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I IT. I uI.,O S i I l\f. SbA,O TAr l\/ S. 1'1' IIIGJI-CL.SS j ..L-, i II. I JELLIES and BOTTLED FRUITS. I W?'n?? INBiSOWN T1Pf1? ??WF T?AV M&?.i?i? PRESERVE WORKS i.Al? O??i? ??..1 AS THE FTIUIT IS GATHERED. LIPTON is a large Fruit Grower in Kent (the Fruit Garden of England). AW. KINDS g SPF.CIA r.ITY. g NLW SEASO.VS jfcj E B 1113^ Morella Cherry & Apricot. H JAMS AND JJJLLIBS | P | V DELICloTsT g | NOW HEADY. || 8 9 TRY IT. 58 ^ESB&EBSi VSSX^EBSSM JAMS and JELLIES made from I FRESHLY GATHERED ENGLISH FRUITS I TS Can be absolutely relied upon. I TilTS is why LIPTON'S Jams and Jellies are g j ] SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS, g II '¥8J(.'('i}' I Hn;'A.S .Vr:S lIe:'o'e n') need !Jow to tr,Hhle m:lkin:! Jams and .Te1li"wben equ:J.l in JJ ni i L e I<: ry le¡:;ec to hOlue made can be ;u:-(:ha.<;ed. trom If LIP TON AT LOWEST PRICES. I ,I, ,I LIP" TON VItUIT (}!.)'VER, f' h. E N 1. I i PRESERVE WORKS BERMOXDSEY, LOX DON. Iii IOCAL IUtAXCHES :-SwanSé: ARCADE .i3ULDl'C: High.street. Cardiff: ST. l\I.1!.Y-ST8EET ¡next door to the 'fneatl';J Royal), aut! HIGII-STRRIH. Llanúlly: II 8, STEPXEY-SI'BJ.:li:T. Bnstol: 'VI<F.-ST1:EEl'. Branches Everywhere, and Agencies throughout the World. [3403 SPECIAL LINES AT WETi BLmiBMHJRm STORES J O HN DAVIE'il I REGISTERED n F. i-I. THE t:,1t f'¡: Ui RPQ <c. TRAUE MAP-KS ACT. I Q 1T" I T" I T" E B T r[' rr T' D S I ) 'i .1'1 ..t .D u, THE FAVOURITE TONIC. I ForIXDIG rSTION, F!.ATCLi:XCK, HEADACHE, TOKPiD LIVKK, and INACTIVE KIUNISYS highly recommended to ali sufi'riug from IMPURE BLOOD, LOSS OF APPETITE DEBILITY, NKttVOUS DEPRESSION, AGUE, NEURALGIA, and DIM KKSS OF SIGHT. An extraordinary Remedy for SLEEPLESSNESS and OVEKWOIiK. Prepared only by JKÐ. DAVIES, M.P.S.. at the Laboratory, O, High-street. Swansea. See that i ha iled Dragon is on the Label. None genuine without. Ie. and 2s. per bottle. WILLIAMS' PONT AED AWE WORM LOZENGES, Is. l/.d. and 2s. 9(1., o; zll Chpn^ist*. NO MOinr GKKY flkltt. THE RICHMOND II A I K EXTRACT. Patronised bv the Medical Profession. I?efrpshiiigaiictharn,e,,s.irt,e from Creas(- and Dve f;tils t,, "ESTOILBGI,EYIIAIII, t,) its natll'ra culnn snd beallty without staining the skin. Froprieio. J, DAVIES, Chemist, etc., 30, High- .?rrcct, Swansea. Is. 6d, per V>ti,Le tor Is. 3d. EXT R A C T 0 F HERBS, FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HERB OR BOTANIC BEER. This Preparation is a highly-concentrated Extract 01 Hops. 1 arrow, Dandelion, Horehouud, &c., and ina^es a ienii er.nice Beverage, adapted tor any Unic- oi the year. £ .1. Lotc.'fs 4^d, C II I, O li"o DYNE, Bit. and Is. per boitie, restorative for the haip, Tke stfmir.ihle. properties of tuU article in jmn-ediateiy the Han- from tailing off when arising from iiuiess or other causes, and re-establish ing its growth, only requires a single trial to prove I its efheaey. It. 1.* ;LiYo strongly recommended for cleansing and removing dandruff from the roou of the Han-, Is. per hott'e. THE MIXTURE FOR DIAERHiEA As recommended by the Benrd of Health Is. 6d, bottle f ct- it. TOOTH-LASE, THE -Nr,, IV FOR TOOTHACHE 7id. botlli; for 6d. let. SUPERIOR 3.1. GINGER BEER POWDER. ? T? A V8 ?i' ? ?T ?? ?.i?A? Ai'j??lv?.i_ .0. CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 3J, HIGH-SI., SWANSEA. GOODS SOLD AT STOKE PRICES. 81, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA, RHV uIiOilIAS g I if !I II Is this w('e; CLEARING the < TT -> 1D If IT S S 71' 0 C T;[ .> lJ t .l.l..J 1'110.. ov su-imEt, GOODS 'A' AT AN L,'?'Tit REDIUCT-io?N?, INSPECTION INVITED. ( UNLIMITED VARIETY. ALSO 51, OXFORD-STREET. [1689 TEETH \TEETH /?? r' ? !?QQnH\. /?9 ?: ?t ?r?U'Sx SURGEON DENTIST, \? ? 2, DYT?VORPL.AC? SWANSEA. (rr:<ssrr« vrw kicher gsai>k uohoom] 25 Years' Kxi>erienco—Hi as dentist wiU K-'a'l, Swansea. FiTXLXm EXTRACTIONS WITH GAS, Bflti Woefenni::ehip, Material, and Fu guaranteed. y \TI||^y«lM» T/y-k from 5s. p«r Tooth daily i'ror^ 10 taaiil Ail Vraa. S^rsni^ /T&KT& C 0 L E M A N'S ? ? ? ?"- '? t E3 ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? '— ?. OR T R A L,-i. P,,r &!EAT A?JD E "i i,;fN E T![(-L;SAN; TESTI?VO?NTALS 'dell. Al.5 A havt; en U\.illdp(,. prli4 attics, Z*. f<i. and 4s. ft!everywhere. j Sole MiUJiifaet.'ir'jrs: j scut, Post Fieo on receipt of^ 33 Wtotui t 26oCi Jymfti' —T>. L- Evans, chemist, Walter >n:i3sci 1'aylor & Co., Litn.ted j Isaac Street; H. U. Low-' «vt»b;«; J. T. Davie?, 13 and 14 j -$?>»•«a. fc?vrae«ea. ( ^B«SE3«Me I EXCELSIO.R SCOTCH WHISKY. We hava examined analytically the blend of Scotch YV hisky. and find it to ba unusually pure, OL excellent flavour, and well matured. ReeoiriHiended with confidence as a safe and palatable stiiaulaHu for the sick and con- valescent." — Fracliiioner, Edited by T. Laxzhz BRL.vtox, M.D., LL.D., &-c. SOLE PROPRlETOltS- MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY. "Perfection of Blended Whisky."— Lancet" EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. "RecomrnenJed. with confidence as a Stimulant for iSick and Convalescent: Practitioner." I1 I j\. Is O S AND ALL OTHER i. MUS I C J l ISSTRUMENTS, J. BRADER & SONS. OXLV ADDR.BS3— 8 & 9, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. [Established 1840. List FRE E. J [3291 The 11IGHT-W IllTER" is the ;:r £-h' .ç: "l.'7 :;X0}' p. i311 L t.? GS-, -'«'f,"o- ,G. II !<t\l:' iÜJ\f 1'1 i,.t.t- ;p I, ,;y- <.f 'y:ÄYÁ7" WILLIAMS TYPEWRITER, a Machine of the II;«hcsfc Standard, w!iich is now ta.iin^a leading position wherever it is known. H.M, Government have adopte.t it, and arc ordering duplicates, for use in various Departments. Kngineers and educated expert3 use and recommend the Williams. It possesses the ioadmgfeatures oi' other writing in; chines, will do all that anv of tbem claim to do, and with lev, trouble and The lines and word, .m-lndinp tha lasUetter always in sight. The Inking: is direct from Lioutiniiayin;; tit(i e-cpeii?;,ve rib),)oi)s. A lvriwto! for (:,tLtio,-ue, .1 IWiLUflSSS TYPEWRITER OOMPY, FOR EUROPE, 21, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. G: C. WADE. SELLING As T, 3,MOI:NT TCEET, SWAXSEA. ::S154 ARTIFCIAL TEETH. 2Ir. CLAUDE BUNDY can be Calf- svLTr.D DAILY from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and is prepared to Supplv SINGLE TEETH. OF.; UPPER or LOWER SETS, 20s. BEST QUALITY, 4s. cacli; UPPER or LOWER SETS, £ :> 5s. OD. Guaranteed for I'iyo Years. American and Higher Clasfi Work at Equally Proportionate Prices, EXTRACTIONS Is.; PAINLESS (by gas)5s A I-AL? 1,?, Al,,??,Yj GOLD asd ENAMEL STOPPINGS CAREFULLY INSERTED, Note chanrie of address and be sure of the number: 53, HIGH-STREET, SWANSE A. (T i L-C Grand Hotel), FUR BOAS, FUR TIES, FUR COLLARETTES, &c, AT SUMMER PRICES. ="I- I BEN EVANS & COe, LIM I TED, _Hl .L .IL:.J Have just secured for PROMPT CASH, at a Dig Discount off Cost or Manufacture, an EXCEPTIONALLY CHOICE LOT OB" R'E°L1fA B°LE FURS ??'s3= ?????eS??9????B!S? -S- ?? ?W?B?? From the BEST FURRIERS in the WORLD. ANI) A.ItE KO'V 01?}E.R L\( TIlE SA_l\IE I AT MOST ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES. B. E. and CO. anticipate, a smart clearance of the above at tlie EIiIl LOW QUOTATIONS at which they are marked, as at no time of the year are FUR BOAS, FUR TIES, and FUR COLLARETTES more needed than at present, when the mornings and evenings are so chilly. Ali FURS SOLD by B. E. and CO. are OUAKANTEEI) to WEAK WELL. SWANSEA, AUGUST, 1895. LAST DAYS SALE. GOODS at HIVING AWAY PRICES. THE REX DRAPERY CO., COLLEGE-STREET. OPENING OF NEW PREMISES, 33. WATERLOO-STREET. SWANSEA. ll—'IIUIIBWIHH 'IF 11 II1 HiiIHIIH1 illllBiMlrfl 11| H rii I1 ARTISTIC FURNITURE. fl"t Messrs. Ha Freedman & Son Beg to inform the Public that they have completed their New Premises, which are now replete with a Stock of Thoroughly c? y Artistic -r?-v? A ?'?n?'?? Tr?/?\??'?T' ir\T?T'Tri\T? Tr&/??\?? ?-rir? DRAW j.? C-ROOM. DID. 1? G-ROOM? AND BEDROOM FURNITURE. in Designs embracing o o CHIPPENDALE, LOUIS X "V SHERATON, and Modern Styles. An Inspection of our Showrooms will be esteemed a favour. We can confidently state that this class of Furniture has never before been shown in Swansea to any extent. MODE]RJNr FURNITURE. We hold a Large Stock of Thoroughly Well-finished Dining-room and Bedroom Furniture, made of sniM Mahogany, Oak and Walnut. Every article is guaranteed to last. We invite com- parlson 01 prIces. Uur Prices arc based on Cash Sales, as \ve do not do a Ifjl'C SVStE'lU tr/f\ (.1_, ,4, wy.WHr^m-wi.fw-TTnaWrpcn J NOTE THE ADDRESS: IIYMAN FREEDMAN AND ?D? '?- ? 23, WATERLOO STREET, SWANSEA. 8U!ZI I Ai\.TTlí\TTE 0 1T ANTD -If" ARQ1'-Ti'T E-:]\\T 1.' l;J .11-Ä ..L.l ll.l..11. j l J.I. FUENITURE. \.J 1- J- e -————————————— ¿ BUNGS, SHIVES, AND SITS FOR CHEMICAL WORKS AND OIL AND GREASE WORKS. CORKS, SHIVES, SPILLS, AND BUNGS FOR BREWERIES. J. BAILEY, CORK AND BOTTLE MERCHANTS. 9, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, SWANSEA. 3417 WOOLS, WORSTEDS, AD KNITTED HOSIERY, DIRECT FrotHr OUR OWN MILLS. FLEMING, RE1 J) and CO., SPINNERS and MANUFACTURERS, The WORSTED MILLS, GREENOCK, have Opened a Branch of the SCOTCH WOOL & HOSIERY STORES A-t 7, OXFORD-STREET. SWANSEA. For the sale of the Celebrated CREENOCK WOOLS & KNITTED HOSIERY AXD SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS. These Goods are well-known and largely used in every town in Scotland and England. Patterns and Price List supplied free. Other 70 branches in the principal Scotch and Eugnsh towns. 3401 M WEDDING PINGS, S GO TO I BROUGHTON'S. HTUH NOTED WLDDIN'G lilSd CHOpi H y Siop HyiKid ara Fodrw-yau Prioebaol. IS Isi, HIGH STREET, tj WANS EA/f (Opyotite Do\»u and Son.; D A V I E S, UNDERTAKER AND CoairLiilji l'U.rŒHAl.. iTJKNISHEB, ADULTS ~F~U NERALS, 1st Class, with Dest Glass-<ide Hearse, Two Dest C(¡::ehes and Pairs to l\Iatcb, í:)ttmt }:lrll Shell, full- Ililled' ¡¡Del Satin-trimn!ed Hob!), Polished oütside Ok Co!fia, with 13est 131<s" Furniture, ElabÚrdt lkeast l'Jate (eJlgraved), .lica.rers, and ::ielf- ¡attendal1 ce £11 11 0 I Ditt". as alxwe, v. itho\it Sheil an,lllearers ö:3 0 Ditto 1'1/'ncb PoiishrdEun Coffin acd lIrass I l'u rnit Ure. }<'u 11- Jil1t'd Rl1d H<>be, G lass-ide Sbd:ilJier, aad l"ly. 5 0 O. Ditto }j;JITJ l'líhed Coffin, wi.tu blecl.rù- "rass l!urniture, Sbel1ibier, and }'lv 4 0 0 2nd Class" Do. Do. ;) I;j 0 No Extra Charge for Use of Palls. &c. Only i radical Workmen Employed. F, PKJNCE OF WALES-ROAD, t (OPPOSITE LMPIKE), sw A:N:5EA. [2894 riJRNISHING IRONMONGERY. 28TH ANNUAL SALE Commencing JULY 25th to AUGUST 25th Â'l' S. CRAPPERS, 16, HEATHFIELD STREET, SWANSEA. lo PER CENT. will be allowed off all Purchases as on prerion* occasions, bein? a tnore satisfactory system than remarking. TImMS: CASH ON OR BEFORE DELIVER Y XOTE.O.ur usual plain marked pnee: j remam on all goods for I guidance. :38J IÅYPOLE DAIRY COMPAV'I MAYPOLE BUTTER .l1d. Ib: MAYPOLE BUTTER nd. pr lb. DELICIOUS, FRESH, AND PURE. CHOICEST BUTTER IN THE yORLD. MARGARINE .5d. per lb. MARGARINE 5a per ik Superior to that sold elsewhere a<6<ii. and 8d, per lb. MAYPOLE DAIIV: CO., 07A, HIGH-STREET. 5WANSEA I [1551 BOOKS BOOKS I GC 10 MOORE'S GREAT BOOK JJART 11, ALEXANDRA ARCADE, I FOR BOOK BARGAINS suf TON'S Marble, Str lIe, Granite, and Slate Works, ST. nELE3 ROAD, SWANSEA Manufacturers of MONU NTS, HEADSTONES '-1' TOMBS, &c. Desir. and Trices on Application. CORFS, BOTTLES, DISKS, AND WIRE (ALSO BOXES), FOR MINERAL WATER BOTTLERS. Everything in stok ready for immediate delivery. I J. RAIEEY, I CORK & BOTTLE MERCHAKT 9, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, 3417 SWANSEA. _1 A WIDOWS SACRIFICE. r.F.MAItlv'Aiir.E hTOltY FROM LLANELLT. A patlietic stery has ffona tha rouaJ- of this dis 1 Diet, writes a l.lunelly re^rt^r, in which a poor ^ the advanced nK, of 73, of the nam. of Maigniet Thomas, livinK »ta cottage known as JJ, vn uiawr, near Si. David's Coiliery, Llanelly, w ho lor20 f"'3 ,Kls to «(rtra.tweakn«n anrtdrowv i.cpriviri,: h-r of the use of her geueral uticngih Sh« eventually became a t.fcr/e« cripp?,, and failea to eavo hei recms. 'j he ncighU>uri a4si.sted Oer in «ve.y way 1h..y could. lu thu .he d^rniiaed 1«. ni-ply toi parish lelief, and the generous Guardians allows h«r &. 6d. a week, which had to pay rent and food fur teven Her doctor haa utterly failed Lo «ivo her any relief in way of medieiiie. Sh« l>a^ M ontpoundi on one thing and auothe. and at l*ast br, ke dowa. NcUlÎng to do her good this side of the Kinve. One !„d ,-a«ed over witha snia M.vt-v lining in a fii< nd tclllnj; her to try and Pet a ^ «.:v,au. How couid ,,ct it i»u( niy i«. (0. a v eck. At Jart, after a <-reat ►aci dice, tLe bcu^ht one, and then found a "true liieiul—her troubles left her, hsr paim gons her milch rut away, Elle cau now walk and have a look .cum!,and to her chapel, which :.he has not been > h!e to du formally years. Anyoue ivhi doutJt this story, go or write to WIDOW THOMAS, Uryninawr, near Bryn, LI:1.11Hy. Fold by aJl Chemists, 2s. Sd. and 4s. 6d. per hott.e, or li oai MOREL S DEPOT, LI.A.KELLY EXCURSIONS. THK "ALEXAN I)R A" (Uniw the Comraand of Captain J. Thomas), having a full Home trade Cartilicate, and th.; onls' Steady Boat ni the Bristol Channei, having no list Cvha.teve/ reple.e with every accommodation for the com.'ortof lussengers, m wev, as well hs hne wtjather, will run MARINE EXCURSIONS As under (wind. weather, and other circumstances I pcrmittilJi;J from Üw W1ŒT Pl}l WEDNESDAY, August 30, 3.3') a.m.. LFNDY IST.A N 1) I)ireC t. retH rning frolil I.uudy 4_30 p.m, TH UHSDAY, AUgUEt 22,8.30 a.m., lLf'HACú.MB and Ll;N flY ISLAND, !'cturning frow Lundy 5 p.' Ilfraeombe 7p.m, }'HIl)A'(. August. 23, 7.Wa.m., ILPRAC')Mn. T. YN:Mu ('TH, returning from I.ynrnouth f Ilfracoml)(' b lI.m. SAlT ¡{VA Augnst 24, 7 a.m. sharp, to' ret,urning from WctOJ1 6 p.m. Re.fl'l'shruents at modera1.e pl'iees maJ (lJl hoan" Please eroes the Bridge at I for tLle Alexandra Wharf, West Pier. Scason Ticket,s, £1 Is.; Ladies'. be obtaiaed at the Utliees, 15, C Nan- 8til.. -"no P- OCJ(E'l'i' S BRIS'l { ,{N b:L STEAl\ P ACF (:U. :L'D. Pieasure S..iJjngs of the nger Htea01- ship BT"T( OT .L\; .1.. '1 ..l.. TO IL' T ''¡I}JE & ..l' ..J.L.a. '.J.:t. _& C. For Fa¡'es, etc. a.nd fo!' Particulars of CHEAP EX- CUHSIONS to DARNSTAl'LB. BlDEFOlW, r!'ORUŒGTON, EXW1'lŒ, PLY:MOUTH. etc., see niIls. WEDSESDAY, August 21st, 8.15 a.m., ILI"HA COlllBE and CLOVELLY. 1'HUP.SDA Y, August 22nd. 8.15 a.m. (Good Tem- I p]an and :l'ütal Ab,ti¡¡el1ec ('eietÎl'' Annual EXCUl' I slQn,) IL I"I{ACO)Œl,; ann. LY1\'}fOPTli; 7-30 p.rn. Gntnd MO'J;'Ii-l.IGHT 'i'HIP. Fare, 1. 1<'JUDAY .lIgust 23l'd, 3.15a.m" lLPHAC OMBE and CLOVEl.J.Y. SATUHIL\Y, August. 24th,8.1Sa.m., ILFHACOlBE and LYNMOCTlI; 7.30 p-Ili., Gnmd MÜON-LIGH1', 1'1IP. I.'are Is. ÑE\VSEAS6Nõ'Niõ;.1 SIEAUEE ^^ffl^,KOBMASD, Will Arrive Early THURSDAY MORNING NEXT, WITH PRIME CARGO OF ST.BRIEUCWHtTE ONIONS, A?ro POTATOES (ELEPEANIS). Quality and Sample Guarantesd. IN STOCK, PRIME FRENCH MAGNUMS. I I ENGLISH APPLES (Sours aid Sweets). SILVER BURGANDY ?EAKS. NEW COD-FISI. 'I Coker Nuts, Brazil and B.irce'jna Nuts, 281b, Boxes Mixtur s, Jujubes, &e. For Wholesale Prices apT y to- o. ALLE- & CO., PADLET'S YARI, S W ANSEA. August 19th, 1895. [3492 GW1LYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS. resu,ratT.v°rKDf pr«n'ft;on "ndonbledly the best On all Can'f his season of the year, all sides of U3, r town, and in countrv we bwr ninnerouscojnplau s of a want of tone, a'j>elin* o{ v^0(HlldadCpre^1On- AU ^flerin this maimer S Preparation to invigorate and give tdne to the r^tern, and new life to tht» blood and ™hTr-rrv^ tha trjft,s o^°c^c OuL^t« «, ( eftcacy of Owilvm Evans' thevMiTv^ r >W 50 l!mv''?rsai;y known that neynave wor«>. thjspreparation the appellation of THE VEGETABLE TONIC. TU- VEGETABLK TONIC, And as su^ 't has for many years held its own as an mcoirArable and unrivalled Tunic Medicine GWILj'M EVANS' QUININE BITTERS A Cr, ?IOWIEDC- l?.' 1) TO t3E TI A, BEST IZEMEDY 010 T11E AGU FOR W':UA -li E' S S INDIGESTII-)?N NL,UUSNE, SS. I)YSPLPSIA ,NEITZALGIA, LIVER CU?WPLAINTS. 1) F,'Ii Li RS:,TL 0 N U F ,?p I S. URP?S', AFFECTIONS. M,'LA.N?Clfol'Y. Sl?L, EPLESS?N ILSS. (,-WILYM ll,VAN,3' QUIN'INE BY-T'-rERS, Sold in Bottles Is. ilcl., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 5?L BEW/UiE OF IMITATIONS. SEE THE W3IE |JWlI.ra EVANS ON LABEL, I SiAilP, AND BOTTLES. PltOPHIETOKS QUININE BITTEl'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Ltd., LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. SIFTIIST GrS OF THE FINEST I CEYLON TEA MAY BE BOUGHT OF TA YLOR & COMPANY (LIMITED), S W A N S E A CASH PRICE PER Is. ld. LE, This Tea is unequalled for value. It is Pure, Fine, and FCLL FLAVOURED. 26S3

THE, "'1-'OST" DIAltY. - I

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