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SWANSBA. AT a numerous and respectable MEETING °#he, HABITANTS of the To^Vnaud Neighbour- hood ot SWANSEA, holden at the BUSH-INN~, in the paid lawn, to on Monday, the gfithday ot March, 1804, to consider of the. propriety of petitioning Parliament to R P.J FEET' the Ri i;M> f^r making a, C A M AT, from Swansea to.Oystermouth,. and for uuprovim; the HARBOUR of Swansea,- or to procure the insertion of such PROVISIONS and RESTRICTIONS as .shall be £ xg$«ttent, to prevent injury oeing tlvue to Swansea «nd its NeigWWtwhoO'd, or the Trade thereof;— COL. WARDE being c^ll.ed.uopn, consented to take the Chair, having previously dec'lared. he: tell himself bound in honour to take no part as to the intended Canal: R.KSOL.VKD That a Committee be appoiuted.tO frame such a Pétition, 83:shall- be thought-by them expedient, for the purpose of preventing -any/goods,^ or other things, to be carried along the Oystermouth Canal or Dram-Roads, from bein« shipped any where -but within the pier at Swansea and for the par- pose of prev<#itmg-ahy goods,- or other things, unshipped at the Mumbles, or between that place and the pier at Swan- sea, from being carried along tlie projected Canal or Dram- Roads and tor the purpose of preventing the ground along the west bank of the river, or the wharfs there, from being narrowed, intersected, or in any way aífectedso as to in- icolivel,lience. the trade of the Port. RESOI/VED, That the following gentlemen be the Committee; (who have accordingly accepted the office) and that any three of them, be competent to act Afr. Hnynes, Hfr. Smith;. Mr. Mi erg, Mr. Williams, (Signed) Thos. Powell, ,n Cha. Smith, F. Gough; II'. Jones, John Places John Jones, Rees Williams, J. N Micrs, Charles Ncvill,. D. Davies, Lcuns W. Dillwynj- R. G. Mthreif, IF Givyn, IVm. G-rmiow, Geo-. Hiiiput, Mr. J. Jones, Mr. Nivi.ll, h1?'. R. G. Aubrey, Rowland Prichard, EAw. Hawkins, jurti 'i Mich. J. Neinli,' John Charles Collins, D, Sanders,, -L Geo: Rxissetf, Recs Jones, John-Sanders, Rd. Jours, Rob. Eaton, Thos. $hCIISbî¡:, Itich. Jenkhis, Elius Jenkins, Silranus PadlcU, IF. Tartan. U<£SGT.VEDU NANIJltOU gI.:Y, That a "Committee be appointed to collect such facts as shall be judgdlnecessary to lay before CA PT. HUDDABT, for the purpose of procuring his final opinion respecting the Propriety of proceeding with the works'he has already^ re- commended, ot any other works he may jud^e proper for the Improvement of the Harbour, and of laying an addi- tional tax for their completion; and that if he .shall judge '*his expedient1, then that, the ,Committee should take such measures for arrangmg the provisions of the proposed Act Parliament, as shall be most beneficial to the of the Port; and that the Committee berequested to frame a Petition to be presented to Parliament for attaining these ends; and that the Committee be also requested to take such measures as they shall, judge proper; for procuring Capt. Huddart's opinion. rksoi.VF.D. That tlie under-mentioned 'gentlemen be the Committee, (who have accordingly accepted the office) and that any three ot 'ti\eiQ,b« cuiiip.eVQttt to' apt-2-. ■ JlJr. John.Jones?. "Nr. Smith, Nr.Wm.Jone! Mr. XcviilK (Sigtied)' J ohn-j.<im>s, Chao Smith. U, III,. Jo""i Charles Ncvill,. -;■-■; Geo., Hstynes,- Lewis W. Ed'lwyn, r 1&. G.iAuhtey,. IF. Turton, Thosv; Powell, Ft (jQUgij, < John Ciuis. Collin?, D, SqndeTs, John Sanders». Gcfe Rwseil, Mr. H,¡yncs, Air. Diuwyn, Mrr. iRi G, Aubrey^ Rob. Eaton, Rees Witiiams* JoTribPlncc, Wm. Gtoyn-, Rca Jones, lidtv. HumkmSyjuitu, Rich, J. Nevili, Rd. Jones, Rich: J cnkim;, l i'ui. Grohowj Eiias Jenkins, Silvanus Padley, J. N. Mien, ltESQI.VET>, That.theabove Resolutions be ptililisbed-in-the CAM- MORSING-POST, and STjfm Newtpitpers. • GEO. WAR-DE:, Chairman. CqL. "WARDE having left the Cha«i.aud Mr. SM.ITH hav- MgtMenthesamc. KESOI.VED UNANIMOUSLY, 1 nat ihe Thanks of this Meeting be given to COL. WAKHE tor his able and impartial conduct this day. UHA: SMITH. TO PKOPiaETOaS of COPPER WOHKS, COLLIERIES, E8SRS; ] fOMFRAY, TAPPKNDENS,. A -Iail<^ having established air IRON WORK at ABERN A N'T, neai Mh.rthy*-1 ipvtr,, Glamorganshire,' «cg tp inform -tlie Public, that th<icNa^ pn pared to and-jit up STE VM T.NGlMb ipou Mi iuvethick's and B(>ul,tor»■ and att s plan, or ^wjiiKw oNanv description' «ct'ordiiig to order. Likewise all sorts ot -CASTINGS -for- Collieries, Coi'Pli-Tt. Or i\l|NIH- 0I?KS, Mr". JAaiES BIKCII, tlio in;<ria-'inc; partner, (being an xperieiiccd J jiignieer) riatters himself"that, from the .situa- t'on ot the concern; he shaH be able to execute orders for iiugines and Castings of every d.eseriprioh,' in as good a wmmer and upon as reasonable terms as anv woricjii the" f rincipalii:y,.tak'mg care to use Mdtsl of a quality accord- lI1g; to (,he wodc tkc: Casting is to-perform. I'BKSENX PRICES Cylinders, bored ■ • 1 r Pistons and Bottoms turned i'-rt'' Working Barrels Vy ^8. per ton. All bored and turned good's } Clack. Door-pieces, bored in the clack seat 2l ditto. 13 uck ct Door-pieces 1 B ditto. Bevel.and.Brunch Piues 17 ditto. T'Ja n Pipes above six inches diameter 16 ditto. Witto above two inches and under six 17 dittg. Rails and Dram Plates v.. 9. ditto. Large Waggon-wheels and Sheevers :iy ditto. Small ditto 13 ditto." v erysman ditto 14 ditto. Brasses jr, 16 ditto. Abernant CTon-Works, March 1,1804. FOGS an 4 ,1JAUIJ AIR. Barclays asthmatic candy lias for many yea-re been proved a'inost-eft'ectual.preser-1 dative from the ill effects of FOGS and DAMP AIR, which •it this season of the vear are. so-prcpl'dicia to those who are afti'cted with ASTIl^I ATIC CO U G US and SHORTN ESS Of-BREATH. Its elects :tre to expel wind. to.dgjend the stomach from.thc admission of damps, and to relieve those ■bo sutler froin diiffculty of breathing.- Prepared and sold.'wtio'lcsa-le and- retail onty, by Barely and :Son,No.9), FleetrMarkct and retail, by their appoint- "H-nt, by ,T. Jenkin.<, Printer of this Paper; J. Bird, Car- ^b)i; W: M. Davis» Morthyr-'J'idviJ.; J. Paniel, Carmar- then; J. Potter, Hav.erl'ord\yest; \Vilmor, Pembroke; and fciost Venders of Medicines in the kingdom. *V* But.obsevve, none can possibly be genuine, unlessthe fahel.aiBxed to each-box is signed in r&l ink bv Barclay .and audaiittcli dauber aiay-Arisy freEaiiegle,ct of-this caution,-i 500. WANTED immediately, the Sum of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS on Freehold SECURITY. Apply to Ivir. George Franais; Linen-draper, Bridgend, 'Glaniorganshire. GLAMORGANSHIRE. ANTED inhnediateiy, from FIVE to VV TEN THOUSAND POUNDS, on a FREEHOLD iESTATE; in the said county. The Interest will be paid ihalfcyearly by the Agent at a Banker's in London., For particulars apply to Messrs. Wood, Cardi.ff. -7 WANTED immediately, a smart you tig LAD of Genteel Family, about fourteen or fifteen years of age, as an APPRENTICE to aPRUGG IST, OIL and COLOXJRMAN.—A Premium will be required. Apply to David Hughes, Druggist, Cardiff. r GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO COAL AGENTS. WANTED, to, superintend and direct the COAL and IRQV-STO^fc MINES' of-a consi- derable'IROK-WORK 111 this County, a PERSON who, with a thorough knowledge of his business, must possess sullicient spirit to maintain liis consequence with the work- men,. and bring with him a oharacfcr for honesty and so- briety that will bear rnqfiiry. Such a person, by applying jto the Printer, will "hear of a desirable place, to which an adequate salary will be attached. ri —■* J SWANSEA, Mrfreh 27, 1804. ''TWO.SJE Gentlemen who are Friends to the .S'lF.Ar- r SEA RACES, arc infpr-aied'th'at'u MEETiNO-u-i/ held at theTEiuty-llousE, on TLESDAV, the Qd of At'iUL next, to fix the PLAJ'ESy^c. | 'DIV^ER at Four o'Clock, at 3s. each, ROBERT Esq: ) cv JOHN MORRIS, Jdn., lisq. Mex<irds<: -C D, POSTING REDUCED. WE, the undersigned InVKrEPEits, have mutually agreed to REDTTf liom this date, the 'PRICE of POSTIN-G iVwm FI1 iJ J to;EOURTEE:V i jPENCE per Mile. As witness our hands the P,th daj^bf March, 1804. I LEWIS ROTELY, JMackwortli-AriusvSwangea. WM. JOX]-:S. Hush-inn, ditto. MICIIA EL COLE, ,'j FRANCM-YOUNG, Ship and Castle, Xeath. WM: MORGAN, Neath-Arms. EDUCATION. 11 A'/EE's BOARDING-SCHOO L. SWJNSKJ, FOR TWELVE YOUNG GEXTLEMEti, W'!IO MAY BE INSTRUCTED IN "ENGLISH GRAMMAR, WRITING, STENOGRAPHY, jMERCHANTS'"ACCOMPli'S, atATHEMATICS in ge- 'neral, USE of the. GLOBES, GEOGRAPHY, ASTltO- tNOM¥, DRAWING; ALGEBRA, 6CC. TEipi^ ,yf |> s Ticcniy^woGuincas^er Aun.—EJitraHce, One Guinea. NAVIGATION, with Lunar Observations, tkc, Thne ■Guineas. ? A:FREKCiiMAf5TEit-isengaged,andaDAj.rciNG-MA3TER ¡will, regnlarly,.attiCnd the.Sch.oo). LAND accurately Surveyed a^id neatly Mapped, on ino- jderate terms. | G; HAZEL gratefully acknowledges the encouragement jhe has already, received, and hopes,by persevering in his attention io tfie-Morals and Improvement of hix Pupils, to perit future support. Swan«ut,-Mavch- i'0,18ftk i STONE-COAL^, A,ND'.Sl'ONEj,.COAL CULM. fTPHE Public are respcGtlully informed, that X. ARTHUR'arid HOCKIN; have just OPENED a VEIN»of- most excellent STONE- COALS, ilild, STONE-COAL CULM, which they sell on moderate terms.. iVm-iiur and-HOCK IN have also a large quantity of very good CULM for BURNING LIME, which, ihev sell on jutich lower terms than the Ston.e-Cofil Citlm, notwithstand- ing it-'isciqaali'in'! quality-to a sort o t Culm shipped in this Port, under the name of Best .Culm; as-a proot or-this as- sertioll, thc Lime-Bitrners of SWanse^ 'tisi; it in preference to any other. ARTHUR and llocKiN give the.mpst money for good Ballast Li me.stones.- Swansea, March 14,,18Q4. TIMBER AMD J)EA(.~V.HW, SWANSEA. THOMAS and EASCBLLES EMBRACE the-earliest opportunity of in- forming their Friends and the Public, that they have just imported into the I'ort.s'ofSw.vN.sKA a,id Cati d i FF, seve- ral lartre cargoes of 'PRl'M 1/1>AIT 1 ^K"TIMBER' 1>E\LS, FOREIGN BAR IRO^ STOCKHOLM TAR, &e. &c. which they are determined to dispose of tenus as shall ensure approbation. LATHS-and LATHWrOOD .of all descriptions. Apply to Thomas Howell, Strand. KW WELLY DISTRICT Tt UM'JM TRUST. 1VTOTICE is hereby given, the Trustees J-V of the said Turnpike Trust, under '• Aii Act for 'con* tinning tlie term, and altering and eulnrirmg tlie powers of two Acts passed in the fifth and nineteenth years of the reign oi his present MajesU, lor repairing,- wideu- ing, and keeping in repair the several- R-oads .-in the County of Carmarthen, so far as relate to the. Kidwelly District of Roads," &c. will 1IH\(;[ at the house of Samuel Grilliths, ki Llandweilog, on Monday, the 9th day of April, next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,.in order to consult about erectipg a Tollrgate on; the side of, the. said Turnpike Road, at or near a' certain spot, .between \Cao yr-heoi and Cae-Bach,, across ace.tnii I lirhway there-lead- ing .to Llanelly. Dated this.iyrh da\; ot .March, J HO-1.. JOHN -I \C!A r.k.. v /•:J /■ A'i:.s.s c UR ED. JENKiNSQN, Stationer,- Huntingdon, lvl.. having beep requested toi;vend DR. TAYLOR's RIAIKDY for DEAFNESS, returned the.following answer to the- «v agent: Sir-—\ our letter of.the 11th December instant,1 was re- ceived. I have- to state to you, that; mv wife was taken with very great Deafness, a,ud that (>h t|u? recqnin^jKlation of Messrs. Dicey and Sutton's traveller, she received a bottle of Dr. Ttiylor's Remedy, and has perfectly recovered her hearing- at the age of (>C. W<• therefoie ♦ .111 hax e 110 objec.- jection to being the venders of so valuable a m«?<Ait'i-rae.- 'T amSir,.Cxc. J..lilNKINbON." Huntingdon, Dec. 17, IJjOSJ. Sold at 8s. 6d. a bottle, hy J. Drewry, Printei*, Stafford, f-he -wholesale Ageiit'; T, Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; J. Bird, Cardiff; W. M. Davis, Merthyr Tidvil; J. Dariiet, Carmarthen; J. Potter, Haverfordwest Wilinot, Pem- broke and in Loudon by Dicey and Sutton, Bbw Churchr yard'Barclay, Fleet-market Shaw and JOfi wards;' St: Raul's Chwch-yivrd ;• aud Chuig and* Bfetler, CheLipside. GLAMORGANSHIRE. » TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. JEN K IN S, •At Candlcstone, near Merthyrrnawr, on Mondayf the 23d of April, 1804, ALL tlie neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of Major-General HUDDLESTONE; consisting of a compleatset of maltogany dining-tables, with circular ends; sattin wood card, Pembroke, and other tables mahogany hair-bottom chairs; two handsome malioganysophas, witli covers, camp chairs and sophas, pier and swing-glasses, bed- steads and fCirniture, carpets, steel fenders and lire-irons, KITCHEN FURNITURE, and BREWING (JTENSlLi. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock, and the whole to be sold w ithoat reserve, as the proprietor is going to leave the country. TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Lamb-inn, (Jones's) In the town of Llandovery, on Saturday, the 7tli day of April next, between the hotirs of three and five in the afternoon, subject to such condi- tions of sale as shall be then and there produced, FOUR HUNDRED and NiNETY-tHREE OAK, and ONE HUNDRED and TIIIRTY-NINE ASH, marked with a Scribe, and now growing on the seve- ral Farms as-follows: OAK, ASH. GARNLWD 240 77 TYilBF.DW 16fj 53 LLWYN-NOYADD 85 9 The above FariiB are situate in the hamlet of Gvvinfe, withtitth<-parish of the cQanty of Carmarthen. I lie Oak are of a large size and fit for the Navy, Those growing Oil Garahvd and Tyrbedw are adjoining the TuTn- pike-roiHt leading to Llaridilo-layvr, and within three miles °* River Tow, and may be floated down to Carmarthen. For particulars apply to the R«v. Lewis Lewis, Gwinfe or to Thomas Michael, at Pont-ar-ieche, who will shew the r Timber. N. H. The Oak and Ash will be sold either together or in separate lots. County of the Borough of' CARMARTHEN. SALE OF CORPORATION ESTATE. TO BE SOLD HY AUCTION, By SAMUEL THOMAS, -Vt the. Guildhall, in the said borough, on Mondav, April 16, 1801,' precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon, "QEYJillAL; MESSUAGES, TENEMENTS, 0 LANDS, HOUSES, COTTAGES, and GARDENS, the property of the-said Corporation. Particulars are left with the Mayor, Town-Clerk; Cham- berlain, Auctioneer, at the Banks; and at the principal Inns m Carmarthen, St. Clears, Laogharee, Narbertli, Pembroke, lenby, Haverfordwest, Cardicjan, Ncwomtk, Iia«np«ter, Aberyst with Brecon, Llandovery, Landilo, Swansea, Lla- and rtrr~ CAPITAL FARM, GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH-WALES. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION; By Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE, and Co. On Thursday the 10th of Mav, aftwehe o'clock, at Garra-. way';s Coffee-l|ouse, /Chanp-^l^Ji ^^ilb London,! IN ONE. X.Of/' A., VALUABLE FREEIiOLp; ESTATE; coinprisiftg the Cajntal, Ext^SSive, and very Im- provable Farm, called- BOVERTON" mosteligibly'situated in the Vale of GiaTnprgansliire, in the parish of LLANTWTT-M.iJOR, extending to the Bristol Channel, sixiiuiles from the mafkeMown of Cow bridge, ori: ree'ull e3 roih ithe high .mail-road to Swansea, tti -1fA jliarbour, f»ud. fifteen from Cardiff; «diasistme.-of-«16 Acres of fertile MEADOW, PASTURE, "ARABLE. LAND, in convenient IneloSures, the greater part lying within a Ring-fetice, and extremely productiveold'MANSI'ON- HOUSEi BarrisV,"StablingJ and other Outbuildings, nOw in ihe posc^ssion -pf Messrs, Davis and Gale, very responsible Tenants, whose Leasts-expired at Candlemas last, at-, a. "Very low rent of only £ .620 per Annum. The Estate possesses many, local advantages, is capable of the greatest, improvement, abounds with excellent Lime- stone, and lhay, ai a moderate eXpenee, be made one.of the first Farmsi in the whble'Pnntipality-t>f AYales. I",e To be viewed, and printed particulars had, of the Tenants • alsO'at Ithe BearyGowbridg^; T. Jenkiils,Swansea Kino-'s- :rms"Carmarthen;Angd" CenUli'j Beaufort-Jb'iiis, Mon- mouth; Mr. Rudfia!}, Printer, Brisfoi; air. Walker, Prin- ter, Glocester; of T. Lewis, EsiJ- No. 6, Grav's-Inn-square, London at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Skinner', Dyke, and Co. Aldersgate-streot, London. CARMARTHENSHIRE. j TO BE LET, -ENTERED UPON /MHKDI .VTEI.Ty jit ihe ,FERRir SIDE, in the Parish of STr ISIIMAEL; 1 IN THE SAID COUNTY, A LARGE, COMMODIOUS, WELL-BUILT DW ELLING HOUSE; containing a large and elegant parlour, drawing-room, three bed-rooms, and kit- chen; with several conveniences thereunto belong ated in a pleasant situation for Sah-water Bathing, within »Uifc miles of the market town of Caimarllien, three miles of the market town■ ui\-Kidwelly, an excellent Turnpike • Road leading.-to those two market towns. There are aWo Boats going to and from Canuarthen once a day during the lummfir season.. There arc Fish'taKfen every day within sight of the house, to be purchased at a very moderate and cheap rate. A pleasant view up the Channel, vvlwro ships and vessels are continually sailing by irom London, Bristol, and otite.r ts with all kinds,of Mer- chandise" There isabo very pleasant walking on the hard sands by the seashore in.dry Weather. ALSO, To be Let, and Entered upon immediately, Situated as above, a -SMALLER'HOUSE.; containing a parlour, two bed-rooms, kitchen, and otlier conveniences. For further-partieuhirsrrfud view ot the Premises, enquire of Walter liorton, Esq. Town Clerk, Carmarthen, at tile Ferry Side, or at his Dllice, near the CIturch, Spilman-i. street, Carmarthen. TT: OST on. Monday or Tuesday last, either in JLzi the Town of Swansea,, or neat the Second Navigation Bridge 011,t'ne Morristown road, A BJ.ACK LEATHER*POCKET-BOOK, containing TEN S\VAL\-SKA GUINEA BILLS, and seve- ral Memorandums of no use but to the owner, Whoever has tound the same, and will bring it, with its contents, to Mr. Simpson, at the Fcrry-Hou-sc, Swansea, sldll have TWO GUINEAS REWARD. PURSUANT to a Decree of thcJ-Iigtl Court of Chancery, xnade in-.a Cause. MORlUS against WILLIAMS, the Creditors and Legatees of THOMAS WILLIAMS, late of TnELETniN, iii"ihe pansh of Saint .Davids, in tlie county of Pembroke, Esquire, deceased, are 1 i, to come and prove their several Debts, arid claim .riieir i;e-; 1 spective Legacies, before Francis.Paul Stratford,1^.4. one,! of Jhft Masters..of the .$aid Court, .at his Chambers, nt j-outfe. a[upton-baifdifig3,/Chariceryrl.ane, London; or in default thierwf jjii'bt e»flud9a thij beu«fovf .thi said DV'cr'e«: .r. ..„ CARDIGANSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, or in the mean time by PRIV'A'fEvj NTR.ACT, At tlieTAi-P.OT-iNN, in the > ABERYS-rwrni, in the said county, on Monday, Ape 1" t. between the hcu-a of three and live o'clock aiivi-.ioon, subject to sueh eor uitions ul* sale as shall IN U\en z-,a there produced- THE ibllowitig FREEHOLD M-KSS-UAOEt}r MII.L," LTA'N DS, TENEMENTS, au<i HERE- DITAMENTS, together, or in the lets after-mentioned: 1 Rarkhesi Tenements and Premise?:. Tenants. Observations. ■R, LOT i. A. K. p. OIF. s. d Duties, 12 hens and 60 ejrfS. Llanbadarn y Croydd.n V A lease for 21 vears^of r, Troedrhiwkeit 197 0 0 John Thomas,. !>5 0 0 which 11 were unexpired Llanfihangel y Croyddm J at Michaelmas last. Yt LOT i. A. K. p. OIF. s. d Duties, 12 hens and 60 ejrfS. LiaubadarnyCfoyddtn ) A lease for 21 years, of r, Troedrhiwkeit 197 0 0 John Thomas,. !>5 0 0 which 11 were unexpired Llanfihangel y Croyddm J at Michaelmas last. N.B. The above 'i'enemeut has 46 Acres of Woodland upon it, situated in the-neighbourhood of Lfcad Mines, audit is knowH there are -several V eins ot Lead Ore running through this lot in various -directious* LOT N. • | (A House and sCveraHj Haasaintfread ] Slangs of Land 011 [■' 0 0 0 Thos. Phillips.. 10 0 0 At will; C Morla Estrob. ) I.OT III. V »»' D.Jo« o o MMuweH^ LI«VOD-PCIIS ISO 0 0 Morgan E\-an 33 0 0 three lives all in being, I.0T v. a Llanbadarn-odin Kefn-Brechfa 213 0 0 Rees William.. 36 0 0 At will. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further j>articulars apply to Herbert Llovd, of Carmarthen Atturnev. l GLANIORGANSHIRE.' TO BE LET, AND'ENTEBKO ITON THE FIUST DAY OF MAY, 1804, nnilAT old, and welklccuswmcd SHOP, to- X. getherwith the good HOUSE, wliere Mr-Wm. FLEW canicct on.ttc MERCERY BUSINESS, ice. for many years, situate hi tile Market-place ot the much-itnpvoved town of" BRIDOENP, cumplete iu fixtures;"with two hand- some bow-windows iu front, This Swop is worthy of the attention, Mldtis an-excellent opening for.a young HMm to make a tiahdsome livelihood, who has a small cajntal, and a little knowledge of the ^hop- keeping Busihess; and would hot now be to be'Jet, but the bad health of the present tenant obliges- him to decline business. For further .-particulars'apply to Mr. William'Flew. THAT HIGH-BRED BROWN HOItSE, JAVELIN, Now the property of LANCELOT MORQAN, Es$. WILL COVER this SEASON, 1804, ?t BRECON, at so low a price as TWO GUINEAS- each Mare, and IIalf-«-Crmvn the Groom tl- » iiuuaoy u» be paid at the time ot Co vering, or before the 24Ui of J unc next. JAVELIN ran at Newmarket by the name of Seinietar, and broke down at two vetirsold. He was got by Javelin, his dam by Highflyer, grandam by IMatch'em, great gran- dam by 1Jalnts Davy, great great giandam by the son of Mogul, out of Starling's;'sister. GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. •- ■CAPITAL ONEMUJON STERLING. » PIKECTOR?. Sir FITEDERICK MORTON EDEN, Bart Chairman. SirTiiEor. Mi/rcAi-f'E, Bart. M. P. Deputy Chairman. MiksP. Andrew, Esq. M.P. H. C. Cdml)t%Es([.Ald. M.p. Thomas Coles, jun. Esq. Wm. Devayiies, Esq. ill. P. Y, 5 J -osej »h Dor in ,.E sq. ul W illiam Duncan, Esq. Sir It. Can- Gly ii, Burt. Aid. isaae Claes Grill, Es< John Latham, Esq. M. D. Fn'devick Molhng, Esq. Edward Moses, Esq. Sir Robt. Peel, Bart. M.P. Frederick John Pigou, J*sq. SirM.W. ltidlev, Bart. M.JLV John Richard Ripley, Esq. G. Aber. Robinson, Esq. Sir Walter Stirling,Bart. A. -Shakespear, Esq. M. p, Jiimes Taddy, Esq. Robert; Taylor, Esq. Chas: Edward Wttsonn, Esq, Glynn Wynn, Esq. -1 1,K I ON-, T. H. Wu,KijfsoN, Secretary. THE COMPANY: effect INSURANCES on LIVES and SURVIVORSHIPS, upon which no En- trance-Money or Admission Fee's arc required. The sum ot 1100 may be assured to be paid at the death of a persoii aged 20, at an annuUl premium of ,;£,2 3 7 30 ..x:. 2 13 5 40 3 7 11 50 410 8 The Company likewise grant Annuities. The Rates of Insurance agaiust Loss by Fire, on Build- ings, Farming Stock, Shipping, and every other description of Property, may be liaji 'gratis frOtn the to'llowiug Agents of Swansea T. JERKINS. Brecon. J. Boxo. Caernarvon. Rober-t -WII-EIAS«. Bristol. Wji.UA>fcSjiEVi'Ano. Bath..1. M.vjisiiA t.i. and Soy. Insurances may be eAectcd ibr a shorter period than One Year. Insurances for- Seven Years are cuarged only Six Years Premiuniy.—Policiesare allowed gratis,-when the an- nualrrnnium amounts to <JS. Loiidoii, STATE-LOITER Y "TO BE..DRAWS First Day Monday April 23 Second Day -Saturday, I'hird D;iyWednesday May. 2 Fourth Day Saturday 5 F it th Day V', cd-uesday 9 Sixth Day Saturday. iy Seventh.Day Chii £ sdav 17 Eighth Day" Saturday 19, Ninth Day' Tuesday I Lasf Day • yv.ednqsday (THICKETS,'and SUA KES are on S U.E. at 1 1.- EVERY LICENSED LOTTERY .OFFICE, i iv j ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND. | Present Price.—1Ticket 17, Us. Half 0 0 Klirhth, .7 .0 (3 0 • 4,11, .1;).6 'SCTn-ME. ■ 2 Prizes-of „ £ .>;0,0tX); ^.40,«00 I ti — JO.OOO 2iixnx> ■ [ i — 6,0f>0 — 15,00;) 4 — i?,000 —8,tKt0 I'i l.OiKV — 1*2,000 I 11^ G,5tK> ^0 — '200 4,000: j 100 5,0(KJ t 100 M 5,0W ,7,:3;)0 ;&0. Hi.uOa I 30,000 Tickets., i Eirst-drwii '1« ct, Firs» Day 4 .i.W Fiist-di'Hwn _1 ui t, ^eveuih'Dr:y"; oO,<XK> Fij'l-di iv. .< .e N'iii.i! '5,000 I Aic p,u.» r i Ute.Capitals, i -1^PeTi-^ns'in..aie'.Ciiiiatf.y wifi besitnplied 'wi'^ Tickets jr SharesV the ^ne asTf =^din«-Pos:-ofuce Or- «*> Z9od Bil ls,, ..Bank ;s ;>te>, or Prizes in L01- vetwt, to any. Lioi-v^ 1:0jL'-iiiKR\«(>rFi-cf-.i -■ jukcis rk;»i £ < RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, 6;> Co STATE-LOTTERY OFFICES, CORNHILL cj- CHARING-CROSS, LONDO X, ARK SKII.1NO TICKETS and SHARES, in the greatest va- A tiety of Numbers, for the STATE-LOTTERY, which begins Drawing on MONDAY, the 23d of Artm. next Where in the late Lotteries the following Capitals were sola in Shares: No. 12,807 £ .30,000 1 No. 26,883 ^30 013 7,103 20,000 4S,75i 4W 20,000] 23A4& 5)'(W0 20,000 '27,9m 10 OiXt 31,692 10,(100 I 25,23.5 lo)o(X| IN A WHOLE TICKET. No. 48^18 000 Also Prizes of, £ '5,tXH), ^.2,000, £ 3,000, &c. too nume- rous to particularize. IT It is recommended not to destrov Tickets or Shan in tormer Lotteries till they are aganfexamined; correct Kegisters, for this purpose, arc kept, fur upwards of serenty years back, at the Offices of RichunJ.ion, Good/uch, aitd Co, "i;.p BRIstol-, 16th March, ,18M, STATE LOTTERY-OFFICE, an Lion's HEAl), CORX-SIREET, BItiSl'Ot. Messrs. NORTON and SON MOST respectfully inform the Public, that they have TICKETS and SHARES on sale, at the London prices, at their oJdand only. FULL LICENSED OFFICE in this City, which has been conducted on the most liberal tenus for these thirty-two Lotteries past; where Capitals to a large amount in the last and former Lotteries have beea Sold. Corrcct Numerical and Register Books kept, And TICKETS and SHARES EJEGISTEItiil) AT SIXPENCE PER NUMBER. Schemes gratis. The prices as they vary are posted at the wirido\» of their Olliee, next the Post-Office, and iiiay be seen in the general Lottery Advertisement with Seiieme in most of the Papers. Iaopal c;tf)anp assuranre, (Established" Royal Charter in the Reign of King (ieorge the First,) ° For ASSURING HOUSES, BUILDINGS, GOODS, CORN. IIAYi STOCK, Sc.; and also for the ASSURANCE of LIVES, <ind granllng ANNUITIES on LIVES. THE CORPORATION of the ROYAL EX- CHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that thev have authorised their respective Agents to receivo a Proposals for the ASSURANCE of FARSilNG-STOCK* at the Rate of 2s. 6d. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whc;.e Annual Premiums fell due on the 2.5th instant, are hereby infonned that Receipts are now ready w to be delivered by the Company's Agents under-mentioned and the Parties assured are requested to apply, for the re- newal of their Policies on or beffre the 9th of* April, as th., usual fifteen daysaHowed for payisenr, beyond the date oft each Policy, will then, expire. Glamorganshire. Swansea. JOHN and W. R. GROVE,. Brecoushire. Brecon CHAHLKS PHICHABD. Denbighshire. R,ithin Tuollus JONES. Wrexham • JOHN Foulkes, Flintshire. Ilolywell "W n.LiArc TURTOS-. ]1[011 tl,me rljsh ire. Montgomery.. -NIA U R I(,, P. J(),- te Monmouthshire. Monmouth. OWTEN TUOOR. Herefordshire. Hereford John AI.I.EN, Booksellei) Leominster Smmuel NICIIOI.AS, Lcdbury W ili-iam HQLBROOK, Shropuhii-c. Sltrewsfoury J. EODOWTS, Wellington STEr.»KN J lnniss. This Corporatiuu will, in eases uf Fire, allow all reasoD- abie charges attending the retuovai of goods, and pay lh4 »»ifte.rer.» lQss, wliether the goods are destroyed, lost, or da-^ reiiioii-I. All payments for losses or damages by Fire, are made bT tins Corporation without deduction. N. H.' Fire Policids will. hè allowed free of cspence, wàere: the Annual Premium^ .m-ouai te els. or upwards. ,# Thb Company S-.ave invariably made good Losses by 1 Fire, occasioned by Liglit«i»g. Proposals may be had of tile different Age, ts. ASSURANCES Oil LIVES being found to be rfd- vaatageous to persons haying i.iihees, eiuptoyntents. estates. or other incomes, determiiiaUle on the life or lives of them- selves or others,. Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, i.inl im-;u;ting An9 wit jes on Lives, n.ay be had of the SMiii Agents; And, tor.the^n-ater convenience of the Pub- lic, the Company-have determined to extend (by sptciui vf'-■'ttie As.raucc on Lives tv the Hg-C ot i-eventy- ii-i; jyC'ili: -.Siuniii..J, ^AJvi, ■FBNXXJiT-C* J^a. Sse,