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Monmouthshire Canrrl Navigation* NOTICE is hereby given, that the HALF- YEARiY GE.\Ei!AL MEETING or ASSEM- BLY of the COMPANY of PuOiTlii.rORS of this NAVIGATION' will be held at [he Canai-hunsf, in New- 'Pot'on Wednesday, the 3d day of May liexi, at eleven *'cloek iu the forenoon. '1 HOS. COOKE, Clerk ofthe said Company. Newport, April 12th, 1815. Swansea, April It, 1815. HTHE SALE of the HOUSEHOLD FUR. JL ,NITU RE, &c. advertised to take place ,,it next, in Fisher stfeet, by T. Bowen, IS POSTPONED. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED upon iMMwrAmr, A FARM, containing upwards of 150 Acres of. Land, well situate for markets, i'|- uules drum Neath, and five from Swansea. Apply t>> Mr. Leyson, liiH-Mouse, near Neuth if by letter, post-paid. TO BE LET, IN THE TOWN UF VSK, MONMOUTHSHIRE, Willi I M M 1-01 A IE I'OSS KSSil O N, A Very convenient L)\VELLi NG-HO.USL, Hell calculated 'or .the reception ot h small genteel family; spacious Garden'and an exc-llent Orchard, with Stab'ing, sire attached to the same; and the whole wilfbe Jet'at a very moderate rent. For funiler particulars. apply (if by fetter, post paid) to the Rev. J. C.-Haiy, Usk, Monmouthshhe. -H — G LA MORGANSHI RE. TO BE LET, AND IMEBEO 'UPON I M M P. DI A r T: T.Y, ALL that capital mid desirable DWELLING- ;j HOUSE, la'e'the residence ol Elins Jenkins, Esq. de- ceased, SituMe at Newcastle, to the-excel" HI nia-iket post-town of Bridgend, siandin.i on an eminence in a rich aiid: fertile ■country, co'miUAiidnnt < \i n > view- 0'1 the vale of Glamorgan consisting oftwo p n' iuis, kitchen, servants'-hall, laundry, butler's pantrv, unocrgroand cellar, Six bed-rooms. closets, Uild ot'iei c munii nn's SiX-stajl stable,; coach house, liiirness-rooiu, bre.wni{j>kiichtin, wii h Mifvants?' apiirtnteiu* above, dairy,, larije enclosed stable four't with w.vier pool a large waned Garden, planted with <boice fruit-trees;- a Kiic-nrn-Garden, handsome Green in front, and about half al1 acie ol hand behind the House. Tire neighbourhood i" pleasant, and coal reasonable and, good «t a sliort distance. The tenant inay be accommodated with any quantity jiot exceeding ;;0 Acres olm;h .Meadow and Pasture L¡¡¡ÜI, ';1: ibe highest sute ot cultivation and repair. Lime UpOI1 the whoie of the For further particulars apply to rdr. Robert JeoLiriS, J>enny, Hear Bridgend.—All-letters must he phI paid. GLAMORG ANSii [LIE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Jit the Ship and Castle inn, .-it Neotb, 011 Wednesday, the •i;6(h day of April instant, Sftl ^J^'AK' TIMBEH. TREES,'n'o-w statid- \jjr ing and .growing on Pwiifnron K ami, situate' in the parish ol Cadoxton, in the vale of Neath. For a view of.tin; Timber apply to ti ic "it faron atid for other particulars to .Messrs. 'Bemn.g on and I Jenkins, Swansea. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Oak and Ash Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, i.v ONliOB MORE I.OTS, At the Mack worth'Arms, Swansea, on aa.tnr^ayj the ?9th day of April, 18t5, between the hoiiis of tour and six. in the afternoon, subject to conditions tit sale which wii) be then' produced, A BOUT 660 OAK and 100 AS 1J TIMBER • JL 'I'fiEES, now growing in ivitcuinweii Wood, at Park, jirl joining a. ^qod road, aiui wiiliiu nine .miles or liieseaport- t i I ot Swansea. Fur a view of fit,- apply to Mr. Evan Kvans, at Bhick Pill. neafSwansM or to Titomas Thomas, at J'ar-k ■ and for ?,ny further particulars to Mr. J. Je/i'rcya, Swansea Mr. R. W. P.urchas, Cliepsiow. • •'GLAMORGANSHIRK. TO B E S O L D BY A IX TI ON, By Mr. ROBERT JENKEXS, On Mottday, tiie 1st day of »\lay> ou the prptjiises of Wm. Weston Young, a Bankrupt, at >v>W >ii Nottagc, A LL the LiVE and DEADSTOCK. LEASE .1-1. øîthc WI:\ !),MILLa;1d s;.ttjiiie i,) Newton aforesaid, a t'KKKHOLD-HOUSK and G A Rl)EN.. n»ad j HOU-SEHOLP FUilN li Q RE, ciuisisting of bedsteads Niift htr'titure, feather-beds, &c. tables," chairs, nest of drawers, pier and swing glasses, quilts, blankets, sheets, table cloths, &c. glass, china. See. kitchen utensils, one eight-day clock and ease, a large assortment ot books, and a rick ot good hay- ,'i'jie- sale to,begin at twelve of tkc clock; and the whole to be sold without the least res rve. GLAMORGANSHIRE, TO BE SOLD BY AUGITON, (Unless in the inetih time disposed of by Private Contract- on Saturday, the 29tljt of April, 18l5, at .the dweliing- house of Jane Deer?, Widow, called or known bv tlm jname of the Cross-Keys, siittau; in t,he;lown of Lautwit- Majer,- at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon, ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING, HOUSE, coiumoiilv.called or known bribe name or jibe <'¿U EEN'S HEAD,'ami a iirewhouse thereio beion^iH^j contain:ii« a copper furnace, and a sprt.lg of water, now in the occup.iliou of Lewis lv ciiai'ds, VicUiiitier. Ahc, mother MESSUAGE or DWELLLVG-HOUSE thereto adjoining, commonly called DUCK'S FOOT- HALL. The Premises are situate ill the town of Lantwit- Major aforesaid. tor further pur'ticulars enrjutire of the proprietor, Mrs Margaret Williams East A-berthaw or tEiias I^assctt, So- licitor, Lantwit-Mitjor, (it oy letter, post- pàid). The tenaiit, Lewis Richards, wilt shew the i'lernises. Bili^uvTHiKi- ■" ■ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. At the Castle-inn, -in the town of Brecon, on Saturday, the 3d day oi June, 181 j, between the ÍUIUfï of five and seven J in tile aitemoon, subject to such cbtidilfoiw ol sale as shall be then produced, unless, disposed of by Private Contract iu the me:m tune, uf which timely notice win be!given, ALL that capital MESSUAGE, FAllM, and t.x 4. J.A. LANDS, called LEAN DEVAYLOG, conUsi 1>\ admeasurement 140A 2It. 2.)P. and also ail theMA\OK or REPUTED AlANORot py rtN U LASS, and all that- MESSUAGE, FARM, and, LANDS, called PYTIN GLASS, with their several Appurtenances, containing by admeasurement iSl A. 1R.4P and also a W A 1 EU CORN GRIsr AULL, called VELLINDDU, therewith held, ntinite; in the parish of Liandevatiog-vach,-in the said •county', within two miles of the town of Brecon; the f'trnpike-road from Brecon to. Builth passes through the JKst^le. which H5 partly watered by the river Honddu, and commands most beautiful and picturesque views. J fie Buildings are in complete tcpau, ami there is a fine frrove of .'thriving Timber ot up w aids ot 50 Acres on tlic .Est«te. For further particulars appJ) to Mr. Maybcry, Brecon. "c APIT A Lf[M ;rORS:iLEr The greatest part jit jar Xaval purposes. BRECONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Kind's Hc!'d-inn, it) tttC town of Builth, on Monday, the 17th of April, lBli e o'clock in the afternoon, THE following Oak TIMBER, in the linder-nKutijneil lots; — Lot 1. 224 O \K Till I *5 C s.lly Govelog Farm. Lot t. 73 Ditto, on Doie yr Evrw," L >t 5. rM Ditto in W ernW oud (part of Forddfawr Farm. Let 4. Tt Ditto, on Forddfawr. Lot 5. 57 Ditto, on Rhosferig. All situate in thehinutet of Rhosferig, wit'in three ruiles of the lÜwllofBuilth. on the banks of the Wyc, and within one mile of the turnpike-road from Builth to Rhayader. Lot 6. 8t OAK TREES, unHalod yr Ankar, in the parish of* Llanafan-tawr. Ldt7. '33 OAK TREES, on within one mile of Builth, in this paiish of Llanynis. Lot'8. 9-3^ OAK TREES, on Berllanbear, within two miles Of Builth, and in the parish of Llanynis aforesaid. I A great part of the above Timber is also fit for plank and t!tick-stutr, and each lot is numbered progressively with a scribe. The Tenant on Dole yr Evrw will shew the first four Itlts end the respective Tenants of the Farms will shew the other Its. For particulars apply te Mr. Samuel Church, Sciieitfir, Brecon. ■ WANTS employment iaau IRON or COAL WORK in S.OUTH WALES, a MAN who under- stand* Weighing at a Machine, and can keep Accounts ot the same Or any other business of the kind". Apply to Edw. Davies, Ofiice, Builtlu Breconshire. A.NTt;i), as COOK and DAIRY-MAID, VT. a steady active-Woma->; s!ie must per ectly under- stand the business of Cheese Makiiifi—and as Cooking is but a secondary consideration, none need apply who are not thoroughly experienced in the coiic rns of a dairy. Ite- spectable reference for a character wiit be required. Apply t the Printer if by .letter,.post-paid. ciriisWElvAxma.' WANTED iuiuiediately, a CORATE (in full Orders) to take the care of a Church in a small M arket-town, in South Wah-s. Apply for a ref- rence to Mr. Jenkins, Editor of the Cam- brian, .jwan-ea, if by letter, post-paid. -.1 r i^HE PARTNERSHIP which subsisted be- J. tween HARRIET THOMAS and MAHY MAHON, of Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan. Perfumers. Sta- tioners, and i'oy-Dealers WAS THIS DAY DISSOLVED by mutual consent. Ail Deb's due to and from the cot,- ceru ,vill be received and paid bv the said Mary M-thon. HARRIET .'ITiOMAS, MARY MAHGN, Swansea, April 13, 181.5. WliU'B^IJ UUW IvlAllY MAHON BEGS her numerous Friends to accept her grate.ful thanks for the favours' conferred -on the late Partnership, and respectfulky acquaints them that the busi- ness will be carried on in future by herself, and she hopes for a continuation of their patronage. CARMARTHENSHIRE. CAT 111 NOG iiNCLOSURE. T GEORGE MORRIS, the Commissioner appointed for carrying into execution an Act of Par- liament, made- and parsed in tile fii'ty-sucoiiif year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled An Act for Inclos- ing Lands in the several parishes of Lbi'nfynydd, Llane-' irwartf, Llau^atlieri, and • Llanfiliangel-K'lv'a'r'tan, in the county ot Carmartliep, Do 'hereby ordtr mid direct, that from and after the a7th day of April instant, the Ri^ht of Depasturing on the Commons' to. be inclosed bv virtue of' the said Act, shall cease and be at an end and from and alter 111¡¡( cay all Common Kighis shall be for ever extm- j»uisheti; and all and every description of Caille and Sheep found atiarg(3)1I the said Coiuinons, aftcr tins "ud 'i!7ih day of April, will be deemed" Trespassers and liable to be Impounded. Dated this 12(h day ot Aptil, 181;), GEO RUE MORRIS. liiclosure of the Great Forest of Brecknock. A MEETING of the PERSONS interested j\ in this INCLOSURE wili be held at the Bull's-. Head-inn, in the viiiage of Devynnock, on Tuesday, the 13th day of April in i. at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of nominating the Commissioner and Surveyor on bell,¡!: ot ¡lte (\J!II ¡uo\Jer.s. POWKLL. JONES, and POWELL, Solicitors. CAUTIOS^BOD K S E L L E RS, AND NOVICE TO THE FUHUe. f NFORMA'iTON having been received from several (lid Sub-cribers to the LON DON MEDICAL ,tnd PUYS-ICAL JOU RN AL, that sonic Country Boük- sellers. who were in iiie .habit of supplying, dWIlI with the ;¡.¡¡d Wurk,. have lately circulated a false Report that the same was discontinued, in order, it appears, to force upon thou a spurious Publication —tlie-Proprietors'hereby I v (t Notice, ti) t the Lokpo v MEDICAL and PHYSICAL to KiL is, as.usual, regularly published on the First Day oj every M >uth, and that any Person or Persons detected in circulating'a Report to the contrary will be prosecuted. No. 1, Paternoster row, London, J. SOU FEll. April It, iSh BY Order of the C'ou-t for the Relief of Insolvent. Debtor#, the Petition of DAVID PRIT- CilARi/, line of St. Asap i, in she county ot Finn, Cooper, a i'l'isoner lor Dc tit. cortiinedic the Gaol "1 Flint, in the county ot Fllnl, will be heard beforehis: Maje-ty's'.Iitstice* of the" Peace tor the said County, a! the General Sessions ("f tile A() i,itit-iiiiiei,t ul Sk,s is "I the Pe.acij, which sliaii be holdeii nexf after the expiiation of twenty d ivs from the date of this Paper, and that a Schtdule annexed to the said Petition is filed in;the Office of tlie said Court, No. 59. Millbank-strcet, Westminster, to which aoy Creditor tit the said pj'tsonei may reler. Jbid of'the Creditors of the mid -David lJritchard. Lewis Evans, oi Liverpool, Lancashire, sawyer Messrs. Ashtau and Heppaid, Chester,-coojiers; Robert Williams, Ashtau and Heppaid, Chester,-coojiers; Robert Williams, Chester, ironmonger Robert Jones, of Ruthini penbigh- siiire, cooperJohn Davies, of Ruthiu, Dtnibigllshin!, cooper; Stepiien Garner, of Denbigh, grocer; George I' Pe¡HCC, ofSt. Asaph, Ftiut'siiire, tariner George' Pearce, of Rliydland. Flimshire,- iron-ioandor; Joseph S;, wcock, S;. Asaph", Flintshire, butcher; Itobert J ollt-St. Asaph, Flintshire, j -iner Tho<ua.s Morris, of JJan-y-iidd, Flint- shire,cooper John Gardener, captain of the sloop Fletcher; Robert Pur y, "t St. Asaph, Flintshire, wheelwright; Win.; Jones, of St. Asaplt,FliIIH!il(" Utriner Thomas Parry, of Holywell. Flintshire, cooper; -Robert Jones, of St. Asaph, Hint shire, grocer j' tU-v'id Jenkins, Swansea. G raiuorgan-: 'shire, bookseller. DAVID PRITCHARD. I: c John Hughes, Agent, LambeUi-Surry. f- MACKWOItTII-AR.VIS, SWANSEA, Apart. 11. 131^. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that a New Light A that a New Light POST-COACH, C.\LT.fD TlTEGRNElijf'PICTOX, f/eavfs SWA NSEA for CA RMA Rf 1] EN, t hrouuh LT.AN ELLY find K11)WELLY', every Tyvs-OAY, Tiur^sDA'y, and SATURDAY Mornings, at eight o'clock, and wiilconvey Passengers and Parcels,arriving ni Swansea by the Bristol Day Coach of the preceding evt-uings. Returns from the IVY-BUSH, CARMAtrrirfv, at two o'clock, on MONDAYS, WKDNESDAYS, ami Fridays, and Passengers and Parcels will be forwarded troin Swansea by tie- Bristol Day Coach at four o'clock on, tlie -following mornings. After the 12th of May next,-the GENERAL riCTON COACH will proceed immediately from CARMARTHEN to TEN BY, and-return from thvnee the 'following day* iu time to depart for"Swansea at the above hour. Passengers and Parcels mav be hooked at Cither of the bcfore-mentioued Towns tor Bristol! The. Proprietor's will not be accountable for any Parcel above the valusof Five Pounds, unless entered aiid paid for accordingly. for accordingly.


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