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1 I IMPORTANT ANNOUlSC INT. t B. EVANS & C( -PANTS I isnes^sar :^e:& I ARE NOW 0 i .IN. [ Grand Stocks in Drapery, I SHOW-ROOM, FANCY, AND FURNISHING GOODS. THE PUBLIC ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO TAKE A WALK THROUGH. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA f THE LONDON & SOUTH WALES ARTIFICIAL TOOTH OOIPY., p WILL INTRODUCE THEIR £ SPECIALITIES IN SWANSEA, | BY SUPPLYING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, I SINGLE TEETH FROM 2S- I UPPER ob LOWER SETS „ 20s. f EXTRACTIONS at ls. |f OCR LOCAL ADDRESS: 1, GLADSTONE BUILDINGS, S ALEXANDRA ROAD. SWANSEA, I (OPPOSITE THE ARCADE.) b v 7 i. I PRETTY AND USEFUL ] XMAS PRESENTS ,.¡ OCCaSiOllal Chairs, g.. 16s. 6d. F. Co Eddershaw, 19, HIGH STREET. SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT. In consequence of the exceptionally Mild Winter we have etperienced as yet, the SALE OF i- w I N T E R C L 0 THING Has dragged considerably. i- D. JONES & CO., Outfitters and Clothiers, I COLLEGE-STREET, I SAVE MADE AN EXTRAORDINARY LARGE PURCHASE OF MEN'S, YOUTHS'. AND BOYS' OVERCOATS Direct from the Manufacturers, at FABULOUS LOW PRICES. In fact, Haif the Original Cost Price." We are new shewing these goods marked at prices that delies competinoa for Quality, Style, and Fit. I NO OLD STOCK OR sT) I L E D GOODS. v Another consignment of oar well-known BLACK SERGE JACKETS AND VESTS, Price from 9s. 6rf. be;t value in town. TWEED WATERPROOF COATS, 25s., sewn seams; usually sold at 35* 50 dozen COLOURED MUFFLERS, CM. HATS, CAPS, TIES, COLLARS, UMBRELLAS. At Usual Low Prices. CALL EARLY and take advantage of this opportunity, to seeuro such Eargaiua no waare positive hare not been shown in Swansea before. D. JONES & CO., COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. .-1. It vou h*r: never had a REALLY GOOD PHOTOGRAPH g to ARCHIBALD GOLD IE, 05, MANSEL STREET. SWANSEA. HE HAS NOT FAILED in a single instance since he opened THE :"1.. >> E STUDIO to pya PERFECT SATISFACTION. As a GUARANTEE, e will RETURN ALONE Y if not approve ( JiilfB OXLY ADDRESS— '05, MANSEL-STREET, SWANSL i I i "PERFECT TEA." Is. aD. PER POUND, A High Class 131aiia unequalled for Quality and Richness of Infuzitsn. J "PERFECT TEA." Is. 8D. PER POUND. Rich Colour, Pleasing Flavour, Weighty Liquor, Possessing in Burpassiug Abuudance and in Har- I i monious Combination all the com- ponent parts of Perfect Tea, The telt in all England at the Price. "PERFECT TEA." Is. 3D. PER POUND. The enormous increase in the use I of Toa during recent years make3 I it all the more necessary that Con- ) sumers should see they are supplied with a reafly Gooil Article. PERFECT TEA. I 11. 3D. PER POUND. I I To be obtained of I W S. CLARK. l.. 77,' O XFORD-S1REET, I Aøi 4, BE ACH-STHE KT, I SWANSEA. ii £ 36 1 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. LAHGR STOCK. CHARMING SELECTION. LOW PRICES. Gifts far Iti^for Poor in GOLD AND SILVER JEWELLERY and ISeveltie SILVER swd h-LECTRO-PLATE. HEAVY STOCK OF CLOCKS OF GOOD QUALITY ¡ WEBBER & SON. 87, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA* [2287 EGGS! EGGS EGGS! I T'EKLY SHIPULNTB ARRIVING FOR IOLESAI E AND RETAIL TRADE. I UAVIir AND CO.. V 1*0 STOUE3, SWANSEA. If J. REES EYANS. '1 J K- IMPORTANT PURCHASE THIS WEEK SCR'f'A I ¡ 176 LADIES BLACK AND rOLOri^lJ JACKETS.. I CAPES. AND MAC&IN'I OF-Iir.S, ,J.J. 1 ,J.. i.¿ J. PHICES FHOM 38. lie. TO 31" BACH ALL NEW AND FASHION ABf E SITV!' £ & NO BETTER VALUE CAN BE 218, HIGH-STREET, SWMSKii. '04 *> f ,¡ CHRISTMAS, 189'* s HERE WE ARE AGAi ,'f .n -1.. V.H..J, -— .• -i- i AT THE TOP OF THE TRF« FOR mp* STERLING yALU'S IN j New Season's Fruit GUARANTEED TO BE NEW AND IN PERFECT CONDITION, Fi n tpa f!n pM ntc 1 i Finest Patras Cnnags, par 14 ft. GENERALLY SOLD AT DOUBLt THE HiTC* New Valencia Raising, 3d. mr P 3,. Choicest Sultauas, 3-jd. I! Lemon and Orange Peel, 3 £ d f&: 4d. *>c.v L. Citron, Spices, Mincemeats 8 eqauHy stv,:h I astoun Singly low pj c s, Pure L ird, 5d. pei Eggs! Eggs!! Eggs! A i' J 1.591 SUGAR CURED HA 'M « #■ Especially Selected and Cured for the X :1 ? EXTRA.: SPECIAL BLRNDED INDIAN, CH A, AV-j ■ ,:y v>~ TEA Per jm Ih A REAL LUXURY. One P -.tA fCi ;.hs >WlEVF.uLOUS TEA ha «i ciclightful Christmas Gift to roir fiioi. « £ ».; fcr ye&r I'r»« t ai-c f v Yourself. Y." ni.:? m K. Sugars t..t 2i?u^et Price. F I <'•* '? if Notwithstanding the Recent A ■- siUi ai {i>-? Haw.? DAILY DEL ^ERa,1 PARTS. A.L \f.'J,n, .) r A .L. -r-i' POST ORDERS PK' ll'. J,- j Davies arid THE BOliO' IN college STREET. r; | The CHEAPEST GROCERS <c I ;r:>v?3|t$F DÉÁL1!lt-df1¡1C FLOW] e T^i^S. A GRAND ASSORTM1 I V TBt NEW (i()i11/t.rnS At SitAPhfcv v ■. WELL ADAPTED FOR CHRY iaMi <Jr N.O C tROv Ft*^ WLE3- TAYLOR i NO rpPANY 6, CASTLa. T' r'K .Ä 105 WELSH FLANNE1 WEIM flANKiii! WELSH LAN'i'RLS! SUPPORT YOLV~7IOMK .^T^USTRi E8 By -wearing REAL HOME-MADE FI..x'NSul- =♦ »ud Vnryed ?Wae!« (s» Highly Kccommended by the emiae- i Dr. Jauoau £ K\tuv%Mew«»r we now "td bv MESSRS. LEWTS 4-JONES" J (oi ,'i^.nrtibeo„ i At Swansca. Market on Saturdays 0' Al«> ,1 s;;>» ■_ ;• PATTERS FREE FROM THE) LLRN X$Uj*, ¡ ESTAB. < » n'vv j V- V. Js s. 1 REAL l3E I WELSH '\yI J .FLANNELS # I SHAWLS -J?? j' 1 TRAD Z I U,U i f s K» t ..•• o( 0- 'J: w-• /SnT 'j J' »• f t:*» Every Description m vA > f always io ^c 'v-7' STOCK. COLLEGE .xrn PET H" •< -i oj; i JOH- TONES., .r.l ¡i j. -< A. W. ROCISBS, | BEGS TO CALL ATTENTION '.»%? D HEALTH WATERPROOl' H'&T* .J, ,J .L" L FOR LADIES AND 'í Also a SuperbrStock of 1 Winter Goods for jrjftm Q^e* 0^%■ ?• | 18, ■■ ] AZ&l ?' .0,4.. 7"' ',>' x zt.xvvom ft HaIL MAmsTT's l G-<- KUKDsJSNT. I' GtOOD [mm house coals ¡"i' '¡, S i I^R 15s. TON. ft.; OA SK ON DELIVERY. ,J 2273 K f, MX1..UB-FRY FOR THE MILLION. I Ttfrcaly ststc<' that the Millinery now on «t RHYS faO.MAS' is the choicest jt>»* Mt-jiZ, swajft^-i.. and most up-to-:?ate in ] 4c s*t'» £ 13*; g iashionable Millinery i Watafccjg*?. V es unequalled, and yet • qntthi* .ft We explain why we can jWHSb *?ii Mil > low charges. Come ywarw! < s or mar^preseotativc, and nake | ca texiM .thoroughiy satisfied. No | £ i€*g TTCATS I RHVB THOMAS, 151 OXFWRD STREET. i V-'ANSEA. i .iisjiw. mi i. ■ ii t .• j QWtifM Eli; P' QUININE^BITTERS X w J ti iETABLE TONIC. (5'PI- -wSS-jf k -i^SIBLE WIYTER MBDIC1NE. ^taartAnv- 1 ts satisfactorily dernoustraUd I i.ia.1 45-t'- <1," admirably adapted for the pre- ? VSI'LIA..IA-1 ART I I WIJTTES AILMENTS. 1 EVANSr QUININE BITTERS i IT i n&tii,- kWD. ARE RELIABLE. i dSRlAl., AKE SAFB. • poclrli y si. wbose occupation keeps them cwt», r «. Tf-a- (t of the day protect themselves -rn u;; •>) h-"xitt* resulting tram 'i'Kif f¡.l.' av DAMP FEET, < iSURK TO THE WEATHER. 1'<¡ 'Slji 3 by takÜ1g It. timely coarse of iTS' QUININE BITTERS, • V'l • tra iH"? i' .F THB AGE PO. *'hk: KBBVOUSSB8S, i.r^' MELANCHOLY, IfflP'- •• -ii.'tk: CHKST AFFJiCTIOXS, £ %€'■ AVf „VI. BLOOD DXSOHOBBS. f TJMONIAL. itt;5T»iu(B4lnbnrgb, Dec. 14th, 1891. e another 4B. 6d. bottle I have derived much j. ave already taken. I k*«|^Hr w«5 faR': l»(vne» of Spirit, | 5 should also like to try } 4 Vktinjt\ sy can be taken along *au..s. giving the QUINIXE i Ss'"r '■rut tr1'it. — 8 faithfully, S. B, JA1IE3. NINE BITTERS. t H J •u. & lit 15- M.,and4<.6d.e&ch. y- name of "GwUym j {,•« lA'ti, and Bottle. I f.f' NUFACTURING 1 gOyl^^tUiv t'; LLANELLY, I «ES. j 2109 I y^M": ji 'M*7' P»E LB. ;o.t: 'J A 3 RY CO., swansea. "TO jsB ú17,>" .WAY m rm ia vr SN BACB: 5*ut.i MARGAnINIl • jp.te#i*t £ S4«e >>-tr r*>: w ^D. per LS. M ^tJS li IRY c°* | v h, |l'HE LiL/iSESLLV SBEWEE7. I' I I i nl" r"L' ')ROS I BP' i'.ROS., I j BREWEK& MAT»ST' RS, WDTE | | SPIRIT !B1 pK rERS, i > WATER iLvN.s FACTURERS «* » BirrwEKs 'ioi- i ITOr BlTTEJtvr ■ i J í' rOt!. 1 > cr» i v5>" 4x10% I ^indyssil, Car- n. :■ .?■■■■»' C!t3ar.- Ai!»fncf>v: and Maes teg At- -i- ittrc sioi. ady appcioted. r j n M ■- "P L ko MAS, X [ "dINL'L'.L "VA i -'R u sn> FRUIT | 'I'i-L Bd AOTURER. | nVovivfij_ ra iroad, »P i ttcr ixs Town. 4liiFP'ZSG. SV&Fl' IT 2(h.PER :A ree. MS34 • •• H V*' A roxs, | /vso_ to a hotkl^, £ Tims V tl V it-Ill(4 tiVP ^Oom^rts eJt -«:>M2iMSS3r ask. 1 L'; SSIiU-u, f- 3., Proprietor. K.B, e., fuaa Sa-id, i* -'• Jcrtiie w«. *• wait. 516 U.J.ORN" EASIER, ;JT- Ü 0 A. 0 u YV « K a it oowfe:; SWanss^ i H:\3 IT./R t- A :h'ri V-ftrx, 5^j' iwv- void <)?& -5 a Dv:¡ C»f. P-.v.tUw;. i- "eêl Amitiw '■ twil ..v"¡¡')!l; '1'iàgeJ. )2/