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0 JOHN C. GWILLIM, I ST AND DRUGGIST, > Commercial-street, (nearly opposite the Westgate w Hotel,) Newport, J\ on hand an assortment of Elastic Stockings, Knee Pater^P8' Ancle Socks, India Rubber and Elastic Bandages, ^/and common Trusses, &c., together with a well-se- stock of pure and unadulterated Drugs and Chemicals. J. J. GALLIE, ^CTIONEEH AND GENERAL AGENT, s. OFFICE, 3, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT, JVr^EYS advanced on Household Furniture, [Plate, Horses, Carriages, and every description of available Cn,,v!rty> to be Sold by Auction. Sales effected in Town or 4 NOTICE. I/L PERSONS are Forbid Harbouring any of the f CREW of the American Ship, EDWARD T'" now Newport Dock, as no debts of their thfi will be paid by the^Captain or Consignees of vessel. j. JAMES N. KNAPP & CO. ^*uary 9, 1854. NOTICE! KERENS, BLUMBERG, and CO. beg to inform their Hr friends that, being called upon by the Corporation of *eh '°n to quit 33, ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD, by the 1st of Wjij^ry next, for the City Improvements, their Business toi:' °Q and after that day, be carried on at temporary pre ia LXTTLE DISTAFF-LANE, CANNON-STREET near St. Paul's Churchyard. — Uting and Bookselling Establishment BRIDGE STREET, USK, AND CAXTON HOUSE, CARDIFF. J- H. CLARK, Proprietor. A I'MANACKS, Pocket Books, and Diaries, of every escription. A Choice Collection of Books for Christ- jjJ^esents. ^atte8 Superior and Common Bindings to any A. lS?' IJ°ri(^on charges. i>°ok Parcel from the London Publishers Weekly. for the Royal Farmers' Fire, Life, and Hail Insu- C^J^titution. ^— —-— upholsterers, Hotel Keepers, and Families Furnishing. 0 ATKINSON AND COMPANY, P 69, 70) 71, 72, 73, 74, and 75, WESTMINSTER, ^ir ROAD,LAMBETH, having purchased the W^todk of a Large wholesale Furnishing House retiring Y the Trade, are selling 8llTrVET PILE, BRUSSELS, & KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS, JK fc WOOL, WORSTED & WASHING DAMASKS, ^T/^68' Table Covers, Quilts, Counterpanes, Blankets, lnen and Cotton Sheetings, much under the market A Large Stock of the American Leather Cloth. NEW BEDDING MANUFACTORY, Y^5' ST-' AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL. JK ^AGGS (from HEAL and SON, Tottenham Court Road, London,) begs to invite the attention of 8 Furnishing to his large Stock of French and English consisting of Feather and Milpuff Beds, Horsehair, °°1> Cocoa Fibre, and Alva Mattress, Palliases, &c. 4 I"EET 6, by 6 FEET 3, WOOL MATTRESS, 12s, 6d. IRON BEDSTEADS! IRON BEDSTEADS! -jv M. wishes to call attention to his large Stock of Iron Y?dsteads, all fitted with the Patent Joint, which for sim- plicity, strength, and cleanliness, is preferable to any other. %E PATENT FOLDING IRON BEDSTEAD, 12s. 6d. A Large Stock of Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets, ^TTRESSES RE-MADE EQUAL TONEW THOMAS SPENCER, Iron Works, West Bromwich, V|-A W Staffordshire. JlX ACTURER of Railway Wheels and Axles, or Tyres and Axles all kinds of Hammered Iron, Sole v?eaud other Engines, Shafts and heavy Iron Work. ■"v-^J**aker 0f Camber's Patent Wrought Iron Wheels. h TARLING'S METALLIC INK. H^Kers, Merchants, and others, are strongly recom- rqendad to use Tarling's Metallic Ink, prepared ex- },f 8 Y for Steel Pens. J'ajJ^'tfactured by H. T. Tarling, and sold wholesale by *r *8> Fletcher, and Co., Printing Ink Manufacturers, An!) 8treet, London, 1?ay be had of Mr. Christophers, Mr. Mullock, Mr. Mr. S. Reed, Mr. Charles Oliver, Stationers, ^tles °r tllrough any Stationer in 6»L, Is. 6d., or 2s. FRENCH IN A MONTH. The 36th Edition, 3s. 6d,. Hoards. DE PORQUET'S TRESOR, JH Turning English into French at Sight;—Seretaire *• 6d ?r ^to, 3s. 6d.;—Grammar, 3s. 6d.;—Phraseology, IjonV First Reading Book, 2s. 6d. ;—Dictionary, 5s. A T ■ ?n Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. aaif °f ^0 Works for Italian, French, and German, by Author, may be had. t^&gor Le Green Moor Inclosure. ,K5ES peachey WILLIAMS, of Albion Cham- • FS' Bristol, in the County of Bristol, the Valuer ] 6 SQVln ^le matter of the Inclosure of the Waste Lands of i^ld, \r Manors of Magor and Redwick, Durain and Rag- ^Oof if'SOT and Green Moor, Salisbury and Magor Le Geeen t* Undy, and Bishton, situate in the Parishes P^letWl^ ^a8or> Undy, Bishton, Willcrick, and the f>V°chi of Llandavenny, in Saint Brides, and the Extra- A°1tb TTP'aco called Green Moor, in the County of Mon- Abja'^HEREBY GIYE NOTICE, that I shall hold ah 1?sW NED MEETING, on THURSDAY, the 23rd cloclf at GEORGE HOTEL, CHEPSTOW, at Eleven l? the Forenoon, for the purpose of receiving Claims, i^ht g' from aH persons claiming any Common or other Interest in the said Waste Lands, and such Claims IN6 ni^ate tbe several particulars in respect whereof they Pyb if' distinguishing the Claims iD respect of Freehold, °ther c'» Customary, and Leasehold Property from each mentioning therein the places of abode of the ^sPect f daiu'ant'S, or their Agents, at which Notices in Qiven SUch Claims may be delivered. ^nder my hand this 3rd day of February, in. the 0ur Lord 1854. JAMES PEACHEY WILLIAMS. SESSION OF 1854. j)7.lCi(ll Headers who wish to have a clear and interest' 1, ige8t of Parliamentary Debates and Proceeding out the Session, will find it in > Q THE EMPIRE. tiS?^ WEEKLY PAPER, (published every Sa- tt.Ltllr(lay) price 6d., together with spirited Articles on e(^eraj jJ^JTopics of the Day, and an immense amount of Th J: ews. ja the T^lt!P're" is generally acknowledged to be the best y Papers, and has a sale greater than that of J r<Wo y °f the London Press. r, 6 sent to Robert Harvey, 145, Fleet-street, te or e Paper may be had from any Newsvender in o'-t°lll. 9eciirett~ H Clll'e tli advantage of this Year's Entry, and of Six Pro>,0„ -Additions at the Allocation at 1st March, 1859, the So^ niUst be lodged at the Head Office, or any of C< ^Henc'ies-i on or before 1st March next. rlSH EQUITABLE (MUTUAL) LIFE ASSU- j RANGE SOCIETY. c°rPorated by Royal Charters and Special Act of jj Parliament. ST. ANDREWSquare, Edinburgh. A are diviiled Triennially, and wholly belong to A b 0f tlle Society. Policy of these ADDITIONS A £ ] j opened before March, 1832, is increased °Hcy f J 3- 4<1- A fe] ill'? P'1 opened before March, 1836, is increased so o lcl- with regard to subsequent Policies. A ° CHARGE FOR POLICY STAMP. I'jXisting Assurances, £ 4,058,140. A l £ 144,085. ^-Report on IL CUrav,latefl Ftlnd» £ 763,871. 1 Pucayon^ e leccnt Division of Profits may be had on Q Head Office or Agencies. ltOBT. CHRISTIE, Manager. ""1\1. FINLAY, Secretary. ^Te^port AGENTS. VLardiff GRAHAM, Jun., Land Agent. Tydvii ;ra'e Ohlsen & Co., Merchants.°n Williams, Savings Bank. £ y B- Kvan«, Solicitor, Pp»aiiSea J ')onj;is Jaines, Solicitor. 5 'w->roke lJenrose, Assay Office. ^ordwest -p,, '1Tan^> Surgeon. ^^lis, Merchant. ALFRED ASTON, Manufacturing and General Ironmonger, AND AGENT for the Sale of all Articles in the HARD- WARE TRADE, No. 4, High Street, Birmingham and 139, Commercial Street, Newport. dw Orders per Post promptly attendell to and if accom- pauied with reference, the goods in general, sent off the same day. Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway. FIFTEENTH ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Fifteenth Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of this Company, will be held at the London Tavern, Bishops- g&te-street, in the City of London, on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of FEBRUARY next, at Twelve o'Clock precisely, for the purpose of transacting the ordinary business of the Company, and for the Election of Five Directors and One Auditor, in place of the same number, who will retire. W. E. FITZMAURICE, Chairman. The Transfer Books will be closed on and from the 9th day of February next, till after the Meeting. THOMAS PRITCHARD, Secretary. London, 26, Spring Gardens, 19th, January, 1854. Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an Extra Ordi- nary Meeting of the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway Company, will be held at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, in the City of London, on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of FEBRUARY instant, at One o'Clock, for the purpose of giving additional authority to the Directors, to exercise the borrowing powers of the Com- pany, under the original act, 8 Vic., cap. 16. W. E. FITZMAURICE, Chairman. THOMASJPRITCHARD, Secretary. London, 26, Spring Gardens, 2nd February, 1854. A Its SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Half- Yearly Ordinary Meeting of the Propiietors of this Company, will be held, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the Paddington Station of the Great Western Railway, on TUESDAY, the 28th day of FEBRUARY instant, at ONE o'Clock precisely, for the election of Four Directors and One Auditor, in the place of the same number who will retire by rotation, and for the general purposes of business. C. R. M. TALBOT, Chairman. The Transfer Books will be closed on and after the 14th instant, and will not be Re-opened until after the said Half- Yearly Ordinary Meeting, on the 28th instant. By Order, FRED. G. SAUNDERS, Secretary. South Wales Railway Offices, 10, Eastbourne Terrace, London, February 6, 1855. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. UILDEK.S desirous of sending in Tenders for the ih £ e, forMr. wa#°^TTnltorA^ergaVenily' and Specifications of thf^me withTh. Bef Jhe several Works, at my Office, from MONDAY, the 20th to SATURDAY, the 25th instant, inclusive, and from MONDAY, the 27th, to SATURDAY, MARCH 4th, inclusive, at the office of Mr. BATT, Abergavenny. Tenders to be sent in to me on or before TUESDAY, MARCH 7th. The Lowest, or any other Tentlerwill not necessaVily be accepted. CHARLES E. DAVIS. Bath, February 10th, 1854. 3, Westgate Buildings. NOTICE TO BUILDERS. ABERSYCHAN SCHOOLS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Plans and Specifications for the New School Buildings, at Aber- sychan, near Pontypool, may be seen at the Office of the Abersychan Iron Company, on or after Tuesday, the 14th instant. The Estimates, properly endorsed, to be forwarded to the Architect, Mr. NORTON, 24, Old Bondstreet, London, on or before TUESDAY, the 28th instant. Forms and Conditions of Tenders may be procured, by application to the Architect, or at the Company's Office (as above). East India House, 8th February, 1854. THE Court of Directors of the East India Company, do hereby give notice, that the Finance and Home Committee will be ready on or before WEDNESDAY, the 22nd Instant, to receive proposals in writing, sealed up, froms uch persons as may be willing to Supply the Company with PIG IRON. And that the conditions of the said Contract may be had on application at the Secretary's Office, where the proposals are to be left, any time before Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of the said 22nd day of February, 1854, after which hour no tender will be received, JAMBS C. MELVILL, Secretary. TEETH. MR. PARSON, Sii?g;on Dentist, from 17 Orchard Street, End of Unny Street, College Green Bristol respectfully acquaints the Nobility Clergy Gentry and In' habitants of Newport and Vicinities, he S be con- sulted m the various branches of his profession I \k« KINO'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, 0Q February 15th, 1854. Attendance from le l lh Mr. Paison s newly-improved MINFKAT 'POBTtr »»ij.r»Il, acknowledged to sope/sedf v 'of artificial ones hitherto introduced I T FU made to resemble nature eltelfa, intasSS to be undetectable to the eye and nerfPntl„ Z instance of the hps and fulliless of the cheeks when hUen in from the loss ot the front or side teeth .hey will never change colour or decay, however long they may be worn th(?*ed exact!y in shape, size, and colour, to tnose remaining in the mouth. DISCOVERY FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH.—Mr. P 13 however decayed and large the cavity, per- tectly serviceable by his valuable ENAMEL CEMENT. it is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without the slightest pain or inconvenience, and in a short time becomes as hard as the enamel itself, and will remain firm in the tooth many years, restoring the original faculty of masticating the food.—Charge, 2s. 6d. per tooth. Mr. P. having for many years being a designer of Ar ificial Teeth, and Mechanical Assistant to some of the most eminent Practitioners in Bristol, London, and Paris, is enabled to supply Artificial Teeth with a degree of accuracy, attained only by those who have a general practical knowledge of their profession in all its branches, availing himseHofaH the recent modem improvements, and executing himself the whole of the Me- chanical department, he leels a deferential confidence of being able to give that satisfaction to his Patrons and Friends, which an often tested experience can alone confer. In consequence of imp ovements m the mechanical depart- ment of the profession, and in order that this indispensable comfort may come within the reach of the most economical, Mr, P.'s charges are on the following moderate scale comfort may come within the reach of the most economical, Mr. P.'s charges are on the following moderate scale :— ,,e A single tooth, 5s., 10s.6i., or j A set of teeth 4 A complete set (upper and lower), durable material 8 8 A complete set of natural or ^ea.u.tlfully mounted, best material, and veiy best workmanship and finish — '2 12 Scaling Artificial Teeth Remodelled, Remounted, and Repaired, and Misfitting, Rectified. 17, Orchard-street, Bristol, Feb. 8th, 1854. MATRIMONIAL INSTITUTION FOUNDED 1846. Offices, 12, John-street, Adelphi, London, and 18, Nassau- street, New York. THIS Institution has been established many years, (with great success) as a medium for the introduction ot parties unknown to each other, who are desirous of forming Alliances, but who, from some cause or other, cannot nna Part- ners in their own circle of acquaintance, suitable in position, -xc. This Establishment is conducted on the same principle as adopted at the variousinstitutions of thekind in France, Holland, Germany, Russia, and America, and presents equal advantages to all classes of society. I The strictest honor and secrecy are maintained in every case, and none but parties of respectability treated with. Prospectuses, Application Forms,liules, and every information, sent free to any name, initials, or address, on receipt of 12 postage stamps. By order of the diicctor. LAURliNCE CUTHBURT, 12, "John Street, Adelphi, London. Read the book on Matrimonial Alliances, by a Clergyman, which is of peculiar interest to the unurairried. Sent free, on receipt of twelve stamps. MONEY TO BE ADVANCED. SEVERAL Sums of MONEY to be Advanced on Free- s hold or Leasehold Property. Apply to Mr. W. ROBERTS, Solicitor, County c.urt Office, Newport. A PUBLIC BALL WILL take place at the ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGA- VENNY, on WEDNESDAY, February 22nd, 1854. STEWARDS: EDMUND HERBERT, Esq., WM. F. BATT, Esq., EDWD. PRICE, Esq., WM. BABER, Esq. Tickets Lady's, 7s. 6d.; Gentleman's, 10s. 6d.; Gen- tleman and Two Ladies, 21s. Portrait of Mr. Thomas Stephens, of Merthyr. THE Friends and Countrymen of the above distin- guished gemElemjj*Author of the Literature of the Kymry," Hirfrorf of Trial by Jury," and several other elaborate Prize Essays on difficult questions connected with Celtic antiquarian researches,—have determined to PRE- SENT HIM WITH HIS PORTRAIT, as a small nota of their esteem; and they hereby solicit the co-operation of those who might be equally desirous to evince their estimation for native genius and talent. To meet the wishes of Mr. Stephens's numerous Friends, the Portrait will be superbly engraved and every Sub- scriber of 10s. 6d. will be entitled to a copy. As soon as a sufficient number of Subscribers is obtained to bear the expenses, a Working Committee will be formed, and the work proceeded with forthwith. HON. MEMBERS: W. Needham, Esq., Beaufort. Mr. J. Reynolds, Merthyr. E. James, Esq., Cwmcelyn. David Howell, Aberga- Mr. LI. Williams, Blaina. venny. All Persons who kindly wish to have the Portrait of Mr. Stephens, will please to intimate the same to Mr. D. HOWELL, Ifor Hael Cottage, Abergavenny, or to Your very obedient servant, THOMAS GWALLTER PRICE. Beaufort, January 30th, 1854. GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, (Used in Her Majesty's Laundry), and 0 T H E R S P 0 0 N S' Machine-made CONFEC tV TIONARY, MARMALADE, JAMS, JELLIES, &c., (which gained the Prize Medal of 1851), May be had of all Grocers; wholesale of WOTHERSPOON, MACKAY, and Co., 66, Queen Street, Cheapside, London. Z.JIl "< BRISTOL.-34, COLLEGE GREEN. JCOCKRAM, MUSIC-SELLER to the QUEEN, by Appointment, respectfully Informs the Inhabitants of Newport, that his Stock of PIANO-FORTES by COLLARD and COLLARD, BROADWOOD and SONS, and other Makers than can be depended upon, may be Purchased of Him equally Cheap as at the Manufacturers, and will be Delivered in Newport, Carriage Free. New Music at Half Price. W=H: -=; "0 lovely Peace, with plenty oro-wuld. "VTOVELLO'8 CHEAP MUSIC is sold BY Mr W J31 CHRISTOPHERS Book-seller, and Mr. E. NEW, MAN, Music Seller; and by every respectable Music SELLER and Bookseller in this Town and Neighbourhood., Cat logues, post-free, on sending six stamps to 69, DeaijrstreCTT Soho, London. STEAM BETWEEN NEWPORT, LIVERPOOL, and WHITEHAVEN. THE fine Screw Steam Ships "DUMBARTON YOUTH" and ALPHA," will ply between the above places, about every ten days, with goods. For particulars of Freight*. &c., apply to GEORGE W JONES and Co., 28, Lla. arth Street, Newport, Mon. AUSTRALIA.—ENCLOSED BERTHS TO MEL- BOURNE, B16 16s. "BLACK BALL" CLIPPER PACKETS, -±K T?0R MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, and X* ADELAIDE, ffiii!rT Landing Passengers at the Wharf, SALDANHA 2500 Finley Feb. 28th- LIGHTNING 3000 Forbes to follow. BLACK WATCH 3500 Newlands to follow. EL DORADO 2000 Jackson to follow. These celebrated Ships are all first-class, and have made the fastest Passages on record. They carry experienced Surgeons, and their 'tween-decks are lofty and thoroughly ventilated. Provisions and Water are provided for 20 weeks, under Government inspection. Passenger's Baggage is put on board free of expense. ° Cash Orders issued on Australia, from 21 upwards, and Parcels forwarded. Apply to the owners, JAMES BAINES and CO., 6, Cooks-treet, Liverpool. TAPSCOTT'S AMERICAN PACKET OFFICES General Offica..OLDHALL, OLDHALL-STREET. Passenger Office ST. GKORGK'S-BUILDING'S REGENT'S-ROAD. The following FIRST CLASS PACKETS |>V<|3P^WILL be despatched on their appointed days, as FOR NEW YORK. Ships Tons. To sail. Williani L apscott, (new) Bell 3000.. loth Feb. Garrick, (Foster) 2000.. LITH Feb. Arctic, (J Zerega) 2000.. 12TH Feb. Antarctic, (A. H. Zerega). 2250.. 18th Feb. Constellation, (Allen) 26th Feb. Shamrock, (S. B Duane) .2500.. Albion, new 2000. Richard Morse, (Dinsmore ) .2000.. Houghton, (Doane) .204)0. Kennebec, (Smith) 1800.. Robert (:ooper (,r. Zerega) .1500.. —— Commerce, (Lowell).2500.. —— Centurion, (Coombs).2000.. —— Emma Fields, (Crowell) .200() Kossuth, (Bell) 2500.. Sheridan, (J. W. Porter) .2000.. Cambria, (Perry) 250<>I. —— Underwriter, (Shipley) 2500*" —— A. Z., (Chandler) jqqqH West Point, (Mulliner) .2D()o!! —— E. Z., (Hartshorne) 18CO.. Siddons, (Taylor) 2000.. Andrew Foster, (Holberton) WOO.. Continent, (E. B. Drummond) .2000.. Roscius, (R. W. Poster) 2200.. Compromise, (Zerega) 2i)00.. Emerald Isle. (Cornish) new .3000.. John Rutledge.2000.. And succeeding Packets every five days. FOR NEW ORLEANS. ,J(,Ii,Rullelge* Houghton (Cotter) 2000.. 10th Feb. Northampton,(Reed)..(. 2MJ0.. Granada, (Batchelor) .2000.. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Tuscarora, (Turley) 2500..12th Feb. Tonawanda, (Julius) 1300.. 12th Mar. Saranak, (Decan) 10C0..12^h Aprl. Wyoming, (Dunlevy) 1100.. 12ih May. FOR BALTIMORE. Flora Macdonald, (,Nlerrill) ]BOO.. Scotia, (.M'Leon). 1600.. THE above Ships are of the largest class, and com- manded by men of experience, who will take every precaution to promote the health and comfort 01 the pas- sengers during the vojage. Private llooms for Families, or persons who wish to be more select, can at all times be had; and deposit of yl each, to secure berths, should beremiited, whichsliall have due attention. Surgeons can have free Tabir. Passages by the above Ships Persons proceeding to the interior of the United States can know the actual outlay, Juid make the necessary ar- rangements here, to be forwarded, on at New fork, without one day's delay, and thereby avoid the MANY an- noyances emigrants are subject to on Itmding at New York. Drafts and Exchange for any amount, at sight, on New York, payable in any part of the United States, can, at ALL ,t mes, be furnished to those who prefer this safer mode o aking care of their funds aKor further particulars apply,post-paid, to W. TAPSCOl'T fnd Co., Liverpool, and 7, Eden Quay, Dublin, Agents or W.and J, T TAPiCOrT, New York. IW TAPSCOTT'S EMIGRANTS GUIDg. 5th edition | CAN be HAD by remitting six postage stamps, CARRIES A GERMAN BAND OF MUSIC. WALTHEW'S LIVERPOOL LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. Established in 1848. Ships. Tons. Destination. To Sail. James Carson 1800 Melbourne Feb. 25. Arabia 1700 Ditto To follow These A. I. Clipper Ships land Goods and Passengers on the wharf, free of extra charge. Fares, 216 16s. and up- wards. Luggage insured at the rate of five shillings for every £ 10 in value. Forfarther particulars, apply to JAMES M.WALTHEW, 46, Chapel Street, Liverpool. ,-TL. WHITE STAB LINE OF AUSTRA- LIAN PACKETS. Landing Passengers at the TVI/arf free of charge. Pasattageijfr for Sydney, Geelong, and Adelaide, by the Grofiren Era," will be forwarded from Melbourne at the expanse of the Ship. Ships. Tons. Commanders Destination. To sail. Golden Era 3000 J/T. Peat Melbourne Feb. 20 Iowa 1800 Reed Ditto. Mar. 15 Ben Nevis 2500 Heron Ditto. tofollow THOSE Packets are all First-class; fitted up on the jprinciple hitherto adopted in the Ships of this cele- bratwpline, and carry experienced surgeons. Apply to PILKINGTON AND WILSON, Liverpool, BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. The Bristol General SSteam Navigation Com- pany's splendid Paddle .'fI STEAMER "DART," CAPTAIN JAMES PARFITT, Or oth., suitable Vessel, will ply during the ensuing Week as follows:— From Bristol. FEBRUARY. FEBOARY. From Newport. Saturday 11 44 after Friday 10 24 after Monday 13.. 5 morn Konday 13.. 51 after Tuesday 14 5 morn Wedndiday 15 7 morn Thursday 16.. 61 morn Friday 17 8! morn -To.ånd Fro from Bristol. tTo and Fro from Newport. 183* A Waiting Room is provided opposite the Landing Place at Hotwells, where Passengers are taken on board free of charge, about fifteen minutes after the time stated in the bills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the Hotwells To and From PORTISHEAD daily,, (Sundays excepted). PLit,se-A fter Cahin, 3s.; Front Cabin, Is. 6d. To and Pro same day, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, Is.-Four. wheel Carriage. 18s.; Two-wheel ditto, or light Phaeton, 8s.; Two-wheel Carriage, or light Phaeton, drawn by one bors?, with Driver, 12s.; Horse. 5& Horse and Rider, 6s.; Pogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. r. Horffs and Carriages Shipped at Bathurst Basin one hour W/ore sailing. Wifcms'g PacketCoach daily from the Carpenter's Anns, New on the arrival of these Packets, through Caerleon and Ifsk, to Abergavenny, Crickhowell, and Brecon, and fromAe Golden Lion, Abergavenny, three hours before the twae of sailing for Bristol; and his Spring Van for good8Ç will leave Newport on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and return on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. FMfther particulars may be obtained at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where all goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., should be addressed. JJftta and other information can be obtained of Mr. JOHN JQ"- Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. Agent at Newport, V.v V Mr. R. P. JONES, Rodney Wharf. fclWrf—Swift. yearn, 3a. Carriage, iia. ^SH^SSEer lJair-horse phaeton, 31a 6d. Ht^»l5ElO 4 after Small one-horse ditto, 25s.; Monday" ^13 6 morn Gig, 20s.; Horse, 20s.; Wednesday 15 7 morn Dog, 3s. Friday 17 8l morn Return Tickets, (available i* cwv/ for one week) Best Cabin From Cardiff Swift. Fore-Cabin, 9s. FEBRUARY. Saturday 11 31 after For Milford, Pater, and Tuesday 14 á morn Yaverfordwest-luno. Thursday 16 64 morn Calling at Tenby. FARES—After Cabin, Is FEBRUARY. Fore Cabin, 6d. Wednesday 15 7 morn From JJristol-Juno and From Haverfordwest, o%c.- Star. Juno. FEBRUARY. From H'west, Friday 10 4 after calling at From From Wednesday 15 7 morn Tenby.—Feb. Pater. Milford Friday 17 8 morn Fri. 10 4 morn 6 morn 7 morn >.Fri. 1? 8 morn 10 morn II morn From Tenby—Juno and giar From Bristol, calling at FEBRUARY, Tenby Star. Friday 10 5 after FEBRUARY Tuesday 14.. 8 morn Friday JO 4 after Friday 17.. 9 night Friday 17.. 8 morn FARES—Cabin, 12s. Chil. From Carmarthen, calling a dren under 12 years, 6s. 6d. Tenby-Sta)-. Servants in the Cabin, 8s. FEBRUARY. (including Steward's Fees.) Tuesday 14 5i morn Deck, 6s. Children under FARES—Same as Tenby NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of jE2; nor for any Deck Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 20s., unless in each case entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery; nor will they be answerable for any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) unless entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. NOTICE.-Acomfortable Waiting Room is provided, and Passengers.with their Luggage, embarked or Landed free of expense, at ltownham Ferry, in a commodious Boat. The NewSteam Packet Company's Iron-built AVON AND SEVERN Are intended to Sail during the ensuing From Newport. From Bristol. FEBRUARY. FEBRUARY. Saturday 11.. 31. after Friday 10 4 after 2 "Monday 13 4i after *Monday 13 6 morn Wednesday 11 6 morn Tuesday 14 6& morn Friady 17 7 morn Thursday 16.. 7s morn And it is intended that'the Screw Steamers shall s-ill daily, Sunday excepted, as under, with Merchandize:- FEBRUARY. FEBRUARY. Friday 10.. 2j after Friday 10.. 4 after Saturday 11 after Saturday 11.. 41 after Monday 1.3 4 after Monday 13 6 morn 4 Tuesday 14.. á morn Tuesday 14.. 61 morn Wednesday 15 6 morn Wednesday 15 7! morn 4 Thursday 16 6! morn Thursday 16.. 7 morn 4 Friday 17 7 morn Friday 17 81 morn t To and Fro from Newport. To and Fro from Bristol. FAIIES.-After Cabin, 3s,; Fore Cabin, ls.6d. To and Fro same day After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s.-Four- wheel Carriage, 18s.; Gig or Light Phaeton, 8s.; Ditto, with Horse and Driver, 12s. Horse, 5s.; Horse and Rider, 6s.; Dogs, Is. Refreshments may be had on board. The Proprietors give notice that they will not be account- able for Passengers' Luggage, &c. and their responsibility in respect of Goods in general is restricted, by the terms of a Notice affixed in their Offices, at Uristol and Newport. Goods regularly an t punctually forwarded by careful Car riers to all parts of the country. For conditions of freight, apply at the Company's Offices. Bell Avenue, Queen Square, Hristol; and Beaufort Wharf, Newport. a.m. a.m. p.m. m. p.m. p.m fhe South Wales Railway Trains leaves Newport, ^or,wansea and inter- „ mediate stations, at. 818 11.8 5.10 1.50 9.33 3.20 And arrive at New port from Swansea & intermediate stations, at 8.48 10.38 1.25 3.34 6.56 9.15 [ he Western Valleys Rail- way l ralnleaveNelVport for Blaina. and inter- mediate stations, at 7.0 12.0 5.0 Andarrive at Newport from Bin III a and intermediate stations, Rt 10.45 4.15 8,45 The Newport & Pontypool Railway Trains leave Newport for Pontypool & intermediate stations at 8.30 11.15 2.15 5.30 8.0 And arrive at N wportfrom Pontypool&iuterm,ediate 80 10.30 1.0 4.0 7.30 NOTICE.—The Public are respectfully informed that the Screw Packet-Company will convey Passengers and Mer- chandise (via South Wales Railway Company) for Carmar- then, Swansea, Haverfordwest, Tenby, Llandilo, and places adjacent, at very reduced rates. For Rates of Freight, &c., apply at the Company's Offices' and to Mr. Probert, Sv.'ansea. February 1st, 1004 JOHN BLAND. Agent, WANTED A STEADY and INDUSTRIOUS PERSON, of Busi- ness Habits, to Collect ACCOUNTS. Application to be made to P.J., Post Office, Newport. NOTICE. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the PARTNER- rTri™ar^-LsubslatinS between us, THOMAS GREEN- HPHILLIPS'and WILLIAM NEEDHAM, all of Beaufort, in the parish of Llangunnider, in the county ot JirewH^ heretofore carrying on trade under the name or Thomas Greenland and Co., fellmongers, was, on the 10th day of JANUARY, 1854, dissolved bv mutual con- sent and that all debts owing to tbe said partnership, are to be received by the said THOMAS GREENLAND and all persons to whom the said partnership stands indebted, are requested immediately to send in their respective accounts to the said THOMAS GREENLAND, in order that the same may be examined and paid. Dated this 10th day of January, 1854. |A y OOQ SOVEREIGNS were coined A i/U during the last Twelve Months, at the Royal Mint; any portion of the above will be ex- changed for their FULL VALUE in Ironmongery Goods, at 139, Commercial Street, Newport. ALFRED ASTON, Proprietor. RE WILLIAMS AND ROOKE, BREWERS, BATH. A -Persons indebted to the above Estate, are requested £ to pay their respective amounts to Mr. THOMAS FLOYDE LEWIS, Maltster, Newport; or to Mr. JNO. PHILLPOTTS, Solicitor, Newport, on or before the 22nd of FEBRUARY next. This is the last application that will be made, and all defaulters after the above date, will be proceeded against. By order of the Trustees, THOMAS HARVEY. Bath, 26th January, 1854. ANNUAL SALE AT THE HILL FARM, In the Parish of Wolversnewton, Monmouthshire. Six Miles from the Chepstow Railway Station, and Three from Utsk. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Afr. SCRIVEN, ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 1854, Valuable FAT STOCK, Threshed Wheat and Barley, Wool, &c. &c. the property of his Grace the Duke of Beaufort. Particulars in future Advertisements and Handbills Usk, February 8th, 1854. PANTLECE FARM, In the Parish of Llantarnam, Monmouthshire. Sale of Live Stock, Implements, &c. Mr. SCRLVEN HAS received instructions of Mr. John James, who is t i relinguishing agricultural pursuits, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1854, the whole of his LIVE STOCK, Farming Implements, Hay, Corn, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and a portion of the Household Furniture. Particulars in future Advertisements and Handbills. Usk, February 8th, 1854. Desirable Freehold Property for Sale. Mr. SCRIVEN Has received instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. Edwin Wigginton, TO SELL BY AUCTION, At the THREE SALMONS HOTEL, USK, on FRIDAY, the 17th of February, 1854,— THE following very desirable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in Two Lots:— Lot 1 Comprises a FARM HOUSE, with all necessary Out-buildings, together with about 30 Acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Orchard Land, situate in the Parish of Kemeys Commander, now in the occupation of Mr. Edw. T'T-iff, and close adjoining the parish church, and within a very short distance of the Newport and Heieford railway. Lot 2. An excellent piece of MEADOW LAND, about Three Acres, immediately adjoining Kemeys Suspension Bridge. rra*:° is pleasantly seated near the Usk river, and close iiiljiiMiffift Mwr1 TimnjiiVi ni,M li iiliin to the market towns of Usk and Kgrrrownnv anfT 'he Hereford, Abergavenny, and Newport railway. TheLsfRF' is of excellent quality, and well planted with choice Froit Trees. Mr. Scriven, of the Three Salmons Hotel, Usk, will ap- point a person to show the Lots, of whom any further in- formation may be obtained. BISHTON VILLAGE, In the Parish of Bishton, Monmouthshire. Sale of Live Stock, Hay, Farming Imple- ments, &c. MIl. So-B-1 VEN Respectfully announces that he is instructed by Mrs.Davies, who is retiring from business, to SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1854, the following LIVE STOCK, Hay, Farming Implements, &c., COMPRISING Eight Cows in Calf, Two Two-year-old barren Heifers, Two Two-year-old Steers, Three Calves, Half-bred Mare, four years old, goes well in har- ness Horse Pony, six years old; Mare Pony, seven years old Pony in Foal, three years old Two Two-year-old Cart Colts; Yearling Colt; Two Narrow-wheel Carts; Plough; Sway and Traces also about Four Tons of Hay. Refreshments on the Table at Ten o'Clock, and Sale to commence at Eleven. Usk, February 7th, 1854. ROCK HOUSE, In the Parish of LLANDNNEY, Monmouthshire. Mr. SCRIVEN Has received instructions from Mrs. Mary Cadogan, who is giving up business, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of February, 1854, THE whole of her LIVE STOCK, Agricultural Imple- ments, Hay, Cider, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and a part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. Comprising 20 stock ewes, one ram, one cow and calf, four cows in calf, three two-year old steers, two yearling steers, two ditto heifers, one very powerful cart mare, six years old, one cart mare in foal, one two-year-old cart colt, one yearling cart filly, two narrow wheel waggons, one broad ( wheel cart, two ploughs, two pair of harrows, roller, chaff box, two ladders, large beams, scales and weights, winnow- ing fan, sieves, riddles, half-bushel measure, haul rakes, pikes and rakes, one set of long harness, one set of short ditto, G.O. ditto, side saddle, 13 cider hogsheads, several smaller casks, eight cider hairs, two cheese presses, two cburns, milk lead, milk skeels and pans, cheese vats, cheese and other tubs, milk pails, baking trough, flour bin, oak kitchen table and bench, round ditto, deal ditto, settle, six smaller casks, eight cider hairs, two cheese presses, two churns, milk lead, milk skeels and pans, cheese vats, cheese and other tubs, milk pails, baking trough, flour bin, oak kitchen table and bench, round ditto, deal ditto, settle, six kitchen chairs, four bedsteads, chest of drawers, dresser and shelves, iron tripod, fender and fire irons, with numerous other articles. Also, about 40 tons of excellent hay, and 400 gallons of prime cider. Refreshments on the Table at Ten, and the Sale to com- mence at Eleven o'clock. Three Salmons Hotel, Usk, February 4th, 1854. GREEN LAWN FARM, In tha parish of Panteague, Monmouthshire. Sale of Household Furniture. Live Stock, &c. Mr. B. SCRIVEN Begs respectfully to notify that he is instructed by the re- ° preservative of the late Mr. John Jones, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On THURSDAY, the 16th day of FERRUARY, 1854, the whole of the LIVE STOCK, Hay, Farming Implements, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, &c., COMPRISING Twenty-two Radnor ewes in lamb, seven cows in calf, three barren cows, two two-year-old heifers, five yearly cattle, one cart horse, five years old, two ditto marea, six years old, one entire horse, called Young Goldfinch," rising four years old (pedigree given at the time of sale) one narrow-wheel waggon, three broad wheel carts, one iron plough, two wooden ditto, three pair harrows, roller, iron turnip scuffler, wherry, three ladders, two chaff machines, wheelbarrow, sets of long harness, two sets of short ditto, G. O. ditto, waggon rope, quantity of ole iron, cheese press, churn, cheese vats, cheese and other tubs, milk skeels and pans, large scales and weights, hogs- head and other casks, salting stone, baking trough, ma- hogany, oak, and deal tables, mahogany hair-seated chairs, kitchen and bedroom chairs, mahogany chest of drawers, bureau ditto, pier and swing classes, dressing tables with wash-stand and ware, four-post, tent, and stump bedsteads, parlour and kitchen fenders and fire irons, quantity of blue and other ware, warming pan, brass bottle jack, clock, ba rometer, dish covers, two bell-metal skillets, iron pots, boilers, saucepans and tea-kettles, brass and iron tripods, gun, with various other articles. Also, part of a mow of clover, part of a mow of hay, and a mow of old hay, about 25 tons, on the Llauvrecliva Farm, near Llanvrechva Church. Refreshments on the Table at Ten, sale to commence at Eleven o( ;look. Three Salmons Hotel, Usk, January 30th, 1854, GOOD Chamber Candlesticks, from 4d. Iron Oanrlla \jr sticks, from 2d. Snuffers, from one penny per pair Teapots, from 6d. each; Coffeepots, from 7d. Coffee Mille: from 2s. each; Frying-pans, from 5d. each; with every article in the Ironmongery Line on the same terms n+ BIRMINGHAM ESTABLISHMENT, excepting S carriage. s TO BE SOLD, TWO Large LIGHTERS or BARGES, well adapted for the Newport or Bristol Rivers. One of the Vessels is quite New. Applications to be made at the Newport Dock Office be- tween the Hours of Twelve and Two o'Clock. Applications to be made at the Newport Dock Office be- tween the Hours of Twelve and Two o'Clock. PORTRAIT OF ST. AMBROSE FOR SALE. FOR SALE, a Portrait of ST. AMBROSE, by GUIDO. JC Apply at the Office of Messrs. Jas. N. KNAPP and CO., Pillgwenlly, where the painting may be seen. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be LET, and Entered upon Immediately, THAT old-established and well-accustomod BEER DIN- JL ING, and COFFEE HOUSE, known as the BiaD. IN-HAND," Commercial-Street, opposite Hi l-Street. Apply to Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON Auctioneers and House Agents, 61, High-Street, Newport* and Brook House, Llantarnam. February 2nd, 1854. Marshes Inn, Marshes Road, Newport. TO BE LET, and entered upon immediately, the above well-situated and excellent BEER-HOUSE. Coming- in about £25 or £30. Satisfactory reasons can be given for the present Tenant's leaving. Application to be made to Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON, Auctioneers and House Agents, 61, High-Street. Newport, and Brook House, Llantarnam. TO BE LET, With Immediate Possession. THAT well-accustomed Beer-House, called the GRIFFIN situate in LLANARTH STREET, in the Borough of Newport. The Furniture &c., to be taken at a valuation. Apply to Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON Auctioneers and House Agents, 61, High Street, Newport. SALE OF Capital Oak Timber Trees, and Coppice Woods. On the BLAEN and GLYNNAUTDDU ESTATE, In the parish of Trevethin, Monmouthshire. Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS SON Have received instructions from the Proprietor, Thos. IK Phillips, Esq.,to SELL BY AUCTION, At the SWAN INN, Pontypool, on SATURDAY, the 11th of February, 1854, (subject to Conditions), THE following valuable lots of OAK TIMBER TREES and COPPICE WOODS Lot 1. About 15 Acres of Excellent Oak Coppice Wood. Lot 2. Fifty Oak and Ash Timber Trees, of large size, numbered from 1 to 50 inclusive. Lot 3. The Clearing of the Brakes on the above-mentioned Estate, comprising Acres. The Lots are situated about one mile from the Pontnewynydd Forge. To view the Lots, apply to T. M. PHILLIPS, Esq., Llanhilleth House, who will direct a person to show the same'. The Sale will commence at Four o'clook in the afternoon precisely. Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-street, Newport, and Brook House, Lantarnam. January 23rd, 1854. PARISH OF HENLLIS, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Sale of Farming Stock, Household Furniture. &c., &c. Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS SON WILL SELL BY AUCTION, On the Premises, at PENYWARLOD FARM, in the Parish of HENLLIS, on TUESDAY, the 14th February, 1854,- fTMiE whole of the FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD I?™171 and other Effects, of Mr. T. Morgan, who is decTihinjfTBl liUi j Comprising four excellent milch cow6, t» aoTlTi three-year-old heifer, in calf, two-year-old heifer, in rauJy steer, two young and useful cart mares, in foal by a good horse, three fat porkers, about 25 bushels of wheat, thrashed, about five theaves of straw, a set of long harness, set of short harness, Irish car, dairy utensils, new wood plough, pair of new drags, two pigs'-troughs, chaff machine, chaff cutter, pikes and rakes, sieves, &c. The FURNITURE consists of one feather bed, bolster, and pillows, four-post bedstead, single-barrelled gun, mahogany dining table, four oak and deal tables, oak dresser and shelves, two arm chairs, shelves, five kitchen chairs eight- day clock, earthenware, three fenders, hj-ge iron' boiler teakettles, saucepans, tripod, fire-irons, trays, pictures' candlesticks, warming-pan, dish covers, Scotch-bonnet iron pot, benches, oak stools, bellows, ironing box, &c. Also, Three Hives of Bees. Refreshments will be provided at half-past Ten o'clock and the Sale will commence at Eleven precisely Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-Street, Newport and Brook House, Lantarnam. TO COACHBUILDERS, INNKEEPERS AVI) tftf PUBLIC. U itU!4 IMPORTANT SALE OF CARRIAGES, &c. MR. II. M. PARTRIDGE WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the CATTLE MARKET, Newport, on WEDNESDAY, the 22nd FEBRUARY, 1854, at 12 o'Clock at Noon precisely. the following CARRIAGES, &c., &c., viz. :— AN Excellent Travelling Carnage, in good condition, witli plate-glass windows, lamps, &c. a well-built, and remarkably light-running and fashionable Barouche, in excellent condition, and on its first wheels; an excellent Cab Phaeton, with head, driving seat in front, German shutters, &c. a nearly new four-wheeled Phseton Dog Cart, has only been in use about six months a handsome, modern and extremely light, and strong-built four-wheeled Phaeton* for a pair of ponies or galloways, with driving seat in front' roomy centre seat for two persons, enclosed with doors' lined, and covered with green velvet plush and cloth' and a removable dog cart seat behind, forming a most convenient and comfortable family carriage for six persons an elegant light Park Phaston, nearly new, with dark blue cloth linings, suitable for a pony or galloway a light and nearly new two-wheeled Gig a light and roomy Sprin<* Van for removing furniture, piano fortes, &c., with pclet bars' and shafts for one or a pair of horses; a strong built Phsetont with cane-backed front seat and turn-over hind seat a capital seoond-hand Pony Phseton, with turn-over liind seat • also an active, fast, and useful Bay Pony, 12 hands high* steady in single and double harness, and will carry a lady. Any Lady or Gentleman wishing to introduce a Carriage, Horse, Harness, or other article into this Sale, may do 80. by giving Three Days' Notice to the Auctioneer. Auctioneers' Office, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, Newport, 8th February, 1854. USK, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Important Sale of Maiden Oak, Elm, Ash, and Beech Timber Trees and Coppice Woods. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MORGAN SON, On WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of FEBRUARY, 1854, at the Three Salmons Hotel, Usk, at Two o'Clock in the after- noon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of sale. LOT 1. THE Fallage of Lower Wood, containing la. 3r. 30p.' (be the same more or less) upwards of 20 years, growth, situate on Llancayo Estate, 111 the parih of Usk, stored with white paint. LOT 2. Seventy-five Oak, 61 Beech, and 39 Ash Timber Trees, standing,in the said wood, numbered with red paiiit from 1 to 75, 1 to 64, and 1 to 39, all inclusive. LOT 3. The Fallage of Upper Wood, containing 12a. lr. 22p., (be the same more or less) upwards of 2:). years' growth, si- tuate in the same estate, stored with white paint. LOT 4. One Hundred and Fifteen Oak, 27 Ash, and Ei¿ht Beech Timber Trees, standing in the said w ood, numbered with red paint from 1 to 115, 1 to 2*, and 1 to 8, ail inclusive. LOT 5. Twenty-Three Oak, 11 Beech, S Ash, and 13 Elm Timber Trees, standing in tho Kodgero\\s and tko Bell on the said Twenty-Three Oak, 11 Beech, 8 Ash, and 13 Elm Timber Trees, standing in tho Kodgero\\s and tko Bell on the said Estate, numbered with red paint fioni 1 to A>, 1 to 11, 1 t<x 8, and 1 to 13, all inclusive. The above Timber and Coppice VY ood are well worth tbe attention of Timber Merchants, the whole of ii lying imme- diately on the Turnpike road, and within one mile of the town of Usk, and four miu-o of toe Little Mill and Goitre I Stations, on the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway. Mr, Cadle, the tenant at Llancayo, will cause the Lots to I be shown, and further Information may be had on applies feion to T- • O Akl E\, Solicitor, Monmouth, <>- •' Auctioneers, Ross. the