Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

8 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



1 :1.ittSUtti15 3iiUiT £ >Sf0* I., 5 J ^M £ D| I I I 'LHE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER A&J I^OR pT RESTORER. tF, fiinEANSaTG AND CLEARING 0 PUISHLV FROM ALL IMPURITIES it cannot be Di?1 Scrof ?0mmended- F»,IRE*S6S T>,U Scurvy, Eczema, Skin and Blood 5 AND ^P'ES, and Sores of all kinds, it is a never- It c, Permanent cure. C,Tn[)l'1 S"RCS. CNJ:'S Sores OII the Neck. I CUR ^ORE ^EES. F! CN-»ES BLACKHEADS or Pimples on the Face. P"RE* Scurvy. Cures Ulcers. CM'? SLOO4 AN<L Skin Diseases. CMJ3 G'aadular Swellings. I PI-R„S T;E Blood from all impure matter HINT THIS '\V,TEYER cause arising. CA?^ FREE F5 E pleasant to the taste, and war- a'O. E°Ustit T MYTHING injurious to the most deli- TO\' E PRO* A 01 E'THER sex, from infancy to old its VALUETORS SO^C^ 8U^ERER3 TO £ I<"E A trial "2, gt — NT °^A'S"PL*CE, Lisson-gTove, London, N.W., TN.^VIS-V FEB. 1, 1890. 3 1 feE, :F61> cured by your Clarke's Blqpd Mix- A,] ON?ht to testify to its value. I *? II)IFI°CT'0R AND 2.'A(L LEG for about 18 months. I tried U,6^]! G.+TI ENT remedies, taking to my bed. COM five FT F worse, until a friend recommended a»! ?81 HAR)A E S ^LI^TURE a trial. I thd so. but must I I XR10T MUEH faith that I should receive TRI'VSUWEVEI'' A^ER taking a couple of bottles, FLU,) 8 AJID 'MPROVINP, and after taking' seven THA, MYSELF LN^ ONE pot of the salve, was pleased to 1 IJURE >71°R°UT" 1 V- cured, and better on my feet OF I5?°NIAL MADIY years. I send you this FULL *RS. J ,~4'.Y unsolicited, and solely for the good Y> ES to remain, Gentlemen, yours faith- WILLIAM CANN." SOld' IL £ TVR^I? ?S' 9'-L- ana1 lis. each by all Chemists C ALT)?"' TOR -TV vLC'NE Vendors throughout the World, 1ft COTMKI) 132 Stamps br the LINCOLN AND 3 TF- TS. BOUNTIES DRUG COMPACT, LIN- F? BETKFORCTAS MARK. "BLOOD MIXTURE." SJ IFIKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE and do not 2m SJ IFIKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE and do not TO take an imitation. LC6 P t I I ENQUIRE AT I 1 N G E R S S ABOUT JJJ ASSENTATION [JF £ J OF ✓ Y E THOUSAND i Ss- A.RT gETs RT NEEDLEWORK similar to that tillg ART NEEDLEWORK similar oil View at SINGEP,'S numerous Show- rooms. GJ, E LEARNED EASILY. Y C:!N BE WORKED CHEAPLY BY A NEW PROCESS. J MACHINE DOES BOTH PLAIN ^ING AND AliT WORK. INSTRUCTION FREE. RINGER T ) J\TANUFACTURING CO., 1 I RÁL OFFICE FOR SOUTH WALES: 4. ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. ANCH OFFICES EVERYWHERE. G°0D AJS|I> LASTING EMPLOY1VIENT TO INDUSTRIOUS MEN, EXPERIENCED OS NOT. L12025 OUTER'S LITTLE LIVER pILLS S}ÆALL PILL. ir J, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE. FORTY IN A VIAL. SXJGAR COATED. PURELY YEGETABLE CURE TORPID LIVER WITHOUT I-AXJ- l LS- LID. OUTER'S JYTTLE JJIYER J3ILLS K i, C ^FORTH AND TREACHER STOCIR 4 4, SHARE BROKERS. VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.G. LONDON, E.C. L^A^F^O^JSTMENT LIST Free on Appli- ^URFI ^IISO«N ^AYS, FOREIGN Stocks, Indus, | P AIIEOU,S Shares, West Australian- 5, -FENCES °!LER MINES. I CITV VERY HME T°WU ILL EU?LAND- F '°R'>-PIJIC Tbreadiieedle-street, E.C. F URESS-EORNFORTH, LONDON. F URESS-EORNFORTH, LONDON. Lcl370 lab, ft Kim %TH-ACHI INSTANTLY BY II M FITJF ?(PI Prerent# Decay. SARE* FE>™H I TN S lltraCtl0apre^nCI,;dei £ Nlg"8 NERVINE (3A^SNMVE ^ECAV in two double teeth, I 3°Y, tv, TO TRVVFS FICR«ciatin^ pain. I was recom- ?IL>CE PAIN „ U1\T?R'S Nervine. I did so. TO my 111 SEV. L^WI?1"?^17 AN(1 entirelr ceased. I have OT BL,!LLETLFIW" D?IVED greatest possible relief *'S I^^L9 HEADACHE from four to five drops C°TTEN 2RILNE' TAKEN upon a lump of WHITE 0Xfo;djuhrey C. Price, B.A. (late Follow of New wit,, ervine is the best specific we have ITTX; THC CNRE OF Toothache."—T?I« Family U^TEIFS [Lcl042 ^EBVLNE ALL CHEMISTS, VLI



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