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BEDSTEiiDS BEDSTEADS! DOWN & SON Having bought for Cash TONS OF BEDSTEADS, previous to the Advance in Iron, are now Selling at Manufacturers' Prices. SEE WINDOWS AND COMPARE VALUE. STEAM CABINET 'WORKS, HIGH STREET & 3XORI1IS-LAXE, SWANSEA. 1817 B A T: 11 WITH HOT A'-III COLl> WATcIB. | PLUMBING, GAS-FITTING AND ELECTRIC BELLS. JOHX NELSOX STREET, S W A N S E A. SOLE AGENT FOR THE INCANDESCENT GAS BURNER. GEO. A. HEMMIKGS & CO., Wholesale and Retail II COAL MERCHANTS, Beg to thank their numerous Customers for past support, and trust to bo favoured with a '•oiitinuHcce of the same, which will aiwavs receive prompt and personal attention. They alsa take this opportunity of informing the residents of the Mumbles and >>eigh- fcourhood that they HAVE OPENED A BRANCH BUSINESS AT NORTON-ROAD. BEST QUALITY HOUSE COAL, BEST ANTHRACITE NUT & COBBLES A SPECIALITY. T>„t, Kwan-SBA—111. ST. Helkn'S-RSAD. •PRIVATE ABDP.ESSIS T iilUMBLUS—UOXJE^BMOUTH 1LI.A, LANGI.AND. Orders may be sent io addresses as above. Prices on Application. MILSGRAVE & CO.'S GEEAT CLEARANCE SALE NOW IN FULL SWING. I SEE OUR WmX)Ws"Toit BARGAINS. í BOTTOM OF HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA, I MORGAN BEVAN AND SONS I ARE NOW SHOWING LAMPS IN ENDLESS VARIETY OF QUALITY, STYLE, AND PRICE. ALL MAESXD IN PLAIN FIGITRXS. 24, CAS T IJE STREET, SWANSEA. 'I 3752 -I CHAS. JENKINS & SON, ABERTHAW I BLUE LIAS LIME WORKS, BRIDGEND. SWANSEA. FEBRUAKY, 1896, DUlt Sn, I respectfully beg to inform you that the business heretofore carried on under the style of DAVIE.3 & JONES, at 3, Cower Street, TAILORS, owing to increased trade, has been re- moved to larger and mere commodious preaaises, viz.:— 5, Heathfield ST., I OPPOSITE SIEDLE BROS., J where, by strict personal attention to I business, I trust to still receive your kind patronage and recommendation, J Thanking you for past favours. I arm, Sir, g. Yours obediently, J. W. JONES. WTJ: Davies & JONES, MEETING OF PARLIAMENT,! i JAMES BUCHANAN & CO S SCOTS! WHISKEY,; As supplied to the HOUSES of JLiORX)S AND C 0 M M 0 N s L#cal Agents (Wholesale and Retail): JAMES & CO. WHOLESALE FAMILY GROCERS, ALE, WINE, AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, HUMPHREY S T R E E T, WALTKR-EOAD. SWAHSEA. 4289. PRACTICE TRUE ECONOMY BY DEALING DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS, SCOTCH WOOL I AND HOSIKKY STORES | {Teeming, Keid, and Co., Greenock, N.B.,) OXFORD-STEEET i SWAN SLA, jOTer 70 Br&r.cbes throughout Scotland and j England, ;sKN!TTING WOOLS it KNITTED HOSIERY AND SHAWSWATEK DRISSS FABRICS, jyiEF.CT FilOM. THE GREENOCK MILLS. ifrict; List and Crochet Instruction Bock Free on application to above address, or FLEMING, HElD, & CO., fgBOZ WORSTED MILLS, GREENOCK, N.B. 10^3 SWANSEA ARMSj OXFORD-STREET. SWANSEA, F. MORGAN (Formerly belonging to the Newport Second.? all: Mountain. Ash. Football Clubs) Begs to inform the inhabitants of Swansea generally that he has taken over the above well-known Hotel, and hopes to receire a fair share of patronaga, « GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR TRAVELLER". 3900 J. J. GRAY, A.P.Sygv (late Assistant to Dr. Andenon),s Has OPENED these PREMISES Zv » 19r /^>V SUPPLY MEDICINES •r of th# PUtiEST QUALITY at moderate prices. v'^Doetors' prescriptions careftiJIj dispensed. C4313 HOUSE jgggBl HBM' FURL CHE ATLANTIC FUEL Co.. LTD. CORKS, BUNGS SHIVES, SPIRIT FLASKS, BEER BOTTLES, &e., Stone Jars of every description, I:eer, Wine, and Bar Corks, Labels, Pipes, and Cigars of all qualities.—J. A. Bailey, Covk Cutter and importer, Bottle and Cigar Merehantj Alexandra-road Swansea. 3533 PRINTING JOBS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, ECONOMICALLY PROMPTLY. AND -1 TA STEFUNLY- EXECUTED AT THE OFFICES OF THE DAILY POST.' High-Street, Swansea. "P?-CSN^SJ | PER Bu-. PER Bu-. PCIS 7r- FF-, E M? EXTi,j T 'MOSES jorqts.t-,P- ¡ SWANSEA. B I BARGAINS in BEDSTEADS.! -1_t .1.1 _-4. .1,) .J. I Ben Evans & Go., Ltd.! Having purchased the Entire Stock of a Manufacturer of BRASS and IRON BEDSTEADS, COTS, &c., J are offering the sumo for Sale DAILY THROUGHOUT THE MONTH, AT Go ,l.i.. 1{ JI EXTRAORDINARILY LOW PRICES, I iiius extending- to their customers the full advantages ¡' 1'") u of the Barg-aiiis they have secured. i The Display of this Enormous Purchase in their Sliow-roo111-5 and V, indows, and the Extraordinary Value offered, has caused great astonishment in Swansea and South Waies. THE FOLLOWING- VERY SPECIAL LINES ARE WELL WORTH ATTENTION:— Very strong Combination Bedstead, with double wire-woven M at tress, 3ft. x Oft. Sin.; price 10s. 9d. i complete. Very strong Black and Brass Bedstead, 4ft. Gin. x Oft. Oin. price, 14s. Od. Very strong Black and Brass Bedstead, with extended foot rails and brass mounts complete ijin. pillars; price, 24s. 0d. Very strong BHek and Brass Bedstead; 2in. diameter polished pillars, with brass rails, and fully I mounted 4ft. 6m. x 6ft. Oin. price, 42s. Very strong Child's Cot, 2ft, x 4ft.; price, lis. 9d. B,E. & Co. ahva" s have in stock ont; of the largest and choicest selections in the ti-ade of Single and Doable Brass and Iron Bedsteads, suitable for every class of residence, and at prices ranging from 10s. Gd. to 15 guineas. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. I I f TO LARGE CONSUMERS. ISAAC GALE IS OFFERING A SPLENDID TEA I AT f PER LB. 4 20I.ES. CADDY AT HSD. LB. 18, RTC; FI ST., SWANSEA. (4310 I T 1MB AND JpLAO HOTEL, I MORRISTON. I SPLENDID ACCOMMODATION FOR THAVELLEKS. Commercial, Coffee, and Smoke Rooms, Billiards, Baths, Moderate Charges. For Particular^, apply to AIRS. EVANS, LAMB AND FLAG MOUKIsruX. 4374 P I A_ 1ST O Our ADELINA. Model in Wainut has th Lat-est Improveir.L.ats, i? Perfect in Tout1 and Touch, and at 2+ G uineaa is Uio Cheapest Instrument offered to the Public. J. BRADER AND SONS (I'XLY ADPHESS), 8 & 9, WIND-STREET, SWANSEA CHOLZRA AND FEVERS PREVENTED, S ANITAS "TMSINFECTANTS Kill all Disease Germs. Fragrant, Non-poisonous, and do not stain. Fluid, Oil, Emulsion, Powder and Soaps, and Appliances for all purposes. SEND FOR PAMPHLET. The SANITAS Co., Ld., Bethnal Green, London, E, 116vv FOR WEDDING RINGS ff GO TO I BROUGHTON'S. 1 U IHB NOTED WE1)1)INQ KLSO SHOP, jjj y giap Hynoil a.m Fodrwyau Pr'odaaol. 3 31, HIGH-STREET, 3 SWAN S IS A # (Opposite Down jy ud boa). The RIGHT-Yr RITEIi is T WILLIAMS TYPEWRITER a Machine of the Highest Standard, which is nov. taking a leading position wherever it is known. H.M. Government have adopted it, and are ordering duplicates, for use in various Departments. Engineers and educated experts use and recommend the Williams. It possesses theleadingfeatures oi other writing mac-hines, will do all that any of tilem claim to do, and Yviiu less trouble and expense The line, aDei words jneludinc: the last letter i ahvays in sight. The Inking is direct froin Pads withoutannoyin^ and expensive ribbons Write for Catalogue, WILLIAMS TYPEWRITER CQMPY. FOR EUROPE, 21, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. HOUSE COAL WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TBOS, K, ROBIXSON. 15. EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, I T)EST FFALDAU, Large, 16s 6d per ton j 1 ) delivered; weight and quality guaran- ) eedt Why paymor^ 3208 BY ORDER OF THE TRUSTEES. Mr. W. G. STEYEXTON has received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at 5o. 6, Oxford-street, Swansea, a large consignment of Modem and Continental WORKS OF ART, by well-known exhibitors. Also a consignment of ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS, I CUTLERY, CLOCKS, BRONZES, MUSICAL BOXES, FIELD and OPERA GLASSES &c,, &c. Sale commencing each day at 12, 3, and 7 p.m., I without reserve. On view from 30 r.:2 a,m. 787g J gOROUGII OF SWANSEA NOTICE TO HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS. In cansequence of the continued negleet I of persons Lot, having their PAVEMENT SWEPT before Nine n'etaek in the fore- noon, I Hereby Give Notice that it is ray intention to take proceedings against any persen or persons making default. L COLQUHOUN, Chief Constable. Swansea, Feb. IStll, 1396. 4391 [gOROUGH OF SWANSEA.) ] CONTRACTS FOR SCAVENGING, STONE,STORES,&c. I THE CORPORATION :011' SWANSEA I invite TENDERS lor the SUPPLY of the under mentioned STORES, STONE, SCAVENGING WORK, &c., for the year ending MARCH 31-st, 1537, viz.:—Iron- lrrtngery, India Rubber Geods. Disinfectants, Timber, Bricks, Pipes, Slates, &c., Cement and Linae, Flags, Stone for Ksrbmg and Channelling and Pitching, Plumbing and Gas Fitting Work, Paints, Glass, &€ Sundry Goods (Shipping Stores and Grecsra). Ora-iel and Sand (1,500 tons), Unbreken Limestone (1,000 tons), Broken Liruestoue (1,500 tons), and Broken Syenite vb,0§0 tons) for Road Metal, Haulage, and Scavenging and Reiaoyal of Refuse in Districts 5 iaQ 6 (Added Area). Also for the Supply of Coal during a period ot six months. Forms of Tender and further particulars may be obtained at the OffJec of the Borough Surveyor, 13, Hemerset-place, Swansea. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Tender for ——— to be delivered at my OSiees net later than Twelve o'clock on TUESDAY, the 2,5th inst. The Corporation do not bind them- selves to accept the lowest or any Tender. 3391] JNO. THOMAS, Town-clerk. 1st Is OD. HAMPERS OF WINES AND SPIRITS (Asserted according to directions). ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE THE BEST YALUE IN THE MARKET. | MA RGB AVE BROS., 1.L1 .a l Jl.ti V J.I ) 0 U LLANELLY, Sole Proprietors: — I EXCELSIOR WIIISXY. Recommended for the Sick and Convalescent by the Highest Medical Authorities and Journals in the Kingdom, 1643 ¡ y POLE JJ A TRY OMPAN Y MAYPOLE BUTTER Is. li). PER LB. MAYPOLE BUTTER Is. !:■. PER LB. T'TJ.K lOr FRESH, AXD PUltE, CHOICEST BCTTEH IN THE WORLD L( MARGARINE 4 £ d. per lb, MARGARINE 5d. uer Ib. Superior to that >o:d elsewhere at 6d. and Sa. pe., | MAYPOLE "DAIRY CO., 2(,7 A, IIIGIi-STREET, SWANSEA. The Original Remedy for HEART DISEASE and nil its weaknesses. The only Remedy which treats successfully "CHANGE OF LIFE." I OT. 1'- It JLUJ A}l\. HAS THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY MEDICINE. j It dissolves the lood, thereby eompelli a,, digestion. It promotes circulation oF the blood. It soothes and p.trenftnetjs ner-,ep, It cives stamina. to man, promotes rausele, ) It cleanses the Kidneys and the Liver of all impurities. AGEXTS rCR SWAXS:A Mr JOHN DAY! r,S, Bigh-streel, { Mr CYAN TMOM AS, fJastie-atreet. Air J. MYRDDIN DAVIES,O::dord-strect. sua CEYLON TEA IS THE FINEST IN THE WORLD. We make a point of Securing the Small Leaf Sittings of the n Finest Ceylon Tea, which we Sell lor Cash. PEK POUND. The Best Yalue of any Tea Sold. TAYLOR & Co., LIMITED, SWANSEA & MUMBLES.



TUESDAr, FEBRJAIilf 10, 1696.…








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