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JOHN BBDELL'S I SACRIFICE. **A renegpde! A rebel against hia king! A. j '■iBck-bnajied traitor You uac-e to tell me that fteorge Winthorp loves yoa! SOH of canting, Kiig Xxra Wiittfarop! By the eternal, I'll Moot him om night if be oomtM this side!" I While aid Jotm Beebll wax apeainaig tie tonu tod lluag away a ietter, reached for bis long tifle oil it■* picas above the ohimriey-pKiob, f gashed its butt angrilv to dm floor, and |x>un*t j pDWiasr ifito hi* paiin. "For ha»v«u'!j mercy, fat4*w! You would ¡' «KJt; You could ixjt' Tha wot is over. It ♦ould b* murder!" oned Ruth Bedell, sob- toi 'Wouldn't I?" He poured die powder in. 'Y-ea, by gracious. quiokeru I'd kill a rattle- ■Dsike!" He placed the round bullet an the littte nmswv of yrneuttid rag at the muzxie <;f Jto ride. "A rank trqitor—lone aud blood of )hot<e who drove out loyal men! "—he crowded "Jfoe tigfat lead home, dashed the ramrod into Jiaoe, lopked to the flint—"Rest tOOl-e, old ■'Saredeafch—wake up for George Wmtihitjp!" I pod toe fierce old man re-plaoed rifle and pjpowdar-hioffn on thexr pejpi Beddl'j hatred for the foes who had beaten jjtinm King George's cause, and imposed tAw, yattrpirnnti—r of oontii^artiwi 01 the oath of alle- upaace on the vanquished, was considered fero- AÎcUil even by hid brother kvaLLaU of the ttiaga ra Frontier. The Sonne kind o' sees his boys blood ivikuu th* sky's red," said they in explanation. Wt thw inferenoe erred. Bedell wu- ao lr.ueh ifts enthusiast that iue could ainwxt ijon-e be- ilTiiiri hM thMf gtark liuns bad gained the prize gef death in battle. He was too brave to hate Jfce iipvt"n men tie l^td so often confronted, Sat he abhorred the pontaoiaiis especially the fcrthaa±e civic .'emies ou whom he had poured 5eom before the armed struggle beam More than that he hattd Kziti Winthrop. the I jlfcpryer, areh-revolutioulsit, of tiieir iiaiiVr- town. k« had never u$ed a weapon but h;s tongue, sAnd-nov his Rath, the beloveti atiu only ohila SB bad left to his exiled old age, had confessed j ■uC, ,1<V1» for Fzvii. WinthfofajB fcooj, had 00y and gii i, pretty iSaideu .¡¡d bright fc^pliiig ttwethar, without t!œ Squire suspect- mtf—iie couid not, even now. coii^eiw clear' &0 wild u> tlanx as their affeo>tu.;n 'l*he couf' .s '0[1 burned m 11. heeji like veritable hr-—n ifLgiixg AQ6^10.-41 in ining'led loathing and lovf. fee stood now gazing at Rudi. dimibly—h; Pemds olinched head aometimfB uoeoiiiunc-aL'v ^piiwiug, ajtiger, hale, iovü, tfiiel. itunultaout TB hia soul. Ruth gluiwed up—her father seemed a.bout 4o speak—sht bowt/1 agaui, sh\idderiii^ w though ■the <<oniine worda tiaghs kill. Stiil fclifiT" <6olence—» l°TlK sdonoft Bedell strxid mouun- ;a. poised, brvaitbftng h«rd- -tlu) silence OJ>- ,æøea thto girl—eacfc tnoraent rær terror m- ^ervaaed—exjiectanrt a Mention hk*carrie rintferin^r yia.t. demanded his voice—and £ fcili there was Vl«nnc—5a.v* tor th^ >ii £ l row of Niagara th;*t and more pervaded th«# tur Tlie torture w-witmg for Ui £ woriit-—a auiwe againet her, tabe fftstr^—f^erwoarc BrtL'ti endurance. She looked up S4^a>uk HuddMuly. and John "Bedetl t JIV m ber Che beloved eyes of Ilia dead wife, drinking with iatolci aubie fear. He ^rcsined |*etrflr, Suag up lULl haa^ds dfspai-riQgi} and gkode out toHirtlf) the river. j •' How craftily «un>oofch the /siagara tow'ardo fh« p4unge.b«nn.-atii that per- Mutual whutu cloud above the rrojii JPcU's clearing belo.v Navy Island he uici Mrr the swaying awl roibng <?( the mist, ever 5usliu\b up to expand and overhang. Th« Stori'ible itrwam had a pfof-'tyntl fatiCinAUun i lor iiijrv; with ita raoing edit* beaAinn- at the .share; it* ioug weeds, vieibie ¡ thw ei«U" tr-nliiig olose dowi, to tho I tjc6Uffli j iu» inexorable, eteinal, oiuv^.rd ixiur- jxig. Because it wn so aiiglntj' aji i to iAtvafmsiT»g aieru soul rejoiced gnniiy m jtbe awful river. To floaty wa.tohll1;;{ <.rack.B tod ledges of fat bottomed rock dmift. |^uic4cl\ upward^ to bend to hie oars only tarbea wtute or*s*t8 of ti*e raptdw yatied for Jl, u> wai aacipe by alxeer strength iV>:TI jpc-i' "s ao i/v tlrswii that he sorr.etum.s ^ouoctd hoi tie greedy forces had been teriii> Itd coo long; to atakti his i«fe. watnhing nTMa-tops for a ?ijyu that ho ooukl as yet §t, w:te she dreadful pfc^ime by wbieti BedtH Bonufctirms quelled paijewxiate promp"tlng.. t" I revenge his exile. "Tha falls iri fcx>ui.d to get the Squire aomw .iJ tfce b»nisbed softtlet-a. Hut the £ quire"'a skiff was eleaa hailt an j*ci £ erei, ud hie oki arms iron stroojf. Now, when ;a.e had §on& forth from the beloved r-hilti, f j^rho *«!sei to him ao traitorou-. U< hriti. love Mj«i sil ioyait^ he w«ott instinctive!} to .ppend m» pa«aica\ upon the nrer Ralh B«d»Q, ?Wing at the loaded rifle, Ralh BSùù1. ØJing at the loaded rifle, jkhtKkka*d. Her fi £ »l lo«e «e3n;«4. xo ^hav« Steti tlrose tfcroata- Her feftis 'were Atop. Ult aii« not told ail George Wlh- Ifarcp hvrrweif, having made his waj- ae«a-etly ^fcvugh the foreet fruui Lake Octano, had ^fcvugh the foreet fruui Lake Octano, had fiven oar his owu letter a £ kix% leave frwm he ^quixe to viait hi* J«*^vly made oabm. i'mm wo moioent of an"iv*l her lover hsti ui»-1 .jttczred her to fly with him. ButfiMaJ love im-ta suiheaeatiy strong ia R:J1tb to give iiopo fhait ibtv f»tiux- fuexuti yield to tbie y«t g.rjafgor afTeuUoa frasbenai m ts« 'heart, jfec^wvm^ their uxuo& nu^ht ije permitted, j l«he had piedged kreelf to escape witt. her I Alored her to fiy with him. Now he waittd the hickory wood for a signal to '"OTujeaJ vtBMfclf or cocna forward. Wbin. Ruth saw her fattier oown the rivor, iftoe stepped to the tbe*gste$he har.l raised be- |w-e buiWinw the cabin—va first duty being | lb hoist we LTaiOii 7aek. It was thr flbtrge»t iiagha oouid prcoure. he could ^ee jK Qying defiantly all day iooar: at night he Bould hear tto gionout, fokhi wbipuing cht: fUMjtd: the -.tld Loyalist Loved to hear hii BoeHWi cursing a.t it frocu the other Sjdt;, Agaarly throe miles away. Ruth hauled the Tate down a little, then .tin it up to the xna^t- <bead a^am. At that » tall youa,? fetlov^ came spnng- JBg into the cleariog, jumping exultantly "^rer <he bru.,h luapfc wee trunks, j foe waggling, his eyee bright, gind, under thri;«-ourxMred hat. Joying that her father j yielded he RA*I iorwar»l till be AAW Ruth S J "'What gwmiiiturtl—crymgV It was the ^igaai to come on," cried. » j "Yes: to ste you CJOIMT, Georg*?. Father! ids out yonder. But no, ae will ntv.;r. ikeve< | "Then you will come with me, love?" he i-ik;ag her haiutLs. j "No. no, I ti:).f not, obfjeel Kntij. t ather ""ou1d overtake ui. He iweans to stioot you in right. '*o. George: Eeeap' while you inaOh, ii he should fend you har^ "But, dxrliug love, »ve iu-fed not fear. We |OHt 'dcape sastly t koow the for^x path. i»e thought hew vvaak hf-r ta<e— *we might oroes here before he could cMTt. lto!" ar;.«d Winciiroy, lochias toward? where | fllrse Squire's tx«at was now a d-Lstant blotch. 1 'No, no." Ruth, yt'.i yielding to his | tenbraec. <,1Tha*i i» the last ticne I shall see 008 for ever. Qe, k>vi.»r erw ami for ever, f .Jpcuxi-bye. niy love, my j i But he fMaspcd' her 1<1 his atrrm? hrrrs, j iflHused, ixualoritt^. cheering her- *TK! itow Should tme love ,huo<:e hcpel; renunaiation? j Te^iptlng, defying, regainn-.t, >ilost ^rouad, j jftrifting down Aga>o. trying hard to fcir»' out SUHi aiibtlw his •' paiiga, Bedeil dalbed with I JBeath more '-lonely tJnui ever- Oft*.a ho cciuld j jjeee the wi<le. smooth curve vvb^i-i tfie green j Volume firat 'appe.s vairtly OD a la/ v ^lopp, to jj(t/K)i:icW up, 'oelr.w a hugs? "ahni ^iflow, before ?(itching into the mafineB» of wawv; whose con- caioo of tossing and torturt^d r -'SU immw the tby-'H. The afternoon grt^w towards j ^evening he fore he piiilf-.d steadily home, frawt | (mg avvaj from the rowers apfti>tft >is* erucl ,^rfen, watching t:r< ommoiut .¡od with -u.'iie Vruth grim hvunour ax :f lutdf-r f.Sservatii'n bv Mm overpowering but bafHed »neioy. I ApUTOathtntf his Hading, a about drew .^Bedell's glat > ashore to a group of men exci- gediy gesticulating- They *eenied .uotioui;1j nim to wat';h the Amerioswj rhore. IHimrug saw a boat in niHt-streani, v.-hfrc no craft then oa the n/fr o.ept his own skiff <-oulc! } :fre- nfe unle}lls '.lyuined by oeverai actxi rovv.'o's. 4.)niy two oars were ti&sning IWit i! t-odd i hnake out two figures indistinctly- It VM .iear I i^hey \vt\ft\ doLme>l—though still a inil mdo I avwe the point wheri^e he had come, they kw^Te much fni'ther out than he '-vixen aea: the japid" I Yet one life miarht tÆl ajvved ? instantly bedell tow turned "titward aiid cheer- were | ftung to him from <u*hor« J At tl-j,t xnoTr.eiit he looked to hi? own wandmg-place, and saw that hw iai-ger boat |"Was gone Turning ngaivi, he angrily recog- i .Xised Li. but kepr ;ight on—he must try ir jjwue c7a; a thief- Jit; w««lere;l Ruth ha»l Jnot prevented th>. theft, but liad co suxpioion lof the truth. Alwaya he had refused to let; wr go out upon "he rive*—imwtally fearing for her Thruatuig his ikiff uiightily forward -ftea ( iit glanced, half wftirk-d hy uj»- whelming and j1 lapreadiri? spaces of wa*er—ti.'> old Loyalist's j Jbeart ws« ;,uit of his panga, and aaw >niy with j i (Psertainty he jnust abaodoj-. Otm hnia-ui s^'j. to 43%ath. Ry thf; time that he eoc'd iva«;ii tht- larger boat his would be too near ths rapids Jlor eo<jape with three. • \\11»8 saw Bedell in pursuit he bent ) -to his ash blades more :jtroug)y, and Ruth, ) ^trembling to remeiiib'y her father'* chreaU, yjvgftd her krc-31 to speed. They feartd five pur iurer only, quite uiicotisci<Ki8 thai; they wers in I tlie reir«*3:-la«< grasp of the fiver. Ruth had j < Jso often seen her father fa* »wer dúwn than ,^M)r had yet drifted that sbtt dkl not rvalue 1 'fihe truth, and Cccrge, just arrived from a dii>- < tant district,, Walt ooawarc of +.l!e long i-ataracta »< labore the falls. 11 He was aJso dt;cciv.d by th j stream- i /t^3^hns>Ai& Maoothncss, and, instead of half ] ] Eard, pcBed straight-;acroes, AS if certain iy j j to land f Tie tnirfrt tca«i the ] Kicaa «hn^ Bedell looked <>ver his shoulder oftm. Wli«a. ha distiiigui^hed a woman he put on more foroa, but sla- kened s<ooii —the pull home would tax i lus otiduxuuoe, he reflected- to eome sort it was a relief to know thai one was a woman; 1 he ha.d been anticipating trouble with two men equally bent on being saved. That the mail would abandon himself bravely, btJ, being brave, searoeiy doubted. I For a while be thought of pulling with th* woraan to the American shore, more easily to be gamed from the point where the reeeue must <>j-ur. But he sejeeted the plan, ooafident he eould win baok, for he had sworn newer to set toot on that soiL Had it ijeen possible to save both he would have been forced, desptte hie vow, but Uli- Squire knew that wae laipoesibie —three would overload bit* biat beyoud escape. Having carefully studied landmarks for hie position. Bedell turned to look in at the doomed boat. At tli-kt glanoe a well-known nbiion caught hi; Attention. The- tjue old man dropped big oart, confused with horror. "My God, my t«od, it's Ruth he cried, and the whole truth canu with auother look, for be hatd not forgotten George "Wmthrop. "y "Úr father stops, Ruth. Perhaps he is in pain," suggested George to the quaking girl. "What ciui it be?" she rried, filial love return- ing "Periiaps he is ou!y tired-" George affected carelessness. hU first thought being to secure his bride, and pulled hard away to get all ad- vantage froui bedell's stop. TiTed He if in dajiger of the falls,then creamed Ruth. ,.Stop Turn! Bank to Winthrop instantly prepared to obey. ,.}" es, darling/' he said, "WiI must not think of our- selves. We must go back to savp him!" Vet his was a sore groan at turning; v.hat duty ordered was so hard—he must give up lus love for the i>ltk.. of this enemy! But while Winthrop was still pulling round the old Loyalist resumed rowing with a more rapid stroke that soon brought hiol alongside. In thctie moments of waiting, all Bedell's life, his pei-soual hatreds, his loves, his sorrows, had been reviewed before hie soul. He had ..001). again hie sons. the slain in battle, in the pride as their young might: and the gentle eyee at Ruth had pleaded with him beneath his dead wile's brow. How poor aeemed hate— how mean ;uid pxsr seemed all but Lovo and Loyalty! Veti. lur he had looked tin-ough the I veil iatto the eternal, too, asid stoid, a Uivial c-reatuie, before the Almighty, knowing his meammg. "Wherefore, recioiutioa and deep peace had come upon the man. They wondf reil at his look. No wrath was tht-re. The old evet were calm a.nd loving, a gentle smile flickered about hi¡t Hps. Only that he very paie, Ruth would have beea wholly glad for the happy change. "Forgive me, father," she orkd, as he laid hand on their boat. "1 do, my child," he answered. "Come now, without an instant dela; to Ule." "Oh father, if you would let. us be happy!" cried Ruth, heai t-tcrn by two lov«s "Dc«-r, } ou shall te happy. I was wrong, child. I did not understand how you loved him. But come! You hesitate! Winthrop my eon. you :*re in soma danger. Into this boat instantly Both of you Take the oar;, George. K iss me, d< ar. my Ruth, once more. I (iood-bye, Mty little girl. Winthrop, be good to her. And may (Jod bittn YOIJ both for I ever J" As the old solider snoke h* st-epped into the ht1'lft>r boat. inst:.tnd, releasing the skiff. His I imperative rfentlecess had secured his object without voex of time, and the boats were apart with Winthrop's rt-adme.w to pull. -Now, row Row for her life to yonder sh'v r Bow whit up! Away or the falls will have her! "But yon emd Winthrop, bending for hia stroke. Yet he did not comprehend Bedell's rneaiv Uig. Till the La*i the old man had «joken without excitement. Dread of the river was not. Oil George—lus bliss was supreme in his i thoughts, and he took the Squire's order tor one of exaggerated alarm. Good-byf-, children. Remember, always, my bWeing is freely gir«u upon you." "God b1fjBS and keep you for ever, fM.ber!" jried Ruth from the distance, M her lover I pulled away. They landed, ;x>ii9ciou« of having pai**od a swift' ourrf-nt. indeed: but quite unthinking I of pnoe paid for their sa/ety. Looking back on the -arkling river, saw nothing of the 01(1 man. 'Poor father," sighed Ruth; "liow kind he waa: I'm saro-heai ted foi thinking of him at horne, so lonely." Left ail one. Bedell stretched with tlio long, heavy oars for his own. shore, makir '•■^oear- anoe of strong exertion. But when he no lon- ger ff-airod «hat tt»ey might turn back, with -JUodf.u undtrsstan-tiug, and v&inly. to his aid, he draasred the boot -»iow'>- watching her swift drift down—down towards the towering mist. 'Ilttfe hf gszori S-t tha cloud, rising in «wo •lirtitwt yr?htti»es, CKQ« a. thought spurring* the tk^ns^lsg0f5 ui rií ihsfnnt. Thereafce- ite I fjï11m s+Ssfcdiry, powerfully, noting landmarks aiixious'ty, studying currents, considering always II' i.'ind to or from hia *own shore. Half an hour had gone by when he again dropped into I slower motion. Then he could see Goai Islaad'a u £ ^>er t'b<.1 bt^ween him. and tlka mist I of the American fall. Beuall was aearing the ftrst long swoop downward at the rapids' head when those I watching Vmi despairingly from the high bank btlow the Chippewa Rivw's mouth saw bim put h's boi-tt stern with the current said cease rowing entirely, faeum^fmriv tl» ^>n«hing mist to which he was being hurried. i'en they observed him stopping, as if writing fur a time. And "hen he knelt with head bowed down. Kneeling; they prayed too.—"Romance."




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