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PRACTICE TRUE ECONOMY BY DEALING DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS, SCOTCH WOOL AND HOSIERY STORES (Fleming, Rcid, and Co,, Greenock, N.B.,) 7, OXFORD-STREET SWANSEA, Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and England. KNITTING WOOLS &- KNITTED HOSIERY AND SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS, DIRECT FROM THE GREENOCK MILLS. ■4 Price List and Crochet Instruction Book Free on application to above address, or FLEMING, KEID, & CO., THE WORSTED MILLS, GREENOCK, N.B. ICH3 £ 1 Is OD. HAMPERS OF WINES AND SPIRITS (Asserted according to directions). ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE THE BEST VALUE IN THE MARKET. MARGE AYE BEOS., LLANELLY, SOL. PROPRIETORS: — EXCELSIOR W HISKY. Recommended for the Sick and Convalescent fcy the Highest Medical Aatboritiesand Journals in the Kingdom, 1648 MAYPOLE JQAIRY COMPA-NY MAYPOLS BUTTER is. ID. PER LB. MAYPOLE BUTTER Is. ID. PER LB. DELICIOUS, FRESH, AND PC RE. CHOICEST BUTTER IN THE WORLD MARGARINE 4 £ d. per Ifcu MARGARINE od. per lb. Superior to that sold elsewhere at 6d, and 81, per Ib. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., 207i, HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. The Original Remedy for HEART DISEASE and all its weaknesses. The only Remedy which treats successfully "CHANGE OF LIFE." MO RErF SOVRAN HAS THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY MEDICINE. It dissolves the food, thereby compelh IJg digestion. It promotes circulation of the blood. It soothes and strengthens irritated nerves. It gives stamina to man, promotes muscie. It cleanses the Kidneys and the Liver of all impurities. AGENTS FOR SWAXSFA lIr JOHN DAVIES, High-street. Mr EVAN THOMAS, Castle-etreet. Mr J. M YRDDIN DAVIES, Oxterd-street. 2110 .1 i BARGAINS in BEDSTEADS. Ben Evans & Co., Ltd. Itaving purchased the Entire Stock of a Manufacturer I of BRASS and IRON BEDSTEADS, COTS, &c., are offering the same for Sale I, DAILY THROUGHOUT THE MONTH, AT EXTRAORDINARILY LOW PRICES. Thus extending to their customers the full advantages ZD I of the Bargains they have secured. The Display 01 this Enormous Purchase in their Show-rooms J and Windows, and the Extraordinary Value offered, has I caused great astonishment in Swansea and South Wales. THE FOLLOWING- VERY SPECIAL LINES ABE WELL WORTH ATTENTION:— Very strong Combination Bedstead, with double wire-woven Mattress, :3ft. x (lit. 3in.; price 16s. 9d. complete. Very strong Black and Brass Bedstead, 4ft. Gin. x I Cft. Gin. price, 14s. Gd. v Very strong BJack and Brass Bedstead, with extended foot rails and brass mounts complete If in. pillars, price, ,24s. 6d. Very strong Black and Brass Bedstead; 2 in. I diameter polished pillars, with brass rails, and fully mounted 4ft. Gin. x Cft. 6in. price, 42s. I Very strong Child's Cot, 2ft. x 4ft.; price, lis. 9d. B.E. & Co. always have in stock one of the largest and choicest selections in the trade of Single and Double Brass and C, Iron Bedsteads., suitable for every class of residence, and at prices ranging from 10s. 6d. to 15 guineas. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. I I DOWN & SON FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM HIGH-STREET AND MORRIS-LANE, SWANSEA. isr BATHS. WITH HOT AND COLD V I? PLUMBING, GAS-FITTING AND ELECTiuO BELLS. JOHN LEGG. NELSON-STREET. SW AN SEA., SOLE AGENT ffQfl THE INCANDESCENT GAS BPB&tilt I CEYLON TEA IS THE FINEST IN THE WOULD. We make a point of Securing the Small Leaf Siftings of the Finest Ceylon Tea, which we Sell for Cash. PER £ £ POUND. I The Best Value of any Tea Sold. TAYLOR & Co., LIMITED, SWANSEA & MUMBLES. TLOSGREGATIONAL CHURCH, J WALTKU-UOAD, BWANSEA. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16. REV. EVAN JENKINS Will preach at 11 aw. and 6.30 p.m. [3333 If! ,üI< |Woands,Barns, § $| Sera Throats, Hoarseress,$F m und Oiarrhoaa. jn USEC N D I Remedial FLUID. | Sold Everywhere. L Book of Instructions Physicians? §» M- Reports with every bcttle. I





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