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JWANSEA BAY ROYAL REGATTA, j FIFTH LIST OF SUBSCILLPTTOXS. J AMOUNT PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED IN "DAI-Y FO»T" -J V C. PURCHASE — I 0 .Le BOUUNUT: •-• T L' >BN L> •>'■> II ••• — J- F 1: »VFCL KOISER (AUUIII-.NAI). — ••• J" T ;VES A«KL UWELL F S&ncUiiutu and CO. 7 SL \V. iiolnuy — '| TOTAL — "-4 >.C Further Subscriptions can be ;It tIle !EU £ UKS, to anv MEMBER ot the ConiitotteJ, T* LI['I- *creUry, W. V. Smith, or the UNU.-RIUNED, T.W. ISiAY YOUNG, Monorarv fJ'n"v:d1"('r, 2IIC. ropolitaii 11 S!!R" Jniylftb, 189S, WANSEA BAY ROYAL IIE C- ATT A TICKETS for the COMMITTEE TSAMER KLFCIUKT OF THE CROS*, bicfl will FOLLOW THE YACHTS • iOUND THE COURSE, CAN be OBTAINED t the RF.G A'l'LL T'FFlCE. A iimited number jsstied. Trice. 10s. SJ. W. F. SMITH, lion. Sec. Wind-street, Swansea. ["063 r>OCKETT'S BRISTOI. CHANNEL j R STEAM PACKLT CO., LIMITED. IJIASUKLS AIACIML' iCSiXX j SAILINGS VAOSENGR.I: OF TUB A BBIGH T O IS; (CLASSED Al AT LLOYD'S) from POEKET.I S WLIAI T, | SOUTH Dock. SWIUINEN. SUNDAY, July 19TB, 3.0 P.M.—GIIAN!) SPECIAL | KA CKCISE. Down CHANUEL AND R -UNA LUAAV J ILIIUD. FARE, 2S. MOSRIV, JULY 20TH, 11.0 A.M.—ILFUALOMBJ, AND LOYKLLY. TI „N .r- WJJBSKSEAY, JULY 32ND, 6.0 A.NT.—IL ? 1. A<UOX. *» £ £ %1Y 23RD. 7.0 A.M.—ILFHACOMBC AND LOVr,L1,Y. ,IT,„ T FRIDAY, Jnly 24th, S. 0. I L F 1, A(,") !E.O.;N„ J the MUMBLES. „ SAXORDJLT, J»ly 25tli.—SWA\B»>A CA I I.I T.B j K(tAT1 A. FOLLOW tilt; Yacht.* DURING the HACT>. IVING the MUMBLES AT 10.30 ,1.111. .;UA RCT.IRUIII^ U1 v. an sea at 5.0 p-in.. „. R, N-R T S4.TI.KDAY, July 2Sil>, 5.0 p.m. —CJ-II'-A- J^I AL; •RIP to ItFHACOMBii and BACK, FCt¡e. ;:s. hi. Cheap Kxcursiona TO Barnstaple, Bule:urd, ISxeter. 'lymouth. &C., everv Saturday and Mcndav. TI i SWANSEA EAT j :OYAL YACHT liACE, I SATURDAY, JULY :2;Ul. I I .ho magnificent Saloon AEA-SOING Stearasr I WESTWARD HOI I OR I 2 A M B E I A ■ The largest, fastest, and most palatial Ii steamer, NILL SA.IL FROM SWANSEA I At 9.30, to FOLLOW the RACING. I Fare for the Sail—4S. I For further pa.rticular. see BT'ly. 5054 .WANSEA BAY ROYAL REGATTA, 5 W SATURDAY, JULY 2OTB, 1896, FEATHER «OD other ciroumstancei permlt'ing. the U»LI<LIK'I?IY"'ITTED Salonn" nd fasi..PASSCA^T; Steamer J"»HN STIRLIJSG CON^MMLDER, Capt. WIN. Tnüma.sJ )) .VILI I'M,YE THE VVE^T PIER ON THE ABC .TJI. SFT»IT>UND FOLLOW TILE PRINCI;I! » <S- to W,. t FAs. Seasoa TICKETS, 10 6; incitiding; liegat.:t'i.;e ikt, 16 •teiinabie from Mr. ii, Llewellyn, T»ID Ivy Bush lotel, Uigh-ctreet, or at 13. HI RNYNU>r-ro.TD, BWAN ea. liegatt I Tickets tauen before J I.LY can Le had ■t 7/6. JTJNDAY TRIP TO NEWPORT (Moil.) JULY 26th, 1896, JEAVING the West Pit- at 6.0 &.m., returning from NEWPORT at 5.30'JS.M. FAUN, TA, JTESRE I&NIENTA to be iuid on board AT moderate u..rr; s. have also been arranged fwkich will OE adver- to litvaf.rrube, Cioveily, LyDllloutu, 1'enby, liidet'oid, BU; NLISTII, ilineliead, e., DJINTM the SEAIC; AFROV'E UO*T HAS een tharouglilv itiphoistered <I fitted throt.jjl.uut with electric light. 5050 SWANSEA BAY ROYAL REGATTA. 1 SAXrnD-VY, JCLY 25TH, iSSG ¡ THE SPLEXDID PASSHKGEII STKAMER V GIlEAT BRITAIN dl KAVE the Prince of Wales D.OEK NT 9.0 a.-M. TO! the ijtart an.1 T'OL low the YACHTS liouiiii SHE mrse. occasionallv V.-ing the Shore to VIEW THE jngsbore SIMU1 Uctutn to land ^ASAENGEN* at tth vue! b,3u ¡.tn. ekets. 10. ôd. Cold LUREBFONS r:nd ESIJOIENTA can lYe hud on BOARD at Keasonabie AES. kets for this trip should be applied for without as a Hmiteu uumher only are !urdi.o.a!. ly to 1\1r. F. MLIAFTIIK, Oxford-itreet, SWANST-J,; JT. 3&cBhydl, CUJTJE Hotel, SNIINIEA. IN' TLLB EVENING. iD CIKCULAU TRIP AKOI:>J THE BAY. I' gtlieYachts Britiumia, Meieor II SAUIUTA, aress, &c.; Wvini; South Dock SI'x o'cUcic- IG at KI^HT o'clock, in lime to VIEW Fireworks ^•LETAON t. _1",1 b. eadl. For any fni-ti»er hi urination iv to Mr. F. T 'SSK, U.'rforu-atroel; Mr. J. UCBHADK, C'.t.->tle I -i, BOEA 1DL A N D R A I L W A Y CHEAP EXCURSIONS. CYCLING CLUB SPORTS AT BRECON*, J' OR THURSDAY, JULY 23rd, to PEN- t XLT, DEVYNOCK and BRECON (lialf- rip), leaving SWANSEA at 2. Upupt-i 2.6, Morriston 2.11, Cwm Cijdacli ' 2.22., Poutardavve 2.29 p.M JIILA may be had at the Stations. GEO. H. TURNER, j Generil Manager. Eferby, July: 1036: [5060 NEATH FOOTBALL CLUB. WANTED, a TRAINER 'r ATTEN-1 ANT. — Apply for Particuiars to the RBTABY. S051 HOLY TRINITY PARISH FLOWER SHOW Will be held in tlia TEMPKKANCE- HALL Oil THURSDAY, July 23, 1896. Opening Ceremony at THiiEE eetock by LADY LYONS. ,3 to 5—Mr. JACKSON » OROIIESTKAX I'-IN;>. GRAND "CONCERT at !.i!ir O'clock. OISTRIBLTIO?; OF PRIZES LY HIS \<)i.HIP THE MAYOR. The exhibit* wiit be stipjilemeuled bv Plaats e«T i>Y Lady IRWAIISEA, Sir J. T. D. !.iewei\n, bJ.rt., M.P., S.r J, J. Jentuns, Ai.l\, Coiooel MORGAN, W. Walters, Esq., &C., &c. [lay Liolict. ONE SHILLING; After Five o'clock, SIXPENCE. 5.64 L A N D I L O. BANK HOLIDAY. ATHLETIC. SPORTS AND BRASS BAN U CONTEST. JiKLU UNDELI A.A.A. LAWS. Handicapper C. ltl'dtBUliT, 1CSIJ GI1A1S1) I'DOG KAJIMK. JTI:0 IX P:!1ZLS. I APPLY-HOPKINS AND Til O-MAS LLANMLO. tN22 CARDIFF EXHIBITION, 159G STAND 110. 8 EXCELSIOR' (OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY). Recommended by the Medioa! faculty for its absolute PARITY and properties. Perieetieu of Ciend^A Whiskies. — "Liancef.' Free from all irritatui" censtitueats, and is altojrotber A whisky of v«rv BIGB quality— ISRITIMH Medutai JouruaL" A safe and paiatabie stlnuiant for the sick nd conr alesoent—*• P.-atBtitionor," Sole PKOFRIKTORS, MARGRAVE BROTHERS, LLANELLY AND GLASGOW. 4972 T. TURNER I THOMAS, I k" 198. HIGH-STEEET, SWANSEA (Near G.W.R Statien), SPECIAL LINES I IN BLOUSES, Of which there is a large Variety in Stock. SAI LORS' HATS In NEWEST SHAPED, front Sid. Trimmed. SEE THE WINDOW DISPLAY* Whieh will testify far itself that for Value an-1 ARTISTIC Taste these Goods cannot be beaten in SWAKSKA. 4977 DEAL DIRECT WITH THE M AMU F ACTURERS T^JVITT'NG -^YOOLS, J^- £ JITTED JJJ OSIEHY, AND |JNDI £ RWEAR FOR .ALL SEASONS AT ^|A>;ERS' RICES. ivi- A SCOTCH WOOL & HOSIERS STORKS .)\ ;FLEMI?CN. REII> AND CO., CPJtXENOCK), R, UXFORD-8T 11 JFI K T. QUALITY, ccmbined VILLI I-JOPERATE 1'ri-vs, I» out FIRSI CI-rskieration. TTIC CBEAI est CIOCU;\AR€ nor TI»E mc>««T econt^mic-TL TliAX .SATISFACTION is given by our Gnods is >HOWN !,Y THE «UIUIV UNSOLICITED le>tinioi»iaU LECEIYED iicm our ietttrr ori'^r t:-tt!c< n.t the increasiiig FOR ulai ity ot OUR Munnfuct I.RCI. Viii FIT IS MAIIE to our Customers by PUROLI^SMG HOI?EST, Got.d.. OIICOT ironi USIR MILLI TUROU^II Li: -tnclies, AS AEVTRRAI iiiteni:etiia! C PIOLITS TII"I EBY X RRCE Litt NNTL KUIU Instruction JZogH Erce 011 AP[»LICIITIOII 10 :xbove ADDIE^A, OR FLEMING, KEID AND CO., THK WOliSTEU MILLS. GiliiKXOCK. H O US E COAL WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TIL OS, 11. KOBINSON. 15. EXCHANGE BUILDINGS. BEST M'ALDAU, LAR^E, 16s 6d per ton I) delivered; WEIGHT and quality gvaran-J ced. Why pay more. ^-02 > I 1- BEN EVANS & CO., LTD. I | THE I' GREAT CT .FARANCE I ■ SALE. ■ UNMISTAKABLE BARGAINS v-r; IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. BEN EYANS & CO., LIMITED, SWANSEA. s. r J' ;I SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. ME Y L E R' S S AL E NOW ON. GRAND BARGAINS IN"ALL DEPARTMENTS. SPECIAL.—For this Sale only. 250 Musquash Capes, to clear, I/II each, worth 21/11. 150 Coloured Cloth Capes, from 3/11, worth 10/11 to 12/n. Tailor-made Costumes, this season's goods, from 3/11, must be cleared. Extraordinary Value in Dre sas, Eill.s, Mantles, Jacltots, Blouses, ^Millinerj', Furs' Stinshadep, Glores, Corsets, Prints, Calicoes, SHEETS, Sheetings, Quilfs. Connterpanos. Floer Cloths, &c. [4976 16, ^7, High-St., 8r. 82, 8i, New Orchard-bt., SWANSEA. V V I t V-7 FACTS NOT FICTION. A WARNING TO THE PUBLIC. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS BUT CALL AT DOWN AND SON STEAM CABINET WORKS, HIGH-ST. & MORRIS-LANE, SWANSEA, j AND PERSONALLY ASCERTAIN THAT THEY ARE THE LARGEST CABINET MAKERS BY MACHINERT IN WALES. ALSO THAT THEY HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE PRINCIPALITY TO SELECT FliOM AT PRICES TO SUIT ALL BUYERS. ALL GOODS GUARANTEED TO BE AS REPRESENTED. A Visit respectfully invited, which v.ould be pleasing to anyene interested in the Construction of Furniture. 1817 Ml JOHN I BROWN I FOR LADIES' & GENTS' CYCLES. LARGEST AND BEST SELECTED STOCK IN WALKS. t, J I CYCLE RIDING SCHOOL: DRILL HALL, SINGLETOJS-ST. CYCLES REPAIRED BY SKILLED WO UK.MEN. LARGE STOCK OF ACCESSORIES AND NOVELTIES, Particulars and Price Lists Free. OXFORD STREET, JOHN S. BROWN, II SWANSEA. n- I "NOPKIXSON'S JAMS ARE THE BEsrr. I HOPKINSONS JAMS AND MARMALADE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST 4003 _I SWAN SEA ROYAL REGATTA. ? HEADY FOR DELIVERY, IN PERFECT CONDITION, 1, o o o SUGAR-CURED I S9! 0 D. PER LB. I They are Light in Weight. Loan and Plump, I Every Ham Branded. FINEST CANADIAN CHEESE.! i PER 4:20. LB. | DRINK THE EO R 0 ) TEA. 1a -i ^-D. PEE| S. 4:D. JLS. LB. The Celebrated Diend of the FINEST I INDIAN, CHINA, AND CEYLON TEAS j Sue,ar Reduced. Flour Reduced. DAILY DELIVERIES TO ALL PARTS DA VIES & CO.. THE CASII GROCERS, THE BORO' STORES. IN COLLEGE-STREET. SWANSEA. 'if -G .r:.i- 5057 _U- -i THE WiSE ARE WILLING TO LEARK. ■I Boney jiidieiouglv spent jH ,xr_ £ Ea contented mind. g MAKE A NOTE OF THE FACT i ■HI oney spent on poor- Fupniturs HI JHH a Ijorne look, miserable. S IIflyadvice to y°u ail is t}^i§— | 8 A 1"™% iT\ ■ W | ak.8 tor M. JACOBS & CO. |JA( )l )KS Mj {]{) ■ u Hagnifieent Vaiue fop Jftoney tljere. Wm? # V/ V/ V^ THE SO U Tlf WALES FURNISHERS, PORTLAND BLDGS., HEATHFIELD ST. SWANSEA. < DM BRANCHES—2 £ » Market btreet, LLANELLY: 5. QII«3UN St..NEAT& I I gCHWEPPE'S gODA WATER. gCHWEPPE'S pOTASS WATER. gCHWEPPE'S y^EMONADE. To be obtained of To be obtained ot Messrs FULTON DUN LOP, and CO., THOMA3 FORD and CO., And of all leading Wine Merchants, Chemists, and Grocers in Swansea. 4948 MAYPOLE DAIRY CO. STILL MOVE FIRST. MAYPOLE BU T T E R. REDUCED TO 11 D, PER LB 5 D- MAKGARIN E REDUCED TO 4D. PER LB. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., Largest Retailers in the World, 109, HIGH-STHEET. SWANSEA PERFECTION SOAP AND LIFE ASSURANCE. tAH Hsers OF "Peufsction Soap are offered u Policy of LIFE assurance, with immediate benefit, for OSL Yeak., 111 the British Workman's and General Assurance Company. Arrangements will be mads to continue the Policy year by year, The Policies may be taken out for all ages to 65, and vary from zL2 Zd to £ 1110s, according to ago. Policies will be issued as soon as 112 (outyide) Wrappers are aaredttrtd aent in. Last day. June 30th, next year. For full particulars see bills. PERSECTION Soap is manufactnrGd FULL POUND WEIGHT FLOUR MARKETS CONTINUE TO DROOP. We are therefore enabled to quote :— Per Score. Per Sack. FINES Is. 6d. 2Cs. LEATHER Tlai Is, 8d 22s, 6d. EXTRAS Is. lOd. 25s. TAYLOE & COMPY. (LIMITED), 6, CASTLE SQUARE, SWANSEA. 99, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. 33, WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA. 100, BRYN Y MOR ROAD. ST HELEN S, SWANSEA. 2683


SATUR))AV, JULY 13, 1^96,