particulars apply to Mr. Marineju, P.ylc ;or Mr. David. Jones, on'the Premises. •! POSTING REDUC/J. TIIT'E, the undersigned IXKK.KETKUS, have TV "mutuailv agreed to REDUCE,from this date, the PJUCE of POSTING from FIFTEEN to FOURTEEN -PENCE per Mile. As witness our hands the Hth day of March, lfJOl. LLV\'IS ROJ'EiA, Mackworth-Arms,Swansea. WM, .TONES, Bush-inn, ditto. MICHAEL COLE, Lianon.. ■FRANCIS YOU NrG, Slnp and Castle, Neath. WM. MORGAN, Noath-Arm*. The following Articles are sold by T. JENKINS, Printer, Swansea, and one Vender in every Tow n BEAUTY AND CLEAN LIN Ess. AM BOYNA M O U T It P O W D E R and LOTION. A GENTLEMAN offers the only Drug yet discovered, that instantly destroys the Scurvy, heais the Gums, makes them and the lips of a healthful red, fastens, whitens, and preserves the/Teeth, and makes the Breath sweet. It is the produce, of a far forei<m country, never imported but by the proprietor; and the first gentlemen of the faculty wlio use it, declare if a fine stomachic and bracer, and tor safety proper for an infant. It eradicates the- foulness the mouttt is subject to, from diet, or a disordered, stomach, by its p.urjfyiiia,. and balsamic qualities.-—-Fortune ruayprocurlé luxuries, but they cannot be enjoyed without. ;¡ood Tetth,'Gums, and a sweet-Breath and next to good Health, good. Teeth are the greatest ornament, comfÓ¡\ and blessing. The proprietor is a gentleman of' fortune, and .will forfeit 10001. to any lady or gentleman who use? tl. Drug as he directs, if the Teeth acli, or a Tooth decays. Ask for the Ambvyna Mouth, price 2s. 6d. per box. Amboi/na Lotion, 4s. 6-j. duty included. I N. B, Amboyna Lotfon (prepared from the Drug) for decayed Gums, and Teeth* that cures and- prevents Gum- boils, fccc. &:c. Suitable brushes, warranted. For COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMAS, CHURCH'S COUCH DHOl'S, Prepared only by Shaw and .Edwards, IiC, St. Paul's Church-yard,_ London, who having purchased the Recipes of Mrs. E. Church, are alone authorized to prepare and sell iiii Church's Medicines. These Cough Drops have cured more Colds, Cough?., and Asthmas, the. last ten yeftrs, than any medicine ever pub- lished, they invariably perform a cure with perfect < and in a much shorter time .than can be credited but by experience Coughs and Colds, however obstinate and long standing, are. speedily removed by gentle but insen- sible perspiration, they atfay that convulsive excitement, called tickling in the throat, the constant stimulus to coughing, and enable the afflicted to speak and breathe freely. • Asthmatic persons have been cured by this medicine, after suffering and'struggling seven or fourteen years with an enemy that frequently threatened sudbcation. Witness Mr. N. Langworthy's case, of EbOnezcr Chapel, Lincoln's- Inn Fieids, whose tpstimony is the strongest proof of its efficacy ever offered to the public in favour of any me- dicine, Disorders of the Breast and Lungs, Consumptive Aifec- tions, Qbatructiuns'in the Gt.tndf, .and Congealed Fhlegm, are w ith ease ami safety removed in fact, for all disorders of the Breast and Lungs, no medicine ever experienced so extensive a sale, or more pubhc approha!!on.-Prict;'on!y 2s'. per bottle-, or double the qinmtitv for 3s. Ud. Observe none can possioly be uemiine, unless the name of Shaw •and Edwards, (;6, 'St.Paul'sChurc}¡,Yi.lld, is en- graved on the stamp accoriipa'nying each bottle- C n I Mi LA 1 N s .—Church's Chilblain Qi>it,ne>it, price 1 s. 1,l.d. cures the worn Cm.blaiae wot n vttrv lisw apti^cttious- AN ENTIRE NEW AND ET.EOANT EDITION OF /The Rev. TIMOTHY PRIESTLEY'S EVANGELICAL FAMILY BIBLE, IN LARGE <UTAP.TC, Recomntended by a great number of Gospel Ministers, flear of udioso names vvill app«;4! "n first nuinl'er di On Saturday, March 21, W04, uill I,c pitllihcd, NUMHER I. price only Si XPENCE, Embellished with an elegant Frontispiece, representing the Wonderful Works of Almighty God ÍIi the of- his Creatures, beautifully engraved, (The succeeding Numbers to be continued regularly every week, till completed) of Ti-IE EVANGELICAL FAMILY BIBLE-, or, a complete PARAPHRASE, EXPOSITION, and COMMENTARY on the -HOLY SCRIPTURES. Contain- ing a new and beautiful edition of the whole Sacred Texts of the Old and New Testaments; printed 011 a large letter, in a style of elegance, upon fine wove paper; with copiow NOTES and ANNOTATIONS, Doctrinal, Critical, Historical, Spiritual, eutd-Experimental: wherein the mis-translations are corrected, the seeming con- tradictions reconciled; former errors rectified; the objec- I I() tions of Atheists, Deists, Arians, Socinians, and Free-thinkers, answered the most difficult passages fully explained; and the sacred writings displayed and rendered plain to every capacity.'—Together with Practical Observations and Re- flections from the beginning of Genesis to the end of the Revelations. 0 Also, Scriptural References, and Illustrations of Pareliel Scriptures, Chronology, Cvc. to every Chapter, carefully ar- ranged and printed with the most diligent care and attention. To which will be added, A General Index or Concordance, Tables of Scripture Measures, Names, &e. and a compendious View of the prin- cipal Transactions and Events from Adam to the time of Christ. Comprising the principal substance of formerEvan- gelical Commentators Oil the BIBLE, ancient or modern: particularly Calvin, Luther, Owen, Goodwin, Poole, Henry, Gill, Guise, Trapp, Brown, Ilawes, 8-c. ,S-e, By the Rev. TTMOTHY'PRIESTLEY, Minister of the Gospel, London. PI.AN OF THIS WORK T. Every Number of this superb FA HH,V Bin I.E. itill con- tain, besides the elegant letter-press, bcautifull y printed on a. large new letter upon tine wove paper, one copper-plate, representing some striking scene in the sacred writings, neatly engraved. II: The first Number will serve as a specimen of the whole, and eau be returned if not approved*. III. Those SulmTibers who chuse to have their nnmes ap- pear to the work, are requested to scud Them by those who deliver the Numbers to the Publishers, and the list will be printed, and delivered gratis, at the concision of the work. IV. The quantity of" N umbers will be, aHlcar as can be at present ascertained, about 180, at onl v Sixpeuce. eacfh • >• ihe Aplocrapha wilt be pTinte^ uniform,with the Old aDd NcvrTOstamenfs, and mav"had with the Bible, or not, at the office of the Subscribers. ,l'he circumstance of there having been upwards of Hve Ihmistind Copies sold of the former edit ion, encourages the Author and Proprietors now to engage in this new edi- non, in Jarge quarto: a. size ) cconnueuded by numerous friends, as much more conveniont than the folio, and which edition, they pledge themselves, the public will find exe- cuted with respect to paper, print, and embellishments, in a manner far superior to any .Family Bible everv m inted in this kingdom. J T. PRIESVLEY. Proposals, in which is given a specimen of the largeness and beauty- of the Type, cast on purpose for this work, ruay be had of the Booksellers and Newsmen, gratis. Mir* The 1'ublic are requested to be particular in order- ing The Rev. lir. I'rkstkfs Family Bible. London: printed for Hogg and Co. Paternoster-row and sold by Mrs. Oakev, Swansea': .Mr. Bird, Cardiff; Mr. Walters, (Jowbridsre; Air. Daniel-, Carmarthen: Mr.'Grif- iiths, Tenby; Mr. Wilmot, Pembroke; Mr. Potter, Ha- verfordu and by ail Booksellers in the United Kingdom. Fur BRLUSLS, SPRAINS, RUEUMATJSMS,$c. DR. STEERS's OPODELDOC. CAU I ION.—On the outside or the wrapper on each bottle of the real Medicine a Stamp is lived, in which is engraved, F. Newheri/, No. 45, St. Paul's;" and oterthe cork 01 the bottle a Label is pasted, with these words, Dr. Steers's Opodeldoc, jri-epmed by F. Ncwben/ All those which are sold without II1(;c designations are gross counterfeits. The public are requested to attend to this caution, in con- sequence of an imposition which has been practised by cer- tain Venders of Medicine, who, under cover of a connection in trade with Mr. Newbery's house," have not only, sold in London, but, by'travelling round the country, have cfis.-e- minated through the retail dealers in all parts of the king- dom, large 'quantities of a spurious preparation of this Opo- deldoc; in the, bills of directions ot which thenameKofDr. Steers, of Chariug-eross, and Mr. Newbery, of St. Paul's Church-yard, are made use of, in order the more completely to deceive unwary purchasers. The genuine Opodetdoc is prepared and sold only by F. Newbery and Sons,- No. 4.5, St. Paul's, On the Coach-way, a iew doors from Cheapside, Loudon, in bottles, price 2s. 6d. each, duty inchxtcd; sold also by T. Jenkins, Printer 01 this Paper; and by those Venders'in the country whu otfer the real Medicine under its appropriate Stamp. Of the Printer of this Paper may also be had, gamine, from Mr. N ew hery's warehouse, • Dr. JAMES'S POWDER. -————-— ANALEPTIC PILLS. PECTORAL ESSENCE FOOT. PAREGORIC LOZENGES. TO TIIE Ft OF PRO PR I !/F-\Ri' M E DIC IN ES. F NEWBERY and SONS, of St. Paul's o L'hurch-yaid, Loncion, Proprijitors of Dr. Jame>'s Pouder, Dr. /ames's Analeptic Pills, J)"r. Steers's Opo- dcldoc, Dr. Austin's Coalybeute Pitis, Daibv's Carmina- tive, the Cordial Cephalic Smut, rite Essence*of' t.'oitsfoot, and a variety of other Articles of Repine, having dis- qovered that sundry Medicine Dealer.- IIi London have, bv travelling themselves, or by means ot. Riders and Ha-wkers, disseminated tlirough the Kingdom large qr unities ot p rious.Preparations,; ill the bilis ofcftrfctior.s oi which the names of Mr. Newbery and the other Proprietors are made use oi; and have, under cover of a connection in business with ins House, prevailed upon many unsuspecting Shop- keepers vo sell such counterfeited Medicines, he thinks ir proper to warn the retail Venders against such dishonoura- ble traiiic and to inform them, that by continuing to be he agents of such artiul traders, tiiey -render themselves liable to a prosecution tor a fraud upon the purchasers, as well as upon the Proprietors of the Medicine. In order to comneract such impostures, and that the Country Vender may he reguhtriy supplied with the genu- ine Articles, AIe»sr#JVe.wbery -and Sons intend to employ Travellers to VIsit dlC"rcllt parts of the Kingdom: and in the luean time, ttioae persons who may be inclined to open accounts with them, may be furnished upon liberal terms, by applying as above. I N. B. As the of the. Stamp-office have accommodated the proprietors of medicines with separate plate-, .in whicli their names -are. isnu'-rted, Yer: few medi- .CIUHI articles of csn^eoixence are nowsoJd 'without such siaHnps, so that the retail V ender, by observing whether'tliej names of the .proprietors be printed-ot- nor -in the stiimps, ¡ in iy a certain the auths-nticii y 01 the medicines :-purchasers also, oy the same ai tent ion, will be enabled to detect anv i-ij^osiuon ,jui»v.eiliie; L*e„practis.ed;c'f-tteu»pted. HTMF.'S HISTOHV OF ENO LAND. Smot.I.^TT'S COVTTVCA- 'i io1. AND .» ]J isxDRY or THE ftp.t-ivor GSonoi: 3c, r»1.nikd' r>y B £ v;i.r,y, with 160 ESORAvixcs 0u I liicii-zroN-'s Brs'ics-s; t This Day i* pnblUheJ? ? Emb<»ni?.heil w ¡t)/;36 En'/ravii»gs on Copper !t:1d Weed, ¡ YOU. ME I. to if. coutniiu'.t# '4 N"iab«rs, Price 1 i! 1k..H<.i. .1 <»», .»k»yui I'-per price li. 4j. each, in Boards T And also NUMBER I. -ft) XXIV. lo be continued weekly,"Dace >a«fe, on a fine d-ny paper, ana hotrp^'sseti, \\TALLIb's -priiamented edition of HUMT/s T T IflSlORy of ENGLAND, from tht; 'Invasi-p f id 111s Ca'sar to the Ilevolution in With i}v> C.J;IU- ruifi'ion by SmoJiett; and a History 01 the Fieign of the 3d, to the end (;£"1130:> London published by James Wallis. No. PdternGs* .-r- row; sold ■also by Mrs. Oakev, Swansea: ?<j. :vrdi C Mr. Wallers, Co\ilu-idge; Mr. DanieX 't! M;-» Griffiths, Tenby Mr. Wilmot, Peinbioke &. ?j- i- verfordwest; and evyry Bookseller, SUtiOiier, f, filaii, in England, Scotmnd, Irefaud> and Anna "i V ol- V. beautifully embellished, will be v. :c.t early in April.. 4 BARCLAY'S ASTHMATIC CANDY. THIS warm and pleasant Lozenge has fur many years been found a most etfectaafpreservitivs from the bad effects of FOGS and DAMP AIK, wh o'' -t this season of the year arc so prejudicial to t^ >s > «• affected with ASTHMATIC COUGHS and S'fi'Mf s> ^5- of BREATH. Its effects are to espel witul: to rico-od tbe, stomach fron) the admission of damps, aud to relieve tliosu who suffer from diilicuitv of breathing. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail only, by Bsrclat and Son,No. 95. Fieet-Market; and retail, by'tiieir appomt- nlent, by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; J, Bird* Car- diff; W. M. Davis, Mertiiyr-Tidvii; J. Daniel, Carmar- then; J. Putter, Haverfordwest WUmot, Pembroke; and most Venders of Medicines in the kingdom. ,B LIt observe, none can poa-si&ly lie•geimiiw, unless tha label affixed to each box is signed hired ink b v Barciav and Son, and muchdanger may aÙsefrom neglect of this eaatroi! MiVKK-l-'Ali.tNC GCRE, tOR THE ITCii IN ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION: TO those afflicted with the abcs~e disorder, JL BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT is recom- mended as a saté, speedy, and effectual reined v. This Oint- ment has been, in general use for.upward offft.Y.ears, with- out as ingle instance 'of its having failed to cure the most in- veterate cases. It does not contain liie.siiiallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. Titc public are requeued fo-obsel vB,. that" none can pos- sibly be genuine unless signed by the proprietors, Barclay- and SOli, aud'great dangecway .arise from the uc^fect of tins f n ur wu. Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Son, (the only successors to Jackson and CoT) No. 9o, Fleet-Market, .Lon- don, price Is. 9d. duty included and ov their aprlbint- nient, by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paoer; J. Gh i! Car* dilf; M. Davis, Meftiiyi-Tidvil; j., Dantti, C u niar- tlicn J. Potter, Haverfordwest; Wilmot, Pembroke- and most Venders of Medicines in the kingdom. BEAUTY, HEALTH, and a GOOD SET of TEETH, Easily to be obtained by usiug of NEWTON's RESTORATIVE TOOTH POWDER, Ihuronized and used by Their Majesties and the rest of the Royal EumUy^ And Sold by T. ,IESKL\t:, Printer, Swansea, \,T R. NEW! ON has the honour to acquaint -ITJL the Nobility, (ieiitry, aiui die Ladies'-in general of Swansea, and tiic .south 01 Wales, that being iioaoure-i with the patronage aud support of Their Majesties, and tin> rest of the Royal Fitmsly, um Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and his Lady, as well as by most:'of .the 'distinguished Nobility aud Gentry in the united Kingdom, and bein» perfectly sensible of the^ many obligations he is under to iihe most eminent of the faculty, in not only using but in 'recommending generally the use. of hi.s iooth Powoer, begs leave, in tile most earnest maimer,, to return his sin- cere thanks to theih and though he is .surrounded by the- most consummate empirics, (forcing their dangerous nos- trums for the Teeth, See. to be nnrculated through tfie kingdom by the most false and audacious adrta-tiseuientsj- begs leave, III the most earnest manner, to caution thtf public against becoming the dupes, of such unprincipled ar- tifices, and to assure- them that-lie still continues to supply his numerous Venders with his Tooth Powde genuine, through his only wholesale Agents, Messrs. and Edwards, .0. (j,), St. Paul's Church-yard, London, pre- pared from the only Recipe of that great and learned physician, the lute Sir Richard Jebb, M. J). to their pre- sent Majesties, It is as pleasant in its use as it i- excehenf in its effects. it speedriy renders the Teeth smooth au;t whjte tile gums healthful and firm; eradicate-, the most inveterate scurvy ill thc gums and hy visinir it regularly, accordillg to tile printed directions sealed-round each box. Mr. Newton," the only proprietor, will forfeit one thousand pounds, if ever an instance occurs ofuny person ha vine thc Toothnch, or a Tooth decay, to the latest jienod of iite. Mr. Newton hopes by inserting tine iijlluwiug Letter of a- gcntleman, well know n in Swansea cttid its 'vicinit v, v. ill. Pf'fy uli«ri«r demonstration of the superior ellicacv of* Ill" Tooth Powder :—• Sir AVatkin Levies has received a box.of Mr. Newton's Tooth Powder, which was sent him yesterday, being 11)1)4t dreadfully afflicted''with the Tooth-ach it i-.ubrded him al- most instant relief. He was about sending IIi" servaut for auolher, when iliai (in ca-:s of a return ) as he thinks it the must valuable mcdtcine mr lie ever experienced. The rebel'Sir VV. J,;¡5 received, has induced him to send Mr. Newtou one •aine'a. which he desires Mr. Newton will do him the favour ti»' accept, and shall-ieei bunselt particularly happy in leeoiu- mcnding ttii to make use- of it "for tne'f'uture G,xt;ii-streei, Cieoiceitor-squure, jJcc. it?t!i, 186.5." To Mr. Newton, Great RusselUtreet, Bedford-square." Also, ibrthe Face and Skin, is particularly recommended* NEWTON's ROYAL SWEET-SCENTED LUPIN SOAP. the only article at present known to make aud preserve beautirul skin prevents the hand, and face iwm rfiappimr in cold weather; in hot weather it removesafi trecides, sun- buins, aud tans is particularly- recomiuended for 'ceutic-. men to shave with who have tender luces. Also, ° Neu-toii's Warranted Tooth Brushes, made, purposely to use with his Tooth Ponder. The arCat complaint of connnot) tooUt brushes is, that thev a-e so hadiy manuiacfured, that in a ffw, tittles usin" the hair- all become loose, as well as very dangerous to u<e.~Mr. Newton warrants all his Tooth Brushes. All the above articles are sold genuine, wholesale onlv, by Messrs. Snaw and Edwards, No. 66, :-5,t. Paul"- Chinc7!- vard, London anclretaiI by T. Jenkins, at t4ie Cambrian Printing-omee.; and Mr. Ftexman, Swansea; J. Bird. Cariliif M. Davis, -Mer-tiitr Tidvfl; j. Daniei, Car- marthen J. Putter, Haverfordwest; J. Roden, Denbigh Uwed, V\ eichpool; Mrs. Tye, Wrexham; Gnllith-, Ludlow ■ Salter, Os"w estry Griffiths, Bishop's Castle • -Aiien, Here- ford C. JoHe.-Xiloce-ter AV. Pine'. Bristol; .aud Dr'c-.eW Medicine Vender aud I'eifumer in ever; 'town* in the United Kingdom, at lite foliowisii prices :— i'or, der L's. 9d. per box. Tooth Brushes js. each,' R.oyal Lupin Soap -Is: ea,j,ii'sUHwe.' to ask for NewionN 'tooth' i-6-wder. w-ar- i'y^ih ili'Hi»hv's, and iiis. Royui Lupin ^t'ay.