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BRITON FERRY NEWS AND NOTES. I By OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.] The dog show was an "all round" success. Very few enterprises of the kind are so enthu- siastically taken up by Briton Ferry folks. The success which attended the show may prove au incentive to revive the old and nearly forgotten annual institutions of the eisteddfod and regatta. Owners of dogs in particular, and owners of a humane conscience in general, are pleased to hear that the Muzzling Order has at last been revoked, having been in force since the 29th of August. The Dog Show Committee is to be congratulated upon the careful manner in which the arrange- ments were all carried out. All the dogs, cats, rabbits, poultry, pigeons, &c., were, with one exception only, returned safely to their respective owners. Rev. E. Nicholas, pastor of the English Congregational Church, has declined to accept the pastorate of Towyn Welsh Congregational Church at New Quay, Cardiganshire, which had been offered to him. The technical instruction classes held at the Neath-road Board Schools did not prove very strong, numerically, at the recent Science and Art Examinations. The thirst for knowledge does not appear to be very great among our youths, as the following figures prove. The number of candidates pre- sented for examination in practical plane and solid geometry was 4, in geometrical arawing 3, freehand 3, drawing in light and shade 4, model drawing 1, machine construction 5, and mathe- matics 5. A very successful concert was given by the Rehoboth Band of Hope Choir on Thursday. Mr. Ted Humphreys sailed from London last Saturday en route for Kimberley, thence to Jagersi'ontein. It will be remembered that Mr. Humphreys had to leave the Orange Free State when the war broke out. He is now going to resume his old duties. NOTES BY THE BRITON FERRY WANDERER. The Wanderer is seriously considering as to whether he will present himself as a candidate at the next Urban District Council election or not. If these Cardiff and London trips are likely to take place in the future, lie will certainly be tempted to ask some two kind friends to nominate him for the next fray, and then say that he has been requested by a large number of electors to present nimaelf as one opposed to picnics. I do believe that with a good lusty voice and a few arguments to show that they were a raid upon the pockets of the working-men, one would stand a chance to be returned. Apropos of my notes concerning the plan of the Public Library I would venture, on behalf of the inhabitants, to inform the Council that the plan has been sufficiently admired now, and that although we would very much like to see it executed, we feel bound to point out. in the interest of economy, that & glass ca"e had better be bought at once, so as to preserve it until the time when it will be required, which, we fear. is very distant. The philosopher who said where ignorance is blias, 'tis folly to be wise" could never have been at Briton Ferry. The remarks and indecent noiaes that are made by youths and young men who lounge about our street corners—apparently for that purpose—and which are evidently intended to be heard by those who pstss by, cannot be considered as anything but tne outcome of ignorance. Particularly when a lady and gentlemen happen to pass together these ignoramuses are very offensive in their remarks, and at times positively indecent. Our policemen would not be blamed if they made an example of one or two. It would be likely to have a very necessary and desirable effect. By-the-bye, could not the "man in blue" di-perst.- the crowds that block our pavements on Sunday night, etpycially at the top of Villiers- atreet. This is much required ? While admiring that solitary tract of water in the reservoir, the Wanderer was so much moved that be allowed himself to bing. He, and yet not he, for the words were inspired by the water, and the Wanderer was utilized as the mouthpiece. The following were the words :— There was a time when Willy dear Most closely watched the water But now, they say, more closely still, He guards a little widder. Outlined against the sky he stood, A sentinel to guard me But now it seems he's gone for good To mash a. little widdee. Return again, my dearest Bill, With all your oottles empty I'll smile upon you while you fill More samples for the vestry. DOG, POULTRY AND PIGEON EXHIBITION. LIST OF AWARDS. This exhibition was held at the Villiers Park, Briton Ferry, on Thursday in last week. Th3 arrangements wore very good, thanks to the zeal of ttie hon. sees., Messrs. Gunter and Thomas, and an energetic lot of stewards. The judges were: Dogs, Mr. Sam Wilson, Bradford, and Mr. George Ros9er, Neath; pigeons, Mr. J. B. Brader, Swansea. T'\A£""tc! x/uuo. GREYHOUNDS. Class l.—Open.—l, Mr. J. E. Jones, Market, Neath, Sunset Fancy; 2, Mr. P. H. Roche, Penrice Castle, Gower. The Ballot Girl; ?, Mr. T. A. Evans, 27, Bellevuc-street, Swansea, Old Nick; 4, Mr. B. A. Jonas, 2, James- strest, New Tredegar, Mon., Tirphil Master- piece; v.h.c., Mr. Thomas Gill, 12, Westbury- etreet, Swansea, Gelert, and Mr. J. E. Jones, Market, Neath, Charlie Seroato; r., Mr. Austin Davies, 32, New-road, Llandilo, Dash- Austin Davies, 32, New-road, Llandilo, Dash- ing Girl. SETTERS. Class 2.—Open.—1, Mr. W. H. David, Neath, Mallwyd James; 2, Mr. Harry Gunn, West- gate Chambers, Cardiff, Eumney Rock; 3, Mr. T. Williams, Ynisgerwn, Neath, Patrick; 4" Mr. Herbert Jennings, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff, Boston Una. POINTERS. Class 3.—Open.—1, Mr. W. H. David, Neath, Heather Byron; 2, Mr. A. Bevan, Wolf Castle, Pembrokeshire, Welsh Pedro; 3, Mr. D. H. Jones,Feinbank, Neath, em- bank. RETRIEVERS. Class 4.—Open.—1, Mr. John Hawkin, East Lodge, Margam Park, Port Talbot, Margam Boy; 2, Mr. T. Williams, Ynisger- wn, Neath. Romp; 3, Mr. Henry Claydon, The Bans, Oxwich-road, Gower, Black Gipsy. SPANIELS (over 28 lbs.). Class 5.-Open.-l, Mr. B, A. Jones, 2, James-stre3t, New Tredegar, Tirplnl Tommy; 2, Mr G Evans, Sculptor, Treorky, Bruce; 3, Mr.' H. Jennings, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff, Lambton Lass; 4 Mr. Thomas E Davies, Hieh-street. Llantnssant, Black Tillip, 1., Mr! W. Rees, Red Logan, Cryn ant, Beauty. j SPANIELS (under 28 lbs.). Class 6.-0pen.-l, Mr. George Morgan, Fern Bank, Gwaun-cae-Gurwen, Sweet Briar II.; 2, Messrs. W. and J. Jenkins, 6, Henry- atreet, Neath, Queen; 3, Mr. B. A. Jones, New Tredegar, Tirphil Rodney; 4, Mr. J. Clement James, Carne, Fishguard (Pem.), Pencau Juno; r., Miss C. M. Roberts, 65, Allan's Bank-road, Cathays, Taffside Kitty; v.h.c., Mr. Elias Jones, Black Lion Hotel, Llanelly Mon; Mr. R. Price, Aberfan, Shas- penman; Mr. W. H. Davies, 9, Upton-ter- race, St. Thomaa, Swanaea, Lady Mortana. TOX TERRIER (Smooth). Class 7.—Open.—1, Mr. W. V. Howell Thomas, Carmarthen, Welsh Baron 2, Mr. W. H. David, Neath, Kimla Tyrant 3, Mr. David Jenkins, Pembroke House, Morriston, Napoleon 4, Mr. W. A. Davies, Laurels, Pentrepoeth. Morriston, Buller r., Mr. D. Rees, Strand, Ferndale, Vick v.h.c., Mrs. J. Ivor Evans, Waun-y-Coed, Blackpill, Advocate Mr. J. Williams, Brynglas, Pon- typool, Truro Demain. FOX TERRIER (Wire-haired). Class 8.-0pen.-1, Mr. Lewis Pugh, 1, Glo'ster-terrace, Haverfordwest, Rowdy Dia- mond 2, Mr. Charles H. Thomas, 20y, Cas- tle-road, Hoath, Cardiff, Ivoath Ranger 3, Mr. E. Lawrence, G.W.R. Coffee Tavern, Swansea, Wentmore King 4, Mr. Rees Powell, 33, Mysydd-terrace, Landore, Maes- ygwern Boy r., Mr. E. W. Nell, Llanishen, Cardiff, Wenvoe Surprise v.h.c., Mr. H. Eynon, Mountain Ash, Mountain Ash. Lad. FOX TERRIER (Under 12 months;. ) Class 9.—Open.—1, Mr. W. V. H. Thomas, Carmarthen, Welsh Baron 2. Mr. Lewis Pugh, 1, Glo'ster-place, Haverfordwest, Rowdy Confident 3, Mr. W. H. David, Neath, Kimla Tyrant; 4, Mr. C. H. Thomas, Cardiff, Roath Ranger r., Mr. R. Powell, 33, Mysydd-terrac3, Landore, Maesygwern Boy v.h.c., Mr. Cecil T. Proctor, 12, Union- road, Exeter, Sylvan Jack Mr. David Rees, Strand, Ferndale, Vick Mr. H. Eynon, Mountain Ash, Mountain Ash Lad Mr. Morgan Morgan, 175, High-street, Swansea, Strangways Rose; Mr. John Kelly, 62, Strand, Swansea, Strand Bobby Mr. W. A. Davies, Laurels, Pentrepoeth, Morriston, Bailer Mr. David Jenkins, Pembroke House, Morriston, Napoleon Mr. J. H. Phillips, British Volunteer Hotel, Cardiff, Volunteer Jack Mr. J. Calderwood, Port Talbot. Twigg h.c., Mr. W. P. Philips, 36, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, Dreyfus. FOX TERRIER (That has never won 1st prize). Class 10.-0pen.-1, Mr. W. V. H. Thomas, Carmarthen, Welsh Baron 2, Mr. Lewis Pugh, Haverfordwest, Rowdy Confident 3, Mr. W. H. David, Neath, Kimla Tyrant 4,Mr. C. H. Thomas, Cardiff, Roath Ranger; v.h.c., Mr. Ivor W. James, 11, Cross Thomas- street, Merthyr, Grove Fascination Mr. Cecil T. Proctor, Exeter, Sylvan Jack Mr. David Rees, Strand. Ferndale, Vick Mr. H. Eynon, Mountain Ash, Mountain Ash Lad Mr. John Williams, 6, Bank-terrace, Cefn- coed, Merthyr; Mr. M. Morgan, 176. High- street, Swansea, Strangways Rose Mr. W. A. Davies, Laurels, Pentrepoeth, Morriston, Buller; Mr. David Jenkins, Morriston, Napoleon Mr. J. H. Phillips, Volunteer Hotel, Cardiff, Volunteer Jack. WELSH TERRIER (Dog). Class 11.—Open.—1, Mr. J. Clement James, Carne, Fishguard, Pem., Pencaer Prince 2. Mr. David Jones, Market Restaurant, Swansea, Ap Brunner 3, Ditto, Dandy Fach; 4, Mr. John Hay, Victorian House, Pem- broke, Light Chips r., Mr. T. H. Harris, Sennybridge, Brecon, Cymro O'Senny h.c.. Mr. George Brown, Cedars, Llanishen, Tant Gollidyg. WELSH TERRIER (Bitch). Class 12.—Open.—1, Mr. D. Jones, Market Restaurant, Swansea, Mona Fach 2, Mr. J. Clement James, Carn, Fishguard, Pencaer Peggy 3, Mr. Wm. Williams, 4, Margaret- street, Swansea; Darran; 1, Mr. W. G. Eaton Evans, Avail Evan, Haverfordwest, Avail Euan. IRISH TERRIER (Dog). Class 13.-0pen.-1, Mr. Charles Fargher, 2, Splott-road, Cardiff, Cardiff Warman; 2, Mr. T. H. Harris, Sennybridge, Brecon, Senny Ambassador; 3, Mrs. Gladys Webb Bowen, St. Martins, Haverfordwest, Eruige Bragger; 4, Mr. Edward Bullin, 4, Well-st., Swansea, Tory-hill Shamrock; r., Mr. H. J. Rosenberg, 26, Michael's Road, Maesteg, Cousin Cardinal. IRISH TERRIER (Bitch). Class 14.—Open.—1, Mr. C. Fargher, 2, Splott-road, Cardiff, Nuneton Fancy; 2, Mr. H. Isaacs, Horse-street, Dowlais. Irish Lady; 3, Mrs. Gwladys West Bowen. St. Martin's, Haverfordwest, Norah O'Neill; r., Mr. H. J. Rosenberg. 26, St. Michael-road, Maesteg, Margam Kitty; v.h.c., Mr. Albert Jones, 8, Railway-terrace, Landore, Floss; Mr. W. S. Fleming, 17, Harrowby-street, Docks, Cardiff, Diome; Mr. Paul Cronin, 2, Bevan-terrace, Cemeter\ road. Port Tennant, Swansea, Tory Hill Nell; Mr. W. Griffiths, 93, Watkin- terrace, Swansea, Swansea Vixen. SCOTCH TERRIER. Class 15.—Open.—1, Mr. John Williams, 22, Mill-street, Newport, Nil Desperandum: 2, Mr. A. Phillips, Talbot Arms, Port Talbot. Sap; 3, Mr. J. B. Evans, 9, Burman-street, Swansea. Heather Lass; 4, Mr. R. H. Davies. Oddfellows' Hotel, Glyn Neath, Ba'burn Queen. BLACK AND TAN TERRIER. Class 16.—Open.—1, Mr. Haydon, Tydrau- street, Aberavon, Dingle Chief; 2, Mr. J. T. Jones, Commerce House. Clydach Vale, Lady Roberts; 3, Mr. Benjamin Rees, 40, Gethin- street, Abercanaid, Merthyr, Buffalo Bill; r., Mr. T. B. Williams, Temple Bar, Cardiff, Lady; v.h.c., Mr. David Williams, Church- street, Briton Ferry, Dingle Stout; Mr. J. Reynolds, 12, Station-road, Llanelly. Jumbo; Mr. T. B. Williams, Cardiff, Dingle Monarch; Mr. William Michael, Briton Ferry, Porky Joe; Mr. Morgan Rees, Bisley Hotel, Llan- elly, Vixen; h.c.. Mr. John Stcne, 16, Copper- row, Cwmavon, Porkey Ben. DACHSHUNDS. Class 17.-0pen.-l, Mr. William Tucker. 10, Windsor-road, Neath, Neath Wonder; 2, Mr. William Tucker, Neath. Metz; 3, Mr. B. A. J cnes, New Tredegar, Bismark; 4, Mr. Alfred Godding, Thorne Villa, Bri Igend-road, Maesteg, King Bruce. BULl. TERRIER. Cla3s 18.—Open.—1, Mr. W. Michael. Briton Ferry, Greenfield Bendigo; 2, Mr. William Stone, Cwmavon, Singleton Barrow; 3, Mr. Robert Blnndell, Briton Ferry, Lady Vernon; r.. Mr. David Brown, 36, Cwmavon-road, Aberavon, Rose Brown; v.h.c., Mr. William L. Hier, Mansel-street, Briton Ferry, Ferry Rose; Mr. J. Martin 7, Neath-road, Briton Ferry, Gwyn. TERRIER (Any other breed). Class 19.—Open.—1, Mrs. R. Williams, 11, Northampton-place, Swansea, Try King; 2, Mr. A. B. Tones, New Tredegar. Tirphil Blue- boy; and Mr. J. H. Phillips, British Volun- teer Hotel, Cardiff, Volunteer King; r.. Mr. J. Calderwood. Port Talbot, Braw Lass; v.h.c., Mr. J. Williams, Brynglas, Pontypool, Truro Demain; Mr. W. Michael, Briton Ferry, Bismark. TIRRIER (Any variety except Fox, that has never won a 1st prize). Class 20.—Open.—1, Mr. J. C. James, Carne, Fishguard, Pencaer Peggy; 2, Mr. Haydon, Tydrau-street, Aberavon, Dingle Chief; Mr. B. A. Jones, New Tredegar, Tirphil Blueboy, and Mr. J. H. Phillips, Cardiff, Glendower Floss; 3, Mr. B. Rees, 40, Gethin- street, Abcrcanaid Merthyr, Buffalo Bill; Mr. J. T. Jones, Commerce House, Clydach Vale, Lady Roberts; Mrs. Gwladys Webb Bowen, St. Martins, Haver- fordwest, Norah O'Neill; 4, Mr. T. C. Graham, Parkhurst, Newport, Bright; v.h.c., Mr. W. S. Fleming, 17, Harrowby-street, Docks, Cardiff, Dione; Mr. T. H. Harris, Sennybridge. Brecon, Cymro O'Senny; Mr. W. Williams, 4, Margaret-street, Swansea, Darran; Mr. A. Phillips, Talbot irms, Port Talbot, Sap; Mr. Paul Cronin. 2, Bevan's terrace, Cemetery-road, Port Tennant-roasi, Swansea, Tory Hill Nell; Mr. David Davies, Smith's Forge, Mountain Ash, Shamos; Mr. Morgan R.ees, Bisley Hotel, Llanelly, Vixen, and Mr. T. E. Morris, St. Relen s-read, Swan- sea, St. Patrick. COLLIE DOG. Class 21.-0pen.-1. Mra. T. G. Gunter, Briton Ferry, Giant Right-away; 2. Mr. D. Jenkins, Sooth. Wales Hotel, Plymouth, Connaught Storm; 3, Mr. W. V. H. Thomas, Caimarthen. Welsh Lad; 4, Mr. William Bowen, Brvneoch, Neath, Farmer's Boy, v.h.c., Mr. T. R. Jones, Crown Shop, New- bridge on Wye, Radnorshire, Ralph for the Front; Mr. William Rees, 19, Belle Vue, Swansea, Carlos, and Mr. T. F. Bosanks, Biynffynon Cottages. Llantrisant, Pride of the Hill; h.c., Mr. David Richards. Penylan, Aberthin, Cowbridge, Scott; Mr. J. Hughes, Station-road, Burry Port, Burry Port Wonder, and Mr. James Vernon, Wattstown, Porth, Rufus. COLLIE BITCH. Class 22.-0pen.-1, Mr. W. C. Hinckley, Pontypridd, Hoylake Peggy; 2, Mr. H. Rees, Greencroft, Narbeth. GreencroftMeg; 2 ex., Mr. Edward Cutliffe, Sketty, Lady of Light; 3, Mr. James McDowdall, Norfolk House, Burry Port. Kirkmaidon Lassie, 4, Mr. John Williams, 22, Hill-street, New- port, Mon., My Lady Love; and Mr. W. T. Jones, Neath, Crown Princess; v.h.c., Mr. W. Lewis, 19, Bridge-street, Pontypridd; Mrs. Edith Owens, 52, Oakwood-street. Port Talbot, Gwen; Mr. David Jenkins, Morr's- ton, Highland Queen; Mr. Jos. Teague, Cymla, Neath, Maid, and Mr. R. Bowen, Garth, Maesteg, Llynvi Princess. 8T. BERNARD. Class 24.—Open.—1, Mr. J. M. Ryan, Rail- way Hotel, Treherbert, Bute Rhondda; 2, Mr. William Lawson, 15, Carlton-terrace, Swansea, Moyoress of Swansea; 4, Mr. John William Kent, Blanche-street. Roath. Car- diff. Duchess of Penylan; r., Mr. F. B. Smith, Pcntyla, Aberavon, Sam Weller. ST. BERNARD NOVICE (Never having won first prize). Class 25.-0pen.-1, Mr. J. M. Ryan. Rail- way Hotel, Treherbert, Bute Rhondda; 2, Mr. William Clarko, 1, Gower-street, Cwm- avon. Wallace; 3, Mr. John Williams-Kent, 11, Blanche-street, Roath, Cardiff, Duchess of Penylan. PUG OR TOY. Class 26.-0pcn.-l, Mrg. H. Thomas, 3, Margam-terraco, Port Talbot, Quite Hapny; 2. Mr. A. H. Hoblyn, 115, Claude-road. Car- diff, Bonnie Mare; Mrs. R. Williams, Swansea, Try King, and Mrs. H. Thomas, Port Talbot, Cheeky; 3, Mr. J. H. Phillips, Cardiff, Glendower Floss, and Miss Frcegard, Neath, Picaninny. ANY OTHER VARIETY. Class 27.-0pl'n.-l, Mr. B. A..Toner.. Ne*T Tredegar, Southboro Diana; 2, Mr. W. C. Hinckley, Pontypridd, Zara; 2 ex., Mr. J. W.