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DOWN & SON FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM HIGH-STREET AND MORIilS-LANE, SWANSEA. 1817 B A TT-l r WITH HOT AND COLD TVAT:«:ff' x —*— N ————i——mi 111 n urn ——m—gfcij <taM PLUMBING. GAS-ELTTING AND ELECTRIC BELLS. JOHINr LEGG, NELSON. STREET. S'V ANSEA, SOLE AGiiNT TOIi THE INCANDESCENT GAS BUiiNEii. 7 it 1 THE SUCCESSFUL BUILDING SOCIETIES. THE LATEST SUCCESS—26^0 SHARES ALREADY TAKEN | THE "FIFTH" LIBERAL BUILDING SOCIETY Has decided to issue at the cemaieneenicnt of its Second Xear, on TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, Class" B" Shares (Lo save the inconvenience to Xew Clambers ef paving back sub- MriptioDSi, to realise simultaneously with the" Original" and "A" Shares, on the following sceIc, viz.:— On £ 10 Shares, representing _f Before borrowing, 12s. Od. And pro rata per calendar £ 100 L After (sorrowing. 20s. 2d. Month. Subscription Meetinje on tll. Third Tuesday of Every Month, Troia 7 to 8 p.m., at EiiENEZER SCHOOLROOM, High-street, Swansea. For further particulars and Prospectuses soplv to the Seeretarv 4284 W. A. DA VIEs, Iseoed, Swansea, o — MORGAN BEVAN AND SONS ARE NOW SHOWING LAMPS IN ENDLESS VARIETY OF QUALITY, STYLE, AND PRICE. ALL MAJtKJtD IN PLJJCT FIGURES. 24, CASTLE STKEET, SWANSEA. ass a CHAS. JENKINS & SON, -I I ABEETHAW BLUE LIAS LIME WORKS. BRIDGEND. | •* i__ GEO. A. HEMMINGS & CO.,I J J ) Wholesale and Retail COAL MERCHANTS, Beg to thank their numerous Customers for past support, and trust to be favoured with a continuance of the same, which will always receive prompt and personal attention. Tijey also take this opportunity of informinz the residents oE the Mumbles and Neigh- bourhood that they HAYE OPENED A BRANCH BUSINESS AT NORTON-ROAD. BEST QUALITY HOUSE COAL. BEST ANTHRACITE NUT & COBBLES A SPECIALITY. Pktvate AMMSSK SWANSEA 111, St. WXLES'S-B.IU. Mumbles—Bournemouth Villa, Langt.and. Orders may be sent to addresses as above. Prices on Application. BARGAINS IN BEDSTEADS. Ben Evans & Co., Ltd. Having purchased the Entire Stock of a Manufacturer of BRASS and IRON BEDSTEADS, COTS, &c., are offering the same for Sale DAILY THROUGHOUT THE MONTH, AT EXTRAORDINARILY LOW PRICES. Thus extending to their customers the full advantages of the Bargains they have secured. The Display of this Enormous Purchase in their Show-rooms and \Vii)do\vs, and the Extraordinary "Value offered, has caused great astonishment in Swansea and South Wales. THE FOLLOWING- VERY SPECIAL LINES ARE WELL WORTH ATTENTION:— Very strong Combination Bedstead, with double wire-woven Mattress, oft. x Gft. 3m.; price IDs. DJ. complete. Verv strong Black and Brass Bedstead, 4ft. 6in. x 6ft. Gin. price, 14s. Gd. Very strong Black and Brass Bedstead, with extended loot rails and brass mounts complete 1 tin. pillars; 4 price, 24s. Gel. Very strong Black and Brass Bedstead; :^n- diameter polished pillars, with brass rails, mid fully mounted 4ft. 6111. x 6ft. Gin. price, 42s. Very strong Child's Cot, 2tt. x 4ft. price, lis. 9d. B.E. & Co. always have in stocl: one of the largest and choicest selections in the trade of Single and Double Brass and Iron Bedsteads, suitable for every class of residence, and at prices nging from 1 Os. Gd. to 15 guineas. ra ° TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. IIOPKINSON'S JAMS ARE THE BEST. HOPIvINSON S JAMS AND MARMALADE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST 4009 AT, alitM!BO-LB-jR AL 'q ALL TOW(45.. AriENCIES L ffi and jSvoit 10, NLLSON-STRLET, bW AiS IS ii< A MANAGER GEO. BELL. 6 REMOVAL OF BUSINESS. 1" "r A ir' GENUINE SALE. -L- J S J e £ 3- SWEEPING REDUCTIONS IN MEN'S YOUTHS' & BOYS OVERCOATS & SUITS, GENTS' MERCERY. &c. D. JONES & COMPANY Have decided to CLEAR ALL THEIR PRESENT STOCK Wore removing to lursjer and more convenient Premises, and to eifect this, ALL G-OUDS have been EL-MARKED at phenomenally LOW PRICES -AL WATERPROOF COATS, IT ATS & CAPS, TO BE CLEARED AT A SACRIFICE. D, J. & Co. refrain from :n\ prices, but would ask the Public to come and see for themselves the BARGAINS OFFERED. SALE TO CONTINUE UNTIL STOCK IS ENTIRELY CLEARED. NOTE ^irlE ADDRESS- D. JONES & CO., OUTFITTERS, &c„ COLLEGE STREET (NEXT TO 30RO' STORES), SWANSEA. ¡-' TRIPE SUPPERS I IN COFFEE-ROOM I EVERY Sil TUR It1 Y EVENING, FROM 7.30 TO 10.0, AT 1/0 EACH. I NO CHARGE FOR ATTENDANCE. ROYAL HOTEL, HIGH-STREET, J. S. TUKBRlDGa 4296j Proprietor, TO LARGE CONSUMERS. ISAAC GALE IS OFFERING A SPLENDID TEA AT 1/- PER LB. 20LBS. CADDY AT 11 ID LD. IS," HIGH ST. SWANSEA. (4:310 PRACTICE TRUE ECONOMY BY DEALING DIRECT VdTH THE MANUFACTURERS, SCOTCH WOOL AND HOSIERY STORES (Fleming, Reid, and Co.. Greenock, N.B..) 7, O X F O K D S T K EET SWANSEA, Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and England. KNITTING WOOLS k KNITTED HOSIERV AND SIIAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS, DIRECT ImOM THE GREENOCK MILLS. Price List and Crochet Instruction Book Free on application to above audress, or FLEMING, REID, & CO, THE WORSTED MILLS, GREENOCK, N. B. 1043 HOUSE .,I I ?A I I .I FUEL j rHE ATLANTIC FUEL Co., LTD. -n" £ 1 IS OD. HAMPERS OF WINES AND SPIRITS (Asserted according to directions). ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE THE BEST VALUE IN THE MARKET. MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY, SOLE Propf.tktors:— EXCELSIOR WHISKY. Recoinmended for the Sick and Convalescent by the Highest Medical Authorities and Journals in the Kingdom, 1648 'All AYPOLE jQAIEY 0OMPANY MAYPOLE BUTTER Is. ID. PER LB. MAYPOLE BUTTER Js. ID. PER LB. IJELICJOUS, FRESH, A3D PUKE. CHOICEST BUTTER IN THE WORLD MARGARINE 4 £ <J. per IU, MARGARINE od. per IIJ. Superior to that aoid elsewhere at 6d. anet 3d. per lb. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., 217A, HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. I The Original Remedy for HEART DISEASE aud all its weaknesses. The onlv Remedy whkh treats successfully "CHANGE OF L i-FI.I. J MOREL'FSOVRAN HAS THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY MEDICINE. it dissolves the lc.od, thereby compelit »ig digestion. It promotes circulation of the blood. It soothes and Ftrenathenfe irritated nerves. II It gives stamina to man, promotes muscie. It cleanses the Kidneys and ths Liver of all impurities. AGENTS FOR S A A Mr JOHN VA VIL8, Hisjh-street. Mr KVAN THOMAS. Castle-d-reei. Mr J. 11 YHDDIN DAVIES, Oxford-street. I £ ii0 V FOR 'VEDDING RINGS WEDDING RINGS GO TO I BROUGHTON'S, I U TUB NOTED WKDDIlSCi RING SHOP- jjn ft Y s;>p Hyiiodnrn Fodrwyau priodiisol. Jf 31, II Kt li fcTKEET, M 'swan S E A M (Opposite liowa *a<i j&jr j Con^j jibf; "JOUR Chehisy S | "ICalydME; ,k TH £$ NOT ICE. I Tn": Businbs of Vet erinal Y Surgeons carrisd'on bv Mtssrs. Dow and Margrave at t.hf- aixjve address, ami managed by ihe late Mr. Jtobeit Margrave, will l.o continued in the name oi the above firm, and managed by Mr. B. Cook, M.K C.V.S.. and Mr. D. G. Davies, M. tr.C.V.S., of lhe ti; m of Messrs. Cook and Davies, Vatennary Surgeons, Swansea; and all Messages, Letters, or Communications sent to 44, Thonias-.vtwet. LUnelly, wiii reccive their prouil t and personal attention. 44, Thomas-street. LlaGP.lIy, February l.itb, 10 >6. 437o V WANS ft A TOTA 1 ABSTINENCE SOCIETY, The usual WEEKLY TEMPERANCE MEETING will be held at the RAGGED SCHOOL, TO-MORROW (SATURDAY) EVENING, FEBRUARY 15, 1896. ADDRESS by the Rev JAlaES OWEN (Mount Pleasant). SOLOS, &e., by the Misses Owen, Elliott* and M. Hughes (Wi«utjarlwydti), and Messrs E, EÙbtJUlJ(Ù;, A. Davies, T. Spieer, aDd W. rdorean. C hair to Le taken at eisbt, o'clock by Air Walter J. Waxki>*s. Admission iree. 4375 T LA NT WIT JXAVEIl SCHOOL JL BOARD. TONNA HO l.S. WANTED, a MALE EX-P.T. for the above tiehool. balarv £60, rising by annual lncreuieuts of (-2 10s, to K maXituum of £ 65. Applications to bo macs on Íon\'u to be obtaiued at. our oihee, stating aga and '.jualifi- cations, with not more that three recet". lesti- ri)onjais, to be LID u* not later than the 9TH march, CUTHEERTSON AND POWELL, er-s,rect, Cierks. February 13th, 18S6, 4377 7 | ^.4MlJ AND I ,Ai< ? OTEI., JMORKiSTON. SFL12XDID ACCOMMODATION FUIl TJ(AVKL!.EHS. Comatercia!, Coffee, aud Sm jkc Itoom;. BUliaidg, Haths. Mo.ierale Cba1 For i'articulari, apoiy t'l MRS. EVANS, LAMB AND FLAG. MOi-'KlhiTON. 4574 SWANSEA ARMS, IJ I ..i. i j-}.. uXt OltD- LUÜ': 1', S \V A N S BA, F. MORGAN (Formerly belon^inu- to the Newport. Seconds air Jjlountaiu Ash Foot bail Clubs; Begs to inform the inhabitant.? of Swansea generally that he has taken over the above well-known Hotel, and hope? to receii-e Ft fair share of patronage. GOOD ACCOMMODATION rOR TRAVELLERS, 3900 P I A. -NT O | Our ADF.I.INA i»lr.deJ m Wa!niit has the Latest is Pet feet ill Tone and Touch, flud at 24 Ci uaieas istho Cheapest, instrument offered to the Public. J. BRADER AND SONS iONLY ADtiitK.SS), 8 (V U. WIND-STREET. SWANSEA CEYLON TEA IS THE FINEST iN TH. WORLD. We make a point of Securing the Small Leaf Siftings of the Finest Ceylon Tea, which we Seil for Cash. PER £ jJ POUND. The Best Value of any Tea Sold. I TAYLOR & Co., LIMITED, I SWANSEA & MUMBLES.

¡FRfDAV, FEBRUARY 14, 1896.

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