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I GENERAL NEWS. fe61, * o


I GENERAL NEWS. fe61, o fWay ^jesty visited the Haymarket Theatre on 74i«ctivfi lnn- to witness the very interesting and < 'ijees»*)erformance of Miss Cushman as "Meg 1*3 t the toff 1,1 that four railway truck loads of shells were P tile O.,i0j ay last week, from the Carrion Ironworks, i'1'shin ?'an Railway,for the Czar. not Jy, °t the VVestern squadron are expccted home 'o#1 ?1tiaj nare *° be re-victualled for six months in every re* {¥ fleet Wil1 be> we believe, all the members of the ? f eJ&t00d that the ensuing brevet will be on a [y valiiei e scale. in order to shelve a number of old Wd vress officers. i Di\vterv'^e died at his residence, Pembroke ?e tlie ?•> on Monday last. By his demise without if I^e becomes extinct. 'Hin a *citement was occasioned last Friday evening, 11 about the House of Commons, by the painful # of Mr. Briscoe, M.P., li ving fallen down, '• Bran s'vestibule, in anapoplecticfit.. Fortunately, 3t K member for Leisrim, who is a physician, [jjl ^Vergj3 > and by his care, Mr. Briscoe was slowly 4 ^tthp ] an<* then removed to his residence. iSi w,?. Warwick Assizes, an action brought by Mr. ""age 'er.' of Saltley, against the Corporation, for ■> Pply otustained by the sewerage interfering with his w^ter, was referred to the arbitration of two 5 jjtliat. e understand that the award has been made, as been, decided that Mr. Evans is entitled to 6 a8es. The sum claimed by that genileman was a corrected list of the vessels taken up I. stoi.°Vernment for the conveyance of cavalry horses iestv e»l t° the Mediterranean:—The Resolute, her £ '<ion'hhe Palmers* on, the Pyrenees, the Countess of ^ild the John Mas'erton, the Ion, the Alipore, the tlie%' the Blake. the Mangerton, the City of Carlisle, 4Tl»e &lof Shaftesbury. et»3s tK of moving troops with despatch and safety e r'ver Thames, at a point where no bridge exists, ,ere the constant passage of steamers and other rslow ders the transit over in boats both dangerous ^t!Was on Thursday last clearly proved by 200 of J W *legiment of Foot, having passed from Wappmg ™ of uhe, through the Thames Tunnel, in the short Tfbe: twelve minutes, including the time occupied in P 61. n8 re-formed for marching to Deptford Dockyard. V^r tllat the real cause of ihe insanity of Mackay, ^Pect;hlctoHa's piper, is said to have been over anxiety NpoV16 Publication of a unique collection of ancient JJh va lence and attendant controversies on the subject, J:cial dl!'?sother matters he had undertaken, besides his uties which seem to have been too much for his <V] -l S,1* in America '.he proportion of persons -who go to n&oi some kind is one in five, in Russia it is one fi|>ter^sPension of a highly respectable firm of calico it^°od Manchester, is spoken of. It is expected that PPa aCCOunt will be shown, leading only to a temporary The liabilities are spokenofat £40,000 to Si to," Two small London houses in the. Manchester sP°ken of as having suspended, chiefly involved fc»!>aRetif 'trough the flight of a Manchester commis- ran away last week, leaving debts to the e?^'l[Ve SOttle idea of the importance of the Australian LHhj^^y be mentioned that during the past year, no jAnd p vessels or more sailed from England and ¡ r()bably of an. agffregate burthen of 572,000 tons, which M bluVKarried out upwards of 700,000 tons of goods. 4 ne book was published last week, giving statistics of children born in one year in England tfS as anc^ disclosing the humiliating fact, th 'f't6 U0 ^ewer than 30,334 were illegitimate, or ¡ "'bOI he number is pretty equally distributed over «f VtLC°Untry- Kv^blic sum of two millions has been decreed in aid in the communes of France, in order to W ""c'i „*° tbe People. t<ife tbe following as a definition of Love in VCk With Before marriage, the man is very much >»iUoh the woman, and afterwards the woman is WCc°rd S'ru°k by the man." lbe metropolitan gossiper of the Liverpool •lift "itiv John Russell seems to grow more and more fhjJUhs ;h daily. He has aged immensely this last six A^OW ough he always looked old enough to have been kn. clor n when old Parr, the pill man was a baby." 1ik r°thrynian in a letter to the Daily News, urges upon 'te. 'I th ren the propriety of their wearing their beards ti« Hers .early reformers." •h rot], e been received by Mr Charles Sturge.from 6f' .Mr" ^oseph Sturge, who, with two other tV4st I*? e Society of Friends, proceeded at the close f d to 7isit St. Petersburgh, to lay before the W an Address from the Society of Friends iJnf ^n'ted States, urging him to avoid O seeP t° Saturday the 11th inst., the deputation had Vthe Emperor, although he had intimated his tat 6SS receive them, and a preparatory interview « Ptace with the Chancellor of the Empire, Count Vol? with whom a copy of the Address was left, 1)0 expressed his approval of its sentiments. The Juftt mention that it was believed in St. Petersburgh ''ti i Emperor was more inclined to peace than T^r'y. 0 children have been found in the river Thames, the following circumstances, which leave little doubt both had been murdered —It appears that on Thurs- the attention of Inspector Johnson. of the Thames was called to the body of a fine female child, |the river^Thames, off Lett's wharf, Cora- ^toad, Lambeth. It was taken ashore, and removed bodv^sdiouse in street, and upon being examined ^oun(^ be covered with tar. Another f.1,Vas c'tlso^L^ up by a man near Waterloo-bridge. a 'hUrrl body of a fine child, and it is supposed JO¡ ^Pkin ered. The body, which was wrapped up *Ho s Chi.' afterwards removed to the vaults of St. ha st- n! ) remains there to await the coroner's W been A 0r<ler that the body may be identified, it rJ*pPed ^ated that the napkin in which the child was placed in a chintz school bag. 8a ^il,s have been proved by analysis of the I) tim nt men to be perfectly innocent, and at the }e Per&ewe thoroughly efficient in their nature they may ^t <ja 'ei'ed in till a complaint is removed without the JhflSoU ^er °f injuring the constitution, however such a be exposed to the weather, whilst under their » for fcbis fact alone makes them an admirable medi- ftv1 use —See Advt. 75 YEARS OLD, CURKD OF A BAD LEG, N ■^>An's ^IKTMEN'1' AND Pills- Mrs. Laren- 0 Richardson's-buildings, Qoswell-street, had, dreariflVn^ birth to twins, 34 years ago, suffered t(j ? wounds in her leg, and which several j.en both in France and England had been unable Uthduj.:r,eii offering were intense, and oftentimes she Per.^°ds wholly confined to her bed. Ul- '*0vya the advice of her friends she made a trial of ^Ce<Jies 1 Ointment and Pills, and these celebrated healed her wounds, and she can now walk At. 1 the greatest comfort.

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