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GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Wyndham Arms, Bridgend, on Saturday, the 7th of December, 1822, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall then be named, unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract (of which due notice will be given), A CRES of CUSTOM ARYHOLD XJL LANDS, of excellent quality, at Hernston, near Bridgend, and almost all Pasture :— L0ts An., P, 1. -Three Acres, Cae Forth,rent £ 6 6s. tenant) „ J. Llewellyn's widow -d J [2.' Quarter-wrth-y-Skibbor, rent 10s 0 131 3. Barn, and Five Fields contiguous, excel-"} lent rich Land, 18 Acres 3 quarters, by > 24 1 29 estimation •• ..J 4. Puiumer.Heol, Ewentiy, near Bridgend,) rent^S, Kicliard Jenkins, tenant at will £ 5. A Meadow, in Coychurch parish, called YWain Fawr, 4A. by estimation, and > 5 1 4 by admeasurement • • — •• *-3 41 (125 For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid), to I Mr. Jenkins, of Ewennv, who will shew the Premises or to Mr. E. Bassett, Solicitor, Lantwit-Major. Office of the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, No. 33, Lincoln's- Inn Fields, London. PETITIONS of Insolvent Debtors to be JL heard atthe adjourned General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at the Radnorshire-Arms inn. in Pres- teigne, in and lor the county of Radnor, on Saturday, the 30th day of November iust. at the hour of eleven o'clock in the morning,— JOSIAH KINSEY, late of Presteigne, in the county of Radnor. Gentleman, FRANCIS GRIFFITHS, late of the parish of Knighton, in the county of Radnor, Labourer. JAMES ROCKE. late of the town of Knighton, in the county ot Radnor, Hatter. The Petitions and Schedules are filed, and may be in- spected at this Office every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of ten and four.—Two days' notice of any intention to oppose any Prisoner's Discharge must be given to such Prisoner to entitle any Creditor to oppose the same. GEORGE GRAHAM. Solicitor, 10. Symond's-Inn, Chancery-lane, London, for Cecil Pa;sous, Solicitor, Presteigne. P, Iec' Tl' Oet('brr li A T a MEETING of the PkolMUKT ji\ of the BRECON GAS LIGHT and COKE CERN, lielJ this dav JOHN PARRY TVILKINS, Esq. IN THE CHAIR } Resolved unanimously, That this Meeting are perfectiy satisfied with Mr. B meadow's conduct, as the of this concern. t the Meeting bear in mind 'that the work was only menced on the 22d ofjuty last, and that there were six lights burning last nigiil, the Meeting are no lest prisec at the rapid progressof the undertaking than pH with its execution. JOHN P. WILKINS. JOHN- JONES. JOHN POWELL. THOMAS WILLIAMS. CHARLES GRIFFITH JOHN WILLIAMS. -J FOREIGN TRADE. This Day is published, in One Volume, octavo, price Guinea, in boards, tiie Eighth Editioll of THE MERCHANT, SHIP OWNER, SHIP MASTER'S CUSTOM aud EXCISE GUI comprising every species of Iniormafion relative w TRADE between the whole of the British Dominions, all other Parts of the. World, Accompanied by M drawn and engraved expressly for the Work.—The Stal brought down to the end of the Session 3 Geo. 4, and Orders iu Council, &c. &c. to November 1,1822. By CHARLES POPE, Comptrolling Surveyor of the Warehouses, Bristol It has been asserted that for the Law to be knot of more importance than to be 1;ight,Dr. Joliiisoti., *#*This Book was formerly published as "The PraC Abridgment of the Laws of Customs and Excise." London: Published by Baldwin, Cradoek, and PateruosUir-row a-ndsofd by all Booksellers. j Tw\) Capital Jiunters for Sale.. — ■■ TO BE SOLD, TWO well-bred HUNTERS, warrat> -L, Koupd ill every respect, and inexccHentcoudt G and 7'yeafs old, equal to great weight, and have hunted regularly. Every refeteace will be given, a' trial granted, 7 Intr Intther particulars apply to Mr. Davis, Boar's Carmarthen* Letf&rs to be post-paid. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Ta BE SOLD HY AUCTION,' (Unless in the mean time disposed of by Private Conti of which due notice will be given), at theWyndl Arms-inn, in the town of Bridgend, on Saturday. 9th day of November, 1822, between the hours ot and fottr in t))e afternoon, subject to such conditio) sale as shall be then and there produced, A Valuable FREEHOLD FARM & LAN called .COURJ-Y-MWNVVS, situate in the p of Langonoyd, iu the said county comprising by e? tion 134 Acres (more or less), with a convenient I House aud 04ithuil;dings Greeted thereon. The above Farrii aBotiiids with Irou Ore and rich of Coal, which, together with the surface oltlle Land, been Let by Lease for the term of 99' years (about which are at present uuexpired), at the clear yearly of One Hundred Guineas, payable half-yearly. For particulars apply tO Mr. Richard Howelb, Velan, near Laufrissent. Mr. E. Griffiths, Solicitor, 3 end; or Mr. T. Bassett, Solicitor,. Bonvilstone, wI authorized to treat for the tale of the Farm by Pf Contract. j The postage of all applications by letter must be pail they will not be attended to. r —:—— ■> MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AtJCTIOHf, By Mr. MORRIS, At the Angel-inn, in the town of Abergavenny, on Mod the 18th November, 1822, at four o'clock in the f noon, unless disposed of in the meati time by Pri. Contract (of which due hotice will be given), i.uhjf) conditions then to be produced, A Valuable and very desirable compact FR HOLD ESTATE, called GELLY, situnte in parish of Llanvetherine, in the county of Moiimoulli joining the turnpike-road leading from Abergav' towards Ross "r consisting of a. good substantial and venient Messuage or Dwelling-House, fit fur the ac modation of a respectable family, with Barns, Sta Cider-mill, and other necessary Outbuildings detac and containing 113 Acres and 33 Perches of rich Mes( Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land, of which there ar< su' modation of a respectable family, with Barns, Sta Cider-mill, and other necessary Outbuildings detac and containing 113 Acres and 33 Perches of rich Mes( Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land, of which there ar< wards of' it Acres plnnted with'choice fruittrecs, ini perfection, now let at the annual rent of o £ '164 Ste., G of taxes. The House is pleasantly situated 011 a gentle eleval commanding diversified and picturesque views qf. thq rounding sceiiery,—m a good sporting country, di] from Abergavenny fodr, and from Monmouth ten 111 both capital miirket-towns, through which the maii-d and other coaches pass to and from London daily. For a view of the Premises, and to treat for the si apply to Mr. Baker Gabb, Or Mr. Thomas Davis, Solif Abergavenny, atwhose. Office a Map of tha Estate be seen, BRECONSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVID JENKINS, At the Swan In 11, in the Town of Brecon, 011 Wedne* the 20th of November next, between the hours of | aud Five o'Clock iii the afternoon, THE follovving eligible FARMS, (subjed such Conditions as shall be then produced); Lot. 1. All that Messuage. Farni, and Lapds, wit It Appurtenances, called PURGAD, situate in the of Llangunnider, in the said county; consisting of al stantial Dwelling-house, Out-houses, and other nece.4 Farm Buildings, and (including Sites and Build j 141A. 2R. 26P. of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and W Land, adjoining- to and with a Right of Common on Llangunnider Hills, where the present tenant depasi a considerable number ot Scotch and other cattle, as as a large flock of sheep deemed one of the stock farms in the country now in the occupatio1 Messrs. Folliergiil, who quit at the expiration of current year.-—And to this Lot will be added a LeaJj 37A. 2R, of Land adjoining, held under the Dukr Beaul'ort,,for three lives, at a moderate rent. Lot 2. All that Messuage, Farm, and Lauds, witlij. Appurtenances, called G LASCVVM, situate 111 the Fj of Llanthetty, in the said county y consisting of a Dwe1 house, and other necessary Out-houses and Farm Bui!; in good repair, and (including Sites and Buildf 13GA.2R,. of Aruble,Meadow, Pasture, and Wood I with a fine lot of young-Timber growiug thereon, 110 the occupation of Mr. William Powell. N. B. This Farm has a Right of Common on the »<? ing Hill, where the present tenant depastures both S. and other cattle, and/a targe flock of Shee.|i,>' The auove Fcirtus/are advantageously siltfated witl slLOrldistance of Tj-edegar and other extensive Iron W where weekly ntarBets "Sre held at w-bieh-places they a quick sate.for their corn and the produce of the ,t &e. The Briiiore Railway goes close to the nppel of the land belonging to lot 1, and through part upper land of lot 2, by which coal and lime is proC at a JoRpjfiCe, and the latter put on the upper part <> Farms with less trouble and expense. The propriet' the Kiiiway are bound to keep the fence on both sidj it iu repair. The two lots are contiguously siiuatej each side of the River Crawnon, which divides theiTM at the distance of 9 miles from Brecon, 4 from Cricklq and lOJ'rom Abergavenny..1 Mrs. DIXON, ofAshford, the proprietress, will di1! and lOJ'rom Abergavenny..1 Mrs. DIXON, ofAshford, the proprietress, will di1! person to shew the.different Farms. For further parf'l apply to Mr. DAVID JENKINS, Land-Agent, Llanfry" near Brecon. ■ INSOLVENT DEBTORS' COURT OEFl(; OL No. 3.3,. I.incoln's Inn Fields. PETITION Qf an Insolvent Debtor, heard at the adjournment of the General Q Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at the Green Inn, Montgomery, in and for the county of Mon'g'^ on Thursday, the 5th day of December next, at the eleven o'clock in the morning,— EVAN WOODLIFF, late of Lanidloes, in the cot" Montgomery, Woolstapler. bt The Petitions and Schedules are filed, and raa^.r,j spected at this Office every Monday. We'dnes™^ ij Friday, between the hours of ten and four.—yjjf notice of i;ny intention lb oppose any Prisoner's ] 1(Jii must be given to such Prisoner to entitle any v* ] oppose the sa mc.