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1j f IMPORTANT NOTICE; | 'HE Nur-s of the World company of) V- which Lasceilos Carr, is the » Chairman) ara issuing, in conjunction with Am'i>r:can firm who have made this <isar»cter of art production a speciality, A U.MQTK WORK. i DISCBXPTIVB OF TH* k* farthlY Footsteps OF The Man of Galilee V!e are pleased to be able to say that ftoe exclusive rights tn supply this work u Swansea Town and District have been 4»cured for tho Pott. It i:j subject of i. tegret to us that we wero too late in the field to be abie to acquire the same rights r -4ft respect oi Neath air LlaneUy districts. The peautiiui productly; is presented •ftw months or preparation, the mater sJ for which bus involved •UBE KST18T IMS of the lIoly Land—two by Rev. John H. Vu; :ettt, D. [> LL.J)., and one by James Le" D.D., and Robert R M. the ceiebratekl scenic ami landscape photographer. Tho descriptive port-io n<i nf the publication arc written i] Bishop Vincent and Dr. Lee, and photo- graph* are furnished by Mr. Bain, PartI.conta,jna;\ beautifully-printed MP OF THE HOI? LASS, in eight colours, en which are traced the journeymgs of our Saviour from Bethlehem to Calvary and the iMoiuit of Olives. &1111 of his Apostles Ssig.. through As;a Minor to Creece fil* ROnlc, &ud the Archipelagic islands »■ PART 1 ALSO GOaTAISS Dr. Stephen J. Andrews' celebrated Harmony tho Gospels and sj Chronological Index, which is printed by special permission of the Author, and cannot be obtained elsewhere savo in a high-priced • f* book. .The sjxth part is now obtainable at 4019 office of the 1'isi, ill, High-street, Swansea, or of any cno of cur agents in WPraiisea and 1)istriet. gfQWmK'i'S Oi' PART 6: pSJ. fHte of Honse of Tabitha, Panorama of J*if;s. Road ù Harbour, Jaffa, -4 House of St. Peter, Jaffa. Bazaar of JaiTo. MB. Jai?», from Hotel Window. "L Mount Car,nel, 1 S. Mount tabor. ft Jenin by Early Morning Light. .;10. Bedouin Camp, jezreei. JUT, Nazareth from the East. m Street in Nazareth. Column of Nazareth. %3Mi Courtyard, English Orphan*^?. X £ » St. Mary's Weil, deeding, Nazareth, -it Bfe' *^3 meritorious Wor* consist of 24 parts. Each part -nil contain 1G illustrations, ana i* effared on nominal terms to reaoers this paper and their friends. (D GiJTalS EACH PART I ■ 2||% necessary to cut oat the Wk- appended coupon, aud forward it, 1|^ together with the necessary caah or r ataispn. COUPON. EARTHLY FOOTSTEPS OF THE MAJST OF GALIJLEK. M 4: Fo-r ocs theso Coupons, and 7Jd. in ca»h or posta^a stamps, we will oe..ver, post free, to any address in Town and District Fart 4 of our Portfolio of Photographs. I' i. If delivered at cur office, or pur- cltased of any newsagent, the price ► will 'SIXPENCE. ™ Pl^a*^ forward Portfolio No to liazD#. I Address r ij 11 LIST OF DAILY POST AGENTS. — The parts be obtainci at the head trfnea of the South n"- a.k8 Daily 211, I High-Street, Swansea, or of any one et the ttnder-mer.taoaed amenta in Swsssea and distrioi• atrs.l °y, Alfti«i<im-baUdisgs. ■J&r. Harks, Prince of W.Ues-roit'. ■hit. Wi ffigh-sa-eet. Mr. PisilBpa, C!astle-s«(tmre, K<. Maasel -stTeet nL'iU'.rt, "Wirid itrfcet. Mr. PisilBpa, C!astle-s«(tmre, )61. Maasel -stTeet nL'iU'.rt, "Wirid itrfcet. 2K r. Jenkins, Collsge-strefiu ■ ytr. i'jMaett, Oaer-surect I Mowsl! 21, Calvert-itroet. "Mi. Hv>.v«its, 23, N<;lson-*tr*t:i» jubairtcae, Whid ttrfti. i ^Ar. Crawcoar, Oxt'ord-rtrsei. ij r. Rendeli.«. I i £ r. <'>uii»aa. Jliynynx r-i oad. 7: fh. '.e« is, oeai'Uuspttal, St. Helen's-road. SouUfry, St. Thooai. Jr!r.U»Aiart«,Pott-clBe«, Upiandn. V >UkfOD. Sir, OrttJithfc 5e»tk-ro«*d. Jt s. MitdMll. Hea^-roiUi. :>.1.:(£. Gttttia2,S3»ih-rc>ail. c • Kr. Drv .eu, CiWttiijt, As., JV'ath-tt^d. Jir. T. -LAowi.. aew Coopers" Aniii JlJ". iiskn-iemm, Trinter, io. HOKBISTOV. Sir. 1. near Cburc-a. I tr. Kobcrv*, Woodtieid->tire«V j.ti Sfvinat#; 'i'He C'jods. im %V:Uiwa«, "iiv. A-i. WiCtaiWi, Wooo.fieiii-St.reet. CWTC3W i'.I A. Ori»tha, Cv Sin. liium, D), OiurmsribeiiT'jud I»E»T* M*. STOWK. I, Flo*gh-ro«o. !• MUMS LBS. ;g«a> afliet, £ ke Duaaa. ? I ) BEN EVANS & COel I j (L I M I T E D) I | ARE OFFERING GRAND VALUE' IN ALL CLASSES OF GENERAL D PtA P-U T ¡. A. i\¡ A ¡ JL' I SHOW ROOM, FANCY, AND FURNISHING GOODSo INSPECTION INVITED. I I I 1- THE 44 REX" DRAPERY COMPANY. I GRAND SPRING SHOW. SWISS. GUiPURE, AND LACE CUETAINS, 1,500 PAIRS. NEWEST DESIGNS. LARGE DELIVERY or FLOOR CLOTHS &N.D LINOLEUMS, ALL WIDTHS, FROM 2D. I CLINKING LINE—2 Yards wide painted back FLOOR CLOTH, AT Iltd- I 2661 THE CILEAL' SHOP IN COLLEGE STREET. 'I' 1- JOHN S. BROl^N Cabs lireeial attention to the facilities ha has for o^eamiag \\T > Ji i. j. KLPAiRS of any Ueseriytion all LOWEST POSKliiLfcl CHAliliEi, Cï CLE AND ENGINE FITTERS. ELECTKIC LIGHT FITTLKS, ELECTIilC & CKANK BLLL-HAlvGEliS. LOCK-BMiTHS, MOLEL MAh. Lliti. PLLMiBEiiS. bMlTHS. SMiilii METAL WOUKEiii, ^-<^4 &c., &c. LARGE COisVENIUlS'T WORKSHOPS. MODERN O.- MACEINERY. HIGH-CLASS TOOLS Prompt attention to all Orders. Fully I Deisiled Eytiinaies and Plans at any description o' WROUGHT AND CAST-JRON WORK. ELECTRIC WORE, OR WROL I PLUMBING, FUEE OF CHARGE. JOHN S. BROWN, OXFORD STREET. SWANSEA. 26.)1) tCA-RBOTROINr PORTABLE STOVES. For which neither CHIMNEY nor FLUE is Required. Fuel barns without SMOKE, SMELL, or FUMES. May be seen in use at MORGAN BEVAN & SONS, 24, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA. 153 t ..i'j & S W 1-J S !7- -,e\. j io ALEXANDRA RDL I ■" j CLEARANCE SALE OF WATERPROOFS. I MAN SGHESTEE, I 6 & 6A, i CASTLE-STREET. SWANSEA (Opposite Post Office). THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN TOWN OF INDIA RUBBER TOYS, DOLLS, ANIMALS, &c. 176 KITCHEN DRESSERS From each. STRONG AND SERVICEABLE. EASY TERMS OF PURCHASE. I F. C. Eddershaw, 19. HIGH-STREET. I GO TO D7, 0XF0RD^T<<y$6^ FOB tHKAP NEW PATTF.BSS "p l^D- PISC11* Al«y a Irtrgfi ciiiantity of Odd Lots, very ehi;:f p. 2664 Have onr BOOTS TO MEASURE by A. ABBOTT, he Boot must be made to the Foot, and Dot the Foot to the Boot. I 1 I t3 I Effect of trearingbad I fitting boots. N- Stu-al foot, 27, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA, I Wnohas had even 26 years1 practical experi enec, and has made the anatomy of the foot his special study, THE "DAILY POST PRINTING WORKS, 211, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA The Proprietors of the I I Eiaily Post," baving completed extensive aiterataoas to their Premises, added to their stock of kypes, mwliineryand plant generally, aiM prepared toexte JOB PRINTING of every kind. POSTERS, HANDBILLS, NOTEHEADS, PROGRAMMES, CARDS, TICKETS, BILLHEADS, MEMORANDUMS, ENVELOPES, PAMPHLETS, BALANCE SHEETS, CIRCULARS, Ths fttteotioa of &f AKtJFACTtnUtRS, MEaCHAUTS, Tr.Apr.& HEW, SECRETAKISA OF CLVE, SOCSEMM, BAZJUJKS, AND EKTSETA<N*EKTS, and aii who require Printing of any kind, is called to the fact that work which foi neatness and display will coenmeBd itself, ean now be-executed &tabor-t-setica THE DAILY POST PRINTING WORKS, 211, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA SUNDAY SERVICES. JgT. ANDREW'S CHURCH. TO-MOREOW, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24. REV. W. E. SHAW Will preach at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. WALTER ROAD CONGREGATIONAL if CHURCH. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24. Rsv. EVAN JENKINS (Pastor) I Will preach at 11 a,ir aud 6.30 p.m. ST. PAUL'S "CONCREGATIONAL CHURCH. MISSIONERY SERVICES. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, FEB. 24, 1895, Sermons will be preached in the Morning by REV. H. J. GOFFIN. of Kadiri, India, In the Evening by REV. H. T. ANDREWS, B.A. fnHE SWANSEA AND MUMBLES X RAILWAYS, LIMITED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tbat the SECOND OiiBJNARY GENERAL MEET- ING oi the Proprietors of THE SWANSEA and MUMBLES RAILWAYS, LIMITED, will be held at the OfScea oi' the Company, 2, RutJarid-strset, Swansea, on MONDAY, the 25th day of February, 1895, a.t Eleven a.m. o'cloek, for the transaction of the General Business of the Company. JOHN J. JENKINS, Chairman. E. A. WATKINb, Secretary. 2, Rutland-street, Swansea, ¥eb. 15, 16S5. 1 1 MAYPOLE BUTTER AT SUMMER PRICES, ONE SHILLING PER POUND. 1/- Ih 1/- MARGARINE FIVE PENCE PER POUND, 5d. 5d. 5d. MAYPOLE DAiRY CO., 207A, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA, 81, Oxford Street. I I i RHYS THOMAS' NEW MARKET I PREMISES. QWILYM j^VANS' QUININE jglTTERS Q^WILYM gVANS' QUININE JglTTERS IS A VALUABLE REMEDY FOR ALL WINTER AILMi-NTS. BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA. COUGHS AND COLDS. SHORTNESS OF BREATH, NEURALGIA, GENERAL WEAKNESS, LOW SPIRITS, NERVOUSNESS, I INDIGESTION, I INFLUENZA. QWILYM j^VANS'QUININE gITTERS ij U D THE VEGETABLE TONIC PRESCRIBED BY DOCTORS, RECOMMENDED BY ANALYSTS, APPROVED BY CHEMISTS, PRAISED BY EVERYBODY. 0WILYM pVANSQUININE JjlTTERS Beware of imitations. See the naroe of Gvviiym Evans" on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. Sold in Bot.tics at Is. l^d., each. Sole Pro;)ri(t.,rs- QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPAN Y (LIMITED^ LLANELLY, SOUTH W ALES. 2000 .I A WIDOW'S SACRIFICE. EEH ASKABLE STORY FROM LLANStLF, A pathctic story has gene the rounds of th-i-s dû; trict, whites a JLlaaeily reporter, i* wUeb a poor ■ widovr, at. the.a^trancod age of 78, of the name of -»argaretJM,.)iTiug ati\ oot-tage, as Bryu- i awr, near St. Dane's Coffiery, LlaDelly, who tor 20J • years lns.-bee&a.eDartyr to-great weaknemand dropsy, t" <l«priving her of the use of her general strength. SRwi eTeotuatly became a perfect cripple, and tstiied to 1,.eRW her rooms. The aeightours Meistml her ia • eiserjrway"tI*oy oOOitL In.thiutiaw she detennioed j toO apply1'or parish reliaf^and the Ren«rous GU!I;n:}jn3 ^ilcn»ed lior 2s. 6a. a week, wh had U) pay rent and food for tevero days. HBT doctor had utterly failed to. ive her any reiifC in way of medicine. She had, cpeat pounds on 01\6 thing and another, and at last broke down. Nothing to £1.0 her- good this side of the .g¡1\1"f'. OriK motnmg passed over with 11. small silver liKingin a friend teilling her to. try and get a 2s, Sd. bottle of Morel's Sovran. IIow conld she get it, and only 2s. £ d. a week. At laii., a girat, J 6lLcrffice, NW bought one, and then isnud a true friend-her troub;e left her. her gena, her cr\itch put, awwy. tSfce can now Tvafk and have a look- ronnd, and go to.her chapel, whi.-Jh she has not been able to cio ifor many years. Anyone who doubte thia story, go or write to WIDOW THOM/VS. Brynmav/r. n^ar Bryn. I Ax Sold by all Cheiai*ts, lind 48. tit. per bottle, or from MOREL S DEPOT, LLANELLY Poat-Cree. 2.101. "GUINEA" HAMPERS, ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE THE BEST VALUE IN THE MARKET. No. 4 CONTAINS— 1 Bot. Celebrated "Excelsior" I Highland Whiskey. 1 "Peari Irish Whiskey. 1 Royal Pale Sherry. No 5. 1 „ Very Old Port. No, 6 1 Finest Very Old Cognac. M.Bros. I 1 Champagne, Sparkling MoselIe» or Hock. Other asJcrtirentB nsoy he substituted. Will-fce forwarded. Carriage Prid, to any Railway Station. MARGRAVE BROS., I