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TO BE LET BY AUCTION, 'On Saturday, the 21st; of April, 1804, at the Wyndhftnt's Arms, lathe town of Bridgend* unless disposed" of in -the mean tnric by Private Coutract, of which due notice will be given, THE GREAT and SMALL TYTHF.3 of „NEWTON-NOXTAGE, subject to such conditions as will be then produced. Jor further pirtit-ulai-i apply to Mr. Bradley, Cardiff. GLAMO RGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R, JENKINS, At Candlestone, near Alertliyrrnawr, on Monday, the 23d of April, 1804, ALL the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of Alajor-General HtnDDLF.sTONE; consisting of a cynip 1 cat set of mahogany dining-tab'les, with circular ends; <atriu wood card, Pembroke, and other tables; mahogany hair-bottom chairs, two handsome mahogany .sophas, with, covers, camp chairs and sophas, pier and swing-glasses, bed- steads and furniture, carpets, .steel fenders and lire-irons, KITCHJKX FVR*JTORE, and BREWING UTENSIL*. whegin at eleven o'clock, and the whole, to be told without reserve, as the proprietor is going to leave the country. GLAMORGANSHlllE. TO BE SOLD, AND ENTEUED UPON AT MISSUMMEJl NEXl) A LEAS E (40 years of which are unexpired) of PREMISES, consisting of several large Build- ings, formerly employed as.CoppER-WoaKS, with a large Obf-YARD and WAREHOUSES on the riverside, and the use of a commodious Quay!; EIGHTEEN COTTAGES, a good DWELLING-HOUSE and GARDEN, all/excellent four-stall Stable, Coaoh-IIOUSE, and. other conveniences, situate fltAlelin Crythan, near Neath. Parneuhfrs fn»y be had by application on the Premises or by letter (post-paid) addressed to Mr. Jas. Coke, jNieath. GLAMORGANSHIRE, i TO BE LET OR SOLD, A Good FAMILY HOUSE, with GARDEN, STABLES, and suitable conveniences, in a retired Situation, about two miles from Neath., Together with an adjoining FARM of about .50 Acres of ARABLE, MEA- DOW, and PASTURE LAND. For particulars apply to Mr. Vaiighan, Solicitor, Swansea. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, Ayi) ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, Furnished or Unfurnished, MAYVHILL COTTAGE and GARDEN; 1" together with or without NINE. ACRES ot MEA- DOW LAND adjoining, pleasantly situated within one mile of SWANSEA, in said county, commanding an extensive view of the surrounding picturesque Country, the Town and inuch-aduiired Bay ot Swansea. The House consists of a fitting-room, kitchen, back kitchen, and pantry, on the ground-floor; with a sitting-room and three bed-rooms, on the second floor. Rent, furnished, (if hv the year) FIFTY GUINEAS, with the Garden but if the Land lie included, SrxTY GUINEAS,' ftee of all Rates and Taxes to the Tenant, Letters, post-paid, ad(tresed to S. Llewelyn, Swansea, will be duly answered. A new town-made URIEL and HOE-PLOUGH to be disposed of. (Oit'c Concern.)- GLAMORGANSHIRE. I TO BE LET, — AND ENTERED UPON D.l"'tF.DIATF.LY" A Commodious Newly-built" MESSUAGE or DWELLING-IIOUSE, .situated on the STRAND, in the town Of Swan-ska, comprising, on the ground-floor, two •jNrfoars and a kitchen, pantry and scullery, with a large well of water behind, w hich never dries, formerly used as-a Cold Bath, from winch water is conveyed by lead pipes Jnto the, kitchen and other parts of t he house on the first- floor, "a large drawing-room, lobby,and three bed-chambers; and on the second or attic story, a lobby and four bed- chambers; together with alarg £ and convenient new-huHt vtwx'-house, adjoining the dwelling-house, containing 4 lofts. The Tenant may W accommodated with a good Three- .Stable, only a few yardsdistant from the above premises, L or further particulars apply to John W iUiains Mansfield, Attorney at'Law, Swansea. GLAM01 IGANSIIIRE. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED ON I:IL\lEnl.\TET;V, A Commodious DWELLING-HOUSE, si- A' tuate in the pleasant town of I "it, D, and within balf an hour's ride to the Sea; consisting ot 2 large parlours, «aehen, pantry, and an -.under-ground cellar; 3 good bed- rooms and dressing-room, and roomy garrets for servants; w^wwercoircb-iionse, a 4-stall stable, and a good garden. 1' or lurther particulars apply to Mt- Collin, Bridgend. GLAMORGAN. TO. BE LET; A** T.VTKTlKn ONI AT mi'CUA&I.M4> NEXT, Capital MESSUAGE, with FARMING ?n,clJl7 At:rcs ^ARABLE, MEADOW, ?"u |A. IL RE LAND, called- Atttwai, in the parish of A-ougbor, havuig in many parts of it, Coal near and '3r lt> a Navigable River adjoining, and a Lime-Kiln, "ri hvc nultis ui ihe ^rcal trading Unvn of .Swansea." j .|V,a^ f!er.V iiHd under Kevengorwidd, and other 'i.,1 ?.iulioimiig, to be let. seiTt-Sl,ut A AHtweV-and .Mr. David Bydder, of Swan- ivinl-l »*' i!h" -l,|'elulscs"' iin'd letters (post-paid) to John —'■* UKIc»; Est}, near Cowbridge, wall be answered. GLAMORGAN! T TO BE LET, rpW() GOOD HOUSES, one called the hri i II'>^sev in the neat market-town of Cow- is ■■ ^°!ila V',(\va'e of this fertile county, through which there t ^ail-coach from London. Bath, and Bristol, to S CarmaIthen, Alifford Haven, and Pembroke. fast W. se. c-ollslst!i of a good dining, drawing, and break- offi -r00U,S; s'x bed-rooms, two cieled garrets, with proper QrcV<?S.'i a ?bd>l'e, coach-house, two walled gardens, and an all 'ill 01 w'Plout-aclose.of hay land; detached from Coiirif r r\us5'v:' ,aud commanding a jjleasanf. view of the SChv ? Church is near, and there is a Grammar- jv- M ail(Van Academy in the town, which is within about S'jjmnp??, V* the Bristolt'huuuel; occupied some years by Tii/ ^dson, Esq. having good turnpike all around it. ^ous<" 's called Qan:rj.ESjroN-CA?TEE, held by of the '01u>ra' liu.ddleston, and lies >\ ithin about two miles the sui'ii'pj :f"ll|V1''n of Bridgend, ten of .Gowbridgc, one of Vtuch tl "ae'' 9110 niain turnpike-road, over river. Tt !>ii'"il-coiich passes daily, and near Ogmore rooms u '»oocl dining, drawing, aud breahfast- WalleVl e- UUr bed-rooins, ami .servants'rooms, with:& and ;otliei^1 ivu atu' KlasS~plot, and a stable, coach-house, ^"ired.p fes'»'ld hay iand.may be had if re- Letter V :in< |»'-ovisioii are reasonable at both places. Will be H^'>osti)u'd) to J Frankleu, Es<j. near Cow bridge, X \vf j eered; but a view is recommended. ,Is k!d to and TWO PLOLGIIMEX, ottK:r taruuug work, Wanted. {.QumXMttru.J CARMARTHEN. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery neat BILLIARD-TABLE, in excel- lent preservation, made by8t:ddQn and ion, measures eleven feet nine inches by-iive feet uinc: it is aa object; worthy the attention of au) person in want of a Table, as it will be disposed of very cheap. Particulars may be had of Mr. WiL. Davis, Atictioneer, Carmarthen. Application "if by leltet must- be pust-paid, op it will not be noticed MONMOUTH AND GLAMORGANSHIRE. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION) At Llanthony-court, in the parish of Cwm-yoy, in the county of Monmouth, on Monday, Aprii 16,1U01, ALL the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK on the COURT FAR MS, consisting of twelve draughtalld saddle horses; sixty cows, heifers, and calves; thirty-four oxen in good condition, twelve steers, three bulls, twenty yeariing beasts, of the choice Devon, Hereford, and Scotch kind; seventy store-pigs and breeding sows; wag- gons, Cnrts, ploughs, harrows, gccring, and various other implements in husbandry) &c. And akowill be SOLD by AUCTION, at Llandaff Court Farm, near Llandaff, in the county of Glamorgan, on Wednesday, April ii5, 1804, a -great variety of SHEEP and LAMBS, COWS, IIKIFERS, OXEN*, jind STEERS, of the Devon, Hereford, and Scotch breed, being the wfclJ chosen stock of M ARK WOOD, Esq. with sundry implements of husbandry, &Ci &c. being the wfclJ chosen stock of M ARK WOOD, Esq. with sundry implements of husbandry, &Ci &c. The sale will begin each morning precisely at eleven o'clock, and continue till the whole are sold and for parti- culars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. Glover, Llan- thony-court; Mr Davies, Surveyor, Uangattock-Crick- howell; Mr. Rob. Jones, Newport; at Llandatl-conrt Farm; or to Messrs. Williams-ant! Jones, Auctioneers,Crickhowell.j GLAMORGANSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Carditl'-Arms inn, m Cardiff, on Wednesday, the 9th day of May next, between the hours of four and he in the afternoon, the following Lot*, subject to tfuch Condi- tions of Sale as-shall be then and thePe produced, unless in the mean time disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given: Lot l. rpuE REVERSION EXPEC- X TANT on the DECEASE of TWO PERSONS, aged 57 and 2U years, of and in a FREEHOLD fMANSION-HOITSE, fAlur, and PREMISES, situate in the parish of Eglwysylan, in t £ g. the said county of Glatnorgain of the yearly value of lot) 0 Lot The BEYERSK)N, on the same lixpec-. tancy, of and ill a FREEHOLD MES.~>I AGE, TENEMENT, anet LANDS, situate ill tlie >aul par risti of Eglwysylan, of tl.»e yearly rwut ùf. 12 Lot 3. Tiie RE\rERSION, on the same Expec- tancy, of and in a FREEHOLD MESSL AGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, situate in the said pa- rish of Eglwysylan, of the yearly rent of 33 0 Lot The REVERSION, on the same Expec- j tancy, of and in a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, situate in the said pa- rish of Eglwysylan, of the yearly rent of 55 0 Lot 5/A FREEHOLD MtfSSUAGE, TENE- MENT, and LANDS, containing by .admeasure- ment loyA. JR. (more or less) with the Appurte- nances, called Pen Buck,* situate in the parish of Lantrissent, in the said County of Glamorgan, now underlease for the term uf 99 years, from tlie-first of January, 1773, determinable 011 two lives, ol the age of 65 and 39 years, at the yearly rent of £ .00, but the same is well worth 60 0 N. B. There is Coal under this Lot which is re- served to the Landlord. Lot 6. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, TENE- MENT, and LANDS, called Gwan y Poll Pack, containing by admeasurement 18A. JR. 15P. (more or less) with the Appttrteinmces, situate in the afore- said parish of Lantrissent, and now under lease to John Jonex, whereof three years arc unexpired, at the yearly rent of 4'.12, It's, but is well worth 03 0 Lot 7. All those Pieces or Parcels pf Customary- hold (Borough English) LAND, containing by ad- measurement 10 Acres, (more or less) situate In the parish of Rumney, in the said coitiity AtonmouOj, now let to William Jones, as tenant at will, at the yearly rent of 15 0 Lot 8. All those Pieces or Parcels ft Custoniary- hold (Borough English) LAND, containing by ad- measurement 10 Acres, (more or less) situate )n the parish of Peterstone, in the said county of Mon- mouth, now let to Edmund Harry, as teuallt at will, at the yearly rent of. j<q 0 Lot: 9. All those Pieces or Parcels of Customary- hold LAND, containing by admeasurement 10 Acres, (more or less) situate in the parish of Hasaleg, in the said county of Monmouth, now let to Wni. Edmund, as tenant at will, at the yearly rentof » is 0 For particulars apply to Messrs. Wood and Sou, Attornies, C; -ditf. Cardiff, April 3,1804. CARDIGANSHIRE. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, FOR THE BENEFIT OF CHJ-PITORS, At the AVhite-Hart inn, in the town of Cardigan, on Wed- nesday, the 18th day of April inst; between the hours of four and six o'clock an the afternoon of the same day, rpiIE following LEASEHOLD ESTATES, JL IN SEL'ARATE LOTS, VIZ. Lot 1. The LEASK and PROFITS of all that Field or Piece of Ground, (lormerly in two iields, but now made into one) called PAliK-F\ NNON, situated in the pa- rish of St. Dogrnells:, in the county of Pembroke, late in the occupation ot Mr. Davies, Surgeou, deceased, and late of Mr. Worrall, for two lives under at years uf age, in good health, at the reserved rent of^f .10, iOs. and a small duty. This Field is contiguous to the town of Cardigan afore- said, and in good.heart and condition. Lot i. The I, EASE and PROFITS of all those four Fields, Pieces or Parcels of Meadow and Pasture Lands, called MISMEA1) FIELDS, situated near the town of Cardigan aforesaid, late in the occupation of the said Air. Worrall, held of Hector Davies, tbr the residue of a term of 21 years, whereof about 10 were unexpired at Mi- chaelmas last, a|\the reserved rent ot'UT. There is a COTTAGE and GARDEN 011 these Premises, in the occupation of David John, at the yearly rent of two guineas, which will be paid to the purchaser of this lot; and there is a Mill Stream running tluough each of these iiclds, and arc a very desirable hold- ing for any inhabitant of the town of Cardigan. Lot 3. The RIGHT and INTEREST in the LEASE of the CHURCH-YARD HOeSE, GARDENS, FIELDS, of the said Air. Worrall, tield t'y lease from John Colby, Esq. for the lite of Airs. Anne Da.vie,<, widow of the late John Davies, of Lloyd Jack, in the county of Cardigan, Esq. deceased, aged about 55 years, a healthy person, late in the :ÜGcl\patiotl of the said Air. Worrall, at the yearly rent-of ,,{,j(),itnd situate near to the town of Cardigan aforesaid. The House is in very,good' repair, and the Gardens walled and planted with Fniit frees, and is a desira- I ble residence for a respectable family, the profit of the lands being nearly s).iliicient to pay the'rent; POT further'particulars apply tu Mr. 'Herbert Lioyd, At- torney at Law., Carniitrti-ie'jrfc, 44 HiitM., CARDIGANSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, or in the mean time by PRIVATE CONTRACT, At THETALBOT-INN, in the town ofADERYSTWITH; in the said county, on Monday, April e3, 1.804. between the bouTs 01 three and five o'clock inlhe afternoon, subject to stich conditions of sale as shall be the». and there produced, TilE following FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, MILL, LANDS, TENEMENTS, and HERE- DTTAMENTS*together, or in the lots after-mentioned: Parisftit. Tenements and Premises. Tenants. ^3. OhfctvathiOt — — —— T, t. A. a. p. -f a £ s. H Duties, 12 hens and 60 egps. Llanbadarn y Croyddin V A lease for 21 vears, oi T1 AND J-Trocdrhiwkeii' 197 0 0 John Thomas.. 25 0 0 which 11 were wiexpired IJanfihangei y Cro.yddin 3 at .Michaelmas last. N. 13. The above Tenement has'46 Acres of Woodland upon it, situated in the neighbourhood of Lead Mines, and it is knovva there are several Veins of Lead Ore running through this lot in various directions. I,OT IT. f A House and several I 1 Llaasaintfread -j Slangs of Land Oil 0 0 0 Thog. Phillips.. 10 0 0 At will. (. Morta Esgob. j ( LOT iri. ■ °»0 «0 0 TJ 1 r? 0T IT* Duties, 10 fat hens, 40 eggs, j.iavod-1 ens 150 0 0 Morgan Evan 33 0 0 and y fat geese. A lease lor three lives all in being, 1,0T V. Lltmbadarn-odin Kefn-Brechfa 213 0 0 Rees William.. 36 0 0 At will. The respective "fenauts wiUshew the Premises; and tor iurther particulars apply to Herbert Lloyd, of Carmarthen, CAPITAL FARM, GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH-WALES. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE, arid Co. On Thursday the 10th of May, at twelve o'clock, at Garra- way's Gottce-IIouse, 'Change-Alley, Cornhill, London, IN ONE LOT, -A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, XA. comprising the Capital, Extensive) and very Im- provable Farm, called BOVERTON, most eligibly .situated in the Vale of Glamorganshire, in the parish ol 1.LANTWTT-A1 A.TOR, extending to the Bristol Channel, six miles from ihe market-town of Cow bridge,-011 the high mail-road to Sw ansea, three miles froih.Abertliaw Harbour, aiul fifteen from Cardiif; consisting of tJ16 Acres of fertile MEADOW, PASTURE, and ARABLE LAND, in convenient Inclosures, the greater part lying within a Ring-fence, and ex-tremeiy productive; all old AtANSIO'N- HO.cSE, Barns, Stabltllg, and other Outbuildings, now iii the possession of Messrs. Davis and Gale, v ery responsible Tenants, whose Lease expired at Candlemas lust, ill a very low rent of only. E. 620 per Ammrn. The Estate possesses many local advantages, is capable of the greatest improvement, abounds with excellTmt Lime- stone, and may, at a moderaie expencc, be made one of the first Farms in the whole Principality of Wales. To be viewed, and printed particulars had, of theTenants; also at the Hear, Cow bridge; T. Jenkins, Swansea; KingV Arms, Carmarthen Angel,'Cardiff; Beaufort-Anns, Alon- JILOlltil;, Alr. Rudhall, Printer, Bristol; Air. Walker, Prin- ter, Gloccstcr; of T. Lewis, Ksq. No-6, Gray's-lnn-iquarcj London; at the Place of Sale; "and of -Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, and Co. Aldersgate-street, London, STO NE-COALS, AND STONE-COAL CULM. THE Public are respectfully informed, that ARTHUR and HOCKIN. havcjust OPENED a VEIN of lIIost excellent STONE- COALS, and STONK-COAL CULAl, wbich they ,^il on moderate terms. Ainnuji and HOCKIN have also a large quantity of very- good CULM for BURNING LDIE, winch ttn-y sell oil ,\G much lower terms than the Stone-Coal Culm, notwithstand- ing it is equal in quality to a sort of Culni shipped in this Port, under the name of Best Culm; as a proot of this ax- sertion, the Lime-Burners of Swansea use it m preference to any other. AHTIIUR aud HOCKlN give the most money for good Ballast Limestones. 6 Swansea, March 14, IfiOl. Eopat Change Ifssuvanci^ (Established by Royal Charter in the Reign of King George the First,) 0 For ASSURING HOUSES, BUILDINGS, GOODS. CORY, liAY, STOCK, rf-c-.j and alto for the ASSUR.iXCE of LIFTS, and granting ANNUITIES 011 LH'E$m THE CORPORATION of the ROYAL EX- CHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorised theif respective Agents to receive Proposals for the ASSURANCE of FARAlINU-STOCK, at the Rate of ids. 6d. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fell due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under-mentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply "for the re- newal of their Policies on or-before the 9th of APril, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyoud the date of each Policy, will then expire. Glamorganshire. Swansea. JOHN and W. R. GROVE. Brccoushirc. Brecon CHABI.ES PRICIIAKD, Denbighshire.. Ruthin THOMAS JONKS, Wrexham JOHN IWEKK*. Flintshire. Holywell WILLIAM TCHTON. Montgomeryshire. Montgomery.. MACIUCJ; JONES. Monmouthshire. Momuouth. OWENTUDOH, Hertfordshire. Hereford Jo'ux ALLEN, Bookseller Leominster SAMUEL Niruoias, Ledbury WILLIAM HOLBKOOK. Shropshire. Shrewsbury J. EOOOIVKS, Wellington STLVIIKN JKNNINS. This Corporation will, in cases of Fire, allow all reason- able charges attending the removal of goods, and pay the sufferer's loss, whether the goods are destroyed, lost, or da- maged by such removal. All payments for losses or damages by Fire, are.made by this Corporation without deduction. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed-free of expencc, where the Annual Premiums amount tucjs. or upwards. This Company-have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be bad of the different Agents. K2- ASSURANCES on LIVES being found to be ad- vantageolls to persons having offices, or other incomes, determinaole 011 the lite or lives of them- selves or others, Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and [or the granting Annuities 1)1) Lives, may be h<lll -of lite said Agents, And, jor-tlui greater -convenience of the Pub-, lit:, the 'Company have determined to extend' (by spivink agreement) tiie Assurance 011 Lives tv ihe ;g' of five years. IOO-I. LIINNI-NTR, JUTT- I BOUSE AND FURNITURE TO BE DISPOSED OF IN RUTLAND-PLACE. TO BE LET, THE HOUSE in RUTLAND-PLACE, now occupied by Mr. ROGEIIS, or the Interest in it Sold, tor Ihe unexpired term of seventeen yeaH, from the first day ol June uext; it is fit for the immediate occupation of a gen- teel family. r a Fcr particulars apply to Air. Rogers, at the House. Tlie FURNITURE in the said House, together with a remarkiihly well-toned PIANO-FORTE, will'be SOLD bv AUCIION, on Tuesday, the 1st of Alay next. iiwinsea, April 1 1804. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At the Ferry-House inn, in the town of Swansea, on Wed- nesday, the 18th of April instJjetween the hours of three and five o'clock in tlie afternoon, subject to such cVlldi-, lions as shall then be produced, r^^ie ^rLSan^mi TEMPLE, s,ron8 iirin-built vessel, about 80 Tons burthen, well found, and in good condi- -tioi^Larmg "undergone a thorough" repaii in the course of last summer; now lying in the Pill, near the Quay, at which place she may be in- spected any day previous to the sale. Inventories ot her stores (amongst which is a capital new cable never bent) may be seen by applying to Air. Simpson, at the place of sale, or to the Auctioneer, who is authorised r to treat with any person willing to purchase her by Private Contract. TJIOS. BOWEN, Jun. Auctioneer. Swansea, April 4,1804. CAPITAL NAVY TIMBER. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ONE HUNDRED and EIGHTEEN OAK TREES, of large dimensions, and mostly fit for Navy Timber, growing in small Coppices and Hedge-rows, 011 Cwrvgare and Priory Farms, in the parish and township of Lhuiwern, in the county of Brecon. Will be SOLD with the Lops, Tops, and Bark, by SEALED TrNDKlis, to be sent or delivered before the 22d of April inst. to George Hollis, Esq. Winchester, Hants; or Thomas Alaybery, Esq. oi Brecon, who will give directions for obtaining a vicvv- oj the Timber. r( W. The Parai on which-the Timber grows is situate within five miles of Brecon and three of a Canal, and may be con- veyed to the port of Bristol at a moderate expence. Also, To be LET, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, the said FARM, called OWRYCARE and I'YRY PRIOR, consisting of 125 Acres of ARABLE, PASTURE, 1" WOOD LAND, in good condition, and principally lying to a south aspect, with Feed for Sheep on Llangors Hills, an abundant Lime-Rock, and a Kiln for burning it on the Farm, and Coals at a very moderate price. For farther particulars apply to Mr. Hollis, or Mr. May- bery, as above; aud lor a. view of the premises to Air. Alaybery, VXNIEREAS Mrs. ROOKE, late of Bristol, V? but now of Hnvrrfordwcst, in the county of Pem- broke, left a COW and CALF, upwards of Twelve Alonths afo, on the premises of Mr. W ATKINS, the Three-Tuns Inn, St. Nicholas,near Cardiif, Glamorganshire;—This is, there- fore, to give Notice, that unless the said Cow and Calf are taken away, and the expences of their keep, advertising, ftc. paid, ^within twenty-one days from the dale hercol, they will be sold to defray the same. April 6, 1804- PHCEN1.X FIRE-OFFICE, LOMBARD-STREET. THE firm support which the PHGENIX- OFF1CE continues to receive from its numerous Friends demands the thanks of the Directors. The modes of injuring FARMING STOCK practised by this Ollice, have been and will be found on due examination best adapted to the protection of that kind of property a particular explanation of which with reference to other modes in practice, may be obtained from the Company's Agents. This Ollice, always desirous of giving encourage- ment to the Agricultural Interests of tbe klllgdom, has lur- ther. reduced the rate on Farming Stock ta 2sT6d. per cent, and its Directors rely that an adherence to the same con- duct which originally recommended the Phcenix to the pub- lic favour and patronage, will continue to uphold its cha- racter and extend its concerns. x The Receipts for Policies falling due at Lady-day, are now in the hands of the several Agents, For the County of Glamorgan. Messrs. AilCHALLS Swansea, Air. JOHN BIRD Cardiff, For the County of Brecon. Messrs. Wit. and GEO. Noitm, Brecknock. For the County oj Monmovth. Mr. JOS!H MORRIS Chepstpw. For the County of Carmarthen. Air. BENJAMIN ADAMS Carmarthen. For the County of J'embrohe. AITS. SAKAN W11.L1 AMS Haverfordwest. For the Coimty of Cardigan, Air. CALEB LEWIS Cardigan. And Jnr the County of Montgomery. t, Mr. pftYCK OwEt. Welshpool. The important sums annually paid by this Office to Sufferers by Fire, strongly prove the usefulness of this pre- caution, as v\elt to Noblemen aud Gentlemen to secure the value of their Mansions and Effects, As to Farmers, Manu- facturers. ami all the Commercial Orders. *y*. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or up- wards, will no: be charged for the Policy. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, M.^rc-h- 23. ljMKk Se«. *f C&uuuy Department. STATE-LOTTERY WII.L commence miAVviNiG On MONDAY, APRIL 2M, 1801- 2d Day, Saturday, Aptil 28 Gth Day, Satwdav. Mat 12 a f^t'cUicsdavvMa^ V < th lhursitiav 17 "lth Saturday 5 j tuh Saiiud** 19 jt'li —— eduesdav 9 I 9rh —— TiievJitv .> And wjii cc. lujt on Wednesday, of 2\Illv. TICK ELS and „§liARLS are on. SyLE at EVERY LICENSED-liOTXERY'OFFICE, IS ENGLAND, SC OTLAND, and IRELlND, Present Price.—Ticket ct.17, 12s. -J.-9 2 O Eighth, « £ .2.6 6 (Quarter 4 12 0 | Sixteenth 3 d SCHE-ME. 2 Prizes sf o,(w is £..40,000 2" — 10,000 .— 20,i KXJ 3 5,{)(){) — 15,000 -2,WJ — &o:>o If — 1,000 — 12,000 500 — 6,590 — 200 — 4,OOiU ■>° — -100 — 5, XX) ^l00 5,005) "'irKI — HO — 147,000 jkWO Tickets. £ .>00 Fjrst-dravto Ticket, First Day ^"j.oqo First-drawn 'I'icke1., Seventh Day v'0,000 First-drawn 'I'icke!, Ninth Pjrv, Are part of the Capitals. fcTr- Persons in the Country will be supplied with Tickets or Miar«s, the same as if present, by sending Post-oihce Or-' iters, good Bills, Cash,Bank Notes, or Prize's in former Lot- tanes, to any LICENCED LOTTEHY-OEPICE. Tickets and Sharet will kvq> gradually rising. » RICHARDSON, GOOD LUCK, 4 Co. STATL-LOTTElii' OFFICES, CORNIIILL 4- CHARING-CROSS, LONDON, ARE SrLl.ING TICKETS and SI-^ARES, in the greatest va- riety of Numbers, for the STATE-LOTTERY, which begms Drawing on AIOND AY, the i?3d of APRIL "inst. \Vhere m the fate Lvtteiies the following Capital's wer« sold, in Shares: x No. 12,007-. S-30,000- No. 26,88$S.oOiOlS 7,105 20,000 48,752 20 000 4<3,577 -HO,000 2;5,148, 20!000 .35,989 20,000, Z7,h¡'1' 30,000 31,692 1U,W)0 25,215 10,000 IN A WHOLE TICKET, No. 48,318- Also Prizes at, 5,0W, &c. tod OUlsft- rous to particularise. I [;7" It is recommended not to destrov Tickets or Shares inlornier Lotteries til they are agaiu"examined; correct ivcgiaters, lor trus purpose, are kept, for upwards of seventy years hack, at theO;]fc„ of Richardson, Gocdluck, Jnd Co ENGLISH LOTTERY RECIXS DRAWING On MONDAY, ihe23d of APRIL 1804 THE TICKETS, HALVES, QUARTERS i. EIGHTHS, and SIXTEENTHS, are now selling- in Kreat variety of Numbers, and on the lowest terms, t'ha Money for prizes paid on demand by HORNSBY and Co. STOCA-BRO KERS, at their old established STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, (Lictibted pursuant to Act of Parliament,) No. 26, CORN HILL 00- posite the ROY AL-EXCUANGF, LONDON. ALSO AT J. w R. GROVE% SWANSEA. All Shares sold at this Office will be stamped, agreeable 0/fic "l 1 a ament' ^'lt 1 lilC words, State Lottery Stamp Letters, Parcels by Mail-Coach, or Carrier, dulv attended to, exactly on the same terms as if present. Bank, India, and South-Sea Stocks, with their several Ali- miities, and all kinds of Government Securities boucittaud sold by Commission. & SBY and Co. sold in the late Lottery, No. ol'.20,000, in two eighth and twelve sixteenth shares,—1 No. 26,280, 10,000, in one quarter, two eighth, and ei^ht sixteenth shares,—No. 11,196, ^500, in one quarte>\ one eighth, and ten six 21,343, £.500, in one quar- ter, one. eighth, and ten sixteenths. STATE LOTTERY To BECIAr the 23d of APRIL instant. SWIFT and Co. AT their old STATE LOTTERY OFFICE POULTRY, LONDON, (established in the year 1759) are appointed by Government to sell TICKETS and MiAJtvLS ol the above Lottery. PRIZES to the amount of more than a Million Sterling have been shai«d and sold at this Ollice, particularly in the last year, 1803, the under-mentioned: No. 226, a Prize of 10,000 in Shares. 1L599 5,000 Shares. 20,430, 5,000 Ticket. 19,556, 5,000 Shares 41,606, 2,000 Shares. With many others ot^.1,000, ,£.500, 6cc. &c. Letters answered, and Schemes at large given gratis. All Business relating to the Public Funds accurately transacted. J THIRD STATE LOTTERY Begins DRA WING the 'l.3d of THIS MONTH. THE TICKETS and STAMPT SHARES are now on Saloiii the greatest variety, at the Roy al EXCHANGE STATE LOTTERY-OFFICE, NO. 83, CORN- HILL, corner of the ROYAL-EXCHANGE, LONDON, By Messrs. HALL and Co. Succcssors to Mr. NICHOLSON, AND AT THE LICENSED HOlie* OF JOHN Mr. JOHN PElRCE, BRECON, Where the lollowmg Capital Prizes, in former Lotteries, have been sold and shared by Air. NICHOLSON-, viz No. 17,993 I .20,000 No. 20,135-) (¥Vk &S.322 in Shares. 4:>,97« > .23,481 f f 19,8.»(3 J m *uaTiS' 7,785!- 23,33Q-\ 44,014 5 Tickets.^ £ 5,499) 30,S75 < whole Tickets. 42,700 .10,000 14,777.) 17,0:5 ( in Shurts. 52,603* Besides many of £ .2,000, g,UG:)), ^1,000, and «^M500, too nuc v:sm f .£ .10,000 luerous to mention. 17,0i-9 f whole Tickets. 46,6767 Aloney for Prizes as soon as drawn, and in full two months aftej- the Lottery has finished drawing. Tickets and Shares Registered at 6d. per Number. Orders from the Country remitting good BiHs-^it a'" short date, Bank Notcsr-Ortsh/oi- Post-ollic'e -Orders, c'xc- cuted on the same terms as if ptxivuiiui presttul. LkUsis, P»«t-paid, duly aos^tirid: