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MONEY WANTED. FROM 1050l. to 15001. ou good Freehold Secn-fity in tilamorganshir'e.—Reference to be made "So Mr. Williauu, Solicitor, Cowbridge. WANTED immediately, a small MOUSE ï V or COTTAGE, Furnished, with Out offices, a good Garden, andfrdu) six to one hundred Acres of Land, in a I pleasant situation in South Wales. Apply hy letter, post-paid, to J. H. A. at Miss Kyaij's, JJo, 19, Circus, Bath. BRIDGEND FAIR, 1S15. Tff^AKE NOTICE, that the said FAIR will 1 be held on WEDNESDAY, the 3d day of MAY, 1815, in consequence otCowbridgc FaLr being op Thursday, the 4th day of May. Bridgend, April 11,13i3. Cardiganshire Agricultural Society. THE FIRST SPRING MEETING of. the SOCIETY will be holden at Aherystwith, on Mon- day, the 24th instant. And the SECOND will be held at Atpar, on Friday, the 28th instant. April 8,1815.' J. BOWEN, Secretary. NOTICE is hereby given, that a MEETING of the TENANTS of the late Lord VERNON (of the Britton-Eerry Estate) will be held at the Bunch of Grape Tavern, in the town of Neath, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, on Wednesday, the 19th day of April, lb),5, for the purpose of Consulting on the late proposal of Lord Jersey. STOLEN or STRAYED, on Thursday even- 0 ing, the 161h of March, 181,5, from the t"wn of Tre- garon, in the county of Cardigan, a SOIIRJSL MARE, about fourteen hands high, rising seven years old, with the letter H burnt below the near hip, with a scar and a swel- ling on the off fetlock of the hind leg, and the hoof rather less also, several small white spots under the saddle and lie.r tail cut rather short, and in good condition. Whoever will give information of the said Mare, if stolen, upon conviction of the offender or offender;, shall receive MVE GUINEAS Reward or if strayed shall'be handsomely rewarded upon applying to Mr. XViii. iluglies, at Gtveniiuvdre, near Tregaron. GLAMORGAN General Agricultural Socittv- THE SOCIETY'S TURNIP SEEDS have been received from London, and may be had at the Cardiff-Arms-inn, at Cardiff; at the Bear-inn, Cowbridgc and of Mr. John Edinand, Ironmonger, Castle-Bailey- Swansea, at the market prices. ListofAdditiollul Subscribers. £. d. Sir J. Aubrey, of Lanfrithyd, Bart. M. P. 5 j 0 Charles Calland, ol KittlehJl. Esq I 10 Win. Curre, of IltoivCourt ( Monmouth-? « m 0 shire) Esq Mr. J. Hoyden, of Park, Coed Marciien O JO 6 Mr. John Jenkins, of Saint-y-Nyll. 0 ill IS Further Subscriptions are solicited, and the Subscribers are requested to pay their Subscriptions for the current year into the hands of the Secretary, on or before the SOth day of June, 18U; to be by him paid over to the Treasurer, agreeable to a Resotutionofa Special Meeting of the So- ciety, held on the lath day of December, 1814. JOHN MILES, Secretary. Aberthin, near Cowbridge, April 11, 1815. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, THE LIFE of the late Lieutenant-General VILLETTES; to which are added, LETTERS of VIATOR SEN ESC ENS, CORRECTED AND ENLARGED By T. BOWDLER. Esq. F: R. S. & S. A. With an Appendix., containing the LIFE and a few OtUGI- TAi. LETTERS of the late Madame ELIZABETH de FRANCE. Published to assist in providing Free Seals for the Poor cf Swansea, by enlarging the Parish Church. Printed by R. CruUweil, Bath; and sold by J. Robinson, Paternoster-row, and J. Hatchard, Piccadilly, London; and by T. Jenkins, Cambrian-Office, Swansea." 1 AT a MEETING of the FREEHOLDERS of the County of GLAMORGAN. convened by the High Sheriff, pursuant to a Requisition of several Free- holders of the County, held at Pyle, on Thursday, the 6th of April, 1815, W. TAITT, Esq. High Sheriff, in the Chair On the motion of Mr. Traherne, seconded by the ReI". )di. Morris—that it is the opinion of this Masting that Bridgend is a central and convenient pi-ace for lioldiit,, the Election of a Member for representing this County iu Par- liament, An amendment was proposed on the motion of Mr. .Vaughan, seconded by Mr. John Wood—that the fixiiifr by Act of Parliament of Bridgend a< the only place for t the Election of a Member to represent this County is not necessary, the existing laws on the subject being sufficient, ./which being put and negatived, the original motion was put and earned. On the motion of Mr. Traherne, seconded by the Rev. Mr. Morris, it was Resolved, that it is expedient to apply to Parliament for an Act to fix the County Election at Bridgend, and that Mr. Hal! be requested' to take such steps for obtaining the Slime ass he shat) think proper. On the motion of Mr. J. J ffreys. seconded by Mr. M. P. Treh,rne.itwas Jlewlved nnànimoltsllj,that .Mr. Hall 1 having urtdertaken to bring the proposed Biil into Parlia- ment, the cord-ial Thanks of this Meeting: be given to him. Resolved, That these Resolutions be inserted twice in the Cambrian and Seren Gomer Newspapers. •' '• W. TAITT, Sheriff. The Ghairman having left the chair on the'motion of Mr. Trefiarnc, seconded by Mr. Bruce, it was Resolved VTiatiimously, that the Thanks of this Meeting fee given to the Sheriff for convening this Meeting, and for his impartial conduct in the chair. TO COVER, at FONMOJT CASTLE, near Cowbridge, Glamorganshire/ POU.LTON, Thorough-bred Mares at Ten Guineas, and Half a Guinea to the Groom, and Mares not thorough-bred at half-price. Good accommodation for any number of Mares. Hay and Grass (ill the first of May at 10s. 6d. Corn at the whole- sale prices, and every possible attention paid to the Mares. The Money to be paid at Covering, or before the Mares are taken away. I N. B. He is a sure Foa! getter. For further particulars enquire of Wm. Alexander, Stud room, as above if by letter, post-paid. T<> COVER this SEASON, WILDBOY, '3est bred Son of, SIR PETKR in existence), "srough-bred Mares at FIVE GUINEAS each; .id Half-' the Groom other Mares at THREE GUINEAS vv 3v.e Shillings the Groom: jnnriV520* 's a beautiful blood bay horse, possessing cneV,alld e*cellent temper. He was foaled in 180? I* '.V *-l.r Peter out ot Rosalind, by Volunteer out of Iiye- &c &c S'Ster 10 Coaductor> Matchem,—•—Stiap, &c. hlS Perforraances» see ;Racing*Calendar, l3ll.—In at Newmarket; at Brighton, a M Handicap Plate; at Lewes, the King', Plate, ,S Election, who won the Derby; ut Canterbury, the Kings Plate and Ladies'Plate. c W' at ,tt)e Swan-iiin, Hay, every Thursday during eason and at home all the rest of he week. BreconGrooai, at Henry Allen's, jun. Esq. N. £ The Money to be paid at the time Covering. Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal Navigation. 1VTOTICE is hereby given, that the NEXT ^,r«G'ENGRAL ASSEMBLY and MEETING of ihe COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this NAVIGATION will be held at the Shire-Hall, in the town of Brecon, on t hursday, the 27th day of Aprit instant, at twelve o'clock at noon. i B. A. GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the said Company. Canal-Oiffce, Llaneily, April 3, 1.815. COLLT L, ™ NEW CHEAP LONDON AND STAFFORD 1$00t ana GMmfymm, TOp -or WIND-STREET, WILLIAM COLLIER acquaints the Inha- bitants of Swansea and its vicinity, as well as the Shoe Trade and Sellers in genera], that at his Warehouse, which will be opened this day, they may be supplied with any quantity of BOOTS and SHOES, Wholesale and Retail, or for Exportation, Cheaper than at any Warehouse in Walts, of the newest Fashions, of the best Aiateriats, and Workmanship. Shoemakers and others selling Shoes, will be supplied on liberal terms. RETAIL PRFCES: Gentlemen's Boots from 25s. to SHs. per pair. Gentlemen's Shoes from 7s. to 9s. fid. per pair. Ladies' Wcitington 61 Half Boots frorii 8s. 6d. to 12s. per pair. Ladies' Shoes and Pinups from 5s to 7s. 6d. per .pair. Women's Shoes and Pumps from 3s. lod. to 5s. 6d. Children's in proportion. Swansea, March 05, 1815, CARDIGANSHIRE Upper District of Turnpike Trust. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising and made payable at the several TOLL- GATES within the said DISTRICT, will he LET to the highest bidder, as the ialbot-mn, in the town of Abcryst- with, on Monday, the 24th day of April. 1315, between'lhc hours of thrce and five in the afternoon, for One Year, commencing on the 12th day of May next, which Toll and Toti-Housei. were let last year as under :— Aberystwith South Gate 515 Ditto North Gate 3t;> 5 Garreg Gate 87 Tynyrhyd and Cwmystwyth Gates 113 Sputty Gate 35 Lampeter Millficjd Gate, with a Side GaVe,"> called Pound Gate £ Aberayron South Gate '35 Whoever happens to be the highest bidder will be re- quired iuii«edi:itely to produce sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the rent, at such times and proportions as they shall order and direct. HUGH HUGHES, Clerk to the Trustees. MANORS, TITHES, and ESTATE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Desirable and most improveable PRO- PERTY,comprising Three Manors'; the TITHES of the two-adjoining parishes of Brawdv and Hayscastle; an extensive and improving.-FARM, overlooking St. Bride's Bay and several small TENEMENTS. The whole si- tuate contiguous to the sea—midway between Haverford- west and St. David's, in the county of Pembroke. Any Gentleman seeking to realize by purchase, or who may be desirous to sccureconsiderable local influence, with extensive sporting, on easy terms, will find this an opportunity rarely presented. For particulars apply, post-paid,to Mr. Meredith, Rhyn- daston-place, Haverfordwest. BRITON-PERRY, GLAMORGANSHIRE, TO BE LET OR SOLD, A Desirable MARINE VILLA, in every respect adapted for a genteel family, consisting of a i dining-room, drawing room, and a small breakfast room kitchen, dairy, and other ot-rices; supplied with water on the ground-Boor; four bed-chambers and a small room on the first-floor j three attics, with a convenient closet; good cellars; coach-house, three stall stable, laundry, brewhouse, piggery, and poultry yard, detached all extensive walled garden, stocked with the finest fruit-trees; also a kitchen garden. Commands a view of Swansea Bay, and the entrance of Neath river, surrounded by the beautiful woods and grounds of Lord Jersey. For particulars apply to Mr. Wm. Oliver, Bristol; Mr. Jenkins,Cambrian-Qi'ice, Swansea; or on the premises. F c BRECONSHIRE. Capital Oak Timber and other Trees) FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Swan-inn, in the town of Brecon, on Saturday, the 15th day of April, 1815, at four o'clock in the afternoon, iu the following lots, and under certain conditions to be then proo 1I cell. | Lot 1.160 0 AKTIMBER TREES, situate o on 1 uymawr Farm, in the hamlet of Glyn, in the parish of Devynnock, marked with across, and numbered progressively with white paint. Tuytnawr Farm adjoins ttie turnpike-road leading from BrpCtX) to JMcrthyr-Jydvi), and is distant five miles from the former town, from whence there is a navigable Canal to the Severn. Lots. 8-1 OAK TIMBER TREES, situate oil Brych- coed Farm, ill the hamlet of Senny, in the said parish of Devynnock, marked with a cross in white paint, and num- bered progressively with ascribe. Lot 3. 35 ALDER TREES, 6 SYCAMORE TREES, and 5 BIRCH TREES, situate on Llwyn Inn Farm, in the hamlet of Cray, in the parish of Devynnock, numbered progressively with white paint. The two last lots are situate about nine miles from Brecon. Most of the above Oak Timber are of large dimensions, and fit for naval purposes Alder Trees are of excel- lent quality, and some of them of large dimensions. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Powell and Jones, Solicitors. Brecon, who will direct a person to shew the different lots. COOMBE's ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. THIS Medicine, which is in great demand, is prepared from the original recipe of an eminent Physician of very extensive practice, and has been in the possession ef the proprietor upwards of twenty-two years, during which time the greatest benefit has been derived from its virtues. In indigestion, loss of appetite, crudities in the stomach, sick head-ach, flatulency in the stench and bowels arising from bilious and gouty humours, yellow jaundice, general debility, and habitual costiveness, they are superior to every other medicine, and require no con- finement during their operation, nor any particular diet, being perfectly free from mercury. Prepared by B. Coo in be, No 14, Spencer-street, North-' ampton-square, Clerkenwell, London; and sold by his ap- pointment by John Evans and Son, No. 42, Long-lane, West Smitllfield, sole wholesale agents by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper; J. Evans, Carmarthen C. Lewis, Cardigan j O. Griffiths, Fishguard and by most respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom, in boxes price is. lfd. 1 2s. 9d. 4s. 6d. and 11. 2s. duty included. | N. B. The genuine are signed hy the Proprietor on the Label atfixed to each bax/ iiihis own hand writing', to imitate which is felony. L. which is ^wmm-m—— GLAMORGANSHIRE. I^OUR FAT OXEN and a lot of FAT A WETHER SHEEP to be SOLD, at Lanmihantrle. nearCowbndge and Four Ricks of WHEAT, One Mow of BARLEY, and Two Ricks of HAY, at Dwyhewid, in Lantwit-V airdre, near Newbridge, aud the Cunalto Mer- thyr and Abe-rdare. CAPITAL TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY A tICTf O N, On ruesday, the 18th day of April, 1815. on the Demesne of Pcnlaii. in the parish of Llaafynydd, m the county of Carmarthen, 10Q QAKS, 134 ASH, 88 FIR, and a quantity of fine BEECH and ELM, all prime and picked TilUber. The sale will commence at ten o'clock in the morning. ASH TIMBER. For Sale, in One or mare Lots, 106 A SIT TREES, standing on Glynllech, and Farms adjacent, in the parish of Ystrad- gunials, in the county of Brecon, and within all easy dis- tance of the Swansea Canal. For particulars apply to Walter Price, Esq. at Glynllech, aforesaid or to Mr. Powell, Solicitor, Neath. GLAMORGANSHIRE. FARMS TO BE LET, Far a term of years, and entered upon immediately, THE FARM ot MOLTON, containing JL about 236 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the parishes of Lancarvon and Winvoe. The FARM of CVVM BARRY, containing about 178 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Laud, in the parishes of Barry and Porthkerry- Both Farms are conveniently situated within less than nine miles of the excellent market towns of Cardiff and Cow- bridge, and only a few miles from the harbours of Aber- thaw and Barry. For further purticnian pnquire (if by letter, post-paid) of Mr. Halket, Rheola, near Neatli; or of Mr. Evan Thomas, Treg\ltf, near Coworjdge. SOUTH-WALBS. CARMARTHENSHIRE. To be Let or Sold by Prix ate Contract, A Capital LEASEHOLD ESTATE, MES- SUAGE, TENEMENT, LANDS, and PREMISES, called PkNLAN, situate in the parish of S;tint Mary, in' the borough of Kidwelly, in the said county, (held for three lives, all insurable) containing about 320 Acres of good Arable, Water Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into Inclo>ures together with an unlimited Right of Common over a Thousand Acres of Down and Salt Marsh. The House, at a small expense, might accommodate a large family, and is most delightfully situated, commanding it fine view of the Bristol Channel and the sea-port town of Kidwelly, with the extensive ruins of its ancient Castle, trurii wlilcii it is dist,-tiit about half at iiiiie. A Gentleman fond of agriculture and the spotts of .the field could find this Estate a most desirable residence. The country abounds with game, apd a trout stream runs nearit; litue and coal are-very plentiful and cheap, and witllln two miles of the Premises. The Stock and Crop may be had at a fair valuation, and possession will be given immediately .'or at Michaelmas next. For further-particulars apply (if by letter, pest-paid) to Thomas Brwoknmn. Esq. at Pt'nf."ttttorcsaid; or to Messrs. i Lloyd, Gwynne, and lloweil, Altoiuies at Law, Cariuar- then. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GEO. BREW E R, In lots, some tilDe in the month of May next, at the Old Westgate-IIouse, Newport, SEVERAL capital FREEHOLD ESTATES; kJ situate in thc.parishesof.Mynyddustoyn.Lantniicth, Trevethin, and Christchurch, in the said county. Particulars, with the day gf sale, will be givèn in a future Advertisement. Very desirable Residence, Land, uud larm, in South (tales. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, n c fcOWEN, Un baturday, the ljtu day of July, 1815, at llie Mackworth- Anns, Swansea,- Lot l. A Compact FAMILY RESIDENCE, .XTA. most eligibly situate in a retired part of the town of Swansea, commanding extensive and delightful views of the Harbour, Bay, and adjacent CoasíS. The House comprises a Dfuwmg-rooin, Dnting-room, Brcukfast room, five Bed-chambers, and two Servants'- rooms; Kitchen, Cellars, Water-closets, and every other requisite convenience together with a good Garden, Four- stall Stable, Yard, Coach-house and Gig-house and a pleasant plantation in front of the Premises, adjoining which are TWO COTTAGES, now let at Ten Guineas per year. For the convenience of a purchaser the Furniture, which is modern and in good preservation, may be had at a va- i luation. ACRES of rich MEADOW and PASTURE hAW j.), within halt a mile of Swansea, and near the Sea, forming a desirable situation for the erection of a t/enleel tnanitiou. The country abounds with game—Coal is plentiful and cheap—and the markets are well supplied and reasonable. Lot3. TWO THIRD PARTS or SHARES of and in nil that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE ur ITENEl\lENT, COTTAGE" and FARM. with the Appurtenances, situate and being with, the Parcel 0.1 Clase, in the parish of Llan- gaveiaeu, between three and fuurtanea frotu Swansea, con- tanimg by estimation 16 Acres, more Or less, of good Ara- ble and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of William Edwards or his under-tenants. There are two valuable veins of Coal under this Farm, ITroachhig onadJoiaing lltad aie progressively further particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, Swansea. tir. Radcliffe's Elixir. FOR a general alterative Medicine, this Elixir has stood unrivalled for more than half a century, and the Public cannot have recourse to a more efficacious reme- dy, as a puntier of the blood from all humours, whether contracted by too free living, or from surfeits, jaundice, scurvy, or humours after the measles, sil all-pox, &c. For all obstructions in the bowels, and forthe cure of worms in children or adults, it will be found equally serviceable. fn complaints incident to the female sex, it has frequently proved of the greatest service; it assists digestion, and strengthens the stomach, and has been found ot infinite ser- vice to those who take long voyages, as a preservative I against the scurvy. Be careful to observe that the words Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bow Church-yard," are printed in the stamp affixed to each bottle, as counterfeit sorts are offered for sale in al- most every town. Sold wliOlesale at the original Warehouse for Dicey and Co.'s Medicines, No. 10, Bow Church-yard, London," price Is. l £ d..a hottle, duty included and retail by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, Flexman. und EdnMnd, Swansea; Rees, Neath Llewellyn, P.yJe Vachells, Cardiff; Llew- ellyn, Bridgend; Lett, Llandilo G., Davifs, Dauggist, Hitverfordwest, and by all respectable Medicine Venders. Of whom m. y he had. from the above Warehouse, BETTON's BRITISH OIL, for the cure of external and internal ,bruises, inflammations, green and other wounds, burns, scalds, &c, &c.-Price Is. 9d. a bottle.-The re- fined, 2s. 9d. IJIKks OINTMENT, for effectually curing the Itch, without confinement of the least offensive smell.—Price As. 9d. a box. Residence in South Wales. /^ADQXTON LODGE, to be LET, ready Vy burnished (exclusive «f plate, linen, and chit;a), for a term or eight years; it is situated in the most beautiful part ot (j-iamorganshne. within nine miles of Swansea, and one mile of the excellent market and post-town of Neath, through which the mail-coach passes daily to and from London, l he House comprises, on the ground-floor, a capital kitchen, back-kitchen, scullery, wash-house (with pipes to convey hot and cold-water), laundry, servatits'- hall, butiers-pantry. housekeepers-room. pantries, dairy, cheese-room. &c.; on the first-noor. four excellent sitilil-ll- I' rooms on the second-floor, six large bed-rooms, a dressing- room, and water-closet; itr the attic. five servarits'-rooms and a store room. Water is conveyed by pipes to dif- fereut parts of the house; Thete an excellent Garden, walled round with fruit-trees, in the highest state of per- fection j^also, an Orchard stocked with choice trees; and at one end of a handsome terrace is a fine Billiard-room, with a full sized table, by Erwood. The stables, harness- room, coach-house, granary, cow-house, pig-sties, kennel, and all the offices, are particularly good and convenient. Any,qu3ntJtv of Land, not exceeding 60 Acres, may be had with the House. For furUier particulars apply at the Office of John Ldwards, Esq. Bloomsbury-square, London, or to Mr. Mathew Forster, Neath, who will shew the premises. „ An tetters must be post-paid. Coal and Lime within a mile of the spot, and very cheap. The principal object being a careful and good tcnant-thc rent will be very moderate. CARDIGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the dwelling-house pf Mr. Thos. Walters, in the village of Llanarth, in the said county, on Wednesday, the 3d day ot May next, between the hours of one and three o cfock m the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be thenand there produced, Lot l. A LL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, ,a"d LANDS, with the Appurtenances there- unto belonging commonly called and known by the name of BLA,'>N\ RHOSE, now in the occupation o"f Mr. John Evans; containing UHf Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pas- prrLljpai111 ore or "i'h a SLANG, PIECE or PARCEL ot LAND, adjoining the said Farm, being part of the Tenement of Khydjechan, contLtiiitn" *20 Acres or thereabouts. The dwelling house of BlaeiiyrlPose, and all the outhouses thereto belonging, are in good repair, and the lands are capable of verv great improvement Lot 2 All that SLANG. PIECE, or PARCEL of LAND called PARKPENLLAIN, near the above premises,'and' adjoining the turnpike-road leading from Llanarth to Car- dIgan. contalillllg 1,-) Acres, be the same more or less. All the above premises are in the parish of Llanarth aforesaid, within three miles of the sea and lime may be had within that distance at a moderate rate, with plenty of sea weeds, &c. Mr. David Thomas, of Rhydfechan aforesaid, will shew the premises; and lor all other particulars apply to Mr. Uauicl Williams, Attorney at Law, Afosrystwith. CARMARTHENSHIRE. LL ANN S A D VV RN IN CLOSURE. VI7"E the Commissioners appointed to carry v* into execution an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 49th year of the reign of his present Majesty, !nU[t)kd, "An Act for Inclosing Lands in the several pat islies of Llansadwrn, Llaudilo-fawr, and Cayo, in the county of Carmarthen," Do hereby give Notice, that we will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Red-Liou-inn, in the town of Llangadock, on Friday, the 28th day of April instant, at two o'clock in the after- noon, subject to conditions of sale to be there produced, THE FOLLOWING PARCELS OF LAND: Being Part and Parcel of the Lands intended to be in. clused by virtue of the said Act. ON V AN N LLANSLDWR*. A. R. P. Lot 1. One Parcel pf Laud, adjoining the road leading from PwNyvann to Cwmsidan, containing by admeasurement. vi 0 0.14 MYSYDD tlANSADWES. Lot 8. One other Parcel of Land, situate be- tween the road leading to Tynvcoed aud a farm called Llettycy frehhwr, the property of D. J. Lewis,^Esq. containing by admeasurement 19 1 20 Lot:3, One other Parcel of Laud, adjoining the south side of the said road leading toTynycocd, containing by admeasurement. 100 Lot 4. One other Parcel of Land, adjoining the south side of the same road, containing by admea- surement j Q y Lot. 5. One other Parcel of Land,situate ou the west side of the Lands of Mr. Rees Lewis, con- tainmpbyndmeasurement" 70 0 Lot 6. One other Parcel of Land, udjoiniiig the south side of the Lands of Mr. Thomas and bounded on tho west by the Waste LIUlds in the Lordship of Mauordeilo, containing by admea- surement 0 0 Lot 7. Olle olher Parcel of Land. adjoiiiitig the Lands of the Rev. Henry Jones and the Lands of Mr. John Evans, containing by admeasuremeiU 1 Ú 0 Lot 8. One other Parcel of Land, adjoining the Lands ol Margaret Morgan, containing by admca- surement 0 1 0 Lot 9. One other Parcel of Land, situate on the west side of lot 5, bounded on the north by the Lands of Mrs. Alice Moore and Mr. Waller Thomas, on the south by the Lands of Mr. Thomas Rytherch, A. Goddard, Esq. and others, and on the weill by the Lands of M. P. Lloyd, Esq. con- taining by admeasurement 77 2 31 ON G WAUNCWMI.O'OO. Lot 10. One Parcel of Land, adjoining the Lauds ol Thomas Thomas, Esq. containing by ad- measurement 1 0 0 Lot 11. One other Parcel of Land, adjoining the Lands of Thomas Price, Esq. containing by admeasurement ø 1 HI The aforesaid Pieces and Parcels of Lands are set out by holes dug in the grouud, and Plans thereof may be had and further particulars known by application to Mr. John Bo wen, Land-Surveyor, near Llandilo. Dated the 10th day of April, 1815. W. HOPKIN. JOHN BO WEN. CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. MUCH has been said by interested indivi- i-V-i. duals against Medicines that are advertised; but there is a very important observation to be made respecting the Cordial Balm of Gilead, that unless its operation wk gentle, safe, and efficacious ill those complaints for which it is recommended, and universally administered with invari- able success, it could not have obtained the unexampled demand it has acquired; for, as it has rarely the great ad- vantage of a persuasive advocate at the ear of the patie = so nothing but his conviction of its virtues, by its salutaty effects, can induce perseverance, and yet reasonable perse- verance is certainly most requisite to enable even the hap. piest combination or chymleals and galenicals to root out chronic diseases, and restore the valetudinarian to health. Sold by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper Mr. Daniel Carmarthen; :Mr. O",ml, Haverfordwest; a. ,d iNIv. Nurtli,, Brecon in bottles, r)lIL. lis. each or Four in one lamii^' bottle for 33s. by which one lis, bottle is saved, with the words" Samt. Sowmon, Liverpool," engraved on the staitip. Also, price three shillings, That scarce, interesting, and usefulTumily'Work(with wlpch js given an elegant Portrait of the Author, and a View of Gilead- II ouse) cntltled, A GUIDE TO HEALTH; Or, Advice to both Sexes, in a Variety of Complaints. By S. SOLOMON, M. D. Containing a Treatise 011 Female Diseases, Nervous and HypochoudriacComplaints; also General Remarks on tttosf- I Diseases with which the human body is most frequently afflicted explaining the symptoms, mode of treatment and remedies most prwperly adapted for Sexual £ >ebility, Uq. fee. 11" iniuaiuiuajtMjufa«»fcj»it- r- n^5.EF°RDSHIRE RADNORSHIRE. CAIITAL FREEHOLD ESTATES,; 1 MANOR, WOODS^V^bYlKmaud WATER ONE THOUSA.ND ACHEs Qj'Rick Meadow, Arable LAND and ORCHARDS, ir SITUATE In a 11,0,1 bcaut^«l part of the Counties, and we!! vvste TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv Mr. ROBINS, 'C|atISe";dIey,Cor«hi!f, Lon- doit Ol, Ihursday, JUI,„ im> ;U j., inJt,1s, I iYX,Vtl liable HIJ<J very iwurovabte PREE. S A Tf* ti <• T"»t V Cm-nmn^ t>; i with cxt«nsi/% c'nV,,r'1r th^ Of Hereford and Radnsc A ra !l 0,'„ear/.V ]0<>° Aces of rich Meadow, PasHm-I fl H b r ° AL:iii(1' a"d °rt!i;"ds, with the Manor of HiS w i» ei' i,:ld »» Allotment on Win.b e Hi f r>'a'! ,extr,,s,ve of Con™ The capit^ Fa ms ofR„dd; the very rich Grazing Farm, called Leei la m. wit.i a capital Water C»rii-Mill and the Low Parn buiIdii!gs*ofV'a'l'l t?ceJ, Far,n houses, and suilable Out- hulldings of all deocriptiG!1s. Iile Lands are intersected hoi Hiudwili, Lugg, and Arrow, by which. they tei^ PcZ1Htri aiKi j' v silnl,u'<i in t'»e parishes of Prcs- mlrbit ,Slubnd-e' a"d New Radnor, cont.guous to good varied fici-T*1'5' ai1^ .C01"iufuu^r1^ beautiful views of ijie trv the wl/T ? lei>* cliversiHcfi surrounding.coun- uudef Lreem" respectable tenants vest money a eilS'blc i«, Tnhn rLV,eWCrd by, on the premises; or of Mr au eSr?inT^y0^S'Hali' 'lear K,U!it"n' where Particulars and every information mav be had. and plans of the Fstata seen; particulars at (he Oxford-Arms. Kington; Messrs. I « and Woii/ldston, Herefor'f; and at the Hotel the Radnor-Arms. Prestei^n Lion, Leominster; Wm..Ila'ndy. Esq. the Hop-Pole a„d Star int.s, Worcester; Duffi. Arms, Ivuightoii; Crown and Angel, Ludlow; H«tel Li- Ev'esh^m ir-'n KnHU^l,lte L,"n' Mr. Phdp,. J>vesham Hen and Cmckens, .Birmingham; T. G. Parr M^ Achms6 O 5 George, Northampton Ghuu-r t iS G?0i>-e' Cheltenham King's-Head, G o icestiT at Messrs. Jones and Green, Salisbury square, Robin w ^rraway's Coffee-house; and" ut Mr. Robins, arwick-street, Golden-square, London, wh-re plans ot the Estate may be seen. RADNORSHIRE, ON THE BORDERS OF HEREFORDSHIRE. The Be guild y and Rhw Uudd Estates, tv Wear 1300 ACRES; Divided into compact Farms; with Farm houses and Build- ups, end very valuable Common Right, to a great extent, 011 the Beguiidy and other Hills. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's Coffee-house, 'Change-allev, Cornhill, Lon- don. Oil 1 hursday. June 15, 1815, at U o'clock, in lots, I nm y,aJuaWe ancl very improvable FREE- rtfil, r MSfATl',S (with the valuable Common Right; dy-VlaJ'\h" Hills' ,u;ul3' ,files in extent! Newtown n.f" 0< Be-Uild-V>' Kuight m aud of lxcellent M f.L7LU-Y comprising 1281 Acres Wood Land* ,;C.aj ^a,ilurt"' Arable, and small rcart Public-house' S,d Llndi0 llTT^ ^TVt He^ildy agreements for^,hort tnj °r re^ecUble .^nou, oa jlSOO per Annum. mt miti amounting to about :ul'oeu!t!.TveVy^[|'TatrK rights. The fane nver Team flows through the'Estate" wTi°-h u stored with trout aud other fish, and l,igl,Jy valuable for irrigating the meadovvs. i he hmij* abound *wiih ^Hrne of all sorts, and the hills with grouse. A most desirable nrr- periy for investing money, and for field sports, situate six miles from Knighton, from which place the new road passes through to Newtown, Welshpool, ike. and t,veity iruto Ludlow. May be viewed by applying to Mr. Price, sen. and jun* at Vydvv Loyd, Dothless, and Brindrynog Farms, wlierti parijcutars may he hud at the Duke's-Anus, Knighton Oxiord-Annsy Kijigton of J«lm Cheese, Ksii Lyon's-HalL' near Kington, where plans may be seen Hotel, iTiul Messrs. Bud and Woollaston, Hereford Crown, Ludlow Hop- Pole and Star inns, and of Wm. Handy, E,q Worcester • George.inn.Cueltenha.a; Kii^VHesd. Gloucester h4 and Chickens, Birmingham t. G. Parr, Esq. Lichfidd Mr. Pnelps, Eveshaiu; ot Messrs. Jones and Green, Sali ,bu,,y-.s;qwztre, P'leet-strt:et; ut C-arrawav's Coffee-house i Warwick-street, G^iden-square, where plans.oi the Estates may be seen. The road from London is through Worcester and Ludlow, HEREFORDSHIRE. Capital FREEHOLD ESTATES, N'nr Kington, Presteign, the Manor of Marsim StrangewuHh Farm, and ValleCs Wood' Luc Fur>n Woodlands, Cottages, #c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION Hy Mr. ROBINS, ? At Garrawav s Coffee-house., 'Change-alley, Cornhii!Lon- don, on I hu^day, June 15, 1815, at tndvs o'clock. IS TWO I.0 1S, rpHE valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES «R MAI'ISTOS!:1 "■iNo,i si-UASGEWoivni KAIVM. u, the parish ot cmbridi-e; ConMstin,of a sabslantial l.arju,ho«8e.s'u,1ed o« a fiu., eh-vati commanding be* tlful views, taiiu Buildings, Cottages, Gardens, &c. con- Wood" I an. "V' feS ,"JArab,'e' ''as'ure, and beautiful yuodL.d,r. parL bOUlldN! by a fine ?C vr £ <V?-rr "?cuPar'«« :J{ Mr. Morgan and other. Ihe LYE h»IAfK,,m,atein 'he parish. </f A iae,t.-y. with rotla'Jp0" C ? 0"tt>Uildnsgs, and sundry i.Wdings and S nfeS' t ulieai 7 °f rich W-adow, Arable, cu £ ri1\ u L',n<1'(JIarde"' a:,d O^hards, in the oc- cuI ,.t on of Mr. Harper and others, respectable tenants. lo be viewed by applymS to Mf Mor^n. at Strang. worth tarm; Mr. Harper, «t Lye of John Cheese, E^q. Lyon s-Hall, where particulars may be had and plans seen; Oxford-Arms, Km-itoia; Hotel, and Messrs. Bird aud Wool, faston, Herelord L'.on. Leominster; Win. Handy. Esq. at the inns, Worcester; Hen and Chickens, Birmiiighav • km- s-llead, Gloti cester T. G. Parr, E.I. LicJifield of Messrs. Joties and Green, Sali-bury-square, Fleet-street at Garrawav's Coffee-hotise and of Mr, Rollins, Warwick- street, Gold 'M->quarf, London, where plans may be seen*" r WORMS DESTROYED. MEDICINE never witnessed a more hi-. poitant Discovery than in PIITFCH FTP'S VF(' r l'ABLE VERMIFUGE, a Remedy th,r, contrary to others, neither purges, vomits, or otherwise in the least'- afiects the constitunon; requires no coi-fuiement ha« licit her taste or smell, aud is so harmless ihat it may be taken by an infant ot an hour old and yet pi one instance, failed destroying every worm in the budv. It is the actual discovery of a medical practitioner of eminent' who may be referred to by application st tl;e A genu, and who most solemnly asserts it fl:.t a fTiTPrfrrff scaminony, or other drK^rc articJo. 1 KllGHLl l's EGET.BI ,E Vt.JiMtf PC E IS 'H(-pq-r J and signed by the proprietor, 1> Pritclu-u, UIlf!. sold (in lurge pack-ett's, price is. 9d. sufficient for a lull grown person, or f ir three small children, or in small packets, puce Is. l|d sufficient far a child) wholes; it hy and Sons, Fleet Market. London, and retail'by f. Jrukhis, Printer of this Paper, Lister, and Daw (bte Flex wau^ f; yvans; a j Morgan, Neath; Evans, Br.Sleeaa i Vachcii, Cardif!; Dyke and Wiffiams, Merthyr Dii3eL> Carmar- then; North, Yapp, and VauKl;an,' Brncoii; £ rice nisi Wyke, Ab«rgave«ny; and Pr;«e, Cri«ika»?elL