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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



IKON TRADE. The welsh quarter-day win be held at NEWPORT, on FRIDAY, the 7th day of APRIL next. Alareli WANTED, a CURATE, to officiate at VV Triuitv Chapel, in the parish of Llandrinio, Mont- gomeryshire the duty is very small. A single person will he preferred, who may be boarded with the School- master upon reasonable terms. Apply to the Printer of this Paper; if by letter, post- paid. f jT*IIE celebrated Miss BEFDTN, MINIATURE .X PAINTER, who was born without Arms and Legs, is. without exception, the rtiost pleasing nud w >n '» .ul. cu- riosity the world ever produced. It IS imp >- i1 le In give a just-description of the extraordinary power* o< ondeml Young Lady; hut the reader may form some idea from the following :—She Can cut out and make any part at her own clothes, sows extremely neat and in a slirprlsing .na»ner,_ writes well, draws landscapes, paints-miniature likenesses, and many more wondedllllhing., all of which she perfornis- principally with her uvouth. Bliss BEFFIN will exhibit her wonderful powers as an exhibition for a short time in Carmarthen, Brecon,.Swansea, Tenby, Pembroke, Ilaverlordwest, Neath, Llandovery, and most of the principal places-in South Wales. Time and place will be announced in the handbills. N. B. Those Ladies and Genl-leinen who wish to have their Miniatures painted are requested to apply early, as her stay in this country will be only dining this Spring. To the High Sheriff of the County oj" G-Iajrtot-an, SIR, WEj the undersigned, request you will CALL a MEETING of the FREEHOLDERS, at an early day, to consider of an Application to Parlia- ment for an Act to fix the COUNTY ELECTION at some I central and convenient Place. '_h Windhllm Quin I H. Grant John Price T_,le. Trahc-rne John Frauklen Wm. Nicholl John Nicholl J. ]>. Bruce M. P. Traheme John Morris Jvlw. Hawkins M. II. Beach John Morris Jvlw. Hawkins M. II. Beach J. Hunt I K. H. Jenkins Benj. Hall T.Edmonds Wm. Williams I R. Savours Grifiith Llewellyn II. J. Plumptree John Bcvan r rancis 1 aynton John Nicholl J.M.Ltoyd 11. Lynch Blosse Robert Wrixou Walter-Coffin J. Goodrich John Bassett William Lewis Richard Gritliths Hichard JHakcllJore R'd. Fowler Rickards John Llewelyn Lewis W. DiUwyn John Jenkin Jones Eran.Thun1as R. T. Deere Whit. Nicholl J. J. Guest Cann Wilkins Robert Jenner. I do hereby appoint a MEETING of the FREEHOLD- ERS of this COUNTY to be held at Pyle, on Thursday, the 6th of April, in pursuance of the above requisition, at twelve o'clock. Cardiff, 23d March, 181.3. W. TAITT, Sheriff. STATE LOTTERY BEGINS 5th APIUL, 1815. SWIFT and Co. return their sincere thanks to the Public for the distinguished patronage they have received (particularly during the last ten Lotteries, for all of which they have bee" CONTRACTORS) and having had the good fortune to sell One or more of the largest Capitals in atmost every Lottery, they trust they shall continue to be honoured with the preference of the Public in the pre- sent Lottery, which begins drawing on the 5th of April. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 3 PHIZES of £ 30,000 &c. &c. and ;• FIVE OF THE BLANKS Will be entitled to ONE THOUSAND GUINEAS EACIl, Which are to be paid in Gold, Without deduction, as soon as drawn. Tickets and Si'.are;. nre selling at SWIFT and Co.'s London Offices, No. 11, POULTRY, And No. 31, ALDG ATE 12,CHARING-CROSS, f HIGH-STREET, And by their Agents. Mesdames THOMAS 4- MA HON, Swansea. assurance, (Established by Royal Charter in the Reign of King George the First,) For ASSURING IIOUSES, BUILDINGS, GOODS; CORN; HAT, STOCK, 4-c:; and oho for the ASSURANCE oj LIVES, and granting ANNUITIES on LIVES. THE CORPORATION of the ROYAL EX- CHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby-, give Notice, that they have authorised their respective AgeiVts to receive Proposals for the ASSURANCE of FARMING-STOCK at the Rate of 2s. per Ccnt. per Annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 95th llarch are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under-mentioned and'the Parties assured are requested to apply for the fC- liewal of their Policies on or before the 9th of April, as the usual fifteen days allowed far payment, beyond the date vi each Policy, will then expire. Glamorgansh ire. Swansea. Messrs. W. GROVE aud Sons. Cardiff JOSEPH DAVIE*. Breconshire. Brecon CHARLES WILD. Carmarthenshire. Carmarthen WILLIAM NORTH. Carnarvonshire. BANGOR JOHN ROBERTS, Carnarvon-•• • JOSEPH WAKEMAS, Denbighshire. Ruthin Ro'BEIVT WILLIAMS, "Wrexham JOSEPH LANGFOHB. Flintshire. Holywell WILI.IAJITUETOS. Montgomt*i/shii'c. f Montgomery.. MABBICK JONES. Monmouthshire. Monmonth. THOMAS TUDOR. Newport Mr.TiBBiNS, Herefordshire. Herefotd JOHN ALKS, Bookseller, Leominater SAMUEL NICHOLAS, Ledbury Shropshire. Oswestry •••• HUGHES, Shrewsbury J. EDDOWES, Wellington STEPHEN Jennies. This Corporation will, in cases of Fire, allow all reason- able charges attending the removal of goods, and pay the sufferer's loss, whether the goods are destroyed, lost, or da- maged by such removal. All payments for Josses or damages by Fire, are made by this Corporation without deduction. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expence, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals,may be had of the different Agents ASSURANCES on LIVES beme found to bead. Tantageousto persons having oiiieo, employments, estates, er Other incomes, determinable on the lite or lives of them, selves or others, TaMes oT"?Rc'R'Stes for such Assurances and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Acer' s.' And, for the greater convenience of the Pub- he, the Company have determined to extend (by special agreement.) the Assurance on Lives to the ag» of 7r> years. 9, 1814. SAM. FENCING, Jun. Sec. MR. EBENEZER JONES, of Pontypool, and ivJL Friends, would be gald if Mr. JABEZ THOMAS. Surgeon, late of Dowlais (Son of the late Mr. THOMAS, of Bala), would with all speed return to Pontypool, as there is a situation ready for him there. N. B. If any of the Ministers of the Gospel know where Mr. Thomas is, they will have the goodness to send the re- quired information, by letter, directed to Ebenezer Jones, Pontypool, as soon as possible. Pontypool, March *23,1815. COLLIER'S NEW CHEAP LONDON AND STAFFORD v, Ðoot an0 Wmfyomz, TOP OF WIND-STIiEET,,SWANSEA. WILLIAM COLLIER acquaints the Inha- if bitants of Swansea and its vicinity, as well as the Shoe Trade and Sellers in geireral, that at his Warehouse, which will be opened this day, they May be supplied with any quantify of BOOTS arid SHOES. Wholesale, and Retail, or for !Exportation, Cheaper than at ami Warehouse in Walts, of the newest Fashions, of the best Materials, and Workmanship. Shoemakers and others selling Shoes, wiH be suppiicd on liberal terms. RETAIL PH fCES Gentlemen's Boots from 25s. to 38s. per. pair. Gentlemen's 8hoes from 7s. 10 9s. 6d. per pair. Ladies' Wellington & Half Boots from 8s. Sd. to 12s. per pair. Ladies' Slioes and Pomps from 5s to 7s. 6d. per pair. Women's Shoes and Pumps from 3s. 10d. to 5s. 6d. Children's in proportion. Swansea, March 2r5, 3815. ;■ Beaufort-Arim-lnn and Hotel, Chepstow. EDWARD THATCHER RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public that, in consequence »f Chepstow Bridge being for the present rendered impassable, in order to their accommodation he has fitted up good Stables and Coach- houses, at which he keeps Post-Chaises and Horses for the convenience of travelling, and vyheie Gentlemen's Car- riages and Horses may be taken cure of in case it should not be found necessary to bring theru across the river. The Gloucester, Swansea, and Bristol Coaches continue to run as usual, -and E. Ti pledges himself that tlie utmost attention shall be paid to forward Company with the great- "st possible expedition, proper Boats and Men to navigate them being provided to convey the public over at all sea- sonable times free of expense. E. THATCHER takes this opportunity of returning his most grateful thanks to the Public in general for their past favours, and presumes to hope that by the most unremitting attention he shall merit a continuance of that support it shall ever be his study to deserve. PIKENIX FIRE-OFFICE, LOMBARD-STREET, LONDON. RENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling due at Lady-day, are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every description are effected on the most moderate terms. Stork •» -,r *»'i#urcd in one sum without the average clause, at 2s. per Cenf. per Ann. Losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning have always been paid by this Office. persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or up- wards, will not be charged for the Policy; and all Endorse- ments will be made gratis. By Ordcr of the Directors. H. A. HARDY, March 16, 181,#. Sec. of Country Department. •> H ^Sw. c BH 1 BIRMINGHAM Fire And Life Insurance and Aniiidty Offices, (EMPOWEEETI. BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT). jTitt INSURANCES are effected by this Office against Loss or Damage by Fire, upon Property of every description, hpon ten's as liberal as those of any other Office-, and the losses paid with the utmost liberality and promptitude. FARMING STOCK on any part of a Farm, or in any Build- ing thereon, Insured in one bum on the following terms, viz. Pot One Year. 2s,^ Six Months, Is.(vd. S-per Cent. Three Months-, Is. V No charge made for Policies where the Premium amounts to 6s. nor on removal from other Offices. The Receipts for removal \of Insurances due at :Ladii-day> are ready for delivery hij^the Agents, and should be paid on m-'btfore the 9th day of April, as the 15 dalls allowed for payment beyond the date of each policy will then expire. 3Ltfe emce. Insurances are effected by this Office, on Lives and Sur- vivorships, Endowments granted for Children, and Annui- ties granted and purchased. Persons effecting Insurances with this Company will enjoy the following peculiar advantages 1st, A Capita! of Half a Million has been subscribed as a Security for all the Engagements of the INSTITUTION, the Proprietors taking Upon themselves the sole Responsibility; while the Insurers-participate with them in the Profits, without incurring any rislc whatever. 2d, At the Expiration of every seven Years, one third part of the profits is appropriated to encrease each policy, in proportion to the aggregate amount paid by each person for premium, which gives Persons assuring at this Office every reason to expect their Heirs or Assigns will receive a very considerabie addition to the Sum insured. 3d, Every Proprietor is under the necessity of making an Assurance, and when it drops, a new Assurance, must be made in its place, which gives Ilnadâitional Stability to the Institution, by a perpetual Renovation of Policies. No Entrance-money or Admittance Fees are required. nor is any charge made for Policies except the Stamp Duty. By order of the Directors, J R. 1. WITHERIDGE, Sec. AGENTS. Swansea. ROBT. WITHYCOMBE, Neath EVAN REES, jun. Bridgend WM. TRUMAN. Newport Tuos. HAWKINS. Carmarthen JOHN DANIEL. Brecknock WM: VAUGHAN. Abergavenny. J. CHEESE WATKINS. Milford ABRAHAM WitLiAMS. Httverfordwest" JAMES GRIFFITH. Cardigan WA. MITCHELL. Pembroke GEORGE WILLIAMS. Aberystwith DAVID GRIFFITH. Newiown Mr. JONES, Druggist. Welchpool .f. JAMES ROBERTS. wES,De!i Kenrick' LADIES' BOARDING-SCHOOL. TO BE DISPOSED OF,. At Midsummer next, A Long-established and respectable LADIES' BOARDING-SCHOOL, in one of the principal Cities of the West of England. Letters, with real signature and post-paid, directed for C. C. at Mr. Saml; J. Morgan's, Neath, will obtain all the information required. I THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, ^1^ME LIFE of the late Lieutenant-General r VfLLETTES; to which are added, LETTERS of VIATOR SENESCENS, CORRKCTKD AMD ENLARGED By T. BOWDLER. Esq. F. R. S. & S. A. With an Appendix, containing the Lln; and a few Omoi- NAL LF. ITERS of the late Madame EUZABETH de FRANCE. Published to assist in providing Free Seals for the Poor °f Swansea, by enlarging the Parish Church. ri Printed by R. Cruttweil, Bath and sold by J. Robinson, Patemoster-royv, and J. Hatchard, Piccadilly, London; and by 1. Jenkins, Cambrian-Oflice Swansea. On the 31st March, 1815, will be published, in quarto, PART I.-r-Price 5s. And on superfise royal paper, with proof plates, 8s. BROWN'sSELF-INTERPRETING BIBLE, B a New Edition, with considerable additions, By the Rev. THOMAS RAFFLES, of Liverpool. Illustrated by a Series of Engravings, by C. and A. W. Warreni Esqs. from original pictures, painted purposely for the Work, by Edward Bird, Esq. R. A. Historical Painter to her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales. For Particulars, see Prospectus. London: printed for Walker, Edwards, and Reynolds, Paternoster-row and sold by every Bookseller in the United Kingdom. Brecon, March 6, 1815. IN THE press, Ariel will be published immediately, TIIE First Volume of SERMONS and TRACTS. By the Rev. RICHARD DAVIES, A. M. ARCHDEACON ANT) VICAR OF BRECON AND ONE OF THE CANONS RUSIDENTARY OF ST. DAVID'S. It is proposed, that this work (to consist of four octavo volumes) shall he published by a subscription of Two Guineas each copy; Half-a-Guinea to be paid upon the delivery of each Volume. As the profits of this Work will he solely applied in aid of the fund for Re-building the Chapel of St. Mary, in Brecon, it is hoped, that many of the friends of the Church Establishment will be induced to subscribe. If permission is granted, a Charge delivered to the Chapter of St. David's, in 1811, by the Rev. Father in God, Thomas, Lord Bishop of St. David's, and a small ( Treatise upon Pulpit Elocution, will be inserted in tkis work. Brecknock, printed and sold by George North, Book- •seller, &c. and sold by Messrs. Longman, Hurst, Rees, ernie, and Brown, Paternoster-row, London. rg^O COYER, at FONMON CAdrtu, near X. Cowbrid^e, Glamorganshire,- ponL'}'(Hl- Thorough-bred Marcs at Ten Guineas, and Half a Guinea to the Groom, and Maros not tiiorough-bred at half-price. Good accommodation for any number of Mares. Hay and Grass till the first of May at 10s. 6d. Corn at the whole- sale prices, and every possible attention paid. to the Mares. The Money to be paid at Covering, or before the Mares are taken away. N. B. He is a sure Foal getter. For further-particulars enquire of Wm. Alexander, Stud Groom, as above if by letter, post-paid. NORWICH UNION FIRE AND IN- LIFE STITUnONS. IN these Establishments ALL THE SAY- INGS ARE RETURNED TO THE INSURED. In ;ousequence of this plan, the Members of the Fire In- mrance Department, whose period of repayment has ar- •ived, have received back fifty per cent, of the Premiums they leposited. The rates of he Life Institution are nearly ten per cent, lower than those of-other Establishment?; and its Insurers have the additional advantage of being entitled to a periodical boitits. Further particulars may be had, gratis, of Mr. Thomas lones, Wind-street, Swansea or of'any of the A gents who iire appointed in the principal towns in this county. EAGLE INSURANCE OFFICE, BY ACT OF P^TUJAMEN}-. LONDON. THE advantages gained by insuring at this JL Office consist in the Pay ment of Rent úf any Premises destroyed by Fire, and in the abatement of one-tenth part ofthc Pfemihmusuafty paid to other Offices. Damage by Lightning made good. Life Insurance upon liberal Terms, Policies expiring at Lady-day, may bb renewed wiUnn fifteen days from that period. AGENTS, c Mr. David Jenkin, Law Stationer, Swansea; Mr. Lewis Davis, Grocer, Atti rgele. GLAMORGANSHIRE. CAPITAt. Maidtti Oak, Ash, and Beech Timber. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At the house of Thomas Jones. known by the Cross Keys? at Nantgarw, on TiieSday, the llth ot' April, 181;). be- tween the hours of three and six in the afternoon, in the following Or such other lots as may be agreed upon the time of sale, and subject to conditions then to be produced, r f i 1?IGHTY-SEVEN OAK TIMBER Lo J2i TREES. Lot 2. TWO HUNDRED ASJI ditto ditto. Lot 3. NINETY BEECH ditto ditto. The above lots of Timber are numbered progressively with white paint, and stand on the GedrisS Estate, in the parish of Lantwitvardre distant half a mile from the Merthyr Canal at Natttgarw aforesaid, and hot more than seven and a half miles from the seapoit-town of Cardiff. The Oak Timber comprises a great proportion-of fine Cleft, and the remainder is very well adapted for Beams, Thickstuff, and Plank, for the navy. The Ash and Beech are ot very superior quality, and the whole deserves the attention of Timber-Merchants, aad others in want of prime Timber. William Williams, of Gedriss, will shew the different lots other particulars may be had of Mr. Morley, Surveyor, Cwmdfi, Breconshire-, or of Mr. John Morris, Timber- Surveyor, New Bridge, near Cardiff ForShtep, Calves, Lambs, and other Cattle. tTNDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE Riehl Hon. Earl Winchilsea, Right Hon. Lord Somerville, John Blackburne, Esg, 1'1. P. And other distinguished Members of the BoM-d of Agriculture. HUGHES's PICKS CORDIAL, a certain jLJt- Cure for the Scouririg Complaint of Sheep, Calves, Lambs, and other Cattle; a vatuabte Restorative Cordial for Ewes after Lambing, and an infallible prevemive of the Mortification of any AuitnlJlafler parturition. It is a well established tact, that the Cattle to vviiich Hughfs's Cordia) s administered, thrive and fatten much sooner than others. Sold wholesale by Mr. Hughes, 2i, St. Paul's Church- yard and retail by every Vender of Patent Medicrties in the United Kingdom. Price 2s. 9d. ALL THE THREE PRIZES OF £ 30,000, May be drawn ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, APRIL 5. &&HIIII !■ TWO OF THE FIVE 1,000 GUINEA PRIZES MUST BE DRAWN I:, ON THAT DAY, AND WILL BE PAID IN GOLD, AS SOON AS PROCLAIMED. I Tickets and Shares nre Selling !.iy BISEl, the Contractor, Jt 4, Coriihtjl, and 9; C-'tarmg-cross, London, AST/ a -!S .4 G NlJ. Mrs. OA KEY, L ihrary, Swansea J. POTTER. BookscHer, jia-verfordwest: y: W. COX, Bookseller, At>ervstrtiih- J. GARDNER, Draper, Kington:' v BARRY and SON, Bookseiiers, Bristol. ASH TIMBER. For Sale, in One or more Lots, 106 ASH TREES, standing on Glynllech-, and Farms adjacent, in the parish of Ystrad- gunlais, in the county of Brecon, aud within an easy dis- tance of the Swansea Canal. For particulursapply to Walter Price, Esq. at Glynllech, aforesaid or to Mr. Powell, Solicitor, Neath. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, AND ESTt'FCF.D UIJON AT LADY-DAY, 1815, ALL that very valuable HILLY FARM, called DUFFRNN GWILLIM TREHARNE, si- tuate in the parish of Langonoyd, late in theoccupation of 1 homas EvaA, Farmer, who has recently quitted, and now ) of file lawd ]() rds. All or any part of the Live and Dead Stock on the pre- mises, which lately belonged to the said Thomas Evan,the late tenant, and now the property of Mr. Thomas Jenkins and Mr. Joseph Jones, may be taken to by the succeeding tenant at a valuation. lor particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Jenkins, Gelly or Mr. Joseph Jones, Court, Margam. To Gentlemen Farmers and Sportsmen. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AT TWENTY-SIX YEARS PURCHASE, OR LET ON LEASE. And immediate possession given, AN ESTATE or FARM, in South Wales, close to.a seaport, lime, &c. of above 284 Acfes, so :omple|e in buildings, and so ornamentally wooded and pleasantly situaied, that it is eqllalledby few aud in loca) advantages not to be excelled. Fuil particulars may he had of Mr. Hoyte, Swansea; Messrs, Smith and Son, Windsor, Berks, and Alderman's- walk, London Mr. Wilcocks, Auction Alart, and No. 13 Bart ho) eincw-lane, London. All letters must be post-paid. GLAMORGANSHIRE^ TO J>i!v fa'rt'li i:/Io\i'rini'ncUlureXii, 'li 1, 1', r itar A COTTAGE, called THE CWM, situate A COTTAGE, called THE CWM, situate -ZTA. near the town of LandafF; comprising A good par- our, kitchen, pantry, back-kitchen, and cellar on the ground floor, a drawing-room and two bed-rooms on the first floor, and very good garrets; also, a stable, pigsty. poultry yard, and other convenient outhouses, with a very excellent kitchen garden well stocked with fruit trees. The above is eligibly situated, and well adapted for the residence of a small genteel family. For further particulars apply to MrSi Jenkins, LandafF, who will direct a person to shew the premises or to Mr. Edward Priest Richards, Attorney-at-Law, Cardiff. All letters must be post-paid BRITON-FERRY, GLAMORGANSHIRE, TO BE LET OR SOLD, A Desirable MARINE VILLA, in every respect adapicd'for a genteel family, consisting of a dining-room, drllwing,roomj and a small. breakfast room; kitchen, dairy, and other offices; supplied with waler on the ground-floor; four bed-chambers and a small room on, the first-Soor three attics, with a convenient closet; good cellars; coach-house, three stall stable, laundry,brewhouse, piggery, and poultry yard. detached an extensive walled garden, stocked With the finest fruit trees; also a kitchen garden. Commands a view of Swansea Bay, and the entrance of Neath river, surrounded by the beautiful woods anogroUiJds of Lord Jersey. N. B. The above is at present furnished, which the tenant may be accommodated with at a fair valuation, any time previous to the J\I of April. Fur particulars apply to Mr. Wm. Oliver, Bristol; Mr. Jenkins, Cambrian-Office, Swansea or on the premises. Residence in South Wales. CADOXTON LODGE, to be LET, ready IfmTiished (exclusive of plate, linen, and cfuna), for a term, of eight years; it is situated in the most beautiful part of Glamorganshire, within nine miles of Swansea, and one mile of the excellent market and pgs't-town of Neath, through which the mail-coach passes daily to and from London.—The House comprises, oil the ground-floor, a capital kitchen, back-kitchen, scullery, wash-house (with pipes to convey hot and cold-water), laundry, servunls'- liall, butler'S-pantry, housekeepev's-room. pantries, dairy, cheese-room,&c.; on the first-floor, four excellent sitting- rooms oil the second-floor, ix large bed-rooms, a dressing- room, and water-closet; in the attic, five servanrs'-rooms and a store room. Water is conveyed by pipes to dif- ferent part's of the house. There is an excellent Garden, walled round with fruit-trees, in the highest state of per- fection also, an Orchard stocked with choice trees and at one end ot a handsome terrace is a fine Billiard-room, with a full-sized table, by Erwood. The stables, harness roqm, coaph-house, granary, cow-house, pig-sties, kennel, and all the offices, are particularly good and convenient. Any quantity of Land, not exceeding 60 Acres, may be had with the House. For further particulars apply at the Office of John Edwards, Esq. Blooinsbury-sqnare, London, or to Air. Mathew Forster, Neath, who will shew the premises. All lettwrs must be post-paid. Coal and Lime within a mile of.the spot, and very cheap. The principal object being a careful and good tenant-the rent will be very moderate. WORMS DESTROYED. MEDICINE never witnessed a more im- portant Discovery than in PRITCHETT'S VEGE- TABLE VERMIFUGE, a Remedy that, contrary to all others, neither purges, vomits, or otherwise in the least affects the constitution; requires no confinement, has neither taste or smell, and is so harmless that it may be taken by an infant of all hour old -Iaiid yetne^er, in one instance, failed destroying every worm in the body. It is the actual discovery ofa medical practitioner of eminence, who may be referred to by application at the wholesale Agents, and who most solemnly asserts it contains not a particle of calomel, scammouy, or other drastic article. IPitITC[IL'UT'B I'FO.ETADI.E VERSTFIVOE is prepared and signed by the proprietor, D Pritcbett, and sold (in large packett's, price 2s. 9d. sufficient J or a full grown person, or for three small children, or in small packets, pi ice Is. lld. sufficient for a child) wholesale by Barclay aud Sons, Fleet Market, London, and retail by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, Lister, and Daw (late Flexman), I Swansea; Morgan, Neath; Evans, Bridgend; V-achell, Cardiff; Dyke and Williams, Merthyr Daniel, Qarmar- then; North, Yapp, and Vaugliaj),Brecon; Price and 1 Wvke, Abergavenny; and Price, C'ricktwweil. Wvke, Abergavenny; and Price, C'ricktwweil. GLAMORGANSHIRE. FARMS TO BE LET, Fill" a term of years, and efltcrcdupon immediately, THE FARM oF MOLTON, containing about 256 Acres- of good Arable, Meadow, and fasture LIUKI, in the parishes of Lancarvon and Winvoe. The FARM of CWM BARtlY, containing about ]73 Acres ot good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the parishes ot Barry and Porthkerrv. Both Fai ms are con v en it n! I v sit u n ted within Jes5 than nine miles of the excellent market towns of Cardiff and Cow- bri(ige, and-only a few miles from the harbours of Aber- thaw Barry. For further particulars enquire (if by letter, post-paid) of Mr. Haiket, Rheola, near Neath; or ef Mr. Evaa Thcmas, Treguff, near Cowbridge. .# CA FIT A L TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 18th day of April, 18J5. on the Demesne of Penlall, ill the parish of Llantynydd, in the county of Carmarthen, 129 0 Al{S¡ 134 ASH' 88 FIR, and a quantity of fine BELCH and ELM, all prime and picked 1 imber. The sale wiii commence at ten o'clock in the morning. SOUTH-WALRS. Shares in the Neath and Glamorganshire Canal Navigation. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At tlie Auction-Mart, in Bartliolomew-lanp, London, on Wednesday, the 12th day of April, 1813, at the hour of twelve at iiooil, subject to certain conditions to be tllen produced, and in snel. lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, or in the mean time by Private Contract. Ofi Q HAjiES in the NEATH CANAL, pro- This concern is unlimited as to the extertt of the annual Dividend, and in every respect a most prosperous one. f6 SHARES in the U LAMOIWANSIIIHE CANAL, producing £ 13 12s. 8d. per Share annually, payable half yearly, without any deduction whatever. 1 his^Canal extends from Merthyr Tydvil to the town of The whole of the above Shares produce at the ratS before mentioned, a nett annual income of 744 9s. 4d. For further particulars apply to| Mr. Gregory, Solicitor Clement's-inn, London; or [\] èS5fs. Powell and Jone^, Soli- citors, Brecon; if by letter, the postage must be paid. CARDIGANSHIRE. I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION^ At the dwelling-house of Mr. Thos. Walters, in the rillaee of Llanarth, in the said county, on Wednesday, tl;e 3d day of May next, between the hours of one and ilireo. o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale ai shall be then and there, produced, iMi. A LL .MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, ZX aiul LANDS, with the Appurienances there- unto bek-nginti, couunoi^y called and known by the natrse of BLAENYRHOSE, now in the occupation of Mr. Jo Shi Evans; containing lt)(> Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pas- ture Land, be tlie same more or less; with a SLANG, PIECE ot- PARCEL of LAND, adjoining the said Farms being part of the Tenement of Rhydi'eeban, containing 40 Acres or thereabouts. The dwelling-house of Blacn vrhiiie, and all the ollllmusês thereto be lungfng, iire in good repuir, and the lands are capahlc ofverv grout iraprovrmcnt. Lots. All thatSLANG. PIECE, or PARCEL of LAX D, called PARI\.PENLLAIN,ncar dIe above premises, alld adjoining the turnpike-road leading from Llanarth 10 Car- digan, containing la Acre's, be the same more or less. All the above premises are in tTie pBrisi) Qf Llanarth aforesaid, willful three mile* of the sea and lime may be had within that distance at a IthHhHale tate, with plenty of sea weeds, &c. Mr. David Thomas, of Rhydfechan aforesaid, will shew the premises; and for all other particulars apply to Mr. Daniel Williams, Attorney nt Law, Ab'eryStwiih." CAPITAL TIMBER FOR SALE, The greatest pari fit for Natal purposes. BRECONSMNE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Ring's-Head-inn, in the town of l5uilth,on Monday, the 17"til o! April, 1813, at three o'clock in the afternoon, THE following OAK TIMBER, in the JL under-mentlmed lots Lot 1. LZ'2i O-VK'TREES, on Gellv Govelog Farm. Lot 'J. i3 'Ditto, on Dole yr Evrw.* L)t J; 130 Ditto in W-ern Wood (part ofFcrddfuwr Farm. Lot 4. T2- Ditto, OH Fen ddfawr. Lot 5■ 57. Ditto, on Rhosfe-rig. All situate in the hamlet of Rhosferig, wit in three miles of the tOWI) of Builth, on the banks of the Wye, and wirlilil one mile o! the turnpike-road from Builth to Rhayader. Lot 6. 87" OAK TREES, on Hatod yr Ankar, in the parish of Llanafan-fawr.. Lot 7. 33 OAK TREBS, on Abcrknithon, within one mile of Builth, in the-parish of Llanynis. Lot 8. 9.) OAK TREES, on Berflanbear, within two miles of Builth, and in the parish of Llaiiynls aforesaid. A. grieat part of the above Timber is also til tot- :mri thick-stuff j and each lot is numbered progressively with a scribe. The Tenant on Dole yr Evrw will jhew the first four lots; and the respective Tenants of the Farms will she* the other 1 its. For particulars apply to Mr. Samuel Church, Solicitor, Brecon. Every Man his ozcti Doctor. BY the EFFICACY of Dr. BOERHAAVE s INFALLIBLE 11 ED PILL, (4s. 6d. vnlir per box) person? of either sex, (assisted by tiie invaluable ^op cm directions therewith given)~are enabled to eradicate olfec* tualiy a Certain insidious disease, and to facilitate the re- covery of lietfith, witbe"se and safely, certainty and secrecy, in a lew days. For Bilious Scnrv v. Scrof.11a. and T m ¡;nrity of Bloo'f, the etficacy of this Medicine is so well known, and highly attested for fifty years past, that any further comment is rendered uti:;eces9.»ry. Another supply is just received from London, and for spie by Mr. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper end m»\ of so be had of Mr. Daniel, Carmarthen; Mr. £ h*.en, Huvgr- j ..wedwsst i and 5-Ir. Ntffib,^k.