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A« v,H, in. iiiHiu. w The Rev. mrtmtt mrMi iv- EVANGELICAk OMt I.Y lur.LK, ,■ IV u«6f. r-* Recommended b\ <1 „rrat«umb{ C »4'rl-^|n M "T 11C<H 100 of vvbcsc nuiuca-witl' apin^w.os thfc;,$lt>er oi this work. This da# is A". L «<«> >-uU/ t>d. EmbeHishcd wiii> ,m H't* >t m itw.i."■ 1.' -ei-"o<; th.> Wonderful Work- ci AI An God m The t'.nuMtionot his Creattiresv r /The succeeding i\ umbers to be '.•"|tu.<.d u\uiai)3 t.\ l:ly \vet:k.,vitil^co^Hpleted;).o^; rpIIE EVANGELICAL FAMILY BIBLE; J[ or, a complete PAR VPIIRASK, EXPOSITION, and Co M *ti* WiiY a» SCRJPTU RES. Gontwn- uetv qf the *hole Sacred Text*, oftlie did and New Testaments: printed'on>' large letter," in a style of etejjanee, upon fine. wove paper,; with copious NOTES and AN NOTAl IONS, ~i)octr'mai, 'Criticn'lj Historical, Spiritual ancl Experimental: wherein the mis-translations are corrected, the seeming con- tradictions reconciled; former errors recUiied; the objec- tion* of Atheists, Deists, Arians,Soeimans.aiid- Free-think.ef s,! 'iVsi»-<^<l'tHe<fttost d+ilfc-ait passages'^ttyeacptawMwH-^id^ the sacred writings displayed an<jf' plain to every ciumdty;-T.ogel}iet with" Practical Obser rations and Re- flections from the begmning of Genesis to the end of the —- :r'7 Also, Scriptural Referenqes, and Illustrations of Parclle) Scriptures, Chronology, dcoS- to every Chaptcr;can'Ü,J!y:,<l\ i-auged ajid priated viitk|hw»<4di#eat care and,attention. ch b,: a(i,led i- ,A GeneWrt Index CoariftVlanv,' Tallies of Scripture Measures «IMTirrompcudMMiS'Wew of the prin- •; TranisacttOM Everts tram; Adam to the'time of .a 11 *Cnrtst.Co jtfpnsih's the principal^ubstance of former Evan- gelical Commentators on ¡he Ih!II,E, iindeut or particularly Catoin, Luther, Owen, Goodwin,. Poole, lleizi-yi, Gill., (jutse", Trapr*, Brown, H'iitve's*<$c. 4-c. ■ '■; Bytftg jler. TIMOTHY PRIESTLEY, '■ '• 'Ministerof the Gospel, London. 'j PL-Ar oF Til.Tf "kirortx J '*fr Ev<"4RY N'itiidier ohhls supGrh FAMt LY BtBtp wK con-1 tain, besides tli^ .efegant. letter-press, beautifully printed on tmrg"t> lkw fetter wove paper, one (copperTp{ate^; r,, I pe representing'" sanIe "*s\?rBiidg scene ia the "sacred writings" lit-atiy engraved. II.* The* first Numb^ will serve as a ,?p'ec.imeo of the whole, and can bijwtumed-tif ^ot: appro^bd.; III. Those Subscribers (Who chuse to have, their<r ap- pear to the work, are requested to semi tlrem by those who deliver the; Numbers to the Publishers, and the list will be, pwnted, and deliverie(l' £ rratis, at tUecancluswmof the worlt. IV. The quantity Numbers will' bej as near as c^ii be at present ascertained, abdut 180> at only Sixpence eadh. »*■ V 'The Apocrypha hTJI' be pfmW$| uniform with the Old and New,Testaments, and- ?lieihad with tte .I3i!ile, or not,-at the choice of the ^ubscrihj^j ».* The circumstance,of there lpving been upwrards of Five Thousand Copies sold of 6»riner'^diti(Hv encourages the Author and Proprietops now to engage in this new.edi- tion, in large quarto; a ineiiileft. bv numerous rJfrifiJ)ds, as much more convenient than the folio, audwhich edition, they pledge themselves, flia public will lind exe- cuted- with-resjifebt to ^paper,- print, mid einbcltishments,* in a manner far superior to any f amily Bible every printed in lius ki'.igUiim." T, PKlfiSTLEY". Proposals, ia which is giveii,-S specimen of the largeness; and beauty of the Type, castoh purpose for this work, may be had ot the Booksellers and Newsmen, gratis. ¡k'f ;The Public are requested particular in order- ing The Rev. Mr. Priestlcifs Family B'tble. London.printed tor Hogg and Co. Pateniost^r-rdw; and sold hyMrs, OakeV, Swansea; Mr. Bird, Cardiff; Sir. /Waiters, Cpwbridge Mr. Dwnel, Carmarthen; Mr. Grif- fitiis,'Tenby; Mr. Wllniot, Pembroke; Mr. Potter, Ha- verfordwest; and by all Booksellers in theUnitedKingdoin. W ■ — ■ ■■ II Ill V KEVEiWAltIKO- cupf, FOR THE, ITCH IN ()NE llQJjR'S,APPLlCATION. v. r iL 0 those afflicted with tho above disorder, X BARCLAY'S ORI^IML OINTMEN'T is recom- mended as a»sst;e,peedy,and e-flfectnal i%;niedj. This Omt- i»e!rt<ha^been HI -general use for 80 years, with- out as iagla instance, of its having failed to cure the most in- veteiats cases. It docs not contain the: smallest particle of JHercnry, or any other dafigeraus ingredient, and may be safely used by,persons-cf-the most delicate, constitution. The public.are. requested to o'osesve, that-none can pos- sibly be genuine unless signed by the proprietors, Barclay and Sonj^aoi, great .danger may arise from the neglect of •Ihis caution.. Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay. and Son, (the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 9o, Fleet-Market, Lon- don, price Is. l i. duty included; and by their appoint- ment, by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; J. Bird," Car-, dnf; W. 31. Davis, J. Daniel, Carmar- th«a J-. 'Potter, Haverfordwest j Wiltivn, Pembroke; and most Verniers-o^ Medicines in the dolp. '} TO THE RETAIL VENDERS Of PROFRIETAIVY MEDICINES. FNEWBERY a.ud SONS, of St. Paul's 9 Church-yard, l^o.n^wy Pronrietors. of Dr. James's P^waer, Dr..James's .Attjiteptic'rilis,- l'ir. Ste.ers's Opo- «le?doc, Dr. 'Ausmfs Ctialybeute I'IIIS*Dolby's Ciirmitia- tixre, the Cordiai Cephalic 'Snuff, the Essence of Collsfoo't,* and .t variety of other .Articles- of Repute, having dis- covered that sundry Medtcitie Dealers ni 'Londcm Itax-c, liy travellingi.themselves, or by means of Riders and Hawkers, dissentinated through the/Kingdom large qaanfit-ies of spu- '■ •'■fwusPreparatioiis; in the bibs of directions' of" which tiie names of Mr. Newberv und the other Proprietors are made \.)5è: of; and have/tinner cover of a connection in business "with his Houst', upon unsuspecting Shop- -ie^persxo sell- such co«flterteited Medicines, he .thinks it proper to wam.ttks 'i«taii 'Vchder^-against .such dtshououra- hie fraffic; and to.inforai theui, that by continuing, to be., the agents of 'stidi 'ttftfui., traders*.they .render. themselves liable to a prosecution for fraud upon the purchasers, as well as uao« the of the Medicines. In oraer to coithteraet such impostures, and that the Country Vender may b«,regularly supplied with the's:cnu- me Articles, Mosrs. •Newberv and Sons intend to employ Tfavellers to >istt„4i,l £ erejit parts of the Kingdom and in. the meitii time, those persons who. may be inclined to open- accounts vyiili them, may be furnished, upon liberal terms, by applying a^above. 'J N. B. As -the Coiuuiisffloners of the Stamp-office have accommodated the proprietory of medicwes with separate platen in which their iiaoHes are inserted, very rew medi- ciiia! articles t>f coo«j«uejiep are-'now'Sold wrthout.^uch stamps, so tiiat the retail Vender,- by observing whether the names of the proprietors he printed or not in the stamps, piay ascertain the aiitJieitticity ofihe-iuedieines purchasers also,by the s.itrue attention, wiil be enabled to detect any iiupoiitipiiJthjtf .raay -e(i or attempted.

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