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BEST LONDON HATS, 18s. 6d. 1 W WAm BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Newport and its Vicinity, that they can be supplied with JLF BEAVER, FRENCH VELVET, and GOSSAMER HATS 20 per Cent lower than any other House in Newport. Every Article warranted of the best materials and manufacture. The business in future will be conducted solely for READY MONEY. and all goods will be sold at WHOLESALE PRICES upon this principle the extensive losses sustained by houses who give credit will be avoided, and a profit (although small) will be certain. Every article warranted to retain its shape and not spot with rain, there being not one particle of glue used in their composition N.B.This is the only BEAVER HAT MANUFACTORY in Newport. Drapers supplied on Advantageous Terms; 135, COMMERCIAL-STREET, two doors from Hill-street. NEWPORT CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT 11, HIGH-STREET, NEXT DOOR TO THE CARPENTERS' ARMS. Varg BEGS to express his deep sense of gratitude to the Public, for the patronage he has so pre-eminently received during the last Two Years, and assures Ihem there shall be no lack of exertion to merit a continuance. —As a Tailor, T. D.'s object is to present to Gentlemen FIRST-RATE CLOTHING, In Quality, Fit, and Elegance of Style, equal to any house in London, at a saving of One-third the usual Price, and even at Less Expence than by buying the Cloth and running the RISK OF A MTSS FIT. Being anxious to obtain the same emi- nence for elegance he possesses for cheapness, no expence shall be spared to secure at all times the most talented Workmen. Gentlemen are allowed to return any garment, when made to order, if not approved of. MEN'S AND BOYS' READY-MADE CLOTHES, Of every description, Fashionably Cut, the Trimmings and Workmanship being equal to bespoke at about half the price. Men's Linen and Cantoon Blouzes. from 4s. Waterproof Tweed Wrappers, from 12s.; Quilting and Cashmere Vests, from Is. 9d. to 7s.; Satin, 8s. to 12s.; Cloth Coats, 19s.; Mens' Moleskin Trowsers, from 2s. lOd. to 8s, Youths' Cloth Jackets, from 7s. 6d.; Hussars' Suits, from 16s. T. DAVIES has just received a fresh STOCK of Men's BEAVER HATS, from 3s. 6d.; a splendid rich STUFF HAT, at 18s., equal to those usually sold at 21s. B A T H W Z C ZL-B ILL SCHOOL, Adjoining Claierton Down, one Mile from Bath, CONDUCTED BY GEORGE CLARKE. STNOPSI8 THE SYSTEM, in its more limited and scholastic sense, is JL adapted to the constitution of different minds, and appli- cable to all the departments of a liberal education ;—is fitted to prepare youth for the study of books, of men, and of nature, as well as for the reputable and proper discharge of professional duties. official responsibilities, and commercial pursuits. RILIGIOUI bSTRVCTION-" The Holy Scriptures only," and entirely, without any compromise. MORAL TitAINING-" IM the nurture and admonition of the Loid." HEALTH-Beautiful situation—good air-plain and libeial accommodatioal-atlention to the skin, teeth, and general habits—recrea ion in a large open dry playground—muscular exercises for correcting the gait-access to the adjoining downs —frequent walks into the country—warm and cold bathing. LEISURE Hov RI-Select reading from school library-draw- ing conltruclinc music yoluntary study- horticultural amusements. ASSIITANT.-The principal has almost the entire charge of the pupils from tite time they rise till he sees them in bed and is assisted in the several departments of study by able masters. Till I!I-Regulated by the age and studiesof the pupil, eight, nine, or eleven pounds per quarter. Prospectuses, and refer- ences to persons of the highest respectability, may be obtained by applying to the principal. Non-The usual vacations are not given—the accustomed notice is not required—the Quarter commences from the day of entrance-and the Terms include every domestic and scholastic charge, that is, Tuition with Stationary and use of Books—and Board and Washing, with expenses for dental operations, and muscular training. MONMOUTH GAS AND WATER vomns COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next GENERAL or HALF-YEARLY Meet- ing of the Proprietors of tbe above Company, will be held at tbe JuRY ROOM, in the town of Monmouth, i n Wednesday the Ind day of August next, at 11 o'cloek in the forenoon. Monmouth. JOSHUA WILLIAMS, Igth July, 1843. Clerk to the said Company. NSW OHAPBXt OF EASB AT XLANVAZX ORANGE, In the Parish of Llantillio Crossenny. WEDNESDAY, the 26th of July, has been appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese for opening this Chapel. Divine Service will commence at Eleven o'clock in the Fore- noon- The Sermon will be preached by the Rev. WILLIAM CKAWLEY, Rector of Bryngwyo and a collection will be "TIT PL <,0?ra^t,T Service in aid of the Building Fund. /.« IL pe' accessible from the new road leading from AbercayeDnJ to ROil, flom which it is distant but a few hundred yoxda. J. G. GEORGE, Monmooth, July u £ .°liS?' l° Bu,ldin,S CommiUee- MONNIOUTHSHIRE. OW. LLAMBLLAN farm, Situate in the Parish of Liaiteiian. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, Farm House* buildings, and lands, known by the name of Cwm Llan- ellan, in the occupation of Mr. James Edwards, a tenant from year to year, containing by admeasurement 50a. Or. 35p. of arable and grass land, including about 8 acres of coppicing. The above compact farm lies within a ring fence, and is si- tuate about Si miles from Abergavenny, 6 from Pontypool, and 4 from Blaenavon and other iron works, and adjoius the lands of Sir Benjamin Hall, Bart.. and J. P. Watkins. Esq. The Breeoo and Newport Canal passes within a mile of the same. Part of the purchase money may remain upon mortgage, if required. A Lso: —- Jsubstsntially bailt Freehold House and Premises, of modern appearance, situate in tbe principal thoroughfare, the High-street ef the town of Abergavenny, not to be surpassed 'B point of situation, for basiness, having an excellent frontage, with large show windows, by which the mails pass daily, and within one minute's walk of the Post-office, in the occupation of Mr. William Crump. Ta view the above lota apply la tbe respective tenants. To treat for the same apply to Baker Gabb, Esq., Solicitor, Abergmvenay, or to Mr. Prioe, Land Agent and Surveyor, Hoes. J RTO PARENTS AND OUABDIAIiq Howarth, Tea Dealer, &c. Soaar.Ch L • vaoanoy for a respectable youth thoat id P ( »ge, of active and indosfriou. habiu as t°.' 7 Apply personally, or by TO AND PROVISION WA1BBOUSIMBN, «fcc. A with Immediate Possession, • Shop, situate in Commercial-street, Newport, tn whioh a good and profitable trade in the above line was lately carried on; the fixtures, which are well fitted op, and a small portion of stock, to be taken to at a valuation, out of which a bonus will be allowed. The house is in good repair and convenient, with a laige gar- den attached, the shop, warehouse, and cellars, are spacious, and the situation remarkably advantageous. Application to be made to Mr. H. MORGAN. Veterinary Sargeon, or E. PRITCHARD, Auctioneer and House Agent, Newport. BLAENAFON, JULY 15, 1843. "1 LYDIA POWELL, do hereby retract all and every Am malicious slander, and ill-natuied report, which 1 have unfortunately circulated to the prejudice of Mrs. MORGAN, Crown Ion, Blatnafoti, and in gratitude for her withdrawing pro- cseidngs against me, do most solemnly protest in the presence of the undersigned, that the whole is a fabrication, without the smallest foundation, arising from a feeling of ill-will for my dismissal from her employ. ,hif 15lh Ju]y- 1843. the Mark of LYDIA rOWLbL; in the presence of Iarael Morgan, and John J. Jones. BJ&XTANNZ A LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, No. 1, PRJNCII,UT, BANI, LONDON. Impcwetgd by Spteial Aet o.f Parliament, IV. Via. cap. 1 X. DIRECTORS. William Bardgett, Esq. J Robert Eglinton, Es/j Samuel Bevington, Eso, Erasmus Robert Foster, Esq. Wilham Fechney Black, Esq. Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. John Brightman, Esq. Peter Morrison, Esq. Cohan, Esq. Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. Millis Coventry, Esq. Thomas Teed, Esq. John Drewett, Esq. John Brightman, Esq. Peter Morrison, Esq. George Cohen, Esq. Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. Millis Coventry, Esq. Thomas Teed, Esq. John Drewett, Esq. I „ AUDITORS. Bevington, Esq.-F.P. Coekerill, Esq.-J.D. Dow, Esq T MIDICAL urrictH. John Cltndinning, M.D., F.R.S., 16, Wimpole-street, Cavendish-square. „ itahdiso COUNSEL. J be Hon. John AsUley, New-squaie, Lincoln's Inn. Mr. Serjeant Murphy, M.P., Temple. SOLICITOR. v William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. BANKERS. TUIC ?,r*' an<i Fowler, Princes-street, Bank. H1J> Institution is empoweied by a Special Act of Parlia- ment, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policy Holders, and to pre- sent greater facilities and accomodation than are usnallv offered by other Companies. The decided superiority of its plan, and its claim to pnblio preference and support, have been proved loeontestably, by its extraordinary and unprecedented success. Assurance, may either be effected by Parties on their ou n Lives er by Parties interested therein on Che Lives of others. Tbe effect of an Assurance on a person's own life is to create at once a Property in Reversion which can by „0 olber be realised. Take, for inataoce tbe case of a pe„oii at th« of; Tb'rty, who by the payment of £ S 3s 4d to tbe Britannia Life Assurance Company, can become at once possessed of a bequeath able property, amounting to one thousand pounds sub- ject only to tbe condition of big continuing the same payment quarterly daring the remainder of his life,- a condition which may be fulfilled by the mere saving of eight shillings weekly in his expenditure. Thns, by the exertion of a very slight degree of ecodamy-such. indeed, as can scarcely be felt as an inconve- nience, he may at once realise a capital of one thousand pounds, which he can bequeath or dispose of in any way be may think proper. A Hoard of Directors in attendance daily at two o'clock. PETER MORRISON, Resident Director. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to 3 ie mode ofeflectiag Assurances, may be obtained on applica- AGENTS. MO\vfinTii Mr* RICHARD JENKINS. TRFNTV I^L i." Mr. J. G. GEORGE, Solicitor. 1KLDEGARIRONI WORKS [ MR- G. HARRHY, Bank. CHEPSTOW ..V.V. Mr.J.L.BALDWYN, Solicitor. -IS& THE SCHOONER CELERITY, IC xTfiiwr rJ' WILLIAMS, MASTER, STREET LONDFFW^o at- COTTON'S WHARF, TOOI.EY- Rrpcon Mnn'm°r Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, A berga- and adjacent places, and" wflw!oP?°''1Co^bl,idge-,Brld«end> July 29th, 1843. positively Sail on S,ATCBDAV, °? B.RD; M"R MISS PARTRIDGE'S SCHOOL WILL RE-OPEN on TUESDAY, the 25th of July instant, and her DANCING ACADEMY on the fol- lowing FRIDA Y. Commercial-street, Newport, Monmouthshire. June 30th, 18*3. CROCKHERBTOWN, Cardiff, July 10, 1843. MISS MARTHA VAUGHAN'S School will RE-OPEN on THURSDAY, July 27th, 1843. WANTED, A RESPECTABLE YOUTH as an apprentice to the DRAPERY TRADE. Apply to W. THOMAS, 20 Duke-street, Cardiff. Cardiff, July 22, 1843. MONMOUTH de. GLAMORGAN SANK. Newport, July 20, 1843. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the SEVENTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEET- i. ING of this Company will be held on MO DA Y the 14th day of August next, at the K[G's HEAD INN, in the town of Newport, at one o'clock in the Afternoon, precisely, to receive ("torn the Directors an announcement of the Dividend for the Half Year ending the 30th of June last, and on other special affairs. By order of the Board, JOHN FRASER, Manager. FROM CARDIFF AND NEWPORT, TO W O R C ESTER ,^BI R.MINGKAM, l- .i -A MANCHESTER AND ZiIVERPOOZi, IN ONE DAY, TEE HERO. THE Public are respectfully informed that the HERO, a light and elegant Post Coach, leaves the CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, Cardiff, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Morn- ings, at Half-past Six o'clock,through Newport, Usk, Ragland, Monmouth, Ross, Ledbury, and Malvern, arriving at the STAR A-ID GARTER HOTEL COACH OFFICE, Worcester, at Half-past Fouro'elock, in time for the Train to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and all parts of the North likewise in time for the Prince of Wales fast Night Coach to London, by road. Also, Coaches to Stourport, Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Bewdleyj Dudley, and Wolverhampton, on the same Evening. The HERO, on its return for Cardiff, leaves the above Office, Worcester, every Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, at a Quartet-before Eleven, after the arrival o. ha 1 rain, which leaves Birmingham quarter before Nine. Also, after the arrival of Coaches from Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Bewdley, and Stourport. OFFICES, AND TIME ON THE ROAD. TO WORCESTER. TO CARDIFF. H.M. I O.T. II .M. O.T Cardiff Arms, Cardiff.. 6 30 I | Worcester.. 10 45 King's Head, Newport Malvern 11 SO j 5 (slaying 15 m. bkft.) 7 55 15 I Ledbury. 1 0 I 5 J'bree Salmons, Usk 9 30 10 I Ross 230 Beaufort Arms, RaglanlO 10 I 5 (dinnei) 1 20 King'sHeadMonmouth 11 10 10 Monmouth 4 15 10 Royal Hotel, Ross.12 35 10 I Ragland .20 I 5 George Inn, Ledbury.. 2 10 5 Usk 60 5 Belle Vue, Malvern 3 2.5 Newport 7 25 10 Sfar 6c Garter, Wor'ster 4 30 Cardiff 9 0 BRANCH TO PONTYPOOL, Leaving the White Lion Inn, Pontypool, every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday Mornings, at half-past Eight o'clock, meeting the above Coach at Usk, leaving Usk every alternate Evening on the arrival of the Hero from Worcester. N.B.-Coaches to Hereford, Gloucester, and Cheltenham, from Ross after the arrival of the Hero, also a Coach to Hay and Builth. after the arrival of the Hero from Woicester JOHN LLOYD, WALTER COBI,EY, & Co., • • TL U Proprietors. ihe above Coach passes near Ragland Castle.—One Coach and Coachman throughout. CROWN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, 33, Bridge-street, Blackfrillrs, London. DIRECTORS. GEORGE H. HOOPER. Esq., Chairman. SIR JOHN KIRKLAND, Deputy-Chairman. John Chapman, Esq. I Jameson Hunter, Esq. Charles Chippindale, Esq. Lieut.-Colonel Moody, R.E, James Colqi.boun, Esq. Richard Norman, Esq. B. D. Lolvin, Esq. I Alexander Stewart, Esq. near-Admiral Dundas, C.B. Williani Whitmore. Esq. M.P. Jobn Wilson Esq. Thomas Harrison, Esq. William Wilson, Esq. A tidito,? s.-J. H. Forbes, Esq., John Nelson, Efq., 0. Om- manney, Esq. Physician.-Dr. James Johnson, 8, Suffolk-place, Pall Mall East, Dr. C. F. Forbes, K.C. H., F.L.S., 23, Argyll-stieet. Surg-eoM.—Samue1 Solly, Esq., F.R.S., 1 St. Helen's-place. Standing Counsel.—Charles Ellis, Esq. SolicitoTl.-Messrs. Hale, Boys, and Austen. Bankers.— Bank of England. Actuary.—J. M. Rainbow, Esq. rilHE ADVANTAGES OF THIS OFFICE among others, 1 are 1. A participation septennially in two thirds of the Profits, which may be applied either in reduction of the Premium, or to augment the sum assured. 1 he following Bonuses have been assigned to all Policies, of at least three years' standing, effected for tbe whole dura- tion of Life :— FIRST DIVISION, IN 1832. From 18s. to e2. 12s. per cent. per annum on the sums assured, varying with the age, being equivalent on the average, to 261 per cent. on the premiums paid. SECOND DIVISION, IN 18S9. From upwards of £1. to upwards of X3. per cent. per annum on the snins assured, or, on the average, 33 per cent. on the premiums paid for the preceding seven years. 2. Premiums may be paid in a limited number of annual sums, instead of by annual Payments for the whole of life the Policy continuing to participate in profits after the payment of such premiums has ceased. 3. The Assurance or Premium Fund is not subject to any charge for Interest to Proprietors. 4. Permission to pass to Continental Ports between Brest and the Elbe inclusive. 5. Parties (including Officers of the Army, Navy, East India orTrorpJdtan TCt r LerVICe'^ maV be assured to reside in on real data. p of'he World, at Premiums calculated 6. Claims to be paid within three months. 7. The Assured may dispose of their Policies to the Com. pany. 8. No charge but for Policy Stamps. 1 he Prospectus, Tables of Rates, &c. to be had at the Office in London, or of the Company's Agents. T. G.CONYERS. Secretary. AGENTS. MEDICA L OFFICER. Abergavenny.. Thomas Steel, Esq. Monmouth..Mr. C. Hough William Piosser, Esq. Newport ljik .—— Robert Francis Woollett, Esq. :.r' MHE manifold advantages to t!,e Head* of Families from the X possession of a Medicine of known efficacy, that may be resorted to with confidence, and used with success in cases of temporary sickness, occurring in families more or less every day, are so obvious to all. that no question can be raised of its importance to every householder in the kingdom. From aroone numeroustestimonials the following is respectfully submitted: TO MR. T. PROUT, 229 STRAND, LONDON. „ T C°oper-street, Manchester, March 12, 1842, ~lu' r much satisfaction in communicating to you the P,U. I^Y.,MPER,ENJC<V?F,ER repeated trials of FRAMPTON'S 1Ll^■ J an^ ,el lt ^ut. justice to state, that in the have nevp- I*1 va"ous Aperient Medicines, I rel ef of the svst^m Sf 3t jQce sa'utar> and efficient in the rel.ef of the system from redundant bile, &c„ &c„ with so litde inconvenience; I am therpfm» 7 !i- i 1 that thpu cnnnlv >« L* tnerfl0,e» wairaoted in declaring that they supply to me a means ong wantine ot beine able to recommend to families,schooU 11 s, whether at the desk or on the road a mrfU ? m^canll'e meP> an occasional medicine. And I shall lali Va resource in in giving this testimony, I am the means of m*se f 'f> Pills more generally known and apJJSated. g *ramp,°n S n » am, sir, lespectfully yours, WlI LI AM SMITH I he unprecedent sale of these PilU 1 lecommendations of the manv th! ar'sinSf'om the earnest benefit from their use, renders ant n^h W^° have derived cessary they are not put forth a! a CT™ent unne' wluch mankind is liable but for Hif 1°/- diseases to with their many well kJoin auJnd. ComPlaints' Head-ache, Pain and Oppression iftPr ^8'i aud Sick uness, Singing Noise in Head and Ea^I)' GuJdlDesJ; D,z b iro. Loss of Appetite, Wind sjims &VDrows,ness Heart" I wo or three doses will convince thp 3m^ .t 7 tary effects. The Stomach will sDeedilv retr i!1" a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels anristrength take place and instead of Idleness he,, nS1"*8' appearance, strength, activity, and'renewed T'' a,"|djauD^diced to good old age will be the result of taking this^edX a? cording to the directions accompanvine Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, Lndor lu in 2s. 9d. per box and by Herbert VVillian s Vh(>m;et -M Phillips, Cardiff; Farioi Monmouth; J. h Morean^ber- foaneDnrV AI0rsan' A;,er||,yrTydTvil,5.Wi,1iarns, Brecon ;Gouls- tone, Llandovery Williams, Jenkins, Strick, Daw, and Wil- son Swansea; Evans, Carmarthen; and by the Venders of iY. aicmes generally throughout the kingdom. E. V_JENIY.NS, DRUGGIST, Agent for Newport, for FRAMPTON S PILL OF HEALTH, and observe THE name and address "of Thomas Prout, 229, Strand Lon. don," on the Government StarDp. ANOIBNT OBDBB. OF DRUIDS. I THE Officers of the General Piston Lodge of the Ancient I Order of Druids, have obtained the consent of the Grand Lodge of England, to open a lodge at the Ship inn, Pontypool. A dispensaiion has been granted to the same to be called the Loyal Hanbury." The ceremony of the opening will take place on MONDAY, the 31st instant, precisely at 5 o'clock, p.m., when the instal- lation of members will be proceeded with. Dinner will be provided by the host, Mr. James Hoptoo, which will be on the table at 7 o'clock. Brother Jeremiah Jones, the celebrated North Wales harpist, will preside at the harp for the evening. By order of the Provisional Committee, THOMAS HOWELL, P.A. THOMAS REES, V.A. W. MITCHELL, Secretary. Lodge Room, 19th July, 1843. 1 WILLI AM WILLIAMS, at present, and for Twelve months past, residing at George-street, in the parish of St. Woollos, in the town of Newport, and county of Monmouth, and being for six months up to October last, a hay and coal dealer and beer-house keeper, and since then a hay and coal dealer, do hereby give notice, That I intend to present a peti- tion to the Court of Bankruptcy, for the Bristol district, at Bristol, praying to be examined touching my Debts, Estate, and Effects and to be protected from all process, upon making a full disclosure and surrender of such Estate and Effects, for payment of my just and lawful debts and I hereby further give Notice that the time when the matter of the said petition shall be heard is to be advertised in the London Gazette, and in the Monmouthshire Merlin newspaper, one month, at the least, after the dale hereof. As witness my hand, this Twenly,first day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun- dred and forty-three. HIS WILLIAM X WILLIAMS, mark. Witness, T. GRIFFIN PHILLPOTTS, Solicitor, Newport, Attorney for the said William Williams.

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