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LLANDOVERY- [BY OUR OWN CORRBSPONDBNT/] ACCIDENT TO MR. GEORGE MORTON. On Monday, Mr. George Morton, plumber and painter, Erskine House, was on a ladder painting the front of Grove House in Stone- street, wban a cart belonging to Mr. Shutt, of Pantllwyren, a carter in the employ of the Vale of Towy Joint Railway, came in contact with the ladder. Before Mr. Morton could in any way save himself, ha was thrown off, but luckily alighted on his feet. The fall, however, shook him considerably, and he was conveved to his residence in .a semi-conscious condition. Dr. E. N. Berryman was sum- moned. and was in immediate attendance, and on examination found that the left leg had been fractured iust above the anile. Mr. Morton waa to have attended at Bir- mingham. on Whit Moridiv, the National Fraternal Assembly of Christadelphians, but will not now be' able to do so. FAIR. At the fair on Wednesday and Thursday in last week, fat cattle averaged about 6d. per lb. two-year-old steers were sold at from :£8 to JB10 yearlings, £6 to JB9 cows and oalves JB11 to JB14 and heifers £8 to £10. Horses were rather scarce, and not equal to the demarid. Carters exchanged hands at between £35 and J640 colliers, £ 30 to £(;5 cobs, JB25 to £30; and ponies. JB12 to £18, Pigs, as usual, were plentiful, porkers realising from 7s. 3d. to 7s. 6d. per score and pmall pigs (carters). 18s. to 25s. each acoordin- to age. RESTORATION OF LLANDINGAT CHURCH. On Friday last, a public meeting was held at the Town Hall, under the presidency of the Vicar, the Rev. Eben. Jones, M.A. Amongst those present were* :—Mrs. Pryse- Ric« LIwvny-Brain Mrs. Tudor Lloyd- Harries, Llwyndewi Mrs. Bishop, Cwmry- than Mrs. Buckley, Cynghordy Mrs. Lewis. Mile End Mr. Thomas Jones Linn- fair Grange; Mr. Jonah Watkins, The Bank Mr. C. P. Lewis, Llandingat the Rev. W. W. Poole-Hughes, Llandovery Col- leger Mr. John Jones,, Penyrhock the Rev. Grnffydd Evans (curate) and Mr. C. R. Perkins, Tonn. After some discussion, it was unanimously decided to hold a bazaar in July next to raise funds for the further restoration of Llandiigat Parish Church. We wish the movement the success it merits. MOTHVEY NATIONAL SCHOOL REPORT. The report of H.M/s Inspector in connec- tion with the Mothvey National School has just been received. It certifies that the work throughout the school shows that the teaching is thorough and intelligent. The records of the scholars' progress had been well kent. Some chairs should be nrovided. and the walls require colouring." Theachool has been excused from examination for the coming year. and has been awarded the high- est want. We congratulate Mr. G. H. Hovle1 (the headmaster) on the manner in which his energetic scho^^ic efforts have been so suo- cessfully rewarded. CRICKET NOTES. Cricket is once more in full swing here. The Collegians have played two matches and unfortunately have been defeated on each occasion. Wp trnrt. however, there is better luck in store for them. What the town eleven will be like is at present a mystery, as we have not yet had an exhibition of their prowess. Undoubtedly uome of last year's players will be again available, and these with the addition ot some new blood should make things hum ior some of our South W f\ les teams. t., LLANDOVERY COLLEGE v. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE. LAMPETER. CRUSHING DEFEAT FOR THE LLANDOVERIANS. Elevens representing these rival colleges .met at Llandovery on Saturday last, in ideal cricket weather. The visitors won the toss, and elected to go in first to the wickets. Wm. Roberts and Alcwyn Jones (of football fame) opened the innings, and immediately pun- ished the bowling severely. Alcwyn Jones hit vigorously, but with the total at 36, Roberts' "sticks were disturbed by C. M. Davies. The remaining batsmen, without ex- ception, treated the home trundling roost mercilessly, and thanks to brilliant batting by AtcWIn Jones, LI. Griffiths, T. Price, W, T. Phillips, and T. P. Btea, the admirable flcore of 201 runs was registered for the loss of only 9 wickets, when the visiting captain declared their innings at a close. The Llan- doveri&ns followed but gave a most feeble display. Rees' fast deliveries being too good for them. Lockyer and Green were the only batsmen to get into double figures, lhe innings closed for 45 runs, the Lamp inna thus gaining an easy win by 156 runs. Appended are the respective scores:- 8t. David's College, Lampeter.—W. M. Roberts, b C. M. Davies 5: A. S. Jones, b G. C Seymour, 52 J. G. Gorrell, b A. E. Seymoua, 12; LI. Griffith, c J, Jones, b A. E Sevmour 25 D. James, b M. E. Davies, 8; T. Price' not out. 43 W. T. Philhps, c J. Jones, b C. M. Davies, 17 T. P. Rees. b A. E. Sevmour. 14 L. li. Davies, c C. W. King, b M. E. Davies, 4 H. Jones, b A. E, Seymour, 12; LI. Griffith, c J. Jones, b A. extras, 13 total for 9 wickets, 201. Inn- ings declared closed. wn- „Ti Llsmdoverv College.—T. M. Williams, c IJ. Griffith b T. P. Fees 0; P. Richards, b T. P Rees: 7; S. H. Lockyer, b D. Davie". 10; C. M. Davies, b T. P. Rees, 1; J. A. Jones, 0 D. James, b T. P. Rees, 0; A. L. Green, Ibw, b D. James 17 C. W King, c T-_P- Rees, b D. James, 0 A. E. Seymour, c LI. Griffith, b T. P. Reea 4 M E. Dav^s, b D. 2 G. Bowen, o D. James, b T. P. Rees. 0, G. C Seymour, « t out, 4 extras, 0 total, 45. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. This Board held its fortnightly meeting at the Town-hall, on Friday last, Aid. Thomas Watkins, of Typerrig, in the chair. There were also present: Messrs. William M. Da- Ties, Glansawdde?? Richard Thomas, Mafe- king Villa; Rees Lewis, Browhhill; Tudor Lewis, Llangadock; E. P. Evans, Glassall- tiasa; John .Davies, Aberllechach; Daniel Davies, Frongoch Caio; Thomas Evans, Aber- naint; Evan Daviea. Deigoidydd; his Hon- our Judge Bishop, Llanfair Grange; John Williams, TirypMitre; David Morgans, Tal- Ogj John JonES, Parkowen; James Rees, Tal- larth; Thomas Williams. Cwmilynfeucha; K P. Lloyd, Glanaevin; David Davies, Rhy- bUd; Jonathan Evans, Felinfaoh; and the clerk (Mr. D. T. M. Jones). The Increase in Sugar Tax.—Messrs. T. and W. Williams, grocers, King's-road, applied for an increase of 4sv 2d. per cwt. on their contract for suppling sugar to the House on account of the advance in the duty on sugar.—The Clerk stated that the applicants were quite within their rights in making the application, and cited a section of the Act dealing on the point.—The Board thereupon acceded to the request. —, Revaluation of Railways.—Mr. Thomas Jones gave notice that he would move at the next meeting: "That the time had arrived in the opinion of this Board that the Assess- aiLnt Committee of the Union should take steps to re-value the railways in the Union. Proposed Change of Honrs.—Mr. Tudor I*wis gave notice that he would move at the orxt meeting that the hours of the meetings dUling the summer be changed from 11 o'clock to 10.30 a.m. Rate Collector's Salary.—Mr. W. M. Da- lies gave notice that he would also move that the salary of Mr. John James, the col- lector of poor rates for Llandingat-within and without, be increased. It should be stated that this notice arose through an ap- plication from Mr. James for an advance in "is salary to £40; namely, £20 for Lland- ingat within, and £ 20 Llandingat without. The reason for the anolication it appears was \nat in consequence of the Agricultural Rates Act. the salary had decreased £ 15 ayeax. Appointment of Deputy Medical Officer.— A certificate was placed before the Hoard, ^rtifying the sanction of the Local Govern- ment Board to Dr. Berryman's appointment medical officer for the No. 1 district. Dr. «erryman submitted the name of Dr. James for the approval of the Board as his jjeputy, remarking that he (Dr. Evans) was a Welsh-sneaking Welshman, whose Welsh y".a8 above impeachment."—The Board sano- "oned the appointment. DISTRICT COUNCIL. Thii Council met at the Town-hall at the ^nclusion of the business of the Board, un- 2,er the presidency of Mr. James Rees, of Sarth. The Cefncerrig Bridge.—Mr. Gwvnne-Hol- ord's Subscription.—Mr. B. P. T-'ovd in- f?rined the Board that in answer to his let- Mr. Gwynne-Lolford. of BucVland, had h:s cheque for £ 50. beine his sub- towards the erection of th° bridge Ver the Ydw Brook, near Cefncerrig, Mydd- fai.—Mr. Gwynne-Holford also stated that he had inspected it when last down in the vicinity, and pronounced it to be a good, strong structvjre. He was, however, of opin- ion tnat the bridge could have been built at less cost. He referred to the fact that it had been designed and carried olt under the su- pervision of Mr. David Isaac, of Brecon, an old county survevor of Brecon, and an old Mothvey boy. (Hear, hear.) He also in- quired the total cost of the bridge, and urged them to try and get the County Council to take it over.—Mr. Tudor Lewis considered that the County Council ought to take over the bridge.—Mr. David Davies (Rhyblid) stated that the County Council had already taken over several—Mr. E. P. Lloyd stated that the total cost of the erection of the bridge was about £ 900.—The Council directed the Clerk to write to Mr. Gwynne-Halford expressing their thanks for his cheque, and to furnish him with the information asked for. Treasure's Account.—The treasurer's ac- count showed a balance in favour of the Council of J3157 15s. 4d. This was all the business of importance.




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