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DOMESTIC NEWS. SHIPWRECK—Total Loss of the ship Georgt M'Lsod, another was, in the coarse of Fli. day, received by the undet writers at Lloyd's, of the de- struction of another fine Indiaman, named the George M'Leod, homeward bound, with a valuable cargo of rum, find 3,700 bags 01 sugar on board, which occurred a shor' tune since, in co!!ser," i her running tiport a hard an .olt on the coast of Scotland, in the Solway Frith, within a few miles northward of Skenburness. The George M'Leod was commanded by Captain W. Murdock, and had a crew of sixteen s^arrien, besides officers and mates. She was about 600 tons bnrden in measurement, beins$the property of Messrs. Leishman and Huntley, merchants, residing at Glasgow, and sailed from the Mauritius in the early part of November last. On Tuesday last portions of the wreck, namely, a head-board, with the name George M'Leod" painted on it, and the top of the round- house, were picked up, by z sailing vessel, between Pori Cailisle and Skenburness. It is not at present known whether the owners are insured. WRECK OF THE LARKINS INDIAMAN, OFF MARGATE. —Another vessel is added to the list of homeward bound, which, at the veiy close of their voyage have suffered shipwreck in the channel. The Larkins a fine ship, be- 'otiKinn to Messrs. Haviside and Co., of Cornhill, which arrived in the Downs on Thursday last from China, after breaking from her moorings oh Saturday right,eameashore on the Walpole Rock, about one mile to the east of Mar- gate, at hall-past four o'clock on Sunday morning. The Larkins rode out the «a!e well during Saturday morning, having a hundred and twenty fathom of cliatn out, but about midnight it was discovered that she vas dnving on shore, and Captain Hibbert considered^! advisable to cut both the main and mizen masts away, in order to save the ship from striking. In this, unfortunately, he was not successtul, as she came on shore with the flood tide at about four a.m., on Sunday morning. The ship sits well, and great hopes are entertained that the cargo will be got out without much damage, though the sea was too hiah up on Sunday night to allow any steamer to ap- proach her, and her position precludes the possibility of communication from the land. Captain Haviside lelt town for Margate an early hour yesterday, 'ihe Lar- kins is laden chiefly witb it ;••• fried only one pa«- si'tiger. Captain Hibbert remains 011 ;rl the jhip, wan the greater part of the crew. REDCAR.— Drfw/FW/ Loss of Life an. Pyojterty.—A letter from Redcar mentions the total wreck of the bri<2 Liberty, Captain Liddell, belonging to Sundeiland, She was bound from Lynn for that port in ballast, and during the dreadful hurricane on Friday, was driven on shore near Redcar, about one o'clock that morning. The most stre- nuous efforts were made by the men belonging to the Red- car life-boat to save the crew, but five of them unhappily perished. One of them named William Phillips, was miraculously saved, having been driven on shore by a It^avy sea, after the. others met a grave in the abyss of the ocean. Upwards of thirty vessels have been wrecked or driven on shore, and the hurricane appears to have been experienced about the same time both in Ireland and I Scotland. The Queen has been pleased to appoint D Pollock,Esq., barrister-at-law, to be one of the cotnujissioners for the relief of insolvent deb'.ors, in the room of Thomas Barton ilowen, Esq., deceased. One of the last official acts of the late Mr. lrummond was to write an order by direction of Sir Robei Peel, for summoning a cabinet council. We understand that Mr. Stephenson, junior secretary to the premier, will succeed Mr. Drummond as chief private secretary, and Mr.Ar- buthnot, of the Treasury, supply the place of Mr. Stephen- son.—Standard. The Duke and Duchess of Beaufort, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Allen, Lady Caroline Maxe, Hon. Captain Macdo- laid, Lord A. Fitzclarence, and a large party dined with Mr. Standish on Saturday in Grosvenor-street. The four Irish representative bishops to Parliament this year are—Armagh, Tuam, Derry, and Limerick. The sum of forty-seven thousand pounds a-year is paid by the corporation of London to the Lord Mayor and magistrates. The installation of Mr. Fox Maule, as Lord Warden of 'he University 01 Glasgow, took place on Thursday, in the common-hall in that city. A PRACTICAL JEST,—A man named Moore, who deals in young trees, shrubs, seedlings, and other juvenile vege- Ltbles, near Carlow, was knocked up lately, at an unsea- sonable hour, by a person travelling on a jaunting-car, who demanded if he did not keep "a nursery" "Yes" siid he. "\Yell, then, here's something in your line." JJefore he could open the door, his customer had gone off jit a slinging trot, and left a nicechitd at the threshold. It. of course, has been seen among the olive plants. The movement against the poor-law is becoming gene throughout Ireland, at many meetings a tOlallepeal is demanded. The destruction by Rebecca and her daughters first levelled against the toll-gates in South Wales, has now be- gun to be directed against the workhouses which are threatened with nctices to that effect Neither the military I or yeomanry have yet been able to apprehend a single offender. The individual who personates Rebecca appears to possess much influence, and is frequently replaced by another; these insurrectionary parties appear at different places at the same time. The Presse says—It appears certain that the French and English governments have come to an understanding relative to a treaty for the mutual giving up 01 criminals. The Town Council of Gloucester have imposed a pe- of five shillings upon the members who do not attend the meetings or assign a sufficient cause for their absence. At one of the late appeals in the county of Sussex iigatnst the Property and Income Tax, a farmer being esked on what ground he appealed, replied wiih great simplicity—•« On seventeen acres." We find it staled in the Gateshead Observer that on Wednesday, the first instant, the town council of Newcas- tle-upon.Tyne, on the motion of Mr. W. A. Mitchell, seconded by SIr John Fife, adopted a petition to Parlia- ment against the Property and Income Tax, by a majority of two to one; and that a requisition to the Hi^h Sheriff of Northumberland, to convene a county meeting on the subject, has received the signatures of several hundreds 01 electors, farmers, tradesmen, and others. THE TEMPERANCE PRINCIPLE ON BOARD MERCHANT VESSELS.—A committee of the House of Commons, in the year 1836, on inquiring into the cause of shipwreck, ascribe a large p oportion of them to the practice of drunkenness among the officers and crew; and much evidence was ad- duced to piove that numbers of lives and an immense amount of property, were occasionally lost iiom this cause alone. Besides this, it was also proved that the Americans wt're getting a superiority of the carrying trade, princi- pally from adopting the temperance principle, the practice of which was rewarded by the American marine insurance companies on the return voyages. At Liverpool and New- castle the same principle is fast growing into use, and some of the chief merchant; and shipowners who tried it partially have now adopted it wholly. Whatever may be said of teetotallers on land, it is quiteclear Ihatleetolallers at sia must greatly conduce to the safety of vessels. With this view a new marine insurance company, under the name of "The Temperance and General Marine Insu- rance Company" is about being ushered to public notice, under high patronage, making returns on premiums after safe voyiges, and granting prizes to captains alter a certain number of years. EXTRAORDINARY CASE.—William Stephenson of the Plough public-house, on the road from Caistor to Nettle- ton, has not had any sleep since the latter end of August last, so that for five months he has been deprived of this great restorative. He is fifty yeaisof age, and was consi- dered one of the best ploughmen on the extensive wolds about Caistor. One of our correspondents sees biin dally, and spoke with him on Monday last. He can walk 10 Caistor, and about his cottage grounds much as usual, and appears active but looks rather sickly. He is a very careful man, and eats moderately of plain but good food. He has a small family o* health* children.—^Stamford Aler. Immense flights of wild pigeons, supposed to be visitors from America, hive appeired in the vicillityof the lakes and hills of Cumberland. THE OYSTER TRADE.—The Courrier de la Bretagnc states that an oyster bed, two leagues in length, and a league wide. and filteen or sixteen feet thick, has been dis- covered on the coast of the department of Cdtes-du-Nord. It is said to be between the island of Thoui6. and the small town of Penvenen. The Royal Siables at Windsor have just been completed at an expense of—say .t;30.000.W ho dare maintain, after this that Prince Albert is not a munificent patron of the Mews (M use ) 1 NEW CLOCK.—-At a late meeting of tbe Royal Scottish So- ciety of Arts, a clock, or time-piece on IA new construction was exhibited. The pendulum cf the clock has a rotatory motion, is without an escapement, and shews the hours, minutes, and seconds, or any part of a secood. It possesses an advantage over most other tii'.e-pieces, viz., perfect silence, itll motion being accompanied by neither heat nor sound. OXFORD CIRCUIT. The Right Hon. Thos. Erskine; Mr. Justice Wightmau. Berkshire Tuesd iy, February 21, at Reading. ()xfordshire—-Sad rday, February 25, at Oxford. Worcestershire- Saturday, March 4, at Worcester, City of Worcester—The saine day, at the city of Woi* cester. Staffordshire tut>jrday, March 11, at Stafford Shropthire —Tnuuday, March 9-3, at Shrewsbury. Herefordshire—T-je.-day, March 28, at Hereford. Monmouthshire—Saturday} April 1, at Monmouth. (Gloucestershire—Wednesday, April 5, at Gloucester. City of Gloucester—The same day, at Itie city of G!ou» Cester.

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