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-r_. -0 flow TO LIGHT A SHOP PROPERLY s :E ,I LEGG'S M:W OUTSIDE LAMP. COSTS AROUT ONE FARTHING PER HOUR FOR GAS. 17 & 18, NELSON-STREET. G E O R G E H ELLIER. HAY AND CORN MERCHANT, THE CENTRAL STORES, RICHARDS' PLACE, SWANSEA. Branch—29a, ORCHARD STREET. DOG BISCUITS and ail kinds of POULTRY FOOD. ENGLISH and IRISH HAY aud STRAW of BEST QUALITY. Daily Delivery in Town and Neighbourhood. THE SOUTH WALES HOP BITTER ALE, MA DOC STBEST, SWANSEA. N on-Intoxicating- Hop Bitters in Casks of all sizes, and in Bottles. TELEPHONE No 121. 1623 SWANSEA ÆRATED WATER COMPANY, ORANGE STREET. TELEPHONE No. 85. g "V A N SEA. SWANSEA UNITED BREWEUIES ¡ LIMITED. BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. < ALE AND PORTER BOTTLERS SWANSEA. Telephone No. S5. CLEARANCE ■ SALT? OF SUMMER GOODS FOR -LI 21 DAYS ONIA. TROUSERS FROM 9 8. SUITS 37,6. Don't buy Ready-Made Clothes while this Sale is on. CALL EARLY and secure some 90- GOOD H A n G A INS. -ass .JONES, TAILOR, 223, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. 1799 MORGA X BEY A N, &:SONS, GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERS, 24, CASTLE STREET, Be,, to cali Public Atte; tioll to their LARGE AND VARIED hTOCK OF LAMPS, FROM iJtr. TO £ f> os. EACH. SUPERIOR HALL LAMPS AT LOW PRICES. iO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF TIIE TIMES I ARCHIBALD GOLDIE, PHOTOGRAPHER, MANSEL STREET, Announces that he is doing a SECOND QUALITY OF PHOTOGRAPH at the following JPrieesfcAEiNEis, 12s. 6d. per doz.; 3h. cd. half-tdozou; 5*. 6d quarter of & dozen SbiMe ire, notwithstanding the low iigm-o quoted, equal in every respect to the productions of many firms charging considerably higher prices. The charges for my well-known Specialities remain as heretofore, 98, MANSEL STREET, SWANSEA. 1C6 H A T S HATS HATS HATS HATS V HATS PAW'S HATS HATS Rats HATS SPECIAL HATS •: -» HATS HATS HATS | HATS HATS a-C|U HATS HATS W I HATS HATS VALUE ^ATS HATS HATS HATS HATS y IT IGH QTREET. HATS HAYS HATS HATS 1 < i 11 & HATS HATS -r- "new goods. B. EYANS & CO. INVITE INSPECTION OF EXTENSIVE RANGES IN New Dress Materials, I TAWE SERGES, Ladies' & Children's Golf & Holiday Capes. ALSO A SPLENDID SELECTION OF THE NEWEST SHAPES IN Ladies' & Gentlemen's i Waterproofs. PRICES LADIES', 8/9 to 69/- OEXTLEMEN'S, 21/- to 79/- ALL RELIABLE MAKES. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. John B. Brown HAS NOW IN STOCK THE f L A F? <3 E »S '•{•' » 'vnd ALL IIESTSELCTEYI^/TRADES STOCK /O /EVEB SEEN IN WALES. £ ) v INSPECTION /A. /X^ RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. /^V/ ■ '/JOHN S. BROWN, § OXFORD STREET, •• • SWANSEA. 7 7 779. FROM CEYLON WE IMPORT THS SMALL SirrED TEA FltoM THE BEST TEA QAUDHNS IN THE WOULD. PRICE Is. ID. PER POUSD. EVERYBODY SHOULD USE THIS TEA. TAYLOR & COMPANY LIMITED. TO BUYERS OF WEDDING PRESENTS. i t: '• rf. W. G A Y D O N, SILVERSMITH, 237, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, Owing to the REDUCTION in the Price of SILVER, will OFFER for ONE JJONTH the WHOLE of his STOCK ot SILVER AND ELECTRO-PLATE AT 3s. IN THE £ DISCOUNT FOR CASH. I 1 ''■V • ;• I I MILLIONS DRINK I T DA S L Y. } H11230W I EST j /& > *'■„ j> iTlJE "VVo,ii'D RICH AS» j JF fbaqbast. I SlfjB Wj Pi;0DUCf. PER LB. PER LB N,) I i 11 ll,'il TVw M ft FAC SIMILE Of the GREAT DUTY CHEQUE, £ ?,oM:i 9s. 2d., paid bv LIPTON, io I* iiis week's clearance of Tea, and represents over one-half the average weekly j PAYMENTS fur Duty paid by the entire Tea Trade on the whole of the Tea imported into I .v- Great Britain., <fe, LARGEST TEA SALE IN THE WORLD. I UPTON, Tea Planter, CEYLON. LOC", L BRANCHES Swansea:—ARCADE BPftDiKOS, High-street: Cardiff Sr. MAUYSXSERT (nf-xt door to t.ho Theatre Rova.lV snd 7 IliiSH SXEEtT Llanellv 9, STEPJTEY STREET Bristol 22, Wtxs STESBX, BRANCHES & AG £ N £ UJL4 EVERYWHERE. '.i. LATESTN E WS. 11 c' This ut | RBIS H OMAN'S, I SPECIAL EARLY SHOW F BEAV. R ASTRA CHAN, AND SEAL CAP-. i Also, a Choice Lot of NEW SHAPES IN FELT HATS. Note Correct Address:-— nHYS THOMAS, I 11 51, Oxford-street, Swansea I (By National Schools.) MR. D. PUGHE EVANS, R.C31.. PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, BESCi» £ 3 LESSONS SEPTEMBER 3f:\ Mdr<*»n —i* £ wton-pUea, 8w&nsea.^ jOUTH WALES VINEGAR. SAITCE J AND PICKLE CO., Manufacture! s of PURE MALT VINEGAR, I PLYMOUTH ST., SWANSEA. SHIPPING- SCPFLIEB. I Made from Mai", and gufirantped free from Mineral Acid, ¡ Prices aud terms on application 1658 I TBFFHEY'S A R»S, •I A FAMILY ANCOMMERCIAL HcTEL, [ lose fo tho Market.. Oxf^rd-st.-M!}. Within five I rr:iiu-.tes at (i.W.K. L. & N.W. I to Swua5e% will find au Home Comfoiia at 1 u'd'ebtat'!15!a'd iicstclry. Ora man; daily, oae o'clock, T. C. SMALL, M.M.C.V.S., Proprietor. '?.D.- Ca i riii Cahs, WitgaiMjttcs. and Saddle cist# i n Uire "1 the iii/>i-Ksl njtic^. eo.. "1- tec tliii Oowar OPMt. blô J ,£5.000 TO BE GIVEN AWAY BYTHE TjJ AYPOLE J) A 1 R X CO Iv. PER lb. OIVENBACIv To all C;3tomcr.s wh? purchase MARGARINE. This reduces onr noted Sixpenny Margarine to Sd. per lb. MAYPOLE BFITL'Iv. REDUCED TO ONE SHILLING PEE LB. TELEPHOJiB No. 151 AY POL 3 It I r-o v Co. i .207-. lUaU Perfection of liiended Whia '—Man I .i:A EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. "We i avc examined r.r.aivtically ibis blend of ¡ Set>;< !J WiU kv, ;.ml Und it to be unutuniiy pure, o I nt. liavout', aud ivcli matured. lic.-omineudetl with Jitirifiice as a rate and palataMe stimulant for the sick and dited by T. LAVDKSBL-ro:v, M.I).. LL.D., &c. POL13 PltOI'HIKTOKS- I MARGRAVE BROS.. LLANELLY. Agenls for C.'vRi)lFF niid PEXARTH- MESSJIS. STliANAGHAN AND I SXEI'liEKa EXCELSIOR SCOTCH 1 WHISKY. _"Rceimmende«l with f:>ii ,i«;e;scf :;a :i Sr.imui»ut toe Sick al1d CtnV3!o;Cf"lIL *L ndun j.tif:¡JIÙIl¿p.r.

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