Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

18 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

September ^ERGAVENNY.


September ^ERGAVENNY. GRE'LT «nniad?K Faib.-Great preparations had ild on Pr-7 the inhabitants of this town for the fair te one y last» in the anticipation of its being a first lelf u aS every indication of fine weather presented in fel? t0 ^ursday mid-day: at this time, however, le a.n<* continued during the afternoon and night, pear °rn*Dg of the fair 8ave an? t^ing but a cheering 0» l&ncej for a thick drizzling rain continued till about ow a'm,> w^en the mist began to clear off. The Proprietors looked dull at first, but the sudden s of new *n them, and ihey prepared to amuse ctivRt8Ure-going folks. The fair was not very pro- le, tradesmen and shopkeepers. There were tti«vui ^Um^er of dealers and country folks present, L r J from the hills. The number of sheep penned, fleer COuld judge, were 6,000, nearly all moun- fthe n • rst*rate breed; there was little doing for hours, Idera °eS as^e<^ were too high. Towards mid-Aay the l0e ft»^aTe w&y, and a drop of between 2s. to 3s. took b ern=ter w^ich a great number changed hands, but W mo erjporti°n were driven off unsold. We have ibDli> .?u 8t3 at this fair, but never saw so fine a ke a t j number may have been about 500, but the L a? ed would not suit the purchasers, and business Khin 8 e'an<^ for some time: ultimately, however, a le n^6r was conceded, and although this was the Sn'tif°i the number exchanged hands. Pigs were q n u and sold at a reduction of about 2s. per head. A V witnessed such a number of horses at any fair erf?avenny &s was the case on this occasion: the d &8 Vere first rate animals and realised high prices, Id Tu number of all descriptions were bought and wii' i waa a good display of best cheese, the price r <3 at tte commencement of the morning, was 80s. demand was considered exorbitant, and no Fson waited to try the quality, but eventually, like the Sts and sheep, a great drop took place, for in the "11119 they were bought at from 66s. to 70s. the ttiilr i^836^ °ff exceedingly well, excepting a few Sre fD an<* a little pocket-picking, the latter in B Measure being prevented by the excellent arrange- rs Serjeant Lipscomb, and the vigilance of the 'ce of police under his care. i TOWN HALL.—SATURDAY. Pfore the Rev. Geo. Gabb, and Wm. Williams, Esqrs.] Charge OF ASSAULT.—Charlotte Jones, alias Boxer, as charged by a woman residing in Mouk-street, of the re of Mary Bird, with assaulting her, by first beating r and afterwards throwing a pint cup with its contents, ,er, at her head, on the fair day. In answer to the 'Jch, the complainant stated, that the defendant came ijner house on the fair day, accompanied by a man, jr they both went up stairs, and when they came down |P nian called for a pint of beer and gave half-a-crown jr take the price of the beer out of, after which some •Pute arose about the change, and the defendant flew in asion-beat her first, and to wind up the affaii, sent cup and beer at her head. Fined 10s. and expenses, 14 days' imprisonment. ltUNX AND DISORDERLY. — Ebenezer Horton, a Ruling tinker, was charged by Mr. H. Warr, landlord be Cooper's Arms Inn, Tudor-street, with creating a yturbance in his house on the evening of Wednesday, if 23rd inst., by making use of bad language and rllenging to fight all and every person in his bouse. fe complainant gave some further statement of the bad behaviour, and the Bench fined him 10s. Costs, or 7 days' imprisonment. WEDNESDAY. Jjahn P- Rodney, and the Rev. G. Gabb.] Jrne8 Edw^i118' a- wa8Boner> waa charged by Mrs. 'iwjj wards( the wife of a farmer, residing near Long carelessly driving a timber carriage. She (ed that on the 16th iust., she was returning home, when, rrjllgb the negligence of the defendant, the hind wheel the timber carriage came in contact with her gig, ItK^ over> aa^ threw complainant out, who escaped » Out injury, but the gig was very much damaged. I 20s. and 10s. 6d. expenses. >*UhGE or THRBAT. Tbomas Perry iJ. Frances organ.-The complainant stated that he was proceeding ng the road on Monday last with a heavy load on his d, when his foot slipped, and some pigs belonging to pendant, near, were frightened, and the defendant seeing r pigs run, he accused the complainant of kicking his 88, and threatened to kick and beat him in return. It ffears that the parties are next door neighbours, and are on the most friendly terms. Ordered to pay the irense8 between them, 4s. 6d. each.









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