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WELSHMEN IN AMERICA, BY "UT PROSLM." ARTICLE VII, (COKCLUDBD.) When the IroadaSe Tin-plate men were en strike, I had occasion to meat quite a Dumber I oi intelligent young men irom the Swansea Valley, asaong them David Lewis, formerly 'superintendent of the Foxhole Tin-plate Works, Llaasamlet. since then his tainily I has emigrate 1 after him, aad live very eom- fortabie in Irendaio, Ohio, Mr Lewis came lout to Gas City to s&e bis friends, and he had a jolly welcome by the majority of ubem. After a sojourn of two vveeka in the rubber neck State he returned to Ohio. In the name company was Air T. 11. J crell; iah, a native of Mcvriston. The latter has travelled the States exten- sively during the laat six or seven years. He takes great interest in the promo- tion of Trade Unionism, and is a pt'omineat member of the Amalgamated Society- 1 b:«L Mr Tom Char'.ec, an old inhabitant of Pontroi.titer and Llaaelly, at Middleton. Here, as iu Wales, Toia is reputed a goo- annculer. His family eauae out after hiii, irom I.ianelly in th-3 fail of '93. They ai-e doing very well, and are successful in work and health. Be is a johy good fellow, and always good company, Mr Joe ihomasi landlord ui the ilcisLiniey Hostelry at Biweod, Indiana, waS oue or tiie best educated and smartest Welshmen 1 met in tue gas scl'. Mr Tnoalas was bred aud born in Kansas City, and is now about torty years oid, the ouly r;.ülJ. living with hit; &ed mother, wi:o has beeo in the btates for over tixty years. It is a credit u. the old lady and her sen that they have kept their language so well. Tlaeir Eiighsh and Welsh languages are grammatical, and wfcen we consider the disadvantages of the vernacular in the Western States, it means a good deal in their lavoni- The mother aud son were members in the Welsu Church, under the ministry of t: lie v. Tom J-ohn, formerly oi Prospeet-place, Llaneily, and afterwards of Kansas City. Kansas. Mr. John d,ed a few years since, They vero tre4t friends, and many a good eh*- tne writer had with this pious aid ;ady at Elwood, indiana. ledeed ttw & interesting to iLu to hear her relorring in glowing terms to a feiiow-Kwasma.11 whoas I never know but bv name. Her Knowledge >.n general was surprising. For a WWIC sd would te.t ycu &f tbe old preachers and revivals of Wales, Another youug man v. houi 1 met at Gas City was Mr William Lewie, formerly a workman at L'anesmleU He married f. young lady from Aberavon at M^Kel'sport ;û the spring of 18*3, aud soon afterwards vent out in tMtn-ea oi emplOjiient to Ind., whore he has beea ever since, and is doing Tzry weii. Thav are four in fasniiy, aad iiviag at Ga» City- His father wAs a sea- faring veteran, wan known at Liauffiiy many ytars ago its Captain Lew;a. Our :riend.ii;ii ..110 his brother Torn been living for a ausiber of vaars in tho M«rrislc:» district. James 'Phillips and Lia brother William-, shosicr sou roiiecman x-espccuvely at Gas Citv, hr9 natives 8f feouth \vaios, and have worked m several ti;i-piat^ works at Aiorris- ten, Llsoeliv, and elsewhere. Their wives toileted ibem Ecrosa the Atlantic last -asiner, and weo to be doing fairly well, >s ,th the exccpt?on at Mrs James Phillips, who wae suffering frota the effects of roalaria- Another exten- stv.3 traveler with WIIOBJ I became ae^uainted in the gas belt was Mr Harry Avero, forioeriv o* Movristori. fcarry ha.d visited Australia ;reviout.iy to corning to America, and during his t-tav in the States be ha., done some travelling as wcil tht-oush I'snusylvania out to UUuoia. His father,waa a famous cr.eketf-r one timo in yorriiton, and hia agsd pother is still living ia tha saaie place, Ha.rry QOJeys blessed singleness, and things iiike the Groecian philonophers that. "God nada mothers because they eould cot be everywhere. He is kilid and genial, aad very industrious. In music he figures prominently aa leader of the M.E. Churoh eheir at Gas City. Among others wto came to Gas CilJ irom the west was lir. Phillip Charles, a Swanscaite. He hau been working tor many years in Denver Cetorado, and, ua hid way east, stayed with the writer and another friend lor a lew weeks prevjau* to geing homo to Swan- sea. Mr Cbaries is very intoihgeat and wali read, ilr John John, foimorly of New Dock, Liaoaliv, will be well remembered as a fre- i,uent coijtr'buto; to feue Welsh press, He is a aitearer IF trade, ".nâ has left Llaneily since iliireh, 1393. He suii aaaieUins his good name as a studious euag saan, aDd often cuc lribates to the colutr us of the Drycti- j C'^L-umbia. Ilia brotaer Dan atd his w«fo are also in the city of Gas, enjoying geod health and circumstances. -Vir John j Richards, an old Llsnellviie and a Morta roilerman, ill also under the! saffie ecmpanv; aDd in 'plt.e of an a' tae^ of riieumitie fever setae mouths ago, he is now doing verv tvaii. His brotnei* Tom cam. to Gas Cuy with him, but soon retumea to Llaneily to join uasthir axpeditioa to the eeid regions of AUska, where he bad eviae previous tc his s».ecemp;»nying hia brother le •.ja.s City, milD, btit is now at Gas City, roiling in the tin- plate works. He is a j»hy rsllow all over, and c-ontri'jutes his share oc rpusie to saatiy of the get-up CfnCtLtii held so often by the Cymry of CWia Cuy, Mr John Griffiths, formerly of the Soath Wales Work j and Cwmbwrla, is amoag the many WtUhmen ot Gas City. d r (Vraiitha is keeping a saloca there, ajid sesms'o have nis silaro of prosperity.! His brothers Isaac and Albert are also stsy- '-ngwith him. They are all work-tag at the tin-plate factory except John, It was at, Elwood 1 know Mr Wiiliaui Constance first. Ha is a aative of Sydney. but iatoly married Lianeily lady, Mr and Mrs Constance are very qu et, and of a very atiodest disposition. They are doing a litltle I business :.11 boarding hcusa keepers on account of his very weak state of health. Mr John Smith, an old ticrfa hand, caT; to Gns City w'h », number of other boys, and soon m:i ie iiiraself homely in this new Welsh I colony. He was a reserved young aian. and well llked by his associates. After spending some months in Iba eity of gas be went east with Mr Frank Richards, his roilerman, to work at Harrisbur^, Pa. Mr John Brazel, who came out with many others from Ystalfera and tne district to Joliett 111, is now at the same place, TIZ., Gas City. Air Brazel was the organist in Pasty Congregational Chureh, and is a fine man with splendid qualities. Ho enjoyed gaod health, and is in good com- pany. Gwiiym Hughes (Morris ion; and many other new comers were witu him at Gas City. |



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