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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. B. EVANS & COMPANY'S XEW :P:E1\IIIS:E:S } ARE NO \V OPEN. Grand Stocks in Drapery, SHOW-ROOM, FANCY, AND FURNISHING GOODS. THE PUBLIC ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO TAKE A WALK ROUND. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA THE LONDON AND SOUTH WALES ARTIFICIAL TOOTH COMPANY WILL INTRODUCE THEiR SPECIALITIES IN SWANSEA BY SUPPLYING UNTIL EUHTHEB XOTKE. SINGLE TEETH FROM 9s UPPER or LOWER SETS „ 7. 90s EXTRACTIONS at **• IS. OUR LOCAL ADDRESS: 1, GLADSTONE BUILDINGS A .t, ALEXANDRA ROAD, SWANSEA, (OPPOSITE THE AKCADE.) Good News! Good News! I CHEAPEST MEAT MARKET IN SWANSEA IS THE t-ilbl-) OLD HEM, THE CANTERBURY MEAT Co. The Firm that LEADS THE WAY, OTHERS TRY to follow llUT FAIL, nnd WM are selling this week their PRIME CANTERBURY MU1 TON, ar the c, following low prices:— LEGS SHO L SHOULDERS, LOINS. to be sold at their usual low prices. i. f Neck and Breast almost Given Away. Prime Ox Beef) Choice Cuts, Sirloins, 4gd. per lb. I THE CANTERBURY MEAT Co., 199. HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. Next door to Mr. Kcall, Dentist. Come eariy to S cure Best Joints. 2155 Or SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT, I Inconsequence of the exceptionally Mild Winter we have experienced as yet, the I SALE OF WINTER CLOTHING Has dragged considerably, f D. JONES & CO, Outfitters and Clothiers, COLLEGESTREET. HAVE MADE AN EXTRAORDINARY LARGE PURCHASE OF iEN'S, YOUTHS'. AND BOYS' OVERCOATS Direct from the Manufacturers, at j FABULOUS LOW PRICES, In fact, Half the Original Cost Price." We are now showing these goods marked at prices that defies competition for Quality, Style, and Fit. NO OLD STO C K OR SOILED GOODS. Another consignment of our well-known r, BLACK SERGE JACKETS AND VESTS, Price from 9s. 6d. best value in town, TWEED WATERPROOF COATS, 25s., sewn seams; usualIysoJd at: fa. 50 dozen COLOURED MUFFLERt3, 61d. HATS. CAPS, TIES, COLLARS. UMBRELLAS, At Usual Low Prices. I CALL EARLY and take advantage of this opportunity, to secure such Bargains as we rlrle positive have not been shown in Swansea before. D. JONES & CO., COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. X3LfJ*" BLACK-EYED SUSAN TITLR OF OCR BEAUTIFUL XMAS PICTURE. J This represents a handsome young lady stepping on board a British Man-of-War, and the story is depicted by the words of the song entitled, Black- -Eyed Susan," as follows:— All in the Downs the fleet was moored Tne streamers waving in the wind, When Black- iiyed Susan came on board.- 0 where shall I my true love find ? Tell ILe, ye jovial sailors, tell me true if my sweet William sails among your crew." William was high upon the yard, Rocked bv the biiiows to and fro; Soon as jier NYCII-kio,.vii voice he heard, He fished and cast his eyes below; The cord slides swiftly through his glowing hands, And quick as lighlpitfgon the deck ho stands. So the sweet lark high pois'dinair. Shuts close his pin ons to his breast, If chance his mate's shrill voice he hears, And drops at once into her nest; The noblest captain in the British Fleet, Might envy William's lips those kisses sweet, "0 Susan; Susan, lovely dear, My sows shall ever true lemain; Let ille kiss off that falling tear, NN- L or:ly part to meet again Strange as ) c tistye win,.s. my heart shall be The faithfuil compass that still points to thee. rot wliat tt')e landai-nen sur, Who tempt with doubts thy conort-arit rnind I Ti y'll tell thes, saib rs, when away, In e "try pert a mistress ilnd; Yes, yes, believe them when they tell thee so For thou art present where so e'er I go." J The boatswain gave the dreadful word, The sails their swelling bosoms spread; No logger must she stay on ).oat-d- They kiss, she sighed, he hangs his head The less'ning boat unwilling rows to land, Adieu," she cries, and waves hOl lily hand. A COPY OF THIS EXPENSIVE PICTURE Will be given gratis under the following con- ditionsUp to December 15th, Coupons wii! e issued to every customer buying at least b cf Tea, and (,er'y holder of the Four ii d I i. oupons will be present; d with a*8o;:y during Xmas I-.eel,. j W. J. ROIil RTS & CO t J HE TEA AND COFFEE SALESMEN, 1 J pUBLIC FIALL, QLYDACH. THE GWALIA I G L E E SINGERS WILL GIVE A GRAND CONCERT AT THS ABOVE HALL ON SATURDAY NEXT, DECENBER 1ST, 1894. Admission—2s., Is. & 6d. j Doors Open at 7.30; Commence at 8 p.m. ) ¡ I, SWANSEA AND DISTRICT FANCIERS O ASSOCIATION. GRAND OPEN SHOW OF POULTRY, PIGEONS, CAGE BIRDS, AND RABBITS, I Including PALACE and DAIRY SHOW CUP WINNERS, will be held AT THE DRILL HALL. SWANSEA, ON WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28th and 29tli. Entries Close November 20th, 1894. Schedules may Le obtained of Messrs Maggs Brothers, Swansea, or from the Secretary, Mr. F. SLATER, 41, Gorse-lane, Swansea. For further pari4oplarfo see large biUp. tO E. A. EVANS, UXDEIiTAKBK, FUNERAL FUItNISHKlt, &c., 22, ALFRED STREET, NEATH WEDDING AND FUNERAL COACHES, BKAKHS, HANSOM CABS, DOUCALTTS, WAGGONETTES, &-c. CJF Ten-Stall Stable AND Lock-up Yard. Posting in all its Branches. Telegraphic Address: "Evan;, Alfred-s treat FANCY GOODS, TOYS, NEEDLEWORE &c. GREAT CLEARANCE SALW FOR It DAYS, FOR 14 DAYS, In order to make jcam for CHRISTMAS NOVELTIES which will shortly arrive M. M. v a u 0 Is oJicringriJie -whole of her Large Stock M REDUCED PRICES. APSLEY HOUSE, WALTERS ROAD and 1. PARAUi' BUILDINGS, MUMBLES, t) *W M /S)f "V "TS' FROM SUNNY CEYLON. -I JL B Ja.. a 1 IDTMW m ininilQ TEW ^ave rcacil(-'d a pinnacle of success never before attained by any other Teas in the world, and their increasing Lll I Ull O ULLiUIUUO I LKv popularity IN EVERY HOME is the sure-t t;-«t of their apprecia'ion by the Public. ° If you wisli to enjoy a CUI) of Tea that Excels all others • -W T w v-w-v J" I V DRINK "-LN jL TEA 1 A THE MOST POPULAR OF THE AGE. PT UPTON'S r s ir m: A s ftAiNEO TNt mIGHtST & ONLY AWARD! ;<i THS BKiTlSM MCTSOM OP THE j WORLDS FAIR, j X^CMiCAQO/ DIRECT FROM THE TEA GARDENS RICH. PURE, AND FRAGRANT, Unparalleled Success. Is. and is, 4-d. per lb. NO MIDDLEMEN'S PROFITS TO PAY. Note the Prices. ( TEAS I 6A1NE0 THE HIGHEST & ONLY AWMDj y IN TK-6 BRITISH SECTION OF T« { J WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO/' THE FiNEST TEA THE WORLD CAN PRODUCE. I NO HIGHER PRICE. ISI. 7d. NO HIGHER PRICE. T TT>rrTV\r TEA AND C0FFEE PLANTER, CEYLON. JLIJl X UJN 5 THE LARGEST TEA, COFFEE, AND PROVISION PLANTERS IN THE WORLD. Sole Proprietor of the following celebrated Tea and Coffee Estates ia Ceylon; Dambatenne, Lnymastotte, MoneraLmde, Mahadambatennc,HMoiis^kelle' Poopraisie, Hanagalla, and Gigranella, which cover Thousands of Acres of the best TE and COFt-EE LAND in Ceylon. Ceylon Tea and Coffee Shipping Warehousees; Madderaa Mills, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo. Ceylon Office: Upper Chatham Street, Colombo. Indian Tea Shipping Ware, Rouses and Export Stores; Hare Street. Strand, Calcutta. Indian Offices: Dalh usie Square, Calcutt Tea and Coffee Salerooms: MincinS Lane' j^ONDON, E.C. Wholesale Tea Blendlag and Duty Paid Stores: Bath Street and Cayton Street, LOXDON. E.C. Bonded and Export Storesr peerlesi Street, LONDON, E.C. Coffee Roasting, Blending Stores, and Essence Manufactory: O.d Street, LONDON, E.C. Wholesale and Export provision Warehouses; Nelson Place, LONDON. KC.; iruit Preserve Factory; Spa Road, Berinondsey, LONDON, S.E. GENERAL OFFICES STREET. CITY ROAD, LOXDO.V E;C. v; LOCAL BRANCIIEo Swansea;—Arcadi BtJiiDiitGS, Hifsh-str^S;: Cardiff He. Mai:sr STREET (:oxi door to the Theatre Royal); an;l 7, H1311 STKEET • Llanellv • 9 Surazv —• Stkkit; Bristol r22, Wikr Stkeet BKANC11ES& AGENCIES EVER! WHERE. 5 LARGEST TEA SALE IN THE WOBW, BRANCHES EVERYWHERE AND AGENCIES THROUGHOUT THE MOULD. ) ?. I LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN ij RAILWAY. CATTLE AND POULTRY SHOW. (December 1st to 6th, 1394), and NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SPORTING AND OTHKK DOGS (December 1st to 5th), at BLUM INGHAM. On MONDAY, December 3rd, 1894, CHEAP EX CU liSION TICKETS will be issued tuBIUMINGHAM from the stations named below at the times stated SWANSEA (Vie. Station) 10.0 a.m. Swansea Bay 10.4 a.m. Ail intoj-niatioii regardinv Excursion Trains on the London and North-Western Railway can be obtained of Mr. F. S.MXTH, District- Traffic Super!utendent, Swansea. of Mr. F. SMITH, District Traffic Superintendent, Swansea. FREI). HARRISON, General Manager. I liuston Station, Nov., 1894. [2274 0REAT WESTERN RAILWAY". On THURSDAY, November 9, a CHEAP HALF-DAY EXCURSION to CARDIFF will leave SWANSEA (High-street) at 15 p.m., Landore 220, Neath 2 35, Briton Ferry 240, Port Talbot 2 50 pan, Bridgend 315, and I Llantrisant at 3 35 p.m., returning at 10 45 p.m. | For Full Particulars see Bills, I EAST AND WEST DISTRICTS I TRIAL FOOTBALL MATCH. On SATURDAY, December 1st, aCBEAP HALF-DAY EXCURSION to CARDIFFl and NEWPORT will leave Llaneily a.t 1150] a.m.; Gowerton, 12 5 p.m.; Swansea, 12 10. I Landore, 12 20; Neath, 12 40; Port TalboL, 1250; Bridgend, 120, and Llantrisaat at 1 40 p.m. For Fuil Particulars sec Bills. 271 HY. LAMBERT, General Manager. "Perfection of Blt-nded Whiskey." Lancet. I EXCELSIOR SCOTCH I WHISKY "We bave examined analytically ibis blend of Scotch Whbky. and fnd it to De unusually pUle,<J excellent flavour, and weli 1atured. Heeùlumended with C< nlidence as a ^afeand palata"!e, miulunt !■» tÜe sick and c.!Hvalescent.Fral'liIiG1L(:'I', dited l-y T. LAUD*.BBI'KXON, M.D.,LL.D., &C. SOLE PROPRIETORS— MARGRAVE BROS., LJLANELLY. Agents for CARDIFF and PEN ART II— I MESSES. STltANAGHAN AND STEPHENS. EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY I i CONTKAOTORS TO HER MAJESTY'S GOVBRNMENT. GOOD LARGE HOUSE COALS té!¡1' :l' .= 'A per 15S. TON. CASH ON DELIVERY. 1 2273 MILLINERY FOR THE I MILLION. a It is freely stated that the Millinery now on view at RHYS THOMAS' is the choicest0 cleanest, smartest, and most up-to-iale in town. The leading fashionable Millineryw Warehouse, Prices unetjualled, and yeug quality superior. AVe explain why we can|l and "ill sell d such low charges. Cornell yourselves or send a representative, and makegi no purchase unless thoroughly satisfied. Kofi slop work kept. M IC J.1 .L_, KEYS THOMAS, I 51 OXFORD STREETJ SWANSEA. I ROSS AND CO., GROCERS, I TEA AND PROVISION MERCHANTS'! 29. UNION-STREET, 1 Have a Special Lina for this week only. P FINEST C U RR AN Ts, I NEW FRUIT PER LB | GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. U S THE VEGETABLE TONIC. gj IS THE BEST POSSIBLE WINTEH MEDICINE.! Long experience has satisfactorily dtmonstnitedfe ihat those Bitters art; admirably adapted foj the pry-la veniionand cure of AI.i. wimku ailmknts. r n WILYM EVANS' QUININlfi V.I £ ARE UNEQUALLED. ARE RELIABLE. Kj AlUi CERTAIN. aRE SAFE. & Especi.tlly should ail whose occupation keeps indoors lor a great pari of the day protect tlu;uiS;>ivesjS AlUi CERTAIN. aRE SAFE. & Ispei" Il,v should ail whoe occupation keeps them indoors lor a great pari (If the day protect t!ltm,¡ves fiom the injurv to health resultiug from EASTERLY' WINDS, M COLD AND DAMP FEET, p EXPOSURE TO THE This can easily be done by t-ikin^ a timely course ofS GtWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTKR-J r THE BEST KEMKUV Ol? THE AGK FOtt WEVK-NESS, N10RVOUSNE3S, m EXPOSURE TO THE WEATHEH. This can easily be done by t-ikin^ a timely course ofS GtWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTKR-J r THE BEST KEMKUV Ol? THE AGK FOtt WEVK-NESS, N10RVOUSNE3S, m LOW bPIKl'J'S, MELANCHOLY, § INDIGESTION, LOSS OF APPETITE, BLOOD DISOltDERS.i T LS T L M O N IA I| 16. Bristol place, Edinburgh, Dec. 14th, ISJI. §| G-ntlemeii,—-Kindiy send me another 4s. ftj. UottleW of tiw ILVM iSvANs' BiTTKits. I have derived muuh$j) (.eneiit trom the two I to. ties I have already taken. IH suffer much from Indigestion, I#«n ss" of Nervousness, and Weakness. 1 should nlto like t., tryS your IMGts'i'lVE PKAKIJ", if they can betaken alongH With the BITIKKS. I intend J<tvin« THE, QUISISKK Bittkks a fair trial trial.—Yours faithfuUyy S. i;. James, B riWILYM EVANS, QUININE^JTTERS.0 u Sold ill Bottles at Is. l^d., 2». 9d.. ah',1 4s. 6U. each.g Beware of imitations. the name of "Gwiiviulw Evans on Label, Stamp, aud Buttle.. gg Pole Proprietors R QUININE BITTERS COMPANY (LIMITED) LI. AN EL Lv | SOUTH WALES. | 2103 MAYPOLE OI ITER, g 1 nj PER LE.I Hediici d to J.- 1 B MAYPOLU QU1TER, 1 JJ 1 /I PER IB.I Itcdueed to | X H MAYPOLE DAIRY CO;, § 207a, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. | £ 5,000 I TO BE GIVEN AWAY g 10. PER LB. GIVEN BACKg I () aJ: Customers wÍlo Pureiiase .Y d:GAU iNK S This roauces our noted Six- ■ per LP. penny Margnrire to f f ) ra A Y PO L E AIRY CO. B







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