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Pifclir ^musemeMsf JJOYAL, QAiiDIia-. LlSSHJi AND MA?fAGtB MB. EmVAHD FUTCHM. ACTiNe MANAGER Mfl. Jony 6HEHIDAN. THIS WEEK AND UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE THE GRAND PANTOMIME, PRhTTY LITTLE RED RIDING I!0011- Plan at Thompson and Shac-keU's (Limited). [6?08 Q. It AND rp II E A T II E WEETSAT.B-STMET, CARDIIF. the Home of Pantomime. The Dniry-lane of Wales, THE GRANDEST, THE MOöT COLLOSHL, THE MOST MAGNIFICENT, iM) ICE MOST COMICAL rAN T 0 M I M E IN THE PROVINCES. •f Total Eclipse or all Previous Kffo! t«. In fact, the Eclipse Eclipsed. The Performance will Conclude at 10.45 TO-NIGHT and EVERY EVBNING until Further Notice. GBAND PANTOMIME, ROllINSON CaUSOE AND HIS MAN FRIDAY. TO NIGHT and Until Further Notice, at 7, On a scale of splendour surpassing In magnificence the Displays offered to the Public of Cardiff in Previous Jtars, and performed by a Company of Artistes in- cluding many of the best Comedians and Lady Bur- lesque Artistes of the Day, each of whom it ;< bright particular Star and an acknowledged attraction in them- selves. Compare this Company with that engaged at any other Theatre in Wales. the following list of names speaks for itself Miss MINNIE MARIO Miss KATIE LAWRENCE Miss BELLA WILLING Miss JENNY JOY Miss RATE BRAHAM Miss NELLY DOUGLAS Mis; CONMIi BLODWKN Tli* SISTEiiS COKBBiT The SISTERS DUNCAN I The SISlliRSMARCllAN'l The ORIGINAL CONTINENTAL TROUPE (Four Ladies) Champion Banjo Players and Dancers. Mies HETTIE KEEBLE, Transformation Danccr, &c. Madame MARIETTA D'AUBAN and her TROUPE of LADY DANCERS, from the Gaiety Theatre, London, l'he RUTHDEN8 and their Celebrated TROUPE ot LADIES in a GRAND STATUESQUE ENTERTAIN ME NT. Mr. J. H. MILBURN Mr. RYAN LONG Mr. A. CRAVEN The THREE OTTOS TheTWt> McCORMACKS Mr. FRANK C'KELLIN Mr. MAR1US GERARD Mr. SIDNEY NEAL Mr. T. P. PEIiClVAL M>. T NKWI.lNi Mr, W. C, nALFf)RD Mr. W. C. »VALFuHD j BUER6' MINIATURE CIRCUS! Beautiful ronies I Comical Mules: Ednca'ed Dogs Learned Monkeys: INDIAN SACRED BULL. Over 100 Extras in addition to the above Magnificent Company. HARLEQUINADE BY THE OTTO TROUPE. BFECTAL PANTOMIME TRAIN ARRANGEMENTS. REDUCED EXCURSION FARES. MORNING PERFORMANCES.—BOXING DAY. December 26; SATURDAY, December 28 MONDAY", January 6; FEBRUARY 3, and Everv WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY till Further Notice. Doors Open at 1.30 Commence 2. Early Doors to All Parts. NOTICE.—Daring Christmas Week the Doors wiil Open at 6.30, Commence 7. On and after Monday, December 30, the Doors will Open at 7, Commence 7.30. Early Doors at 6 o'clock to All Parts. Box Plan at Thompson and Shackell's (Limited). 188330 limitations* A COMPLETE COPYRIGHT NOVEL OF INCIDENT AND ADVEXIURF, entitled entitled JY £ AULEVJILI £ II'S BY T. W liMYSS REID7~Author of Gladys Pane," &e., JS~GIVEN A WAY WITH OS. 327 and 328, price ONE PI^N Y each (ready January 1 and 8 respectively), of ^ASSELLS SATUiiDAY.TOUITNA U J. NOTIC li.—NOS. 327 and 328 of /ASSELL'S SATURDAY JOURNAL will be the Finsr Two OF TH« NHW YKAH, and each wiO consist of no less than 48 Quarto Pages, forming a 6I6ANTXC PEKHYWORTH. The Two Numbers together OlfAtfnc PEKHYWORTH. The Two Numbers together will comprise the whole of Mr. WKMVSS RXlD's Striking Btory, in addition to the usual Contents of the SATUR- DAY JOVRKAL, which the Tinas describes as The best and oheapest Pennyworth of Popular Literature ever produced." Orders now received by all Booksellers. (LcS<4 'I GOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. THE ABORIGINES OF AUSTRALIA. Being an account of the Institution for their Education at Poonindie, in Booth Australia. By the Right nev. Bishop Hale. Crown 8vo., cloth boards, Is. 6d. tHE BBATITUDES. Thoughts for All Bainta' Day. By the author of The Bchonbtrg Cotta Family. Post 8vo., cloth boards, b. 6d. /HB ITINERARY. A MANUAL of DEVOTIONS for TRAVELLERS by LAND and SEA. Compiled by Claudia Franees Hernaman. HSmo,, cloth. boards, Is. JPJIB EVOLUTION of RELIGIOUS THOUGHT in MODERN INDIA. By Herbert Bayaes, M.R.A.S. Post fivo., cloth boards, Is. A STORY of the OHURCH OF ENGLAND. By 1. Po, author of '1 Weekly Church Teaching." Post 8vo., with twelve page Illustrations. Cloth boards, 2e. II JUNDAY EVENING LESSONS for a CLASS of ELDER fURLS on the ORBED. By E. M. Poole. Post Svo., cloth boards, 2s. 5be 8'eiety's Books may be obtained In Cardiff frera Mr. E. DOBBIN, 1, St. Mary-Street, aud all Booksellers. LONDON NOJtTKUMJlUTdND'Â.v.asV'a, W.O. 43, QUXRN ViCTCM.i-BTMEJ. E.C, SBIQHTON i 136, NoKTH-STKhJiT. Lct24 RJPIE WAY OUT OF TROUBLE. If you are a farmer and your crops fail, or if yon are perplexed about buying or selling your cattle, get RAPHAEL'S Almanac, and it will tell you the very days and hours to ensure saccess in all your opera- tions. If you are a gardener and your crops poor and scanty «nd yonr flowers disgraceful, get RAPHAEL'S Almanac and it will show you when to sow, eet, graft, prune, transplant, or do anything else, and enable you to carry off first prizes at all the shows. If YOft are a man of business and in dcubt. v.-hen to buy, sell, speculate, or deal with ofliers, RAPilAEL';i Almanac will put you on the right track at once. If you are III or sick in body, RAPHAEL'S Almanac wiil show you what herbs will cure you, and the exact •lavs and hours to gather them to that they may be full of strength and healing power. If you are a lover and your courtship rough and thorny, RAPHAEI/B Almanac will tell you when to Court and marry with the greatest possible felicity. If you are in doubt or uncertainty respecting the fnture and know not what to do for the best, RA PHAUL'S Almajiac will tell you what wiil befall you during the next year of life. Before you remove, travel, speculate, 3191) contracts, ask favours, hire servants, or begin anything Iresh, get this Almanac and it will save you mountains of troubles and pounds of money. Price 6d., post free H. RAPHAEL'S Book of Fate Will answer questions and tell the fate of Anyone. Is., by post Is. id. RAPHAEL'S Book of Dreams, Is. The only true inter- preter of dreams. Insist on having RAPHAEL'S. Foulshamand Co., 4, Pilgrim-street. L'jJgati Hill, B.C. nlzlv; Lewis, or timith, Cardiff; and ail btationers. HOLLOW AY'S ALMANAC AND FAMILY FRIEND, 1890 (Illustrated), is now ready. It contains 32 pages, demy 8vo. of useful infor- mation and descriptive illustrations of British Song Birds, and may be obtained Gratis on application to any Chemist, or will be forwarded by the Publisher, THoMAB HOLLOW AY, 78, New Oxford-street, London, W.C., on receipt of stamp to cover postage. [LC538 INVENTION, a Weekly Journal for Manu- I facturers, Engineers. Capitalists, and Scientists, with Supplement. Published at 54, Fleei-strcet, Lon- don, E.G. Inventions—The Best Patent Agency, conducted by a Solicitor and Government Examiner. Becrciy and Despatch. Inventions-Best Scientific, ProfessIOnal, and Tech, ical Advice Gratis. Jmentunit~Si>st Method of Financing and Belling Inventions and Patents. Larpe Sums to be Realised, Jnventions.—-Descriptive Noiices and Illustrations, ee Current Number (Supplement.) Invention, _„ £ 4. Fleet-street, E.C. I-c409 Post-free, bd. RUPTURE*: Its Radical Cure.—An in- teresting publication by Dr. J. A. SHERMAN, giving authentic information how sufferers may be relieved and restored to soundness without life torture from trusses used for its brotecUou.—Loadon GIBBS, SMITH, and CO., 10. High Holborn. -.0 L7624 RE A D "IDRISWYN'S" Comment'sort Welsh Kon And Matters in tu«" Naw. or xg £ WKKK r..

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