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FANCY WORK LESSONS. By Mrs. Helpful- kfcMtiiig lovelier can Ir found In woman 1,111\11 10 study IJHI>dt"!d good, Atirt gocd w>rk; 1'1 h*r hnfteutd t<i pr<.nn' a, LL'fSON IV.— MOJO: 1>A/AAU Ajuklks. A SKUVIC1'UBI,K TKAPOX Hor.DRK. Cft loz, of scarlet and I' z. of grey common lingering wool and a r;vtb«?r coarse bone needle. The woo! will i>)«!•>* three pretty useful holders, which sell easily for 3d, each, Crochet a chain of -4 loops with scarlet wool, ] )) C on each of tti,- chain miss two chain in turning before woAing your first D C. Second and every succeeding row until your holder is sonar?; 2 chain to turn, miss 1 () 1, i,f the, la,,t i-c)if, aiiti work 1) C's to the end of the row, taking up both sides of the I) (*'>: each time. Nov* wi:h the grey wool, work an edging all round,consisting of* i C II, 1 treble, miss 1, repeat from always working at the corner?; I C f I, I treble twice in the t I same stitch.ow double the work np, and in the doubled centre work 1 j) C, 7 chain, bri miss ii ri brand 1 1) C on the. next doubled IJ t), Tbi«. loop ie to h&ng the holder up by. A PKKTTY LlTILE SHOLI.I KJH SHAWL. This little shawl is called in one of Mrs. WHdon's series. Th« Fascinator," and I was certainly fascinated with it last Christmas, when made a dozen for a bazaar. It is so quickly. and easily made that 1 always recommend the pattern to my friends. Com- mence in the middle of the back with 5 chains, join round, made 4 C if, and work in the hole, 13 double treble [i.e., the wooi twice over the needle). Second row, 5 C II to turn, 13 n T in the last stitch of the 13 i) T just made; 1 1) C in the middle of the 13 j) T, and 13 more 1) T on the last j) T of second row. Third row, 5 C II to turn, 13 D Tin, the last J) T of last row, 1 1) C in ihe middle of the last, 13 J) Is, 13 D T'J in the D C of the last, row, IDC in the middle of the last group of i) Ta in the last row, and 13 D is on the chain stitch at the end of the last rew. Continue like the third row, always increasing at the beginning and end of each row, and always working 13 D Tin each I) C, and a J) C in the centre of every 13 1) T of tlw last row. Finish off with the following edge en the top straight !!ide :1 1) C, 3 trtbles, 1 1) C in che iit-mr, stitch, miss three Rtitohes, and' repeat from". Fringe the two rides of the triangle of the shawl. A rKETTY LITTLE ISUOCHE PINCUSHION. Materials required — Crewel wool, one skein each of scarlet, black, yellow, grey, and blue; and two line steel knitting needle8, The cushion is composed of J 2 sections, alter- nately scarlet, black, and yellow, separated by grey and blue narrow stripes, for a section ,if wh'),-b this Is a C**t on w;th grey, 2~> «t:11 ho. First row, plain knitting (grey); second and third rows, plain, with blue fonrth and fifth, plain, with grey; sixth, plain, with scarlet, yellow, or black, and continue with the sixth row colour until the section has come to a point..Seventh row: Make 1, slip 1, and knit 2 together. Knit three st,itches less in every alternate row, always decreasing at the same end, until at the widest end you have 11 stitches. Now lrnit. plain again with grey woo! to the, end of the row and repeat from the first row. Work the other stripes the (only alter- naming the oenire Colours, of course), and join theft) neatly together with a crewel needle and wool, and either make another circle for the! other side of theciiahion, or a circle of velvet. or plush may be used. Stuff the cushion wiih sawdust or cotton wool, gather up the centre, itud make a rosette of all the wools joined together, tied together (irmly, and held over hot water for a few minutes and then combed out. Thill is how it looks finished —








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