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Xmmon, THURSDAY, April 13. *|RE,NCH journals which have arrived to Moll- is day last contain a Circular from Caulincourt -*— to all the French Ambassadors, in which he orders them to assume the tri-coiooteti cockade, and to inform the Governments to which they have beftn accredited, that the Emperor has nothing more at heart than the maintenance of peace that his Majesty has renounced the plans of greatness I which he might have anteriorly formed and that the v,stem ot his Cabinet, as %vell as the whole of the direction oi affairs in France, is. upon a totally ¡ ciiftereut principle. I he companies of Coast Guards are to L.e placed tjpon active slTvicc. The French funds continue declining. Brussels and Frank tort papers have arrived. Accounts from Bcrlm oi the 1st and Irons Louvain of the 1Ltt inst. siat, tililt -t litlitiber of Bonaparte's emissaries had bepst sr-ixed, and by intelligence from Neufchatel-three had been taken by the pea- sants and iinmedi ^cly hailed upon trees. Some of these spies had been sent to seduce the troops," and others had the object of exciting an insui-ret- tion in Roland. Bv particulars which have transpired at Vienna, relative to the late conspiracy in Italy, it appears, that on the night of the new year ali the civil and military Austrian authorities were to have beeq murdered. An Italian gens-d'armes revealed the plot, and the horrid scene was prevented. On the first news of ilie landing of Bonaparte in France, a. Russian officer \vas instantly disimched, wiih injunctions, under a very heavy persona! responsibility, to arrive at St. Petersburg!) on a certain day, with orders for the guards to march I within 24 hours after his arrival, and to march the nex.t day 94. wersts. The exertions oi Russia lor this new war are immense. ¡ According 1.0 report in some of the higher cjfcles, the proposal transmuted by Bonaparte to our I Ministers was, tii -t he was ready io' accede, by the ■'advice of his Council ofS.t.1te, to the terms of the treaty of Paris; and fuither, that the debts due oy the French Government, to ail foreigners, np to 1st of April 1814, shiHil l be recognized and paid. The Eiri of Harrow by, Mr. Pole, and Col. Tofrens arrived yesterday afternoon from théir, important mission. It is said that before the above, gen;'emeu left the Continent the arrangements lor; subsidies were concluded.

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