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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



J iOl-IN S. B R O WN I-AS ENGAGED A THOROUGHLY EFFICIENT U (J It K I N G C U T L E R And j>a„ at great expense put down an ENTIRELY y"\ xuw PI^ANT, CO>3ivri.\ of .X 4 h.P. GAS HNGINE. J ^POCKET KNIVES JBIGH-CLASB C. RIND IMG, POLISH IN, />% and FINISHING MACHINES, GROLND, Buitabie t'er turning oat every descrp. ^wiT^Ne"^BLADES fconof CtJTLEKY REPAJRS X Wllii JN^VY |r. the best possible tn»Dt>.r a yl<k SCISSORS LOWEST CHARGES. GROUND AND SET. RAZORS FLAT OR HOLLOW GROUND. K FABLE CUTLERY Rift GR00XVU;P0LISHE0, and REPAIRED. YjT j <Si Wf <&. s WS °* f,ry Description %J? SHARPENED AND RE-SET. OX TOOLS CROL-NU. X UiriCHEHS TOOLS GROUND. -lOll.N >. I'.ISOWN, SWANSEA. •PA 1.K AND MILD ALES AND STOUT. IN CASK AND BOTTLE. 1 **• —t £ f > ■- 1—x«Tx"XHFr:zifsc?— —^ »r^» J <9 ttGUDcrf -— d ¥ X IN ALL Totilos- < OFFICES STOTI-S- 10, NELSON-STREET. SWANSEA MANAGLK GEO. BELL. T. 1.1-. PANK MATTER, HOSIER, AND GENTS' OUTFITTER, Is now showing a choice selection of WHITE .-a FANCY 81:D111K" <<!<*< ). In all the Newest Cloths, CRICKETING SHIRTS in sizec,. up to 18 inches. J .ü'¡ ) \1 L' J I.! l" ) 1&'1'8. ,r<AT r A T> •■■■■MMnMBMMnRSMsiaBnwflwnnaanra New shapes up to 18 inches. Sii v A VY H A 1 S All the newest designs for the Season. .4o.A.g- J.H P. Special Value. k> () ALL FUR HAT ° ° f Ina!I tho Newest Shapes and Colours. À- ONLY ADDRESS, 1« HIGH-STREET. NEAR ROYAL HOTEL 966 i TENNIS AND CRICKET SEASON, 1895. .„ THE LARGEST STOCK OF TEXXTS AND CRICKET GOODS I» 1 N '1 O W N. SEE WINDOWS. SEE WINDOWS, SPECIAL TERMS FOR CLUBS AT C. MANSCHESTER, WATERPROOF GARMENT MANUFACTURER. 9 6 6, CASTL,E-STREET$• TEMPLE-STREET, SWANSEA r TO-DAY'S PARIS & LONDON FASHIONS, MAY, 1895. Beq 6vans <§. LIMITED. BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE NOW MAKING AN UNPRECEDENTED SHOW OF FASHIONS. NOVELTIES, AND NEW GOODS, BEING the OUTCOME of a SPECIAL VISIT to the PARISIAN and LONDON- MARKETS. Every care and attention have been bestowed upon the purchase of the very best good's which, in every instance are the most recent productions in Costumes Millinery, Mantles, Laces, Dress Fabrics, Silks, Washing Dress Materials, &c- It is certain that such a selection as will be exhibited will meet with universal approbation, and that the means adopted to so promptly introduce into South Wales i the latest Novelties oi the Season, will be general y appreciated. A VISIT IS THEREFORE RESPECTFULLY AND CORDIALLY INVITED. SWANSEA, MAY, 1895. I THE I;AAI)F(M;I» WAKEHOUSE COMPY, 22, WATERLOO-STREET. SWANSEA. A FEW SPECIAL LINES IN DRESS MATERIALS TO BE CLEARED to make room for more Goods. A SPECIAL LINE OF ALL-WOOL DOUBLE WIDTH FRENCH FOU, LE Ci.OTH. In 20 different Shades. These will be sold at Sid per yard until cleared out, the usuul price being Is 3id per yard. Altri a splendid line in French Merinos. 44m. wide, is 2d per yard, usual price Is gid per vard. ————— [3035 ALL OTHER GOODS SOLD AT WHOLESALE PRICE AND CUT TO ANY LENGTH. u -1\ V i E s, UNDERTAKER. AND COMVJuk'lJi FUN bliAL t CRNISHER, ADULTS FUNERALS. ,i 1st Class, with Best Glass-,ide Hearse, Two Best Coaches and Pairs to Match, Stout Ehi; Shell, full- lined, and Satin-trimmed Kobe, breach Poiished outside Oak Co^ia, with Best Brass Furniture, £ Ia borate Breast Plate (engraved). Bearers, and self- i attendance £ 11 11 0 Ditto, as above, without Shell and K-arers 8 a 0 Ditto FrenchI'oiUhed'Elm Goftiri and Bia?s Fumiture. Full-lined and Kobe, Glass-side Sheliibier, and Fiy„ 5 0 C Ditto Kim Polished Coffin, w itli Eleciro- Ditto Kim Polished Coffin, w itli Eleciro- 1 lrass Furniture, Sheliibier, and Fly 4 0 0 Class 11 Do. „ Do 3 5 Ci No Extra Charg* for Use or Pails. &e. Only Practical Workmen Employed. 8, PRINCE OF WALES-ROAD. I j (OPPOSITE EMPIRE), b WAN SKA. [2394 I WILLIAM COPUS, ST. HELENS STEAM MARBLE A-fl) MONUMENTAL WORKS, Opposite Hopitai) I ST. KE LENS-ROAD. SWANSEA Monuments and Headstones, Inscriptions in Imperishable Letters; Enamelled, Slate and Marble Chimney Pieces. 1843 SPECIAL WHITSUNTIDE SHOW. RHYS THOMAS I Is now Showing some very Choice NOVELTIES IN MILLINERY Having only just returned from the Marlots with Correct Styles. Our prices are as usual Strictly Moderate. I NOVEL-TIES IN CHILDREN'S DRESS. MILLINERY, OVERALI S, PlMAFOREsj &e. A Special Line in Ladies White Skirts! three rows Fortion Lae, at 2s. 114d 3s. lid; I 4S, lid. 81, OXFORD-STREET, OPPOSITB MARKET, AD 51, OXFORD-STREET, BY vA-i'ovAf, srKoor.. 1689 DELICIOUS FKESH. PURE. NEW GRASS. NEW GRASS. MAYPOLE BUTTER REDUCED TO 10D lOD. PER IB. 10D. IUD. OUR CELEBRATED DANDAR MARGARINE 5D.. f>D. PER LB. 5d. 5v. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., 207A. HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. [1551 THE SWANSEA AND DISTRICT MASTER-BAKERS ASSOCIATION. NOTICE. On and after MONDAY. THE 20TH INST., And until further notice, the Retail Price of BREAD WILL BE 4rll>. AND £ >D. PER 4LB. LOAF. -ir SWANSEA, May 16th, 1895. ODDFELLOWS A.MC. FETE & (jÂL-L VICTORIA PARK. SWANSEA. WHIT-MONO AY. T 11, Committer which has arranged for this grand Fete and Gala hail spared no expense in providing a programme which has nev-j been beaten in the Princi- iali;v, In addition t-;> the THREE LATELLES, whose fijHt? •>: the hi^b-t'upc excel even those ot the teuowned BLONDlNi they have arranged a great BRASS BAND CONTEST. for which £35. Gold Medals, &c., have been provided aspi-izes. The entries for this contest already include the famous bands oi LLANELLY, MORRTSTON, FERNDALE, BLAINA, YSTALYFERA, A B E R TIL,I,Elif, YSO W YRORWEN, PONT- LOTTYN, ABERTILLERY TEMPER- ANCE, PONTARDAWE. &c.. and a grand competition can be relied upon. The test piece selected is the celebrated Ciiuj Mars,' Gounod's choicest and most telling work. The victorious band will receive £ 20, and tbe conduct!-■ will get. a gold medal; the second j.rue is;CIO; third, £ o; and there is a silver medal for the beat cornet soloist. The leading judge of England, Mr. J. O. Sheppard, will be the adjudicator. There will also be th, rurtiier Special Attraction A G reat, MALE VOICE COMPETITION. FIRST PRIZE. tO); SECOND PRIZE, ZI(t IVith a Silver mounted B tton and iI. Gold Medal for the Conductors of the Winning Parties, and F"ur Silver Medals for the best Quartette. The test. piece is "The Martyrs of the Arena." Fotir Pariie= to compete, or no second prize given. Knlries close May,23rd. Adjudicator, Mr. Pri,:e,,Uerthyr Tydfil, During the afternoon and evening there will also be presented oil the Fete Grouud, free of cost to all spectators, a Magnificent Entertainment bv ACROBATS, GYMNASTS, COMIC VOCALISTS, JUGGLERS, &c., under the pertcnal supervision of MR. ALFRED MONTGOMERY, the world-renowned Variety Agent who, with his company of Leading Ai tisies, £ a* been engaged at enorm us co^t The following is only a portion of his brilliant programme:- ZAMO AND AIMO CLOVETTI, Doublt Horizontal Bar Performers. ALABAMA COONS, Negro Comedians and Dancers. M, DE GRIEVE, The Celebrated Juggler and Magician. DA VILLAr The Most Daring Wire-walker of th? Day. 'I'H,<; BROTHERS LEVINO,' Marvellous Contortionists and Acrobats, &c., &c. MISS LENA GROVES, Seric-Comic Vwalist and Danseuse. THE ROYAL PUNCH & JUDY SHOW, Which has appeared at Windsor Cattle before the Queen and the lioyal Family. AND MANY OTHER ARTISTES. The whole will conclude at 9.i0 p.m., with a brilliant display of FIREWORKS. iSothiagto equal this Pyrotechnic Show has ever been witnessed in Wales. It includes FINK POU TRAITS, each 30ftby 20ft, of the Mayor of Swsusea, Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn, Bart., Sir John Jones Jenkins, Knight, Councillor James Jones, J.P., the grand- master, of Swansea, and upwards of 100 SET PIECES, Rockets, Baloons, etc., by Wells, of London. A GRAND PROCESSION Ot 20.0UC Friendly and Trade Society Members, with innumerable Banners and Bauds, will march round the town to the Fete and Gala at Eleven a.m. DANCING IN THE EVENING. Refreshments and Booths of all Descriptions, Round- abouts, Shows, ac., in large numbers, will be on the ground, and arrangements have been made with the best caterers of the district tc supply refreshments at moderate prices For full particulars re the letting of portions of the around for roundabouts, shows, refreshment tents, small stalls, £ c.. apply to MR. W. J. MORRIS. Ty Melyn, Hotel, Lianeily, early as possible to avoid disappointment, ADMISSIUN BY TICKET, wbic;" can be purchased near he various entrances at Is. each. Prior to May 28tb tickets may be had at half-price everywhere. GATES OPEN at 11.30. CHEAP EXCURSION I TRAINS from all parts. For times and fares see ) Railway Company's Bills 3030




MONDAY, MAY 20, 1895. --_------__------.----_-_-


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