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WANTS a PLACE, as WET NURSE, a Young Woman, with-a good Breast of Milk, and Wealthy.—Appl_y to the Printer; it" by letter, post-paid. ST. CLEAR's. OLD BLUE-BOAR-INN, M. LEWES BEGS leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in genern), that she has fined up and entered upon the above Inn, where she hopes by strict at- tention to merit their supporl. Wines and SpiritllousLiquorll of the best quality. GOItd Beds, neat Po-t-Charses. able Horses, and careful Drivers. C!(' O LEN or. STRAYED, from Llangennech .ar.n Wednesday, the ii/ui «>t A.i 1 lust, a BLACiv 1*0.\ UV, Jj £ hands high, a £ ed, very long mane and'.tail," 3wvv backed with very long hair. It strayed, any person giving information shaft be handsomely rewarded; and ail reasonable expenses paid and if stolen, any person giving such information as will lead to tlie conviction of the offender -shall receive FIVE GUtNEAS Reward, by ap- plying at Park. ¡ "'FIVft GUINEAS REIVARD. WHEREAS, on Friday night last, some y v evil disposed person or persons feloniously took and led away from off Vfdw-Hir Farm, in the parish of Aberdare, in the county of Glamorgan, a BAY PON"KY, twelve hands and a half high, aged, a small star in the forehead, four black legs, a long tail and mane, a notch, in the off ear, and hn" remarkable large eyes. Whoever will give information, so that the offender or offenders be convicted shall, on such conviction, receive the above Reward, on applying at the Office of Wiliimu Edwards, of Merthyr-Tydvi'j, Attorney at Law. Mertliyr, 1st May, 181,1. Brecon Auxiliary Bible Society. rpHE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING A will be holden at the Town-hall, at Brecon, on Mon- day, the 8th ofMHy. 1815. t Subscribers arc requested to pay their Subscriptions due -(!n that day. Christians of every rank and denomination are invited to attend. C C. C. Clifton, O.J. Beavan, Secretaries, < T. Price, IV. Witkins. l C. Griffith, T a GENERAL MEjPnNG^Ttbe VER. NON LESSEES, held agreeably to Public Adver- tisement, this 3d day of May, 181o, at the Bunch of G rapes inn, in the town (If N eatll, The Rev. THOMAS REES, F. S. A. in the Chair Sesolocd, That an immediate Subscription be entered into by the Lessees. interested in this cause and that a lair and unobjectionable scale for the proportion which each subscribing Lessee should be called upon to con- tribute. to the defence of hit or her rights, would be the present Assessment to the Property Tax. Resolved, That the First Instalment be Five Shillings m (he Found,on the amount charged to the Properly Tax. Resolved, That Messrs. Williams and Co. Bankers, Neath, be appointed Treasurers; to whom tha Lessees are re- Quired to J>uy tlict p inatM unants- Resolved, That every Lessee who shall not have paid his or her First Instalment on or before Wednesday, the 17th instant, will be considered to have decided on defending their own individual cause; and consequently will. be struck out fraiii the list of those claiming the benefit of the general Fund. Resolced, That the Secretary be requested to inform the Lessees, Irom time, the amount of each succecdifvg Instalment which may be required in the defence of their property. Resolved, That these Resolutions be inserted in the Cam- brian and Seren Gomer Newspapers. (Signed) THOMAS REES, Chairman. Resolved, That the Thanks of the Meeting be given to Chairman for his able conduct in the Chair. AT a GENERAL ASSEMlVLYof theTil(7- PRIETORS of the BRINORE TRAM-ROAD, held at the Shire-Hall, in the town of Brecon, this 25th day of April, 1815, The Rev. Archdeacon DAVJES, in the Chair; Mr. JOliN LLBWF.LLYN having reported to this Meeting, that the Road continued for bv Messrs. Dixox and OVERTOV. is now neatly completed the Main Road being quite finished; that several Partings are already- laid, and the Plates required foT the whole delivered upon the Work; and also, that every thing necessary to be done, will certainly be completed, according ta their Con- tract, within three weeks from this date but that, at present, it may beworked upon without detriment,' the additional number of Partings being only required for an increased trade lhat a small portion only of the Fences remain undone; and that in his opinion the sum of will be ~M°re t'lan .Sil'^cient to finish every thing contracted for by AUessrs. Dixon and Overton—That, the remaining part of <V'e ^ad,to be made by Mr. Hail, is all laid within about I wo Hundred Yards, and will be ready to be worked upon by the tst of May next—That he also considers that the whoie of the Work has been done in the best possible man- her; and that it is, in his opinion, one of the most substantial Roads in the Kingdom- It was Resolved, That the Chairman do communicate to Messrs. Dixon and Overton, the Contractors for the above lioad, the perfect satisfaction and approbation of the Pro- prietors, of the substantial and complete manner in which they ktve fulfilled their Contract; and that lie do now lignify that approbation with their Thanks. Resolved, That a Committee Meeting be held at Brecon, -0 Tuesday, the 23d day of May next, for the purpose ot finding up and concluding all accounts connected with tnis Road. ^Resolved, That the Solicitor's bill, and all other demands whatever, upon this concern, be brought before the said Committee; which is hereby empowered to draw on the i reasurer for such payments" as shait nppear to be due. It appearing, by the Treasurer's Account, now produced, that there wtil he the sum of £ '981, applicable to such Payments. And, that a sufficient sum is also retained in 'he Treasurer's hands, for the payment of all possible de- lJBnds for the Purchase of Lands, Resolved, That the remaining call of £ 10 per cent. upon •e sums subscribed, be made, and paid into thefreasurer's hands immediately. Resolved, That Mr. John Llewellyn be requested to Produce, at the next Committee Meeting, a Plan and Estimate for erecting a Toll House on the said Tram Road 'be built" 'iC U^°n tllC ,uoste'' £ llu'e sP0t»'0n which it shall Messrs. Dixon and Overton having proposed to deliver, M Boats, at the Public Wharf at Brecon, sixty or more i ons of Coal per diem, at Twelve Shillings per Ton and any quantity of Lime, net less than a Boat Load per diem, Barr! 'n ^0U'S' '•e same place, at Fourieen-pence per Resolved, That the cordial Thanks of this Meeting be g ven them for thus enabling theProprietors of the Brinore ram Koad to redeem even/ Pledge that they have originally, n "TJ ucnt period, held out to the public. TVlr i r', 1 tlle T!lanks of t!)'s Meeting be given to L,»ewejjyn, f"or bis great attention, as Agent, to e interests of this Concern, during the whole progress *»' the undertaking. T!at 'l>e above Resolutions be published three /?*■■? Je-v '°cester> Hereford, and Cambrian Papers. Rewn' .la,: l',e Chairman be requested to sign these -Solutions, in the name of the Meeting. TV T, RICHARD DAVJES, Chairman, ff,v" Charles Griffith being called to the Chair, lee R ro ev- Tlioinas Powell, tlie.Rev. John Williams, TTso c v" ,as* ^ri^h, John Rynd, Esq. Jonathan Dixon, ■Wilu! ChT"rch' Est1 Mr- Geor^e Overton, Mr. Wm. 7iMnWS,Ti V1 .o1'" Eiewellyn, and Mr. Thomas'Pierce), i>(lv Ihanks ot this Meeting be given to the rC -^avies- for his able conduct in the Chair, ireuiutuig attention to the interests oi um concern. t J -:or .1'- M AC K WORT II-A RMS, SWANSEA, T AI'RTLII, 181.?. I-IE 1 uoltc Ate most respectfully informed* that a New Lishf J POST-COACH, C, A LD r THE GENE HAL, PICtON, Leaves SW A NSEA for CA RMARTIIEN, through LLAN- ELLY and KIDWELLY, every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SA TU IttJA Y hIuruillgs, at eight o'clock, and will convev 1 assengers.and Parcels arriving in Swansea by the Bristol Day Coach ol the preceding evenings. Returns from the IvY-busK, Caj?.MAUTHKN, at two o'clock, on MONDAYS, ED.VESDAVS, and FRIDAYS, and Passengers and Parcels will be forwarded from Swansea by the. Bristol Day Coach at tour o clock on the following mornings. After the 12th of May next,"the GENERAL PIOTON COACH will proceed immediately from CARMARTHEN to TEX BY, and return tron thence the following days in time to depart for Swansea at the above hour. Passengers and Parcels mav .be' hooked at either of the bef ore-mentioned Towns lor !3ri.stol. j The Proprietors win not he accountable, for any Parcel above the vatuu of Five Pounds, unless entered and paid for accordingly. B U S H-1N N, S IVA \T S E J. JACOB GODVVYN, ("l.A'tli Or, THE COACH AND HOUSES) RETURNS his most grateful thanks for the kind encouragement he has experienced, and begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that lie has HtketH)!eI:[.<usei.itt:in!t!e<)ccup..n:(jn(jt\Yn)i:ttnViUjohan, Esq. which lie has fitted up in a, neat and commodious niiinner, for the reception of gentlemen and others tra- velling through South Wale,, particularly jn the commercial line, and hopes by attention and moderate, charges to give satisfaction to thosa who may favour him with their, patronage. r,T The PRINCE of WALES COACH sets out from the above House -for Gloucester, London, and Bristol, every Sunday, i uesday, and Thursday nights, precisely at twelve o'clock; and arnves at Swansea on Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday mornings, about four. Fare to Bristol- -Inside, £1 14s.—Outside, £1 :1s. All parcels [rom bnsto! to Cowbndge, Ewenny, Neath, and Swansea, under IXib. brought for one snilling,$nd above that weight charged propon ionably. J. GODIVVN and Co. Proprietors, respectfully inform the public, they will not fee accountable for any goods lost or damaged, above the value of'^5, unless specified as such wttendctivered, and all insurance pui(I for the same over ¡ andabove the common carriage. ARCHDEACONRY of BRECON. THE. ANN UAL MEETING of the SUB- SCRIBERS to the CLERICAL CHARITY will be holdeu at Brecon, on Tuesday, the l»th day of May inst. The Stibsc.ibers are requested to meet at the house of Archdeacon Davtes, at eleven o'clock on that day, to at- tend Divine Service at St. Mary's Chapel, where a Sermon will be preached by the Rev. I3r. Vettables, Vicar ofClyro. Alter Service the Accounts will be audited at the Castle- inu., „ T. WILLIAMS. Secretary. N. B. Dinner on Table at Three o'Clociv. Brecon College-School, April 17, |t!i:j. 2'0 THE LADIES^. HORWOOD's OXFORD PATENT APPARATUS, r|^HE simplicity of this Water-Closet wholly JL precludes stoppages, and saves a great many pounds in completing the job over any thing of the kind ever offered to the Public, and from'the great number already j in use their full establishment, may absolutely be considered general. One packed is £ -Ui warranted, and sale delivered. Price of White Bason sort £ 3. Blue and While £ ■ with Effluvia Trap, completely lixed, packed, and plan to erect the whole, of the work required. Ilvdraulia Pumps m I Brass completely mounted fill-S on Mansions, and serves for common use. Forcing Appanlt\1s of easy action depth, height, distance, a mile or two, being of no consequence. Closets or Water-works of any description altered to answer, or no pay.—Letters post-paid. Mr. H. being ou a journey through this part of the coun- try on business, will attend in fixing, if required, to any that may be ordered within Oilontontf). Their Plumbers may apply for instructions to prepare. Orders taken at the Ofhce of this Paper, where the Plan may be seen. Good allowance to Agents at per Balf Dozen. ALL IN ONE DAY! Another Golden Lottery, ANOTHER PRIZE OF 30;OOOL! AVI) 3,000 MORE GUINEAS IN GOLD, wtLL UEGI;o.1 AND FtNISi1 SATURDAY, the 13!i) of MAY, ONLY 5,000 TICKETS. IN thanking the Public for their past distin- guishedi favours, T. B1SII feels it his DUTY to solicit their attention to the following Remarks: their attention to the following Remarks: Upwards of Thirteen Thousand Tickets WERE SOLD in the Lottery just finished.—The present Lwtt ry contains but FIVE THOUSAND TTCKF.TS, with a Thirty Thousand Pound Prize, and Three Thousand Guineas in Cotd.&.c. &c.— As it will be IMPOSSIBLE to meet the wishes of all whs purchased in the Last Lottery, and T. Bisn, as Con- tractor with Government, being obliged to furnish the other Office-keepers with a fair proportion of the Tickets, he ear- nestly intreats an immediate purchase, or he fears many of his friends must be disappointed. SCHEME. 1 of efVQ.OOO is £ "20,000 1 10,000. 10,000 1 '2.100 2,100. 1 2 52 5 1,050 4 200 800 6 100 fiOO 9 50 450 1,000 15 15,000 1- 5,000 Tickets. 150,000 The £20,000 Prize will receive 10,000 more, making a PRIZE OF £ 50,000. Twenty-fifth Blank will receive 2,000 Guineas in Gold I Fiftieth Blank will receive 600 Guineas in Gold ? One Hundredth Blank will receive 500 Guineas in Gold AS SOON" AS DRAWN". Tickets and Shares are selling by Mrs. OA KEY, Library, Swansea J. POTTED, Bookseller, Haverfordwest; W. COX, Bookseller, Aberystwith; J. GARDNER, Draper, Kington; BARRY and SON, Booksellers, Bristol; AGENTS TO BISH, Contractor, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Chartng-crois, London, WHO BOLl) All the 3 Prizes of 30,Q00l. In the last Lottery. N. Ail the Tickets or Shares that remain unsold mustbc N, R. Ail the Tickets or Shares that remain unsold must be I ssut to Lond.,m by Friday's Post, 12th of May, GLOUCESTER inline cfjalp&eate THAT the Public may form a proper judg- ment of t,te qualities of this Water, the following I ABLE, exhibiting a view of its compment parts, together with those of Chcltenhmn and Leamingtlm, is subjoined. The Analysis of the two first is furnished by Mr. Aecuat; of the fast, fry Dr. MIDDLILTO. I Gloucester, H Cheltenham.* ¡ 7,eamivgtnn. PINT, CALLOW PIXT. CAL1.0S. fIST. GALLOS, Crr. Gn. Crj, Grs. I Cu, Grs. Sulphate of So<la 146.00 10.001?5 80.01 'JO.DOOOO ItiU.OO Ditto of Magnesia 13.7.) 110.00 12.28124 93 Muriate of Soda.. S8.50 r308.00 'J7.46H75 '219.75 53.75000 430. fin Ditto of Mngnesia 4.75 38 00 5.00000 40.00 6.^5000 50.00 Ditto of Lime, 3.50 28.00 4.5000s) 36.00 Sulphate of Lime, lfi.00 128.00 10 6^5C25 8.5.01 16.87500 135.00 Carbonate ui Iron 2.00 16.00 0.89375 7.15 0.09375 0.75 96.7.5 774.00 70.77015 566.1? Onsenns Cemtrvts. IN Ctr$JT INCHES. PINT. GALLON. P.7NT. GALLON. Carbonic acisl Gas 16.00 U'3.«0 1.50375 12.0? 0.75000 Atmospheric Air 9.(0 72.00 0.1 >1.'5 1.21 Oxygene Gas 0.53375 4.03 This Analysis-was made from the Chalybeate Saline Water, No. 1, Montpelier Weils. It thus appears, that the Glnicccster Iff/icr contains in the greatest degree those valuable impregnations, on which the virtues of Sprhtgs-of this Class depend. TERMS For DRINKING THE WATER. A Family 1 0 | An Individual £ 0 10 6 TKHKS FOR THE V5E OF THE BATES. Hot and Cold Saline, 3s. 6d. each Cold, with common 'Water, Is. dd. and fid. each Bath to the Attendant. „• TKKMS and IlliO ULATJONS FOR THE Wlt,S«. [I he A'alks are free to those who subscribe for the Waters; but as the Proprietor has incurred considerable expense in providing them furtj)eaccom!uoda!i«nof the Public, he is under the necessity of exacting from others the fol- lowing rates:] A Family 10s. 6d. j An Individual 5s. N. B. The JFater will be carefully sealed up in bottles, a"d sent to any part of the kingdom, at JOs. per dozen. *Vi"' Set Its obtained b.y the evaporation of the IFcter, war- ranted genuine, may be had at the Pump-Room, at per lb. All orders addressed to Mr. Ci/ATiK, at the Pump-Room, pust-t)ai(l, ivill be iiiiiii't(iiiii(,? I'). 11 is expected that all Subscriptions will be paid at the time of subsc ribing. 1 BRECONSHmE. L la main tfrea d and Llanvillo Inclosure. WE the undersigned Commissioners, named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 54th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An Act for Inclosing Lauds in the several parishes of Llansaintfread and Llanvillo, in the county of Brecon," and in pursuance of another Act made and passed in the 41st year of the- reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An Act for Consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually inserted m Acts of Inclosure, and for facilitating the mode of proving, the several facts usually required on the passing of such Acts," Do herein/ give Notice, That we have set out and apt-minted the fol- lowing PUBLIC CARRIAGE ilOAi.),-i and IIIGII. WAYS, through and over part of the Lands and Grounds in the parish of Llanvillo, in the said COllnly. of Brccon, uS the first mentioned Act directed to be Divided, Allotted, and Inclosed; that is to say—* On Warm ji-JJderwen-Vcg Common, in the parish of Llanvillo. A Public Carriage Road and Highway, of the breadth .of 30 feet,called the Brecon and Tredomuien Roud, marked No. 1, on the Surveyor's Map or Plan, commencing at a certain Brook, called the Cwinnant Brook, leading across the said Common, in a south-east direction, to an ancient Land leading to Tredommen village. Another Public Carriage Road and Highway, of the breadth of 30 feet, called the Brecon and Llanvillo Road, marked No. 2,-on the Surveyor's Map or Plan, branching ottt of the said Brecon and Tredommen Road, and leading across the said Common, until it enters an ancient Land leading to the village of Llanvillo. Another Public Carriage Road and Highway, of the breadlh'ot 50 feet, called the Brecou and Tylie-crwn Road marked No. 3, on the Surveyor's Map or Plan, branching out of the said Brecon and Tredommen Road, and leading across the said Cotmubu, in a north-east direction, to a Gate fit the entrance of an ancient Road at Tylie-crwn farm. Another Public Carriage Road au(i of the breadth of 30 leet, culled the Llanwern and Llanvillo Road, marked No 4, on the Surveyor's Map or Plan, branching- out of t)fe said Biecon and Tredommen Road, and leading across the said Common, in a south-west direction, until it enters an ancient "Road at the Gilwern cottages. And another Public Carriage Road and Highway, of the breadth of So feet, called the Brecon and Llanweru Road, marked No 5, on the Surveyor's Map or Plan, commencing at a Brook, called the Cwmnant Brook, and Icadmg across the said Common, n) a southward direction, until it forms a junction with the. said Llanweru and Llanvillo Road at a junction with the. said Llanweru and Llanvillo Road at a Close of Land belonging to Charles Fox Champion Cres- pigny, Esq. And we the said Commissioners, Do herc'jy also give Notice, That we have prepared a Map or Plan, in whiclHhe said Roads a;e accurately laid down and described, and the same is deposited with Mr. John .loncs, our Clerk, at the Office of Messrs. Powell, Jones, and Powell, Solicitors, in the town of Brecon, in the county of Brecon aforesaid, for the inspection of all persons whom it may concern. And we further give Notice, That we intend to meet at the Castle-inn, in thetownofBreconafurcsaid. on Monday, the 29th day of May next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which time and plaee any person or persons who may consider himself, herself, or themselves,injured or ae<»ri<'ve'd by the setting out of such Road or Roads, may atteud and make his, her, or their objection or objections (if any) thereto, and the same shall be heard in the manner di- rected by the said Act of the 41st year of his present Majesty's reign. D1). DAVIESi Dated 28th April, 1815. THOS. MORLEY. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is uwarded and issued forth against JOHN EVANS, JOSEPH JONES, and WILLIAM DAVIEs/lVte of Aberystwith, in the county ot Cardigan, Bajikers, and Cø. partners, and they being declared Bankrupts, are hereby required to surrender themselves to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them on the 5th and (3th days of May, and the 15th day of June next, at eleven in the forenoon on each of the said days, at the Gogerddan-Arms-inn, in the town of Aberystwith "foresaid, and make a full discovery and disclosure of their Estates and Effects, when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the jastsittin" the said Bankrupts are required to finish their examination! and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of their Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupts, ortfiat have any of their Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr, John Barber, Solicitor, Gray's-^un, London, or to Mr. Thomas Jeucs, Solicitor, Muchyniieth, Mentgomerjshjre, CARDIGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, And entered upon OIl the 12th day of May next, ALL that capital and well-known INN, called rhe TALBOT-'LYN, in the town of Aberyst- with, with Stables sufticitMit tor eighty horses; togethej with 140 Acres of rich Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture Land. The Dwelling-house and alt the Outhouses are jn excel- lent repair, and the Land in the highest state of coltivatiou. For particulars apply to Mr. Barber, at Nanteos. Oak Timber of large dimensions. FOR SALE, S3 A^ TREES, standing on Ivever.-y- Good, a;ui i.Q jit; on Cwm-yr-Erw, both which tenements tire situate in the parish ot Vstradgunlais, ill the county of Brecon. For particulars appl Y to Walter Price, Esa. at Giynllech • or to Mr. Powell, Solicitor, Neath. MANORS, TITHES, and ESTATE, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Desirable and most improveable PRO- PERTY, comprising Three Manors; the TITHES ot the two adjoining parishes of Brawdy and Hayscasttc at) extensive aud improving FARM, overlooking St. Bride's Bay; and several small TENEMENTS. The whole si- tuate contiguous t()thesc:).—tuidwav between Haverford- west and St. David's, in the county of Pembroke, Any Gentleman seeking to realize by purchase, or who may be desirous to secure considerable local influence, with extensile sporting, oil easy terms, wili liud this an opportunity rarely presented. For particulars apply, post-paid,to Mr. Meredith, Rhyn- duston-place, Haverfordwest. G LA MORC ANS LI IRE. FARMS TO BE LET, For a term of years, and entered ¡¡POll immediately, THE I'ARM of MO ETON, containing about 236 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the parishes of Lanearvon and Winvoe. The IARM of CWM BARRY, containing about 178 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the parishes of Barry and Porthherrv. Both Farms arccoriveniently si' uafed within less than nine miles of the excellent market towns of Cardiix and Cow- bridge, and only a, few miles from the harbours of Aber- thavr and Barry. For further particulars enquire (if by letter, post-paid) of Mr. Halket, Rheola, near Neath; or of Mr. Evan Thomas, Tregutf, near Cowbridge. BRITON-FERRY, GLAMORGANSHIRE, TO BE LET OR SOLD, A Desirable MARINE VILLA, m every respect adapted for a genteel family, consisting of a dining-room, drawing-room, and a small breakfast room'• kitchen,.dairy, and oilier offices supplied with water on the ground-floor four bed-chambers and a small room cm the Jirst-fluor three allies, with :< convenient closet !!(Jod cellars; coach-house,three stall stable, faundry.brewhousc, piggery, and poultry yard. detached all extensive walled garden, stocked with the finest fruit-trees; also a kitchen garden. Commands a view of Swansea Bay, and the entrance of Neath river, surrounded by the beautiful woods and grounds of Lord Jersey. tfor particulars apply to"Mr. Wm. Oliver, Bristol; Mr. Jenkins, Cambrian.0(flce, Swansea or on the premises. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, AND EMEHEO UPON IMMEDIATELY, ALL that capital and desirable D WELLING- HOLSE, late the residence of Eliss Jenkins, Esq. de- ceased, situate at Newcastle, close to the excellent market and post-town of Brirlg^j,^ standing on an eminence in a rich and fertile country, commanding extensive views of :!)cvatcof C amornan consisting of two parlours, kitchen, servants hall, laundry, butler's pantry, underground cellar, six bed-rooms, closets, and other conveniences; six-atall stable, coach-house, harness-room, brewing-kitchen, with servants apartments above, dairy, large enclosed stable court with wnter-jjooi; a large walled Garden, planted with choiceiruit-trees; a Kitchen Garden, handsome G reell in tiont, and about hair an acre of Land behind the House. The neighbourhood is pleasant, and coal reasonable and good at a short distance. The tenant may be accommodated with any quantity not exceeoing o0 Acres of rich Meadow and Pasture Land, in the h,'guest slate of cultivation and repair. Lime upon the whole of the premises. For further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Jenkins, Ewenny, near Bndgend.—All letters must he post-paid. SOUTH-WALES. LA1L\lAP;niEN SHIRK. To be Let or Sold by Private Contrast, A Capital LEASEHOLD ESTATE, MES- iSprvrE\IrEN-li;AIE^T' LANDS,and PREMISES, caiicd 1 L1\LA1\, sittiHte in the parish of Saint Mary, in the. borough ot Kidwelly, in the said county, (held for ihree lives, all insurable) containing about 3^t) Acres of gouti Arabic, Water Meadow, and Pasture Lund, divided into Iudosurcs; together with an unlimited Right of Common over a Thousand Acres of Down and Salt Marsh. The Housn, at a small expense, might accommodate a large family,and is most delightfully situated,commanding V-V4 '6 V,eVV l'ie Channel and the sea-port town of Kidwelly, with the extensive ruins of its aucient Castle, from which it is distant abo-ut half a mile. A Gentleman fond of agriculture and the sports of the lield could filld this Estate a most desirable residence. 1 he CoHntry abouuds with game, and a trout stream runs near it; lime and coal are very plentiful and cheap, and vvithm two miles of the Premises. The Stock and Crop may be had at a fair valuation, and possession will be given itnmedmteiy.'or at Michaefmas next. For further particulars apply (if by letter, past-paid) to 1 homas Brookumn, Esa. at Penlan aforesaid or to Messrs. uloyd, Gwytme, and Howell, Attoruies at Law, Carmar- then. llendenct ill South Wales. CADOXTON LODGE, to be LET, ready V Furnished (exclusive of plate, Jinen, and china), for a term ot eight years; it is situated in the most beautiful part of Glamorganshire, within nine miles of Swansea, and ene mile of the excellent market and post town of Neath, through which the mail-coach passes daily to and from London.-Tlte House comprise. on the ground-floor, a capital kitchen, back-kitchen, scullery, wash-house (with pipes to convey hot and cold-water), laundry, servunts'- liall, butler's-pantry, housekeejjer's-rooin, pantries, dairy, cheese-room, &c.; on- the firsi-fioor, four excellent sininV,- rooms on the second-floor, six large bed-rooms, a drcs,ing. room, and water-«loset; in the attic, bve and a store room. Water is conveyed by pipes tr> dif- ferent parts of the house. I here is an excellent Garden wailed round with fruit-trees, the highest state of per' lection ;(a'lso, an Orchard stocked with choice trees and at one end of a handsome terrace is a fine Billiard-room with a full sized table, by Efwcod. The stables, harness- room, coach-house, granary, cow-house, pig.siie3) kennel, and all the olric^, are particularly good and convenient. Any quantity of Land, uol exceeding gy Acres, may be had with the House. For further particulars apply at the Office of John Edwards. Esq. Btooiusbury square, London, or to Air. Mat hew xorster, Neath, who will shew the premises. | r IT- AIi !eU!r!' must ba. postpaid. Coa. and Lime within a mile of the spot, and very cheap, j 1 he prmpipal object beiull;,a c-itrofu! asd guwd ■ ti;c rem waI on tery modtrata. ) 4 X7 TO BE SOLD, A N,Ey TILBURY, built for a Gentleman J- who has now t)0 cSe foi it, together with complete. A reduced price «ill be taken. PP-.V to J. fr.incis, Coachmaker, Swansea if bv itU< r post-paia. j 77,?.5 uill vol be repeated. To Gentlemen Farmers and Sp -i turn;i, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AT XU-K.VTY-srx YEARS rVRCHASE. on LET O.\ LEASE, 11'cfi:*»c pos^cs^ion ^iven, N KST.-iVe or FAitM, in" South Wales. X A cloiie to a sea pert, iune, &c. ot' above V'84 Acres s.i comp.ete in buik.mirs, and 30 ornnnieraallv wooded 4nd pleasantly situated, that it is equalled by few and in local du v-intakes not iy be excelled. Fni! particulars may'he had of Mr. Hoyte, Swansea w-d|Sri'S(;,IV.1Wl!d £ or' and Aldermaii's- p' m' i' •■ ■w'Cocks, Auction Mart, and No. 13, Lartholeme.w-lane, London. Alt letters mus; be p:.t-painl GLAMORGANSHIRE TO BE LET, Utfr'niiNisHED, Anr\'nrr^ entere<t upon immcdiateli/, con AGE, called THE CWM, situate n,M- ih:ii the lOWI1 of fa,ulaff; comprising a good par- n'ni fl back"k'lciien. '»'d Celia? on the. giound floor, adrawmg-n.oia and two bed-rooms on th* first floor, and very good garrets; also, a stable, pi^tv, poultry yard. and other convenient outhouses, with a v'erv excellent kitchen garden well stocked with fruit trees. Ihe above is eligibly situated, and weif adapted for she residence ot a small genteel family. (For further particulars apply to Mrs. Jcufcins, Land at?, wno will direct a person to shew the premises or to Mr. Edward Priest Richards, Attorney-at-Law, Cardiff. All must be post. paid CRICKHOWELL- BRECONSIlIRE. TO DE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Neat DWELLING-HOUSL, situated m a i-X pleasant part of the town, of Crickhowell, with a U'n, and I iot of (j'rouud in the front, calculated for the re.ndpiicc'of a small genteel family, and now occupied,.a* u Also, A commodious DWELLING, with a Garden at- tached, situated near the above, and now occupied by Benjamin Phillips, Wheelwright. The whole or the Premises are in good repair, and last-mentioned Ilouse'very lately built. They adjoin the high-road irom London to Miiford-llaven, and'are hear the river Lsk. For further particulars apply to Afr, Thomas Parry, Auctioneer, Langattock; or to Mr. Charles Gabeil, Solicitor, Crickhowell. Genteel Residenee and good TuTnri> I A Is EAR AEt:r.GAV £ V, TO BE LET, A AND Entered I'POS lMMEUIATr.LT, v ery desirable atid cotnpact DNVi-^LLTNG' HOUSE, called UPPER LANFOIST. with th» Coach-house, Stables, Gardens, and about 20 Acres of e.r- cellei.t Meadow Land adjoining, late in the occupation of Dr. Recs. J fie House consists of a very good dining and d awing-room, nearly 20 feet square each; a breakfast- parlour, six best bed-rooms, two servants'ditto, aad -it a, buUdTiigs.'1 1CC Ule how»e are aii ^cessary Qap> Also, To be LET, And entered vpon at Christmas next The small FARM adjoining,called PEN YR-WORT OI> consisting of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land ol'exc-1- lent quality, and nearly equal in quantity. L The premises are situated within a short distance of the town of Abergavenny, to which there is a good turnpike* road, and a few hundred yards of the Brecknock and-Aber- gavenny Cam! Wharf, where coal and lime may be had at a very niiidera'.e price. The House, Outhouses, and Gardens, wili he let cithrr- with or without the Meadow Land or Farm. For further particulars and to treat, application is to made to Air. Price, Solicitor, Penyx-Woriod, 01 at hisoifcs# in Abergavenny. BEECH HILL, NEAR USK, MONMOUTHSHIRE, Will in a few zcetks be advertised jor Sale by Private. Contr act. T1[Z ^ouse and Buildings are er.tirely new, A lymg in the centre of about" Fifty Acres of "Arable, Meadow, and VVood Land, the garden and pJcasure grounds of whtell have been neatly laid out. Ihe situation is one of the most beautiful and desirable in the county oi Monmouth, commanding extensive and delighttul views ol the vale and river Usk, «nd of the surrounding mountains. J he Mansioti is elegant, and will be found a most eligible residence fof a genteel family, being distant about haifa mile Irom die market-town oi U-k, ten from Aber^avenii'- 13 from Monmouth, and about 2(5 Irom Bristol. ° The Premises may be viewed by application to Messrs. Jones and Matthews* Solicitors, Usk, Monmouthshire MONMOUTHSHIRE™ CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. T 0 it SA LR BY A U C, 10 v, Bi' Mr. H EN BY I'lATTH EWS, At lheKii^s-IIead-iiin, in the town ot Newport, on Sa- turday, the Uik day of May, 1815, at four o'clock in the alternoon, un ess previously disposed of by Pxivat* Contract, ol whicn due notice wiii be "neo A LL tf1,atuc;?ital and LANDS, xriih XX suitable Buddings, euHed PEN-V-CRKEG, consist- Mil oi about 148 Acres. • A"dr:l,,s"\a11.Jh-at.MS^SUAGE, FARM, and LANDS; v'1a,'j*ung t'.e above premises, called BL.AEN -V* *■• consisting 0f li Acres, more or jess j all which said premises are situate in the parish oi Aberustruih, in tie county of Moaiaouth, ana are capable- of vast im- provement. These Premises form a most desirable purchase for specnlator in the Coal and Iron Trade, which articles are lound in great abundance there, and their .contiguity Ul the adjoining raountains renders the same (by itieu'.s of them) easy of access for working the coal under it. The Rail-Road leading from Ebbw Vale and Beau'o't Iron Works to Crwnlin, lies at a short distance*- f—. which latter piace, where the Monmouthshire Cuua' u a:enc«s, the premises are distant but jive miles. 'i he premises may be viewed by leuve of the ten-rit • and any further particulars known on «pplica!'iou ,"0'Mr' Joseph Hampton, Biaenavou, near Aber.- .•» Messrs. Jones and Matthews, Solicitors > °r postage paid. A latter, Tterj i Man Hi OlOn cr. BY the EFFICACY of Dr B()^Rn\ rp'c INFALLIBLE RED PI[ L <4 persons of either sex, (assisted ,Mff box) directions therewith are ( H I nvalua1ble.t'^P,ous tually a.certain iusidiot, di«tc 1Lu coverr of health, with secrcc\in a few days. d 9atet^ ^rta;n1^ For Bilious ^»it>tt•* C 3 T of Blood, the efiicacv of this ,.lI?pUr;t? i j '■ey ot tins fliedicioe is so wed Known, and highly attested for fifty years past, that any I'uriha- comment is rendered unmxW.iry. Another stipplv is just received from London, and for saie by. 3kr. Jenkins, printer of'this Paper; an-j m iv alsu oe had oj ^r. Daniel, (Janiciribeii; Mf. Cw-«r» Huv«r- {>»rii?\-«st; and Mr, .Nei&, Kreckuock.