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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



TO Tf IF. EDITOB. PIR—The loud and popular cry for war, which now echoes through the'land, seems to originate with many in a feeling merely personal, excited by and directed against the solitary individual Napoleon Bonaparte; the coose- 0!«>ijce ol' whicU has been, that a pretty general wish is entertained, and as frequently -and puhlrcly expressed th,1t the Corsica" outlaw way fall without judge or jury; alld be dispatched by sums patriotic assassin, with as iittle ceremony as a foaming mad-dog, a sucking pig for a vicar's cfi,Menjn.g, or a sleeping turtle for a corporation dinner. I i;avc been taught bv the anticp.iat^d system ol morals, which «>a» once recdgtiized in Old England, that .the tur- pitude of carnally- wishing a had action to be committed by another, and perpetrating that bad action oneselt, is nearly equal. « What1." said a tender virgin to me the 'u,t 1, orhsr ensuing, who had been just languishing through a trails, and blushing over her own naked charms, What is there no Charlotte Cordee to be found, who will rid the world <>i this detestable monster ?" And a friend of mine, remarkable both tor mildness and benevolence, lamented almost with tears, that the price set, upott''Nap's head h"d not been earned, by the discharge of some sly musket through a hedge, on his way Paris, or out ol a window, ai; his entering into the metropolis." But the most amusing expression of this personal hatred against the re-instated Empeior occurred the. uther night at a r«ut, to which I had been invited, and where I was eontetupiathi" the vicissitudes of a rubber at Whist. The I ■party consisted of three old ladies and a gentleman; and tne conversation that passed between them was, to the best of my recollection, as follows My dear Sir George, did you ever hear of snv t' 1 i;ig so extraordinary as that execrable Tyrant's return'?"-—Tbe odd trick, I believe, triad,in!)—«< Marvellous beyond all precedent! who would have thought it, after the sacred Treut.V of Fon- tainbleau ?"—(" Afalsz deal, I fancy.' )—«« And the wise ftna equitable arrangements at Vienna, for the re;iose u1 Europe, l>v the high arid mighty Allied Sovereigns — {" Three knaoti upon the table at once, I declare. '.) But surely, Sir George, there is so much feeling ior -royally."—- (" I must tramp y<> m King, iMiss Frowzy." )-" And ,li- so much virtue in France as to furnish a pistol or dagger for the Usurper!"—("The game is I purcetv;)— Alas! F fear not, my lady the people have called turn A revoke, by all that's unlucky.)—" Weif there is yet sorut hope from the dear whisker'd Cossacks, aend the enchanting Blucher. Oh S I could kiss"—(«« your a.ce, [ presume, Sir George.") But it would be endless, Sir, to enumerate the, various occasions on which [ have heard the mustjjiotis-aspirations breathed out, for the execution of the act of outlawry against the person of the little fat Emperor of France by some undelegated minister of vengeance so much so indeed, e r,) fill me with dread,-that unless our casuists 'point out the Mtinidte connection between the intention and the deed; our Justices at the Sessions promulgate the guilt of com- in any way, a murder, and our divines explain the extent «»i" the sixth Commandment; Napoleon Bonaparte will have to add to his other triumphs, a triumph over the tenouraltU feeling and moral sentiment of Brito/u. Your's, &C. BO-PEEP..