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1 *.« EDDERSHA W'S FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 19, HIGH STREET. t. OUR NOTED HOME-MADE FURNITURE CANNOT BE SURPASSED. lIade from the very beat pf materials by experienced Cabinet-makers (and not by machinery), it will be found to maintain the Wputation for durability which it has bees «ft» privilege of this house to enjoy for mare than 4- 50 YEARS. De splendid Showrooms contain one of the finest selections of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND CABINET GOODS In South Wales. Ymrinspeoticn earnestly and respectfully solicited. iTery possible advantage of PRICE AND QUALITY. Liberal Dis-ouut for CASH, or all kinds of Goods supplied on the HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. EASY TERMS:— r. f £3 Worth It6 Weekly. £5 „ 2/- £10 3/6 £20 5/- ,i £50 „ 10/- „ STRICTLY PRIVATE. NO SECURITY. ALL GOODS DELIVERED I FREE. I DRESSING TABLES AND WASH- 'I STANDS from 17s. 6d. the Pair. (Our Own Mttke ) I WARDROBES, t OUR OWN MAKE, II FROM 75a. rfLITCB EN DRESSERS, oar own make, from 37s. 6d, SUTCHEN TABLES, our own make, from 14s. 6d. '4 I SDSLDE TABLES, oar own make, trot 48.611. filE M COTTAGE PARLOUJR SUITE, "iMi* • ru f Apeeial Value and Speefsf Terms, v (lOt. Monthly.? BEDROOM SUITE. Cestpiete, .£3 158- Terms —• 8s. Monthly, .,¡. CALL AND SEE THE STOCK. 1- -4- AMPLE CHOICE.. I «\ EDDERSHAW'S, I '.1' 1V 19 HIGH STREET. I » HOW TO LIGHT A SHOP PROPERLY •. s SEE 'r i LEGG'S NEW OUTSIDE LAMP. COS TS AROUT ONE FARTHING PER HOUR FOR GAS. 17 & 18, NELSON-STREET. GEORGE HELLIER. HAY AND CORN MERCHANT, THE CENTRAL STORES, RICHARD? PLACE, SWANSEA. Branch-2Sa, ORCHARD STREET. DOGBISCUIIS "nd rdl kinds of POULTRY FOOD. ENGLISH and IRISH HAY and STRAW of BEST QUALITY. Daily Delivery in Town and Neighbourhood. I THE SOUTH WALES HOP BITTER ALE, MADOC STREET, SWANSEA. Non-Intoxicating- Hop Bitters in Casks of ail sizes, and in Bottles. TELEPHONE KO,I2I. 1623- I SWANSEA ÆRATED WATER COMPANY, I ORANGE STREET, TELKPIIOyji V,. s W A N SEA m 1, iy-r i> ..W .i' —:—: li—:—:—; — > r' ~sV» SWANSEA UNITED BREWERIES LIMITED BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, = ALE AND. PORTER BOTTLERS SWANSEA. Telephone No. 85. CLEAR ANCE SALT71 OF SUMMER GOODS FOR JLLi 21 DAYS ONLY. TROUSERS FROM 9/6. SLITS „ 37,a Don't buy Ready-Made.Clothes while this Sale ig on. CALL EARLY and secure some gST- GOOD BARGAINS. JONES, T A I L O R, 223, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. 1799 "MORGAN" BEVAN, & SON.S, GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERS 24, CASTLE STREET. Bog to call Public Attention to their LARGE AND VARIED STOUK OF LAMPS, FROM 5iT. To £ 5 Es. EACH. SUPERIOR HALL LAMPS AT LOW PRICES. TO BUYERS OF WEDDING PRESENTS. T. W. G A Y ID 0 N, SILVERSMITH, 237, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, Owing to the REDUCTION in the Price of SILVER, will OFFER for ONE M 9NTH the WHOLE of his STOCK of SILVER AND ELECTRO-PLATE AT 3s. IN THE £ DISCOUNT FOR CASH. NEW GOODS. B. EVANS & CO. INVITE INSPECTION OF • EXTENSIVE RANGES IN New Dress Materials, I TAWE SERGES, Ladies' & Children's I Golf & Holiday Capes. ALSO A SPLENDID SEDUCTION* OF THE NEWEST SHAPES IN Ladies' & Gentlemen's Waterproofs. PRICES LADIES, 8/9 to 69/i, GENTLEMEN'S, 21/- to 1'9/- ALL RELIABLE MAKES. R";V:\ TEMPLE STREET: SWANSEA. 'iv- • > — John S. Brown HAS NOV/ IN STOCK THE LAR6ES t/ /L AND AI.L BEST SEL OTEDTRADES STOCK a EVER SEEN IN WALES. OF INS ECTION < A. RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. /Oy/ :vv; JOHN & BROWN. **■ OXFORD STREET. • I SWANSEA. v 1779 j FROM CEYLON WE IMPORT THE SMALL. SIFTED tEA FROM THE BEST TEA QAKDKNS IK' Ttffi WOIiLD. PRICE is. ID. PER POUND. EVERYBODY SHOULD USE THIS TEA. I TAYLOR & COMPANY LIMITED. FRESH CONSIGNMENT OF THE Champion Firelighter of the Universe. At a certain period of History there was aa epidemic in Fra;3, it ravaged ali th? bat t'a3 city of Lyons. Th j puzzled all the doctors and scientific men, and excited ths deepe3t interest. A mast searching iavestigatioa and -z I enquiry wa.s made, when it was discovered tnac the C rk Ca:;ers of Lyons burnt their Cuttings and this hd purifisi aod disintected the air and saved the town, thus reudering the article of the UTMOST VALUE to the World. IT ANSWERS THREE MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSES. Lights the Fire quickly, lJisinfects the room, gives forth a most agreeable odour, and does away with ¡:, the DANGER and DAMAGE of FLYING SPARKS invariably present when wood is-used. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. To be had of all Grocers in the town J 8d. Packets of 48 Blocks. r, ONE BLOCK WILL LIGHT A FIRK IN FIVE MINUTES. Wholesale by JACOB JENKINS. COAL MERCHANT. 10, ALEXANDRA ROAD, SWANSEA JUST ARRIVED Telephone 157, Telegrams "Cwrr -loyn." j BOOK BARGAINS. BOOK BARGAIN^- GO TO ft. C. M00RE' 11, ALEXANDRA ARCADE, FOR BARGAINS, UniversiLily admitted t* be the Cheape* Bookseller in Bwaasea. BOOKS BOUGHT. BOOKS FOUND. TRY IT. TRY IT. t > t', WILLIAMS' SEED AND SULTANA CAKE -4D. PER LB. Nothing in Town to equal this Cake at the price, Sold elsewhere at 6d. and 8d. per lb. j Buy a peund and try of the cake is ili the eaving. t.- WILLIAMS COLLEGE STREET, I THE WEDDING CAKE SHOP. I OXFORD STREET, Dl? Close to National 3<5hoolV^.y/ STYtlSH MILLl^KBY W/ I AttTt'MN OTJR AVTVMN NOVELTIES/<L V/ OUR /OR8ETS Tor Bei* Value la /lv/ at 1111 GSXERAL OKA PEP X AST MUSLINS /A\/ Are UnriviUed. LACE CURTAILS /(V/ A; V'utiities in A*D A XMAV'S WATCH CRBTONNE^ A *?) SPUING CORSETS. (l Our HE-D OLOVBS at j Is-11J4- (Unrivalled} S AieBeJt Value Obtainable, j TR3TAPAIR. OXFORD STREET, S S t)L N<uur National iichcoiSi! Perfection of Blended Wilis '—Ian EXCELSIOR t I SCOTCH WHISKY. ;'We hnve examined sirauytically this blenrl oi Scotcli Wbiskj- aaii liiid it to ()<; unusually pure, o excellent lfifvopr, and well inatared. Rerumrnended with confidence as a tafeand palatable stimulant iur the sick artH l aned by T. LAID* BRVXTON, M.D., LL.D.. &e. fivLiS PBOPRIETOIiS- II MARGRAVE BROS.. LLANELLY. ¡ Agents for CARDIFF and PENARTH- f MESSRS. STRANAGHAS AND I STEPHENS. I j ;J" I EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. "Recommended with cor. Hue nee as a Stimulant lot Sick and Convalescent. —London Practitioner. nOUTH WALES VINEGAR, SAUCE, I O AND PICKLE CO., Manufacturers of PURE MALT VINEGAR, PLYMOUTH ST., SWANSEA. SHIPPING SUPPLIED. Made from Malt, and guaranteed free from Mineral Acid. Prices and terms on application. 1659 JEFPBEI'S ARMS, I FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HCTBL, I Close to the Market, Oxford-street Within ¡i>.ej nilnuteg cftheG.W.R. tiud L. & N.W. VUitors to Swansea u !i. find all Home Comforts at is'old-estatilished hostelry. Ordinary flafly. one ) T. C. SMALL. M.K.C.V.S., Proprietor. N.B.—Cirria^es. Cn'n. aud Saddle" Horses on hire at lIbortHt notiye. Ca&vaw ij« Rs for uie GQwer Coaai. 516 II E. A. EVANS. ) UNDERTAKER, FLXKliAL LRMSHkU, ±c 22, ALFRED STKKET, HEATH. WEDDING AJS'D FUA'JSJJAL COACUBS, WEDDING AJS'D FUA'JSJJAL COACUBS, BRAKfcS, HANSOM CAllS. DOG-CAiiTS. W AQÿoNErrES, sic. fjt~ Ten-Stall Stable and Lock-up Yard. F'>=tiu;jrn all its iirunt-iies. Aciegrapuiu Adtirens: •• liv;;n», Atfj-ed-streat [27 I I' £5,000 TO BE GIVEN AWAY BY THE JJTAYPOLE D A I HYCO ID. PER lb. GIVEN BACK To all Customerj who purchaio MARGARINE. Thisredaees our noted Sixpenny Margarine to 5d. per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER REDUCED TO ONE SHILLING PER LB. TELEPHONE No. 151 I ^JAYPOLE DAIRY Co l 207a, HIGH BTtfJSET- 8W/ I T. mo R sed, I L ALEXANDRA AFo., ie, LDLNQS, ■ 8VTA J- GENERAL "EMT. Agentfor the National Te Jompau1. A £ «ntforthe London-mtfli L Lights, Staiaad Giassfor ( • and Domestic Agent for Eneaustio .1- ifio Work and Mural Decoi-atio 33, &c. i tfctucales Frea. SA" "r t View I; Lieensed VietuaHor«'V#i skg Bonk*




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