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- Sensational Divorce Proceedings.


Sensational Divorce Proceedings. MR. PARNELL A CO-RES- PONDENT. Hie Eve.}. >j on Saturday published the following:— r'ai" for divorce has been filed by William Henry 0 &hea. of 12t, Victoria-street, Westminster, and juslico of the peace in County Clare, against bu wIfe, Mr. Charles Stewart Parnell, M.P., being respDadene, The grounds alleged are the adultery of Mrs. O'Shea during the period from April, 1836, up to the date of the petition, at the undermentioned places :-Eltham, No. 34, te"ace, Regent's Park, Brighton, and ^ington, Sussex. No damages are claimed, *he Press Association" learns tliat the petition Vvas filed by Captain O'Shea on the 25th instant. INTERVIEW WITH CAPTAIN O'SHEA. A lepresontative of the Evening Xews and Post Palled upon Capt. O'Shea athia rooms, 124, Victoria- street, Westminster, on Saturday morning, and tho captain at once frankly stated that the above llew5 was true. ï ho representative was shown Up into a cosy sitting room. Breakfast was on the t.blt', and Captain O'Shea's son was present. In .iew of the confidential nature of the inquiry, the reporter asked Captain O'Shea if he could see him Privately. t, You may sppaij before my son," replied the Captain. Our representative hesitated. Should '0 repot t be untrue the situation would have 500 an awkward one. He urged that the matter Was So private that no other cars but the captain's offa^ l° ''ear Captain O'Shoa acquiesced, and, ,nR tii« representative a cigarette, asked him to be seated. ■j^'e question to be asked was a difficult one to Pu delicately, \e have received a report from a vrell informed source," said the representative, but^1 ^'°U 'iave an action for divorce, owing to the gravity o £ the announcement, Diy editor thought it but couiteous to yourself not Publish it without corroborat ion from your own tooutii." Caj.tiirj O'Shea looked straight into the repre- s lace and said, I may as well say it is true." "And that Mr. Charles Stewart Parnell is the Respondent ?" 6olikaL is vvue too. But how the deuce did you bear of it ?, The representative did not explain. And it iaaho tru" he pressed on, that you ao not claim damages ?" Of course I do not," said Captain O'Shea. He d, j am much obliged to your editor for tlie courtesy to ask me before publishing the fact." STATEMENT BY MR. PARNELL. The "Press Association" states that it has Weeiveu the following communications in refe- rence to the action for divorce instituted by Captain O'Shea Against Mrs. O'Shna, with Mr. r«w»e", M.P., as co respondent. Mr. Parnell informed the P, ess Association < that ha had not received any notice that any such proceodinga had been talcen, but Captain O'Shea had been threatening them for some years in fact, since 18B5, when Captain O'Shea separated Jumself from him in poliiicul matters. He had trustworthy information that Captain OShea had IÎeea incitd for some time to take action of this kind by Mr. E. Caulfield Houston, he believed the interests of the Times, in view of the pend- ibel action against Iliac journal. Mr. I\irnell "y5 c°nstri»ntly resided ;it Mrs, O'Shea's house! •l n ea<* °*^80 to 1836. Captain O'Shea was nv.^ifS.,aff816 be (Mi*. Parnell) was con- « t .iore'n Captain O'Shea's absence duriDg POtiod and since 1886. Mr. Parnell sivys he is, 0-°.rf' Conv,nced that this action on Captain j. e<48 f art is in the interest of other people, so ^'r* Houston lias taken ste; s with the same Object. A VENJAL FROM MR. HOUSTON, Uouslon writes to the "Press Association" tÙat his attention had been called to the statement tbat," acting in the interest of the Times, I have Captain O'Shea to institute divorce pro- ings agains! Mr. Parnell." The statement is «e in every sense. I havo had no communica- tion whoever with the Times on the subject, for the 8imple reason that I was in total ignorance of the oeeedings until Saturday nv>rning lust r when all tlte world was kt into the secret." CAPTAIN O'SHEA INTERVIEWED. I r°P°rter of the "Press Association had two Qctviews witIi Captain O'Shea on Monday. At j^e lie £ tf»ted tl>at the subject of the proceed- lots WaS tnlleh too painfut for him to enter into n an<* *elt the responsibility of his ^sition towards the court.» Ciptain O'Shea de- '° enter upon any controversy as to Mr S statement, merely remarking The Dla ^r- Parnell do is to immediately t,ic US!,a' position of a co-respon- Cit r °W '1'Inse'1^ 'r> servc<^ w'(h the ion of the c~ai t issued in consequence of the iot^011 'eC' °n "'6 ^i'1 a su^sfi1"ent »ot V'eW O'Shea staled that there wa« jlf p8 lightest lruth in the statement made by that the m-itter originated from the ar-d in confirmation of this deniaf Captain j,. >ra Produced a letter, which the editor of the Vm'1 S9ht ,,y ?Pec'*l messenger last Sunday Ol enc'ot"'S a cutting from the Evening JYews 'e Previous da}*, and stating that the editor Captain O'Shei would !n) correct, or aher if incorrect the 41,01411cenient as to the petition fur divorce. A SUSPICIOUS BI r OF PAPIlR. 1'1.e Areu. York Herald s.iys :—A uivoree suit at least, be a source of great annoy-,it)ce to • Parnell—to say nothing of tlie lady. Wilt it <VendeJ ? That seams a curious question tli* obout a divorce case, but Cu.jr>h js die whole affair is very taliier)8' "E^bam business has long been •Jp'iii Vi' ^ne n a Plece paper was picked °Per»f 0 ^°bi v of the House of Commons and was from a lady to the CW ^!dei'- Some people said it was shown to However that may be, it was talked But,, 1 over the place in less than half an hour. *fter aure rr ay lmve been nothing in the bit of paper lion, y~~or P"'baps only an address or an invifa- nr. ut8uch im ideutsas this set people ta'king, Cent W M'ey wi'l sti 11 more. Wiio is inno- ^eed'T wll° is Suilt>- ifc wou:^ be very ra->h M uj Predict. But we may expect to see some fr,,l '&ti(,ntlist papers speak out their minds l>iab°Wt O'Shea. Now that he has cast off all 8nd entered boldly upon the war p;ith, -lty8,e xv.dl be a smash, and the gnat Ell-ham *'rev ',y will be cleared up after many promised 't'ons," which ended in revealing nothing. H MRS. O'SHEA. Sir j'dherine O'Shea is the daughter of the Rev. ^*lour'p'n ^age-Wood, Bart., of IIatherl«y House,! rn"^ a sister of Lieutenant-General Sir *1 lor,7 )oc'» V.C. She married tiie peliti^ter u*Pta>iand 'ias borne him five chil-lren. Tlio j' '"i > ,°rmc,;y belonged to the 13Mi Hussars. I3o. li» been a justice of the peace for the County i