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P I A NOS I AND ALL OTHER I MUSICfi iHSTRUSSESTS. J. BRADEIl & SONS. OM.Y ADDRESS— 8 & 9, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. [ESTABLISHED 1840. LIST FIIEE.] [3291 81, OXFORD-STREET. SWANSEA RHYS We MAS Is this Tveon CLEANING the SURPLUS STOCK OF SUMMER GOODS AT AN EXTKA REDUCTION. INSPECTION INVITED. UNLIMITED VARIETY, 51, OXFORD-STREET. 11639 SUTTON'S Marble, Stone, Granite, and Slate Works, ST. HHLHXS ROAD, SWANSEA Manufacturers or MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES TOMBS, &c. Designs and Prices on Application. CORKS, BOTTLES, DISKS, AND (ALSO BOXES), FOR MINERAL WATER BOTTLERS. Everything in slosk ready for immediate delivery; J. BATLEY, CORK & BOTTLE MERCHANT 9 9, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, 3417 SWANSEA. NEW SEASON ONIONS. STEAMER NOBJJAND Will Arrive Early THURSDAY MORNING NEXT, WITH PRIME CARGO OF ST.BRIErC 1YfflTE ONIONS, AXU POTATOES (liLEPflANTS). I Quality unci Sample Guaranteed. IN STOCK, PRIME FRENCH MAGNUMS. I ENGLISH APPLES (Sours and Sweets). SILVER BUKGANDY PEARS. NEW COD-FISH. Coker Nuts, Brazil and Barcelona Nuts. 23 ib. lloxes Mixtures, Jujubes, &e. For Wholesale Prices awpty to— C. A 1,1,1 IN & CO., PADLEY'S YARD, SWANSEA. August lLHh, 1895. [3492 X STOP ONE MOMNT. X Oh dear, Dcct, nhat will J'K rMMM lÐeBd for DJ1 Children's Coughs and Colds f* TRY TUDOR WILLIAMS PATENT ] BALSAM OF HONEY. Xhe most marvellous Curt; for all disorder* of the Throe t, and Lungs. It never fails to give instant relief, and does uatcon* tain Laudanum, Opium, or Morphia, iEu»"O;RISB You a HEALTH. IIKAI.TH IS TD FiJttar Wealth* I All who f rj engaged in indoor and outdoor I occupation, and are especially exposed to tha ever-varying climate of Great Britain, BE WiSE IN TIME, Den t tamper Danger, but go straight away for jL ?V TUDOR WILLIAMS. PATENI jgALSAM OF HONn. IT is Ijtvaiaiablb for weak-chested moo, <lelicatts woaiea and children, Houreswbeo aii other remedies tail. It cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest It cures thousands of Children ot Bronchitis and Whooping Coaghs. It. Cllres for One Shilling when pounds havo laee. AI¡.;a¡¡t in vim, DO TUY IT J It u hive a Cough, try tt; it yau tmre t Coid, trv it; if you hare Broachitis, try U. It loosens the phlegm and promotes expectora- tion, produce.* warmth and comfort to the client, and gives refreshing sleep when 10Q bavo lost nights otreat. READ ON. NOW OOUilt-S J) 30 BY PHISIClANi AITS) OUEGSOKS. When you are distressed with a miserable nose bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching with a ponerni feeling of smothering1, R iew dost ;;cf the balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almost before "ou know it. There is nothing like it on the market; it is thoroughly up to date; it tr'cicles into the whole system. A true friend, ciooict and reliable in ita action. JUST ANOTHER WORD. No Mather should neglect to keep tbia Infaiiiblo Recaedy in the house ready for any emergency. Remember that it is wiser to check a alight Cough at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a lingering complaint. DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE IT TO THE BAllY. OVER 4,000 TESTIMONIALS TO HAND FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. A. JSMFLOYHK OF LABOtJIi SPBAK HIGHLY Of IT. I ftnd your Tudor Williams* Balaam of Honev very useful for cold or coughs, and keep a. bottle iwnye by fit". My 'n al!0 foend inuoh beastit {root it in case of BroacLltia and !I),ugh, Xours truly, BUNJL PBTTT Of ttB Firm of :M<3!Ør&, Petty boas. Ltd, White Bail VrinMrs, ,Iieed«. Janua'V 17, 1SS5. i'Ar.SJSTS THINK IT A GOI.T5GS HRMJSEY. SIX -1 cm sifter it my duty to send you this testl- of to h I!rf"" t, beneiit my child has derived from vojr Tmi ir Williarris'sPittentUal^amof Honey. fch« t»lf* it. for fhree ywtrs. Sbe hat been troubled with broncaitii cilice 11 weeks old. She is now I) yom fid and si ceo I discovered tUfA prepara- tion I cotwMer ray liiild out of danger, and no need to call ia a medical man. Tours faithfully, MBS. SOlID. f7. Argrle-ffeet, fnrwaa, Ja.uuJ.Y Z1"t,lE95. IT IS MOTVB THAX GOLD TO MlJt w *▼ w*fe di'^irea me to aonvev her best wis bee tor Sbm i-yw-4-' '.r yonr Balsam of llonov. It has been oi .1 b^tastt to onr little ones, who suffered from Tli m j- «r.'i Coughs during tho lust tivo mo«t wSpt^i-a. It Rives tbern to.tant relief, -wrr medical atteiidant, Dr. Jones, quite te. »b« freniiRnt use of thi Baisam when »wj*iire. —Yours faitfcfalh/. Jora WalM iirj nheulc^ House, lurwain, acntltjy MARISI'KATES COMMEND IT. • im tx43or.f KsQv PontStbre, Three Cocks, «'l find your Balwtrn of Honey iu, ,ih remedy for Bronchitis and Coughs." ,tA w«r OlfcsmistJj and Stores all over the Work) I- HA.. 2S. ilad 4S. 6d. per bottle. T HHIT -at (postpaid) for la. 3d., 3ft.. a the Inventer, J5TTDOS WILLIAMS I L HALL, ABBRDARE. j FUR BOAS, FUR TIES, FUR COLLARETTES, &c„ AT SUMMER PRICES. BEN EVANS & Co., LIMITED, Have just secured for PROMPT CASH, at a Big Discount off Cost of Manufacture, an EXCEPTIONALLY CHOICE LOT OF RELIABLE FTJBS From the BEST FURRIERS in the WORLD. AND ARE NOW OFFERING THE SAME AT MOST ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES. B. E. and CO. anticipate a smart clearance of the above at the YJHY LOW QUOTATIONS at which they are marked, as at no tune of the year are FUR BOAS, FUR TIES, and FUR COLLARETTES more needed than at present, when the mornings and evenings are so chilly. 'J u All FURS SOLD by B. E. and CO. are GUARANTEED to WEAR WELL. SWANSEA, AUGUST, 1895. BLANKETS, SHEETS, QUILTS, &a niT—imnwrnn—iiiiiiiiiumiii 11 m iiiiiiiiwwihi m milium — THE REX DEAPERT CO. Are giving' SPECIAL LOW PRICES DURING AUGUST for the above Goods. SEVERAL THOUSAND PAIR TO SELECT FROM (AU, NEW GOODS.) OPENING OF NEW PREMISES. 23. WATERLOO STREET. SWANSEA. ■umi Ml IBBHIi | BmfrmT— ARTISTIC FURNITURE. Messrs. H. Freedman & Son Beg to inform the Public that they have completed their New Premises, which are now replete with a Stock of Thoroughly Artistic DRAWING-ROOM, DINING-ROOM, AND EE I >SOOM I'UIlNlr11It¡. in Designs embracing o o CHIPPENDALE, L O U I S X V SHERATON, and Modern Styles. An Inspection of our Showrooms will be esteemed a favour. e can confidently state that this class of Furniture has never before been shown in Swansea to any extent. MODERN PUENITURE. We hold a Large Stock of Thoroughly Well-finished Dining-room and Bedroom Furniture, made of solid Mahogany, Oak and Walnut. Every article is guaranteed to last. We invite com- parison of prices. Our Prices are based ot Casli Sales, as we <lo not do a Hire System NOTE THE ADDRESS: HYMAN FREEDMAN AND SON, S3, WATERLOO STREET, SWANSEA. ANTIQUE OAK AND MARQUETEIiY FUBNITURB. BUNGS, SHIVES, AND SITS FOK CHEMICAL WORKS AND OIL AND GREASE WORKS. CORKS, SHIVES, PILLS, AND BUNGS FOR BEEWEEIES. J. BAILET, CORK AND BOTTLE MERCHANTS, 9, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, I SWANSEA. 3417 WOOLS, WORSTEDS, 1/, KNITTED HOSIERY, DTKRCT FROM OUR OWN MILLS. FLEMING, REI D and CO., SPINNERS and MANUFACTURERS, The WORSTED MILLS, GREENOCK, hnvo Opsned a Branch of the SCOTCH WOOL & HOSIERY STORES 4t 7, OXFORD-STREET. SWANSEA. For the sale of the Celebrated CREENOCK WOOLS & KNITTED HOSIERY AN D SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS. These Goods are well-kiion-ri "nd largely used in every town in Scotland and En;1ar, Patterns avid Price List supplied free. Other 70 branches in the principal Scotch and English towus. 3Ol 7- e .i W liDDING RINGS. M CO TO I BEOUGHTON'S. 1 STUB WKDUIXO UIXA eaopjl H V iiiop llyatwi Al Kixlrwyau Priooaao;, |f 13k liiGU S'llLEET, If SWANS EAj/ it-irf.c&ite Down aud Son.) /f jj A. "V^r^rsT" UNDEKTAKEE AND COMl'i-iii'ii KUi«iiitAL i o UNiSHER, ADULTS FUNERALS. 1st Clas with Best (ilass-ido Hersc, Two Best Couches and Pairs to Matcb, Stout liha oheil, lull-1 lined, aint Unbe, Kreneh Jfriishwi ,ul¡;idoe Uak cümn, wlt4 i^est £ rus« FIJ!1.1 iture, lla horate lke:\bt l'late (entcrav<,ùj, Besrers, and Self- ai tendance £\1 11 0 8 S 0, Ditto Ki'MickPoiiabi ddin Coflin andjUraas a 1' uriiiture. Villi-lined HtidKt'.l>e,Ulass-6ide 1 Sheliibici', and Fly 5 0 0 Dilto Ji-lm Pi iishe.! Vt.ttin, \iiUi Jileci-m- < l iass Furnituie, Shellibier,ynd Fly 4 0 0 2nd Class Do. „ Do, 3 i u Chiiipe ft t Use 0, l'alb. See, Cnly Piactical Workmen Employed. J f, PRINCE OF WALES-ROAD, (Ori.'OSJTh'- i.iMl'j b' ANSIjA. f2334 I FURNISHING momumxEKA. 2STII ANNUAL SALE Commencing JULY 25th to AUGUST 25th AT S. CHATTERS, 16, HEATHFIELD STREET, SWANS nj A; '■ 15 PER GENT. will be allowed off all I Purchases as on previous occasions, being a. more satisfactory system than remarking. TERMS: CASH ON OR BEFORE DELIVERY NOTF,.—-Our usual plain marked prices remain ou all goods ior patrons guidance. 3331 ^JAYPOLE DAUty COMPANY MAYPOLE BUTTER lid. per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER Jld. per lb, DELICIOUS, FRESH, AND PURE. CHOICEST BUTTER IN THE WORLD. IAHGAnlNE.5d. per lb. MARGARINE 5d. per lit. Superior to that sold elsewhere at 6d. per III. MAYPOLE DAiRY CO., LOT*, HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. riooi BOOKS! BOOKS GO TO ^OGRE'S QREAT j)OOK JJART 11, ALEXANDRA ARCADE, I FOR BOOK BARGAINS I CHOLERA AND FEVERS PREVENTED, SANITAS DISINFECTANTS Kill all Germs. Fragrant, Non-roisollous, and do net stain. Fluid, Oil, Emulsion, Powder and Soaps and Appliances for nil purposes. 'I SSXD T'OK PAMPHLET. The SANITAS Co., Ld., Eethnal Green London, E. 116w A WIDOWS SACRIFICE. REMAKKAUI.E ilOlii tROM I.LANULLY. A pathetic story bs 1;")11) tus rounds of lliis die tiict, writes 1\ Unnelly reporter, in whir.It a poor widow, at the advanced ge ot 73, (If tiie Dame of W<>)gaiet': II( n: Iiv:tu; "I a. CCTUIGE kuouiia^ llyn n wr, near St. JiavidV Collierv^ LUneiiy, v.b<j lor20 vents liss 1 eeaa martyr to £ RCA>. weaknessaud (ie^riviJiiT htr of 1 lit- ute of Ikt gojie.-al >t:-r;ng(li. SIis eventually teen mo O i%r;'EES cripple, and faile.i to enve Lor laoms. neigSiltotirj assiste;! ntr ÜJ I cvety «ay tbey could, in this ST'ite BINS I l<.nH LY !(.t-p«iibli th.- generous Gnardiatu IIIIl>C<i her 2s. £ ii. a week, which had to IIY rentiuvl FT>< d lor UIVCN dsys. Her duetorUaa utterly FFTI<E,4 to FIVE her any relief" 111 way vi modiciue. She liad tpcnt pounds on one tning and another, and at, l ist b: eke down. 1\ol.hin¡; to do her good thi. Û..Je of th" crave. C ne uxinhtg a cloiidfassed cvcrwitlia smj nlvcr lining in a ii:nd telling berto tiy gel, II id. UUlc of y«Orel's Sovran. How eouid 't it and c r.iy fel. a v i tk. At ¡,,<,t, after a grcat I ii'.ciilice, the Lot-ghttnp. 1T1,.d tben fuujid a true jiÍoltl-J¡er trouble ielt bar, hCt. pain, gone, t-rr cniJcii j ut away, fcbe can new and have a took I«)i:nd,und go to her chapel, which ibe lias not been nLlt1 to clu lor many years. Anyous who Ù4luu¡" thij toLo; y. £ u 01. ti: to WIDOW THOMAS, iltyninawr. Uryn, Llane! Fold by oil Cbciaists, 2s. 9d. and 4s. Cd. per bottle, or from MOREL S DEPOT, LLANELLY TEETH S TEETH e, I Fopsoax SURGEON L' KIi i'LST f 2, DYNEVOR PLACE, f.WA8A.. (cnoftHE bTiVf UIGUr ckaj.-k soaoo 25 Exuoriencc—13 M dentist wiU .K4!1, Swansea. PAINLESR EXT Ii A CTIO fs; j WITH. GA.3. Icfet Workmanship, ll-itwna, and Fit Ilighlal:a '( or:, from 5s. per Athome daily 10 tia^U I, All Caaaaltaiioiia J;<'N;), IØ qu I EXCELSIOR SCOTCII WHISKY. 1\ We have examined analytically the blend of Scotch W hisky, and find it to be unusually pure, of excellent flavour, and weil matured. Recommended with confidence as a safe and palatable stimulant for the sick and con- valescent." Practitioner, Edited by T. LAUHK BRCKTON, M.D., LL.D., &c. ilOLE PROPRIETOUS- MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY. l'erfection of Blended Whisky. "Lancet" EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. Recommended with confidence as a Stimulant for bick anJ Convalescent.' —Practitioner." GWILYJI EVANS* QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. 91m renoivned preparation is ondoubledlv the best restotatiVK that ctii I,e Uken it this season of the year, unali siues ot us, iu town, and in country, we Lear nuinerousconiplaints of a want of tone, a feeling of languor and degression. All ulio sulleriu this manner only liufcl a j;ood Tonic preparation to iuvigorate and Sivo tone to the system, and new life to the blood, an I jravetue Iiervus to withstand the trials of the coiniuc Reason. Ih: virtues and efficacy of Gwilvm Kvans' '"M,'ne Jjittero are now so univeisally known that lliey Invo wor. lor this preparation fcti-j "apjiellatjou ot THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. And as such it has for 11-.1113- yrar. lielti its own as an •uvmncurable and uniivaliea Tonic Medicine. GWlLYM EVANS' QUININE LITTERS A<JKXO\VI.EDUIil> TO BE nIB BL. £ T UKMEDY OF THE AGllFOR ^K'\K-VESS" INDIOESTIoN, NKk\OUSNKSS. DYSPliiJSI\ DS&SIOK OF LIVKU CO™S. v GHRST APPKCTIOKS. V SU<JiM.EiSS\Ei$S. GWILYM 32VAN5' QUININE BITTERS, Sold in Bottles is. l^d., 2s. 9d., end 4s. 5i. Ikeh BInVAUG OF IMITATIONS. SEE THE NAME OSVILYM JiVANS ON LABVT STAMP, AND 110TTLES. 1 L' PlfOPKlETOM — QUININK F.l'l'lEliS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LTD., LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. SIPTINGS OF THE FINEST CEYLON TEA MAY BE BOUGHT OF TA YLOR & COMPANY (LIMITED), SWANSEA. CASH PRICE: PER Is. Id. LB. This Tea is unequalled for value. It is Pure, Fine, and Fcu. 26&1

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