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POLICE INTELLIGENCE. NEWPORT TOWN HALL.— !\IQN»AV, JULY 10. Before the Mayor and T. Ihukins, Esquire. THE BID-ALE NUISANC'K. John Walford re-appeared this morning to answer the com- ftlalnt and information of Mr. Superintendent Hopkins, for sel- beer in his dwelling-house, in Friars' fields,^without a c,en8e. against the statute in thai case made and provided. ,» av'd Stephens, one of the party who had l>een drinking at liatl h lK'a"' S ^ouse' Save evidence in support of the infor- Walford said It was not me who sold the beer. The beer Wl\ness drank was sent out for to a public-house. Mr. Pike It don't matter where it came from you sold it In your house. Mr. Hughes to Walford You sold beer at Stow Fair, didn't YOQ, without a license. also ? C "aiford Yes. sir, hut I sold under the license of the Three hinT>S' kept by Mr. Chapman. He couldn't go, so I sold for Irn. Mr. Hughes t You had no right to sell with another man's "cense. in f'18 ayot to Walford I advise you to take more caution lutufe not to sell beer without a license, for we are deter- ged to punish all who do so. Fortunately for you the evi. enc. is not quite satisfactory, and you are dis- ^hen Pike, the clerk here addressed the Bench in a whisper, t Mayor informed Walford (hat his case was remanded g Thursday, in order to obtain further evidence against him. John Morgan also re-appeared on a similar charge. William Williams gave evidence against Morgan in support jjt the information, and proved that he bought beer in the «ouse, and paid for it at the usual price. There were several l°er persons drinking there at the same time. Morgan I didn't see Williams in my house for the night. Mr. Pike: Perhaps not. None so blind as those who won't aee. Convicted in £5 and costs, and in default of payment within BeVen days, a distress warrant would be issued. Zv* hughes addressed the prisoner'on his illegal dealings ob- erviQg that it was very lucky for him (the defendant), that the excise took no notice of his transactions. Elizabeth Rees, a drunken and disoiderly prostitute, was he next put forward. P.C. Hopkins proved that he found the prisoner on last Fri- day night, about half-past eleven, very drunk, and fighting, and on ordering her to move on, she ordered him to mind his business and move off; and finding that she violated the J*Ir«ctions the Mayor had lately given, he took her to the sta- ^on-house and locked her up. The prisoner, with much effrontery, denied all knowledge or tne matter. Mayor: Were you so very drunk, then, that you cannot re- member what you did ? Prisoner: I was sir. Mayor: Well, that's candid, and I now sentence you to re- ceive two imprisonment in the New House of Correc- "00, in solitary confinement. Elizabeth Power, who said she was Elizabeth Sewell, at was charged with drunken and disorderly conduct. The prisoner was the perfect impersonation of a drunken, nghting, and bullying she-fiend from the Fields, with a black Jtye, swollen nose, scratched face, bleared eyes, tattered gar- ents, and a bold, audacious expression of countenance, as far as any was left. Sergeant Harlow proved the case against the prisoner, and some previous history of her proceedings, from which it appeared that she had been in prison seven or eight times, for drunken and other bad conduct. Sentenced to six weeks imprisonment in the New House of Correction, at Usk, in solitary confinement. THURSDAY, JULY 13. Before the Mayor and Thomas Hughes, Esq. AN IRISHMAN IN TROUBLE. Michael Haggarty was charged with being drunk, and ob- structing the carriage road with a pair of trucks, and assaulting ^•C. Bath. P.C. Bath, sworn, stated, that on Tuesday evening last, at eight o'clock, he was on his beat in High street, when he saw '"e prisoner drunk, whom he ordered home. Prisoner said he had a pair of trucks down on the Tredegar Wharf. These he fetched, and brought up by the King's Head, with which he "ent towards the Castle Brewery. He returned up High street, again, with the trucks, cursing and swearing, when a person of Jhe name of Dyer took hold of him, to assist in getting hiro. home. Prisoner began to abuse him, and told him to mind his dullness. There was nothing at all on the trucks but Rn empty sack. He then came on down High street, near Mr. Latchs's, where he threw the trucks in the middle of the road, and left them, and was walking away, when Bath took him into Custody and conveyed hio rto the statton-house. He was very jj'UQk and created a disturbance. On his way to the station- "°use he was very resolute, and turned around and struck me, and gave me a bloody nose. There were from 30 to 40 persons 'here, and if a carriage came down High street some accident "ould have occurred, for the trucks were in a very dangerous place. Prisoner: I was drunk from a pipe of tobacco and a glass of ale, and by I'll take care I'll never get drunk again. Good bye to the Clock-'us, for anything I'll do not to get in ."ere again. Oh by the powers, I didn't know as how I was 1Q 'he arms of the police. Mr. Hughes: You are fined 5s. and expenses, or 14 days' tmprisonment. Prisoner: Mr. Hughes, I'll pay ye to-morrow in hay making, for I'll work for ye for three days for the money. By the Powers, Mr. Mullock will go bail for me or won't ye, Mr. fIughes 1 Sure, an ye have known me for these twenty yirs, *n I have known ye as long, and by the Powers, ye may give me haymakiug for a few days, and then I'll pay the fine. Oh! dear Mr. Hughes, won't ye give bail forme ? Sure, oh blood May be, ye'll give He a week in the work.'us, instead ? Mr. pite ordered the prisoner to be taken to the Station in default of payment, and the policeman forthwith took him off. CAUTION TO WITNESSES. 0 ri 0488 Walford, for selling beer without license, was Ih "^joutned further notice, in consequence of absence of a witness who had been kept out of the way that e 'ght not give evidence against Walford. As a caution to witnesses who have been summoned and will not 'Ppear, we will state for their information, that persons Fusing ire liable, under the 1st Wm. c. 64, to a penally not eZceeding £10, and in default of payment, are subject to three "'ooths' imprisonment, with hard labour. John Morgan was charged with stealing 2s. from Timothy Evans, in the Vulcan public-house. Committed for trial.






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