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Selection of useful Household Furniture, IN FKllfiil-STREBT, SWANSEA, The upper side of the gateway 'leading to Salubrious-place. TO BF, SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. BOWEN, On Monday, the 17th of April inst.. AQauntity of FURNITURE, comprising four-post and .camp bedsteads and furniture; feather-, beds and hi uties is pier chituuc.y, ,smd dressing glasses,; ilyidiogany arttulos 111 chairs, case of drawers, side, Pem- broke, dressing; and sets'" of- dining-tables; concave and convex mirrors; diHt!pr service of prllHedware; eigin-day clock and case; wind»w-c»rtain; toother with several, Pieces of scarCt, PORClvLA l.,N CHIN A, ui difiner-dishes, fruit-plates, trtHI»disb< kc. hv. -The sale will conmieiice .n eleven o'clock. vCatalogues will be ready for delivery on the 1 Itii oil the premises, when -the whole may be inspected. GLA^JOPiGAXSII THE. T~~ TO BR SOLD KY AUCTION, By Messrs. THOMAS and REYNOLDS, On Monday, the 10th of April, 181.5, at Hensol Castle, near Cowfridire, ALL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, with some Articles of Household Furniture.of Samuel Richardson, Esq. consisting of two piano fortes, chainber horse, hand aiid bird organ, and several other articles. The Stock consists ol Oxen, cows, and calves, steers, heifers, ouCbtiH, one 4 \ear old stallion; one 6-vear tdd lilood mare, and seven working horses of diiferent ages; two waggons, six carts, ox-butts, 11 ploughs,with liarnWs, dritgs, 6cc. a very excellent Chalf Machine, with all kinds of iuipleuietits of husbandry. Tile sale to begin at elevea o'clock in tluv morning. SALT: POSTPONED. SODTH-VVALES. Shares in Iht Neath and GlamorgQrishire Canal Navigation.. tO BE SOLirBY AUCTION, At the Auction-Mart, ill Bartholomew-lane, London, on Monday, the tah day 1813, at the hnur ofi twelve o'clock at nOOIl, subject to certain conditions to be then produced, arid" in "such lots as shall be agrt-ed upon at the time of sale, or m the mcaii tiine by Private Contract, v i v OQ CHARES in the NEATH CANAL; pro- U ducing £ \5. per Share, annually, payable half yearly, without a<>y deduction whatever; This concern is unlimited as to the extent of-the atihual Dividend, and in every 'respect a most prosperous one, SHAFvES iri llie' GI, A M 0 fiG A IS S tl IRE CANAL, producing■13 l'isv -iid. per Share annually, pay ;rtil% half r y y¡>arly. without any-deduction velvatcvef. This Canal extends from Merthyr Tvdvil to the towfi of Card If. The whole of the above Shares produce at the rate before •mentioned, a nett annual ineOihe ol ^744 9s. 4d. For further particulars apply to? Mr, Gregory, Solicitor, Clement's-inn, London; or Messrs. Powell and Jorien Soli. i citors, Brecon: if by ktter, the postage must be paid. 7 HERE F bRDSfl IRE. •'■■■. CAPITAL FREEHOLD MANOR$ESTATES, Desirable Sporting Residence, Excellent Grouse and other Shooting, Fishinc, kc. IN THE HAMLET OF FWDDWGG, IN THE J'AHISH or CWJtYOy, IN THE SAID COUNTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. COOKE, I Oi) Monday, the 10th d«y of April, 1815, at the j £ ing's- Arms-inti, Abergavenjiy, prccisety at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject' to conditions "then and there Jp be produced Lot i A MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and i Jt- LANDS, called FWDDWGG, containing 170 customary Acres of excellent Arable and Pasture Land, in high cultivation, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Thomas, a yearly tetlaiit, at a very low rent: together with the MANOR of FWDDWGG, and its Chief Rents, Hcriots, Rights and Privileges thereto belonging, extending in length about four miles, and in width three. The House, at a trifling expense, may be made a complete and com- fortable Sporting Residence, the Manor abounding with all sorts of game, and is esteemed to be as good grousing land as any in the county. There is also upon-the, Estate an excellent arid well-supplied trout and eel stream. Lot 2. All that MESSU AGE,TENEMENT, LANDS, with its necessary Outbuildings, &c. called ilie NYAFO, being 160 customary Acrescf Arable and Pasture Land, of a very superior quality, and msty be irrigated at pleasure, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Price, yearly tenant. There is a quantity of Coppice Wood growing on the Estates, which must be taken at a valuation by the Pur- chaser. And an Unlimited Right of Sheepwalk is attached to the Property upon very sound hills. The tenants will show their respecliye lots and further particulars may be known on apptication to Messrs. James and Borienham, Solicitors; or the Auctioneer, Bridge- street, Herefoid. TAN YARD: TO BE LET A Complete TAN-YARD, in tlie White- Walls. Swansea. Enquire of Edward David, Bretfery, Swansea. WANTED immediately, a small HOUSE or GOT t-AGE, Furnished, with Out offices, a good Garden, and from six to one hundred Acres of Land, in a pleasant situation in South Wales. Apply by letter, post-paid, to J, H. A. at Miss Kyan's. No. 19, Circus, Bath. NOTICE is hereby given, that a MEETING of the TENANTS of the late Lord VERNON (of the BriUon-Ferry Estate) will be held at the Bunch ol {jrape Tavern, in the town of Nealh, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, on Wednesday, t!HtJ9lh da.y of April, 1B15, for the purpose of consulting on the late proposal of Lord Jersey. Brecknock and Abergavenny Catial Navigation. r C>, NOTICE is hereby given, that the NEXT GENERAL ASSEM BLY aWl MEETING of the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this NAVIGATION will be field at the Shire-Hall, in the town of Brecon, on Thursday, the 27tlt day-of April instant, at twelve o'clock at noon.. B. A. GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the said Company. Canal-Oihct, Lhmelly, April 3, 181.5. AT a MEETING of the FREEHOLDERS of the County ot GLA MORGAN, convened by the High Sheriff, pursuant to at Requisition otseveral Free- holders of the Cyunty, held at Pyle, oil Thursday-, the tith day of April, 1H15, -W. TALI i, E-q. Ilii?]) .-jlieriff, in the Chair On ilit: motion of Mr, TrHhcrne, seconded by the Rey. > Mr. Mori is:—that it ;ia the opinion of this Meeting that C vell Bridgend is a cClltra'.<lnc.};convPHícnt place for holding the Lleciioii ot a Member tor representing rhis CouutyinPar- liament,- An aniendoient was proposed on the motion of Mr. Vaughan. seconded by Mr. John Wood—-that the-fixing hyActofParJiameat.ofBridgendastheon!yp)ncefor the Election of a Merpber to represent this County isoot necessary, the existing laws on the subject being sufficient,2 which being put and negatived, the origipalmoliou was put and carried. „ On the motion of Mr. Traherne, seconded by the Rev. Mr. Morris, it vras Tiesoloed, that it is expedient to apply to Parliament for an Act to fix the County Election at Bridufnd, and that Mr. Hall be requested to take such steps for obtaining the same as he shall think proper. On the motion of Mr. J, J ffreys. seconded by Mr. M. Pi Treherne, it was Seioloed unanimously, i hat Mr. Hall liisving undertaken to bring the proposed Bill into Parlia- ment, the cordial Thank-s oi this Meeting be given to him. Resolved, That these.Reseiutiom J>e inserted twjcein the Cauibnanaiud iserea Goiuer Newspapers. W. TAIIT, Sheriff. The Chairman havnig left the chair on the motion of Mr. Treharne, seconded by Mr. Bruce, it -was Resolved unanimously, that the -Thanks of this Meeting !se given to the Sheriff for conveniug tins Meeting, and for his impartial conduct in the chair,


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