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Cli IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS rPHE Counties of SOUTH WALES, bor- dering on England, offer the most valuable and Profitable fields for ADVERTISERS that can be found within the same extent in the empire-if we exclude the great Metropolis, and the rich teeming districts of the -productive, the ever-absorbing NORTH. MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, with, their large population, commercial enterprise, and rapiùily-inoreasing wealth, are, unquestionably, COUNTIES tO which Advertisers may look with confidence for an atnple return for any outlay they may incur, in pushing their several interests, with a view to large and produc- tive sales, &c. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN, LAMORGANSHIRE AND BRECON SILURIAN, ND SOUTH WALES ADVERTISER, -has been for more than a quarter of a century, the GREAT ADVERTISING MEDIUM OFTHE DISTRICT. Advertisers desirous of availing themselves of the pub- licity of its columns, are requested to address the Publisher, Mr. CHRISTOPHERS, NEWPORT, MON- MOUTHSHIRE. Advertisements inserted on a Moderate Scale; and when Contracted for by the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, the terms are proportionately reduced. NEWSPAPER CIRCULATION. EXIPRACT from THE LAST ANNUAL STAMP RETURN ISSUED—ending 31st December, 1854 :— 1QK4 Weekly Average. MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN 110,425 2124 Cumbrian 79,000 1519 Star of Gweut 76)1oo 1463 Merthyr Guardian 61,500 1163 Swansea Herald 58,250 1120 Monmouthshire Beacon 36,500 702 "Silurian 35,375 061 At the close of the year 1855, the circulation of the Silurian was added to that of the MERLIN. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, NEATLY & EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THE IWin feralI grating 16, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. BOOK-PRINTING, BUSINESS FORMS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, CIRCULARS, CARDS, REPORTS, &c. m "I IV R. H. RICHARDS. (OPPOSITE THE WESTGATE HOTEL, NEWPORT, MON.), MANUFACTURER of every description of M HUNTING, SOMERSET, & LADIES' HORI- ZONTAL LEAPING SADDLES, CARRIAGE, GIG, AND OTHER HARNESS, Horse and Greyhound Clothing, LEATHER MACHINE STRAPS, RIVETTED HOSE, &c., With every Article in the trade, supplied on the lowest possible terms. CATALOGUE OF PRICES SENT POST FREE. Old Saddles and Harness taken in Exchange. N.B.—A Vacancy for a respectable Youth as ati Ap- prentice. [1328 EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL WEIGHING- MACHINE. HENRY POOLEY AND SON, 20, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON PATENTEES OF THE PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINE, WEIGH-BRIDGES, &c., ^Suitable for all Commercial, Mining, and Manufacturing Purposes. WORKS AT LIVERPOOL. AGENTS for the SALE of DONKEY-ENGINES; IMPROVED TAPS & VALVES; mw_a PRESSURE GAUGES, and all BRASS MOUNTINGS for Steam Engines and Boilers, &c. AMERICAN VULCANIZED INDIA-RUBBIilt BELTING, PACKING, HOSE. &c BOLTS, RIVETS, &O. MACHINERY BEL TING 'CHTTTlJVS PATENT FIRE and THI.hi-rROO.fc ttUBB SAFES. DKTECTOR LOCKS, &c. THE FRANKLIN PATENT GAS REGULATOR. [1015 CAOUTCHOUC HOUSE, 14, CORN-FTREET, BRISTOL, AUGUST 14th, 1857. WE beg to inform Boot and Shoemakers, Wholesale Buyers, and the Public, that we have just received our first consignments of LADIES' GENTLEMEN'S, AND CHILDREN'S OVERSHOES, Of French and American Manufacture, for this season The quality is excellent. The fittings are high, medium trad low. THE LADIES SLIPPER OVERSHOES are exceedingly neat and light—prices low. JOB LOTS Of last season's Overshoes, at less than half price. Samples and Prices forwarded on application to- BEESLEY AND HEYES, IMPORTERS OF OVERSHOES, 14, Corn-street (opposite the Old Bank), BRISTOL. [1226 MR. CHARLES HENRY TASKER M Organist of St. Paul's, Newport, TEACHER of rfche PIANOFORTE. Residence-Drayton Villa, Maindee. [1666 WHEN YOU ASK FOR Glen FIELD PATENT STARCH -G t SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As inferior kinds are often substituted. [1 vll TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, WHEELWRIGHTS, & THE GENERAL PUBLIC MR. JOHN THOMAS, Usk Timber-yard, east-side of Newport Dock, begs to draw special A°SRS of SLEEPERS. FENCING ASH ^t?IMBER (<he Elm °f ,aTge (5 baned) TRENAIL PINS, SCAFFOLDlKr Pm 51' & all of which are constantly on haud. a^e^naWe price** N B.—Powerful and convenient Crana<»« T Goods on Trucks. for Lr^cing llo34 l%J| pibei ) THIEVES!! h, 1., FIRE 111 TT is a yell known feot that thousands™ X thousand? f.-j annually lost in not havi„„ „ a Safe; *r. opwitui.ity now offers to secure i Safest by the vr.nst eminent makers, at nearly original coac, Warranted to be sound and perfect in respect, and cpiue c ^ual to new. Price of Safe, 24 height «.widtb, acd U> depth, £ 3 10s. 8 9earch,rof any descriptions of Fire-proof GR) re<?ue8ted apply to C. W. eud 1 Road, London, near Mile- [1107 C. MILNES, TAILOR AND DRAPER, 158, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, BEGS to apprise his friends that his Stock, adapted for the present season, is now ready j he respectfully solicits an early call. respectfully solicits an early call. Newport, Oct., 1857. ]1013 NEWPORT STEAM SAW MILLS, CANAL-PARADE, NEWPORT, To TIMBER-MERCHANTS, BUILDERS,$Others. WO. LOVELL begs to state he has • added to his General Sawing, that of GROOVING and RABBITING, for which he is prepared to execute orders on the most moderate terms. A Stock kept of ELM and DEAL BOARDS, SLATE, and PANTILE LATHS, &C. [1439 BENT ALL'S PATENT BROADSHARE AND SUB-SOIL PLOUGHS. J. S. STONE RESPECTFULLY invites particular atten- _L\; tion to his NEW STOCK of the above IMPLE- MENTS, to which so many First Class Prizes have been awarded. Catalogues sent post free, on application to J. S. STONE, Newport, Mon. [1002 BITTER ALE. BASS & CO.'S. AND ALLSOPP & SONS'. CHARLES SMITH having received a sup- c ply of the above (of the new brewings) in excellent order, in casks of all the usual sizes, will be much obliged by the commands of his friends. Newport, Oct. 2nd, 1857. [1709 R. MATTHEWS and CO., TEA and • COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL- STREET, NEWPORT. A large and well-selected Stock on Sale; good quality combined with moderation in prices. [5 MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON DENTIST, of No. 7, PABK- S STREET, BRISTOL, attends periodically (as for the last ten years) at NEWPORT, the first WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF, the following THURSDAY in every Month, when he may be consulted on all cases relating to to his Profession. Mr. YOUNG'S next visit will occur as follows :— NEWPORT-At Mr. Wansbrough's, No. 4, Commercial- street Wednesday, October 7th. CARDIFF—Mrs. Williams, No. 64, Crockherbtown— Thursday, October 8th. [863 [A CARD.] MR. R. N. OSBORNE, S T7 R GEON-DENTIST, 17, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. At Mr. EWINS'S, Hair-dresser, High-street, Cardiff, every MONDAY. [1127 R. ROGERS, SURGEON DENTIST, Bristol, author of 'Advice on the Care of the Teeth,' &c., &c., formerly of Conduit-street, Bond-street, London, may be consulted at NEWPORT and CARDIFF as above. Being a regularly educated Surgeon as well as Dentist, and having had upwards of twenty years' experience in the practice of his profession, parties consulting him may secure to themselves all the advantages which the higher- resources of the Dental Art are capable of affording1. 7, Unity-street, College-green, Bristol. [1719 LENFIELD PATENT STARCH USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, And pronounced by HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS, to be THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED. Sold by all Chandlers, Grocers, &c., &c. [1027 /_2_RAIN, BARREL FLOUR, OATMEAL, \JT INDIAN CORN, RICE MEAL.—G. W. FOWLER, 11, DRURY LANE, Liverpool. [1114 MURPHY'S IMPROVED BOLTS and NUTS for FISHING PLATES, and all Yarie- ties of Machinery. Warranted not to Work Loose.- Apply to JAMES MURPHY, ENGINEER, RAILWAY WORKS, Newport, Mon. 1166 THE ISCA FOUNDRY COMPANY, ENGINEERS, BOILER-MAKE KS, AND RAILWAY WAGON BUILDERS, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. N.B. Switches, Points, and Crossings, Railway Iron Work, and General Repairs. [1098 W HAT TON & SON, WHOLESALE w CONFECTIONERS. SUGAR BOILERS, MINT LOZENGE, COMFIT AND JUJUBE MANUFACTURERS, 21, UNION-STREET, & 18, MILK-STREET, BRISTOL. The Cheapest House in the West of England. Samples sent per post. 0 [1352 E. NEWMAN, CABINET MAKER, NO. 1, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. PRICES for FURNISHING an EIGHT- ROOMED HOUSE, with Superior, Well-made, Good, and Modern Furniture KITCHEN. £ s. d. £ s. d. Deal Table, 8s., Large one flap do., 12s. 6d. 1 0 0 Four strong Chairs, 10s., Large Clothes Horse, 7s. 0 17 0 Small Horse, 5s., Knife-box, 5s. 0 10 0- 2 7 0 HALL. Six yards of four-quarter Floor cloth 0 18 0 Umbrella Stand and Hat Rail 1 4 0- 2 2 0 DINING ROOM. Six-feet polished Window Pole 0 15 0 Mahogany Sliding Table, with extra leaf, to dine eight 5 0 0 Side solid mahogany hair-seated Chairs 4 10 0 Mahogany Sofa, hair-seated 5 0 0 Mahogany pedestal Sideboard, 5ft 6 in. 5 10 0-20 15 0 BREAKFAST ROOM. Mahogany Pembroke Table 3ft. 6in. sq. 1 4 0 Six imitation Mahogany Chairs, cane 2 seated 110—250 DRAWING ROOM. Two six-feet Gilt Cornices 2 10 0 Rosewood Cheffioneer, plate glass back and marble top 6 0 0 Chimney Glass, in Gilt Frame, best British plate, 40in. by 30 4 15 0 Rosewood Loo Table 5 0 0 Rosewood Couch 3 10 0 Six solid Rosewood Chairs 6 0 0-27 15 0 m BEST BED ROOM. Mahogany Half-tester Bedstead 4 10 0 Good Feather Bed, Bolsters, and Pillows 5 10 0 Mnttrass 1 0 0 Mahogany Wash-stand and Table 3 3 0 Dressing Glass, large size 0 16 0 Towel Horse 0 4: 6 Three Cane, Seated Chairs 0 9 0 Mahogany Chest of Drawers, French Mahow Night Commode: 0 15 0-19 2 6 Mahoeany JSI. gEC0ND BED R00M. Painted full-sized Half-tester .2 2 0 Mattrass 1 0 0 Good Milpuff Bed, Bolster, and Feather Pillows. JO U Painted Washstand and Table ••• 0 » Chest of Drawers, large size 1 10 v Three Chairs, 7s. Gd.; Dressing Glass, 10s 0 17 6 Towel Horse .0 3 6- 8 18 6 Two Fiii TWO SERVANTS' BED ROOMS. JLwo Full-sized double Bedsteads 1 0 0 Two Milpuff Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows. 1 2 0 0 Two Washtands q 12 0 Two Washtands 0 12 0 Two Chests of Drawers 280 Two Chairs 0 6 0 Two Glasses >t> Q 5 0- 6 11 0 89 16 0 A SINGLE ROOM OR A SINGLE ARTICLE ° AT THE ABOVE PRIOES, AT E. NEWMAN'S CABINET WAREHOUSE, No. ] COMMERCIAL-STREEJ, NEWPORT, Opposite the Monument, 1 [1670. OBSERVED J MINCHIN is now SELLING OFF the whole of his SUMMER STOCK at an immense • REDUCTION, consisting of Plain and Fancy Straw, Tuscan, and Millinery BONNETS, Boys' and Girls' HATS, RIBBONS, PARASOLS, FLOWERS, &c.,&c. OBSERVE- WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. VICTORIA HOUSE, 140, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. Wedding and Mourning Orders executed with despatch. 983 RICHARD L. WILLIAMS, (Eldest Son of the Late Wm. Williams. of the Old Brewery, St. Manr-street), TMPORTER of FOREIGN WINES and SPIRITS, DEALER in BOTTLED ALES and _I_ PORTER, POST OFFICE BUILDINGS, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. 1458 !<- i——| | 1 v I ~-L.r—r-^l. I 111 JOHN A. AND THOMAS LEWIS, MANUFACTURERS OF WIRE FENCING TO HER MAJESTY, FROGMORE-STREET, ABERGAVENNY, WHOLESALE & RETAIL IRONMONGERS, IRON & BRASS FOUNDERS, AND GENERAL MANUFACTURERS, BEG respectfully to call the attention of the Public to their newly-invented INVISIBLE WIRE F KNCING, for which they have had the honour to receive tbe patronage of Her Majesty's Government, and have executed extensive Contracts for erecting the same in Hyde Park, Victoria Park, and Windsor Par and also in Kensington Gardens. J. A. and T. L. have paid especial attention to this department of their business, and by an improved method of uniting tbe wires, they secure to the fencing increased durability and greater neatness of appearance. A priced Catalogue will be sent on application, and any Orders entrusted shall received immediate attention. [1550 DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, and those who may wish to consult them. MESSRS. MOSELY, SURGEON-DENTSITS, of 30, BEBHER'S-STR&ET, OXFORD-STREET, London, 1.1. have the honor to announce that they will, for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope to meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the necessity of their applying elsewhere during their absence. Their days of attendance for NOVEMBER, will be on MONDAY, the 2nd, GEORGE HOTEL, Chepstow TUESDAY, the 3rd, at Mr. WILLIAMS', saddler, next door to the ANGEL HOTEL, Abergavenny; WEDNESDAY, the 4th KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport THURSDAY, the 5th, CARDIFF ARMS, Cardiff; FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the 6th and 7th, at Mr. J. POWELL'S, plumber, Monnow-street, Monmouth. Private apartments at all the Hotels. Attendance from Ten to Five. Single teeth, from 5s. Sets, from £ 5. Stopping decayed teeth, 2s. 6d. Messrs. MOSELY beg to call the attention of their patients, and those who may wish to consult them, that they can now supply Artificial Teeth, with GUTTA PE RCHA GU:\{" or LININGS, whereby aU pressure upon the remaining teeth is avoided, and entirely superseding the use of wires or ligatures of any description. They are also the Patentees and Inventors of the new GtTM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, which is added to the Teeth, and prevents the lodgment of the food, and which also restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary in the adaptation of Artificial Teeth. Specimens of these beautiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every information given, free of expense. Every other description of Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete set, at half the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's Teeth Attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. [766 GREAT WESTERN M TAILORING & OUTFITTING STORES, TPp MjHS5|H^9| No. 32, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. k O PORTER begs most respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitant* of Newport generally, that lie haa »-ehoica aaleclion of GOODS Bait- able for the coming SEASON. A serviceable and good Article will be rendered nt the Jowest possible price, from which no deviation can be made. Orders will be promptly attended to under his own J personal superintendence, and strict attention paid in the /JjnSjjs|||r 1| execution thereof. ^19 llliiiwi HHBEvery description of Clothing made in the best and || JB Wjsj&jgm strongest manner, by The Sewing Machine, twenty per I fK cent. less than the usual charge. H | Jp MmmgP S. P. trusts, from the care he has taken in the choice of m l|K j his Stock, to meet with a share of patronage. A i || I — The remaining Stock of Mr. Polak's will be BollI with- ■ H I out any regard to cost, it having been purchased for cash 1 M 1 ''— at an immense discount therefrom. 11 Ml ^.j^=s=3 Please observe the Address, as this is the Largest and Jgb Cheapest Establishment in Newport. [1651 CARDIFF, NEWPORT, MERTHYR.HjoEISrTAL SURGERY. PATRUNISED BY THE PRINCIPAL AND MOST DISTINGUISHED FAMILIES IN SOUTH WALES. ly/TR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON-DENTIST, 72, Crockherbtown, (Two Doors and mot scientific principles, including the Engraved Suction Plate; also, with Gutta Pereba, and beautiful ArtIfioIal Gums. are 8upphed without extractlOn of roots, or giving the least pain, and for a natural appearance, general utility, and ease in mastication, they canuot be equalled by any in the West of England particularly requested to caU. Julled to find satisfaction in other hands, are Teeth effectually Stopped with Gold or White Cement; scaling, extracting i, v • and all operations of the mouth performed with ease and safety. ° teeth brought into position, Attendance at Mrs. KELAN'S, Confectioner, opposite Bush Hotel, MKHTTTVW „■ r n m and 15th; August 5th and 19th; September 2ad and 16th; October^ ml' of?H°Wlf~We,dDe2iay' WJ,! December 2nd and 16th. Der *7th and 21st; November 4th and 18th ^Atteudance at Mra. EDWARDS'S, 173, Commercial-street, (near the Westgate Hotel,) NEWPORT, every No charge for consultation.—Charges strictly moldrate.-Attendancedaily from Ten to Five, except as above [643 DRAPERY.— £ 3,700. IMPORTANT NO TICE OF SALE BY R. AND W. DYKE RNo. 2. BUTE-STREET, NEAR THE HAYES BRIDGE CARDIFF W! DYKB Wng purchased the STOCK of Mr. W. 'MORRIS* (who is leaving • the neighbourhood) ata large discount off coat price, arenow offering the same at an o a rPTFTrn? E5 £ E2EiSlCj? £ tt2SSr*,he -h*to °"k' STOCK. sUIiable foi- the approachlDg season. which will be made up to^uit them,hltP8uchUprLestttharmu°sVcaommbaUnde"r^ charitable societies to lots of Goods which will be made up to SUIt them, at such pnces that must command a ready sale During the Sale, the Establishment will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. System oi businessREADY MONEY, AND ONE PRICK okttv GT Observe the Addresa-R. AND W. DYKE, TRAFALGAR HOUSE, No. 2, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF —— [1656 [1656 CABINET & CARPET WAREHOUSE, 19, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. DANIEL LEWIS begs respectfully to invite the attention of parties about to Furnish to his extensive STOCK of CABINET FURNITURE, of all descriptions. BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER and FELT C1RPETS SILK and WOOL, WORSTED and UNION DAMASKS FRINGES, BELL-ROPES, LOOPERS, ORRIS and FLOAT LYCES GILT CHTMNEY and TOILET-GLASSES. L, U,Eb. PAPER-HANGINGS, in great variety. FLOOR CLOTH, MATTINGS, and DOOR-MATS. FEATHER BEDS, HAIR and WOOL MATTRESSES WINDOW HOLLANDS, TABLE COVERS, &c., &c. N.B. AnENT forthe Sale of Mr. CHARLES CADBY'S CELEBRATED PATENT PIANO- FORTES, instruments of the best Manufacture, and universally acknowledged to be equal to any make in England. ° [1228 GOLDEN KEY GENERAL & FURNISHING IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT 9, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. MESSRS. LOWDER and SON beg to call the attention of their friends and the public to their extensive stock of GENERAL and FURNISHING IRONMONGER'S, consisting of Bronzed and Black Fenders, Fire Irons, JAPANNED GOODS of all descriptions, DISH COVERS, BATHS, MODERATOR and other LAMPS, COLZA OIL, REGISTER STOVE GRATES, COOKING APPARATUS, Gas, Ventilating and Suspension STOVES, JOYCE'S STOVE & PATENT FUEL, IRON BEDSTEADS, &c., & c., &c. ° AGENTS FOR MILNER'S SAFE AND DEED BOXES. 998 S T. 'PAP -TY 't R US, El noil) PATESHANGINGS, 2s. Sd. per Piece of Twelve Yards PARLOUR and DINING-ROOMS, from Gd l'r Piece • I AT STOCK'S WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE, 19 and 20, UNION-STREET, BRISTOL* 1 GOLD MOULDINGS for Rooms and Frames. [1353 NOTICE. THE only Establishment in Newport WHERE a First Class PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAIT can be obtained WILL SHORTLY CLOSE. PORTRAITS FROM ONE SHILLING. Messrs. VILLIERS & ANDREWS, 13031, Old Caaal Office High-street. DUCK AND COMPANY, TEA DEALERS AND COFFEE MERCHANTS, UNITY STREET, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL, BEG respectfully to inform Families that they will be supplied from their Establishment with Pure and Unadulterated TEAS COFFEES, of the finest growth, also COCOAS, and all kinds of the finest qualities of SPICES, at WHOLESALE PRICES. [1675 DRESSING FOR SEED WHEAT. THE FARMERS TRUE FRIEND, is a complete, cure for Smut, or Black Head', stimulates the growth of the Seed, and is sold in Packets only, One Shilling each, sufricient to use with Six Bushels-of Seed, and make it fit for sowing in Ten Minutes. Prepared only by RICHARD HALL, CHEMIST, BRECON. AGENTS: Mr. W. H. WEATHERBY, Seedsman, Builth. Mr. R. HARRIS, Chemist, Crickhowell. Mr. C. GIBSON, Castle-street, Hay. Mr. S. GRIFFITHS, Chemist, Llandovery. Mr. C. SPENCER, Chemist, Monmouth. Mr. J. WATKINS, Chemist, Abergavenny.. Mr. R. M. DA VIES, Chemist, Caermarthen. Mr. J. THOMAS, Chemist, Cowbridge; Mr. J. COLEMAN, Chemist, Cardiff. Mrs. S. THOMAS, Corn Merchant, Bridgend. From whom may be obtained testimonials favourable to this preparation. [1726 JW. B E N S O N S • WATCH AND CLOCK MANUFACTORIES, 33 & 34, LUDGATE HILL; 47 & 63, COR'NHILL, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1749. It is absolutely necessary before you buy a Watch, that you should send for Pam- phlet (enclose two postage stamps), which contains nu merolls sketches and prices, and simportant information as to Buy, to Buy it, and How fo Use In fact. no person ought to bnya Watch until he has first consulted this Pamphlet, which will enable persous living in any part of the to select a Watch adapted to their use, thus saving the trouble and ex- pense of a persor-al visit to London. Gold Watches 4s. to 100 Guineas. Silver Watches £2s. 2s. to 50 Gui neas. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS ON BENSON'S WATCHES "Perfection of mechanisr.—Morning Post. "Excellence of design, and perfection in workmanship. Morning ChronicU. The qualities of his manufacture stand second to none." Morning Advertiser. All that can be desired in finish, taste, and design."—Globe. The Watehes here exhibited surpass those of any other English niaiiiifactiirer. Observe, r. The Morning Herald, S"», StondarJ, and numerous other papers bear testimony to the beauty, finish, and excellency of these celebrated Watches. A two years' warranty with each Watch, and sent., carriage paid, to any part of England, Scotland, Ire- land, or Wales, on receipt of Post Office or Becker's Order. ;—Benson's Indian Wjitoh, made expressly for India, silver cases, 10, 15, and 20 ."Guineas; in gold cases, at 20t 30, and 40 Guineas. Merchants ,s1rippers, and watch-clubs supplied.— J. W. BENSON, 33 and 34, Ludgate Hill and at 47 and 63, Cornhill. Establish* 1749 [1658 t DR. BE JONGH'S LIGHT BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed by eminent Medical Men as the most speedy and effectual remedy for CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, DIABETES. DISEASES OF THE SKIN, NEU RALGIA, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, GENERAL DEBILITY, AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS, CONTAINS iodine, phosphate of lime, volatile CONTAINS iodine, phosphate of lime, volatile fatty acids—in short, all the most active and essential curative properties—in larger quantities than the Pale Oils manufactured in Great Britain and Newfoundland, mainly deprived of these by their mode of preparation. The well merited celebrity of Dr. de Jongh's Oil is attested by its extensive use in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Italy, by numerouss pontaneous testimonials from eminent mem bers of the faculty and scientific chemists of European reputation, and since its introduction into this country, by the marked confi- dence, as well as great success, with which it has been prescribed by medical practitioners. In many instances where other kinds of Cod Liver Oil have been taken with little or no benefit, it has produced mostimme- diate relief, arrested disease, and restored health. SELECT M EDICAL OPINIONS:— A. B. GRANVILLE, HsQ, M.D., F.R.S., Author of The Spas of Germany" The Spas of England," On Sudden Death," <tc &-c. Dr. Granville has used Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil extensively in his practice, and has found it not only effica- cious, but uniform in its qualities. He believes it to be preferable in many respects to Oils sold without the guarantee of such an authority as De Jongh. DR. GRANVILLB HAS FOUND THAT THIS PARTICULAR KIWD PRODUCES THK DESIRED EFFECT IN A SHORTER TIME THAN "OTHERS, AND THAT IT DOES NOT CAUSE THE NAUSEA AND INDIGESTION TOO OFTEN CONSEQUENT ON THE ADMINISTRA- TION OF THE PALE NEWFOUNDLAND OILS. The Oil being, more- over, much more palatable, Dr. Granville's patients havethem- selves expressed a preference for Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil. CHARLES COWAN, ESQ, M.D.,iL.R C S.E Senior Physician to the Jioyal Berkshire Hospital, Consulting Phy- sician to the, Reading Dispensary, Translator of "Louis on Phthisis," ft-C. Dr. Cowan is glad to find that the Profession has some rea- sonable guarantee for a genuine article. The material now sold varies in almost every establishment where it is purchased, and a tendency to prefer a colourless and tasteless Oil, if not coun- teracted, will ultimately jeopardize the reputation of an un- questionably valuable addition to the Materia Medica. Dr Cowan wishes DR. DE JONGII every success in his meritorious undertaking.' C. RADCLYFFE HALL, ESQ., M D., F.R.C.P.E., Physician to the Torquay Hospitalfor Consumption, Torquay, Author of Essays on Pulmonary Tubercle" &c. "I have no hesitation in saying that I generally prefer your Cod Liver Oil for the following reasons :—I have found it to ) agree better with the digestive organs, especially in those pa- tients who consider themselves to be bilious; it seldom causes nausea or eructation; it is more palatable to most patients than the other kinds of Cod Liver Oil; it is stronger, and consequently a smaller dose is sufficient." Sold ONLY in IMPERIAL Half-pints, 2s. 6d.; Pints, 4s. 9d Quarts, 9s., capsuled, and labelled with DR. DE JONGH'S Stamp and Signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARE GENUINE, by ANSAR, HARFORD, and CO., sole British Consignees, 77, Strand London, and by many respectable Chemists and Druggists W Proposed substitutions of other kinds of Cod Liver Oil should be strenuously resisted, as they proceed from interested motives, and will result in disappointment to the purchaser. 11616 MR. GRIFFITH continues to PREPARE for UNIVERSITIES & GENERAL PURSUITS. ReclJands, Bristol. [1713 TTERY ST.MARYTCHOK DEVON'. ESTABLISHED 1845. WILLIAM E E E SlPri„,ml MEMBER OF THE ROYAL OOTTr™ 'rinC'PaL> Six Years Resident Head 4s, £ /T'r PRECEPTORS; School n7% n!r^"s,er at the late Great The Education,! Bristol. English aS V I0" etD^races the Greek, Latin, Geometry Languages Euclid's EJemento of Surveying g r?' Trl?onometry, Navigation. Land w ..y no» Geography, History, Arithmetic, and In short, the System includes a sound scientific and liberal Education ic accordance with the present ad- vanced state of Society. „ Otterv St. Mary is situated near the banks of the river whence it derives' its name, in one of the most delightful localities of Devon, and seoms from its position expressly destined to attract the admiration of the genuine lover of ^For^the important purposes of Education the favouring circumstances of its situation, as well as its unrivalled salubrity, and its seclusion from every external influence of a deteriorating nature, cons itute attractions of no or- dinary kind. The Premises have been devoted to Educational pur- poses for nearly forty years, and the Establishment is re- plete wish every convenience for the accommodation of the most respectable Pupils. First-class References will be given to Gentlemen resid- ing in Monmouthshire, Glamorganshire, &c., whose Sons are HOW in the School; and Terms and farther p&rticu- larb may be known on application to the Principal. (1350 "VT OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next 1^1 General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Monmouth, will be held at the Town Hall, in Usk, on MONDAY, the 19th day of October, 1857, and that the Court will sit at half-past 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and immediately proceed to administer the oaths to Magistrates and other persons desirous of qualifying for office. Tke Court tOill then proceed with all business relating to the assesstnent, application, and management of the County Stock or Bate, or any Fund or Funds used or applied in aid thereofr and make orders for payments, and consider and direct the general business of the county. All bills and demands relatinfl" to the public expenditure of the county; must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Peace, fourteen days before the Sessions, and all Appeals and Traverses must be eMered with the Clerk of th* Pea<>e, before twelve o'clock at noon on the seeond dav of the sessions. 9 At half-past nine o'clock on Tuesday, the 20th day of October, 1857, the Grand and Petty Juries will be called over, and are to answer to their names, or in default, theur will be fined; and all persons bound by recognizances are to attend, as the Court will proceed to try appeals, indict- ments for felonies, and traverses, and transact the other business of the sessions. All convictions and recognizances, and all informations and depositions, must be delivered or transmitted to the Ckrk of the Peace three clear days previous to the Sessions. All costs allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, September 23rd, 1857. [1694 COUNTY POLICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,, that at the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace, to be holden at Usk, in and for the County of Monmouth, on MONDAY, the 19th day of October next and at One of the clock in the afternoon of the said day, a MOTION will be made to the said Court that the present number of POLICE CONSTABLES appointed for tha said county, pursuant to the Acts 2 and 3 Vic. c 93- 3 and 4 Vic., c. 88, and 19 and 20 Vic., c. 69, somVor of them, be increased. CHARLES PROTHERO, •vt c oo j Clerk of the Peace. Newport, Sept. 23rd, 1857. [169S BRECONSHIRE SESSIONS. XTOTICE ^HEREBY GIVEN, that the next GENE- f n (iTI/L^TER SESSIONS of the PEACE forthe County of Brecon, will be held at the Shire Hallt in Brecon, in and for the said county, on TUESDAY\ the imn day of October next, at Eleven o'clock in the orenoon. At Twelve o'clock at Noon, the business relat- ing to the Assessment, Application, or Management of the County Rate or Stock, will commence. The Court will also order and make a Police Rate, under the provisions of the 19'th and 20th Victoria, c. 69, and of the several Acts referred to therein. All Witnesses in any Appeal are to be teady in Court, to answer to their names, at Twelve o dock at Noon, on the above-mentioned day, when all Appellants and Respondents must also attend. Grand and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, and Wit- nesses, must attend on Wednesday, the 21 st day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. Depositions must be forwarded to the Clerk of the Peace seven clear days before the Sessions, and in all cases arising subsequently, immediately upon being taken. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons havino claims upon the County, must attend, with their Accounts, before the Visiting Magistrates to the Goal, at the Shire Hall, Brecon, on Tuesday, the 13th day of October next at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several Accounts will be audited-And that all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County, must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not afterwards be allowed. And further, that all Appeals anrtTraversesfor Trial must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sit- ting of the Court, at Eleven o'clock on Tuesday. EDWARD WILLIAMS, „ „„ „ Clerk of the Peace. Brecon, 22nd September, 1857. [1699 ^twuranw gotireg. C ESTABLISHED 1806. OUNTY FIRE OFFICE 50, REGENT STREET, LONDON. CAPITAL, £ 400,000. RETURNS PAID TO POLICY HOLDERS, £ 219,o00. Policy-holders are repectfully informed that the Michael- mas Renewals are now in the hands of the eevetal Agents of the Company, and should be paid before the 14th of October: i arming Stock and Implements 4s. per cent. No extra Charge for Thrashing by Steam. The PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, established in the, same Year and under the same Management, has been, eminently successful. POLICY HOLDERS' CAPITAL, £ 1,307,921 ANNUAL INCOME, £ 169,290 Bokusss DECLARED £960,000. Claims paid since the Establishment of the Office, £ 2,573,523. AGENTS FOR NEWPORT AND ITS NEIGHBOUBHOOD. NEWPORT Mr. W. DANIEL. Abergavenny Mr. J DO. Daniel. Carmarthen and Pembroke. Mr" \y ^Halm Haverfordwest ^Mr. J. sXT Hereford Mr. C. Bennett. Monmouth Mr. E. Richards. Swansea Mr. J. Hera. [1693 LAW LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. INSTITUTED 1823. OFFICE FLEET STREET, LONDON, (E.C.) The Assets of this Society exceed FOUR-AND-A-HALF MILLIONS STERLING. Its Annual Income exceeds Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds. The Profits will hereafter be divided at the end of er«»-ir Fifthjfear. Four-fifths of the Profits are allotted to t £ e At the Divisions of Profit which have already been made, Reversionary Bonusses, exceeding #9 Q7r, aru\ u been added to the several Policies. S )870)000' haV9 The next Division of Profits will I December, 1859, when all Whole Life Up » during the present year will • i. Policies effected Prospectuses, Forms of Propos Ko' on application at the Society's Offi "bU'ned (E.C 1 -VXTTT T J Omee, Fleet,-streef, London, March, 1857. WlLLlAM SAMUEL DOWNES — Actuary. [15UM THE PROVINCIAL WELSH INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL, £ 200,000. WHOLLY SUBSCRIBED. CHIEF OFFICES-HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM LONDON BRANCH-49 MOORGATE-STREET. TRUSTEES. Sir WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, Bart., M.P., Wynnstay. Sir CHARLES MORGAN, Bart., Tredegar Park. Lieut.-General Sir R. H. CUNLIFFE, Bart., C.B., Acton Fftrk* Colonel MYDDELTON BIDDULPH, M.P, Lord-Lieu tenant of the County of Denbigh. Colonel WATKINS, M.P., Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Brecon. J FREDERICK RICHARD WEST, Esq., Ruthin Castlo The Very Rev. the DEAN OP ST. ASAPH HENRY THOMAS, Esq.. Chairman of tVi#* N r • Quarter Sessions. °* the Glamorganshira Scales'163 grant9d °n PartiSaid'Non-participating Eighty per Cent., or four-fifths of the Profits, will be apportioned to those Assurances effected under the parti- cipating Scale. Payment of Claims:-All claims paid within Thirty Days of satisfactory proof of death. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Rates of Insurance Equitable. Farming Stock Insured at Three Shillings per cent., with permission to use Steam E jgiues on Farms, free of extra charge. No charge made for Policies transferred from other Offices. ANTHONY DILLON", 1705J Secretary to the Company.