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JARTUFF EXHIBITION. iauoj •-•TAN D IIU. 4 EXCELSIOR' (OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY). I Recommended by the Medical faculty for its absolute purity and dietetic properties. Periectien or Blended Whiskies.—11 Lancet. Free from ail irrilatin;'constituents, aoJ is altogether a wbiskv of verv iiia; 1 i quality— •' 131-iti•» 11 .Medical Journal." A safe and pa!at;;l>!e st;»ulaiit for the sick .nd eouvaiesceut—" Practitioner.' SoLB Fkopkisltor- MARGRAVE BROTHEKS, ¡- LLANELLY AND GLASGOW. 4972 C! M B 'TT SPONGES AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. ISAAC GALE, 18. HIGH-ST., SWANSEA. I*LEPH05E NO. 17. [4310 X" OH DEAR, DOCTOR, What will you recommend for Tight Chest ibreFearful Weather?'' OH, THERE IS JSOTHIXG LIKIi TCDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT I BALSAM OF HONEY. THERB IS NO MOHE TRYING SEASON FOR THE MtTMA>* CONSTITUTIOff THAN THE PKLSENl' WKATUiiH lk war" of the sunshine in the day and tbecold windt at night. Should you catch a cold, nip it in the bud by Liking tbe certain remedy. ONE OF THIS MOST 11EMABKABLB HKMEDIKS OF THE AGE. rjUDOR TTILLIAMS pATENT BALSAM OF JJONEV. No Mother should neglect to keep this Infallible Remedy in the bouse ready for any merg ency. Kemerober that it is wiser toctteck a øligbt Cough at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a lingering complaint Ask distinctly For Tndor Williams' Ealtain of Hotlty, and see tnat yon get the right article. Persons suffering from difficulty of Breathing shouid give ita trial. L ÂRGEST SALE OF ANY COUGH JJEDICINE IN THE WORLD. BRONCHITIS. There ue thousands of children who die ann Q 1.1 from bronchitis, whu0ping cough, and croup. A grand dl5Cú"ery ha* been made ior the cure e¡ SU6D ojuiptauncs, wune,y, Tudor Williams's Balsam of Honey, which ccmains Welsh houey and an essence extracted frsm a selection of the purest and most efficacious herbs. A Swansea lady declares that this famous Balsam acts like magic on her children when ever they are afflicted with one of these kindred complaints. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is. lid., 2s. 9..1., 8Dd 4«. bd. bottles. Sample bottles sent (post paid; tor ls. 3d., 68.. and S»., from the Inventor D. TUDOR I L L I A M S, MEDICAL HALL. ABKBDABE. [3150 DEAL DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS. J^NITTING ^rOOLS, KNITTED HOSIERY, AND JJNDIRWEAR FOR ALL SEASONS AT ^yjAKERS' J3 RICES. I SCOTCH WOOL d: HOSIERY STORES tFLEMENS, REID nd CO.. GXEENOCK). 7, OXFORD-STREET. QUALITY, combined with Moti^iat; Prices, U eut arM, consideration. "The Cheapest U satin are mor always the raos: economical." THAT SATISFACTION is given by our Goods i. ttownbylhe manv unsolicited testimonials r«ce ,red [rom eur letter order trades, «nd the iacreasiag popularity of our Manufactures. PROFIT is made to our Customers by purchasing honest Goods direct from our Mills through our Braaches, as several intermediate Fronts are thereby I saved. Price List and Knitting Instruction Book Free ob Application to above Address, or Application to above Address, ür FLEMING, REID AND CO., IHii WORSTED MILLS. GRBfiNOCK. GR-UG BRICK CO., MORRISTON EST BED FACING AND MOULDED BRICKS. ARCU.'TECTS DESIGN'S EXECUTED. [475 < T*L*ph»NE 138. NOTICE TO MUMBLES VISITORS A. J. ClIAFPELL GLOUCESTER HOUSE, MUMBLES (NLUt th* OLD TftAM STATION), THE OLD ESTABLISHED F1S1T. GAME, & POULTRY DEALER. is rwceiT tg d&i!y Jarge buppliesof SALMON. SEWIN. LOBSTERS, CBABS, KIPPl!RS, TARMoura slo.Tana, &c. Everything of He Very Best Quality tad at 1 mm a Fri«e». ) \IK AV— 33 VIKD STREET. » V tSSEi. &1\. OW Hotel- seaj BEN EVANS & Co., Ltd. ■HnMninHnHHBBanMnHaHai THE GREAT CLEARANCE SALE, UNMISTAKABLE BARGAINS I.j IX EVERY DEPARTMENT. I [MPORTANT. I Since the commencement of the GREAT SALE, B. E. & Co. have made several most IMPORTANT PC 1 C IASES OF MANTJFA-JTURERS' CLEARING LINES at about Half their Value, hut owing1 to the extraordinary j run of business, it has been utterly impossible to get the Goods ready for r' Disposal. ¡ TO-DAY, TUESDAY, I -JL- -JL m -R- however, the above Purchases, consisting of BLACK and MOL RiN ING DilESb GOODS, LIKENS, CARPETS, SHOW-ROOM and FANCY GOODS, &c, together with the Ordinary SURPLUS STOCK, will be offered at SUCH REDUCTIONS from REGULAR PRICES as must secure the appreciation of he Public. BEX EVANS AND CO., LIMITED, SWANSEA. I Swansea Knows To-day that (J7) + CASH „SUPP,Y TH<; ?EST • /s)s)/A Drugs at the most CHEMISTS, Economical Rates. ,17 PURE DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES, TOILET REQUISITES, I CHOllCE PERFUMES, &c.? fe, At an immense reduction from ordinary Chemists prices. Owing to the immense quantity of drugs they buy, they can buy so cheaply as to be able to sell the very best qualities at prices usually- I charged for inferior kinds. I No Old Stock Fresh Supplies Daily I 11 DHVCiriANC' DDCCTDIDTUMK accurately prepared wftli the I 111 OlwlAlio i IyCuvl\ir llVIlv/ foest ^usilitles of by & Chemist fully qualified by Pharmaceutical Society's Examination at about one=haif the usual charges. (j/j Caslh Chemists, 2 Oxford St., Swansea. Also at BRISTOL, BATH, CMELTENHAH, &c., &c. /ijoi's Pare Drug Co., Limited, Proprietors, JESSE EOOTé Head Offices, Nottingham, MaziA<ri.<> £ Director —————————— FACTS NOT FICTION. A WARNING TO THE PUBLIC, I DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS BUT I CALL AT DOvVN AND SON STEAM CABINET WORKS, HIGH-ST. & MORRIS-LANE, SWANSEA, I AND PERSONALLY ASCERTAIN THAT THEY ARE THE j LAKGEST CABINET MAKERS BY MACHINERY IN WALKS ALSO THAT THEY HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE PRINCIPALITY j TO SELECT FROM AT PRICES TO SUIT ALL BUYERS. j ALL GOODS GUARANTEED TO BE AS REPRESENTED. A Visit respoetfully lasted, whieh w«ukl be pleating to anyone inttrested in the Cou«txu«ti*o .r J: armiture. 1817 TELEPHONE 142. INCANDESCENT BURNERS; AT LATEST REDUCED PRICES. I j J. H. TST OTT. liT. HEI ENS-ROAD AND QUAY-PAJiADE, 8WA2iSti±. ;4.0! Mc AYERA'S GREAT SUMMER SALS HAS OOM-MJiLN OED 11, CASTLE-ST. JULY St'.i, 1396. 501S I I ELECTKOZONE. ELECTKUZONE. electhozlln E. A )r,ii,ct of S?a-viiti"T «u«l KU'<:l.-icity. Kature's own (<-nu- kilU-r. Ali-olulely Harmless and N'on- poisonous in aiiv t|imriLii y rised exteruully orinternally. ELECTROZUXE. ELECTHOZON K ELEOTROZONE. Inlhu Household- prevents Assise, destroys odours, removes insanitary conditions. In the Eiith—th« Nursery, and t ii»' Sick lJooin for Skin Diseases, Cuts, Wounds, Burns, Malodo- rous Sores, iind Tumours. ELECTROZOXE. ELECTROZONE. ELECTROZONE. I; For 1101,"SES, CATTLE. SHEEP, SWDm, I'OULTIlY, .mil DOGS; a Certain Vreveat»- tive or Cur« o( all Germ Diseases »ucli a# Blood- poisoning, Swim; Fever, Mange, Chieken Cholera, and the like. For the AGRICULTURIST; an Eiiieient Aid in Destroy ins: the Larvie 01 Infected i*l.inu, Ti-ee,, aui Flowers, aid to Prevent 111'CI"!1"11. ELECTROZONE. ELECTROZONE. ELECTROZONE. An iii\ uluable Ajfent. Not.s the. Trade Mark, M'irk, EO. —fhleel i ici'y and Of 1\11 Chemists and Stores. Quart, Bottles, Is. Lire'M ions on every I'ottle. Quantitiea in hulk or i.m:>)».-■ on »p.-cial icrnis. MEDiTRINA ;ml:licinal elhcirozond. MEDITRINA (MEDICINAL ELECTHOZONIi). A Marvellous Curative Cures Hay Fevei, C'id in the Head. Sc-irlet Fever, Typhoid Fev«r, Dysentery, In Bottle*, price 2s. 6d., of all lending: C'liemist.s and Stores. ELECTROZONE. ELECTROZONE. E LEC'iTlOZON E. Circuiars and Pamphlets post-free from THE BRITISH ELECTKOZONE CORPORATION, LIMITED, TRAFALGAR EUILUIN'GS, CHARING CROSS LONDON. W.O 4371 || || HM ||||ii j ESTABLISHED 1880. | I J. T. WH.iLTAMS; l i MONUMENTAL WOKKS, | AVAI.TEll- llOADi I SWANSEA. | MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES, AND 1 1 GRAVE CliOSSES executed and let- I HfèÙ HI Granite Warble and Stone, i I, Delivered and erected in town and | country, irrespective of distance. 8 MAIWLE AND SLATE SHOP jL<TT 1 11 I TiNGS in all branches. 8 | Designs iree on application, | § S i MAYPOLE DA IKY CO. STILL MOVE FIRST. I MAYPOLE BUTTEE- i REDUCED TO llD, PER LB I i I; 5D, MARGARINE REDUCED TO 4D. PER LB. ] ( MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., I: Largest Retailers in the World, 1 109, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA J —— 1 ESTABLISHED 56 YBAJJS. j 1 PIANOS Hy BliCHSTEIN, COLLARD & COLLARD, BHOA WO(JD, KI.RliMVN, and JUSTIN BKuWNB. CASH on CHEDIT. J J. BRADER AND SONS I j ADDRXSS), ] S & 9. WIND-STREET. SWANSEA PERFECTION SOAP J AND LIFE < ASSURANCE. All users of "PifU'ECTioif" S.A.P are i offered a POLIOsr or LrFJI: ASSURANCE, with 1 immediate benefit, for ONE YEAR, in the ii British Worknaan'a and General Assurance Company. Arrangements will be manlw to ) continue the Poliey year by year, THe Policies may he taken out for all ages j to 65, and vary from £ 2 Zs to £11108, aceerding to age. Polieies will be issued as soon as 112 (eutsidej Wrappers are saTodand sent io. Last day. June 30th, next year. For full particulan see bills. I Perrcction Soap is manufactured FULL POUND WEIGHT. I' REDUCTION IN THE PKICX OF SUGAR. PERL. I GOOD BROWN SUGAR lid. FINE WHITE Lid. 1\ FINE CRYSTALS lid, LARGE CRYSTALS l|d. EXTRA LARGE CRYSTALS 2d. GOOD DEMERARA 2d. FINEST DEMERARA 2id. GOOD LUMP lid. FINE WHITE LUMP 2d. BE»X SPARKLING LUMP 2td. TAYLOR &COMPY.\ (LIMITED), 6, CASTLE SQUAKE, SWANSEA, 99, OXFORD STKEKT, SWANSEA. 3:3, WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA. 100, BRYN Y MOR ROAD. ST HELEN S, SWANSEA, 2683


TUESDA V, JULY 14, 1895.




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